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  1. I've been comparing Forces plot to DC comic book fare like Crisis on Infinite Earths and Zero Hour, but this is a fascinating read. Good analysis here.
  2. I love the game, so these are just minor things. 1. Sonic CD gets two levels, and Sonic 1 and 3 get one? As someone who actively dislikes CD, this was a disappointment to me. I know someone will bring up S3&K is one game, but weighing in favor of S&K after S3 got shafted in Generations irks me. