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  1. Classic and Modern Sonic being separate entities is probably for the best at this point. They have almost completely different appeals in both playstyle and often aesthetics. I'd rather we get both in different sub-series than have one replace the other. My problem is that it got to this point in the first place due to years of poor decisions. Rather than simply evolve by refining mechanics and trying out new features and stories that followed any sort of logical progression, Sonic Team instead has given us a collection of games that in many ways don't even resemble each other. It's easy to see how Mario has gotten to where he is now, with ultra-refined platforming mechanics and a sub-set of 2D games that, while fairly unimaginative, still use the normal character designs and feel like they belong in the same series. Then there's Sonic, in which we have Classic, Modern, Boom, and over the years have gotten 2D platformers, 3D platformers with a million gameplay styles, 3D action platformers with vibrant aesthetics, games with overly dramatic stories, games with blazing fast arcadey action, games with slower paced platforming challenges, etc. There's variety, and then there's just having no idea what the series' identity is. By now it'd be pretty much impossible to please every kind of fan by consolidating Sonic into one single entity again, even if some of us (including myself) would prefer that. Basically I don't like the separate Sonics that much, but it was sort of inevitable considering all the past blunders. And if it means we get more Classic style Sonic games with the old character designs, I certainly won't object. Classic and Modern teaming up in the same game again is beyond lame though.
  2. Still psyched for Mania though.  I really want the big main Sonic Team games to get their shit together, but if the classic 2D style is carried on by Taxman then I'll settle for that easily.

    1. RK64


      I think they will do a great job with the 2017 title. No Sonic game has been 'bad' by Sonic Team themselves for a long while now. Lost World had its issues but it had fun moments, ran well and was mostly bug free. Generations, Colors and the Racing games were great too (though the later was from Sumo Digital, not Sonic Team). 

      I am hopeful Sonic will keep the quality streak going with recent announcements and have full confidence in Sonic Team :). 

  3. Can I just say how concerning it is that Iizuka mentioned how hard it was to capture 2D Sonic physics, and that's why Taxman was brought on board?  If the company that made the original games needs outside help from an indie dev to capture the basic controls of their original games, then clearly their priorities are not straight, as if that wasn't obvious already.  Still incredibly happy about Sonic Mania, but goddamn.

    1. RipeFIN


      So, original creator can't make the game that is like their first games. Sums up pretty much SEGA. Well, at least Mania looks cool

    2. RK64


      I see it less of a issue but more so them just knowing "We can't do this right....lets get some right help for the job". I have a lot of respect for them admitting this and working with people that can nail that Classic Sonic feel. 

      Either way, fantastic announcement and very happy with the event overall :). 

    3. BenderMania


      I guess classic physics in Gens 2 will be rubbish again then?

  4. Is it a Boost game? Is it something new? Either way, I'm incredibly pessimistic. Bringing Classic Sonic back basically tells me that they aren't confident that Sonic's 3D gameplay can stand on its own. And if they aren't, then maybe they should work on cleaning them up instead of relying on gimmicks to fall back on. Maybe the gameplay will totally take me by surprise, but for now, I'm keeping my expectations EXTREMELY low. Sonic Mania sure looks good though!
  5. I'm just watching the animation of Sonic coming out of the Mania logo over and over again

    it's so beautiful

  6. This is the whole stream, calling it now


    1. RK64


      Lets do this man :D! 


    2. ThePrinceOfSaiyajins


      I'm ready to be turned into a pillar of salt again


    3. Indigo Rush
  8. Stranger Things was so good, watch it

  9. It's my dad's birthday tomorrow.  Not to be selfish but I really hope we celebrate it on the weekend, I'm too invested in this goddamn hedgehog shit to miss the stream

    1. SonicWind


      Ouch. Bad coincidence there. I hope you can figure something out.

    2. Dejimon11
    3. Diogenes


      sanic will be waiting for you when you're done

    4. Gregzilla


      an unwatched hedgehog waits for no man

    5. Soniman


      how dare your dad get in the way of sonic

    6. Gregzilla
  10. I'd much rather Amy go back to her personality from games like Unleashed.  Having a crush on Sonic is probably too big a chunk of her personality, but I still find that miles better than the generic proper polite girl she's become.  Just take Unleashed Amy and let her get badass with a hammer now and then and I'd be good.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Gregzilla


      Pretty much all my arguments for how the characters should be written will end with "make it like Archie" but at this point it looks like we're gonna have to aim lower

    3. Hyper Enesephus

      Hyper Enesephus

      I kind of liked Amy in Generations, honestly, for what little screen time she got.

    4. Auto


      Sonic Boom keeps saying she's changed to a strong female character (which I keep seeing being written in Buzzfeed font every time I hear or think about that phrase, not even exaggerating) but she literally has the same intrests and mannerisms of the 50's house wife, which is pretty fucked up

    5. Ruby Havoc

      Ruby Havoc

      they should just take her personality from battle and double down on it because amy being a borderline psycho is way more entertaining

    6. Auto



    7. Gregzilla


      Their attempts to make Boom Amy a strong female character have turned her into an infinitely weaker female character.

      "GIRL POWER!" - Rise of Lyric, 2014

    8. Lady Knuxchao

      Lady Knuxchao

      i hate the strong female character trope ugh

    9. Gregzilla


      "Strong female character" should be a description that happens when someone makes a female character that's engaging.  But a lot of writers seem to think "strong female character" is literally a personality trait.

    10. JmTsHaW


      Boom Amy is so strong you have to save her in Shattered Crystal.

      Also recent Amy is just cringe, especially in Lost World. (But then again, who isn't cringey as fuck in that game)

    11. Auto




      "GIRL POWER"

    12. Soniman


      Any sure is  cringey in Lost World with how he supports Sonic and dues and.... Erm... Yeah 

      Wow my autocorrect mangled that sentence, awesome 

    13. DanimeJ86


      It's been a while, I can't remember what she was like in Unleashed, I feel like playing it again. I recall she was pretty daring in 06.

    14. Soniman


      *my point is Amy does nothing in SLW I'd call cringe to any stretch,its been awhile since I've seen the cutscene but I dont remember anything bad

    15. Hyper Enesephus

      Hyper Enesephus

      The "strong female" description for her in Sonic Boom is rather cringy, but I honestly like her in both Rise of Lyric and the cartoon. I wouldn't characterize her that way in the main series, but I think it works for Sonic Boom.

    16. VEDJ-F


      The fact the writers for SLW tried to make Amy's love for Sonic something she's never admitted before was weird. 

    17. D.H


      Current Archie Amy, Unleashed Amy, & Adventure Amy are all pretty good.

    18. Gregzilla


      @VEDJ-F That was the point where P&G's lack of Sonic knowledge just sky-rocketed into self-parody

    19. D.H


      @VEDJ-F Agreed. I doubt Amy's love of Sonic was ever in question in any of the times we saw her in the previous games.

    20. Nepenthe


      Her crush on Sonic can be a motivating factor versus the end-all, be-all of her personality. Like, remember in Adventure how her whole thing was about getting Sonic to notice her, and she had her own adventure where she displayed all sorts of awesome traits like empathy, pacifism, cleverness, and all of that? We don't need to make her stop loving Sonic openly. We just need to use it to facilitate other happenings and events.

    21. JmTsHaW


      TFW remember the thing about making sonic respect her but then Heroes literally goes all "MARRY ME NOW YOU PIECE OF SHIT"

    22. D.H


      @JmTsHaW I'm curious as to what possessed SEGA to do those scenes. I mean, all of the cutscenes before the Team fights sucked, but that one in particular was just stupid.

    23. DanimeJ86


      Her dialogue with Shadow near the end of SA2 is one of favourite Amy moments. Then Sonic X did that same scene and I died a little inside...

    24. Hyper Enesephus

      Hyper Enesephus

      @DanimeJ86...because it was somehow better even though it used Chris.

    25. Gregzilla


      I think her having a huge crush on Sonic could be super cute as long as they balance it out with other traits.  Good-hearted and kind, but maybe a bit too prone to whacking things with her hammer when provoked.  Maybe holds a grudge against Eggman's bots and goes overkill on them when it's time for action - but still manages to be the sweetest thing when it comes to stuff like having tea and sandwiches with Prof. Pickle.  Just a nice balance of different facets, as opposed to just wanting Sonic to marry her, or just being the boring girl of the group.

    26. JmTsHaW


      @D.H Heroes kinda ruined a lot of things regarding the characters. Knuckles forgot about the Master Emerald, Amy got flanderised to fucking oblivion, Shadow came back from the dead and (according to my friend, forgot the details but it's a really good point) Rouge lost some important traits from SA2.

  11. Is there any evidence that Pontaff will or will not return for the next game, or is it all just speculation?

    1. Dejimon11


      The only thing that they've been confirmed for is that they're doing the story for fire and ice. The new game is just speculation although from what it seems it looks like a given.

    2. Kabalni


      Nothing really confirms or deconfirms that they won't be back, so meh?

    3. ThePrinceOfSaiyajins


      I hope they aren't returning. They're simply not a good fit for Sonic.

  12. Played a round of the Blast Ball demo.  It's about as fun as it looks.

    1. Soniman


      I'm not sure if that's praise or a slam 

    2. Gregzilla


      Yeah actually that was pretty vague, let me rephrase.  I've got no desire to play more.

    3. Galabance


      >went online, played a match

      >thought I did terrible because the literal best way to play the game is to dick around or whatever

      >I scored all 3 goals for my team

      never again

  13. Sharing today's Grumps Animated because it's incredible

    1. Kabalni


      yeah, that was fucking amazing! 

  14. Sonic 1, 2, and 3&K still not remastered in 16:9 on consoles is a crime against nature

    1. VEDJ-F


      YFW Sonic 3&K will likely never be remastered. 

    2. Joy


      I wouldn't completely rule out a new collection game getting announced. Especially if we won't see the next big game until next year.

    3. BenderMania


      They couldn't release 1&2 on current gen due to the three-game exclusivity deal with Nintendo. Although they should be able to now.

  15. Grumps finally got to one of the dumbest parts of Black Knight.  If you're going to do a fake out ending, DON'T PLAY THE ENTIRE UNSKIPPABLE CREDITS



    1. Briraka


      Yeah, that's dumb. How's anyone supposed to enjoy the rest of Black Knight's deep and engaging story about blue hedgehogs going "HI I'M SONIC HUAAAAAAAAAAA *fart noise*!!!"

    2. Ferno


      so are they gonna do the rest or is it like shadow where they only played one story route

    3. ThePrinceOfSaiyajins


      Well, it doesn't say FINALE, so I imagine, they know it's not over. 

    4. Gregzilla


      I imagine people will yell at them telling them that there's more game, but I guess we'll see.

      Honestly this is a pretty bad playthrough, making fun of Sonic in the 06 playthrough was a fun time but now it's devolved into screaming without any real creative jokes.  The game is putrid, but I'd rather they find funnier ways to get that across.

    5. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I really wanted King Arthur or someone to cut the credits just to fuck with everyone

    6. Briraka


      "Hey dipshits, there's more game after the credits!

      ... n-not that I enjoy watching you guys trash it btw..."

    7. Ferno


      a noticable thing is that sonic's voice is a constant jumping off point for jokes, but that game just happened to be Griffith's best performance

      they'd probably make jokes about Ryan or Roger too though, as Sonic's voice has always been a little exaggerated

    8. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Yeah, the way the game handled it is pretty bad, looking back at it with this.

      Dunno if I care for them to go any further, though. Most of it now just stems from the fact that I want them to finish all the Sonic games, out of obligation. This playthrough, while somewhat funny... really is more cringe and grate than laughs.

    9. Ferno


      im cringing at stuff i never used to cringe at when watching other playthroughs

      *othe BK playthroughs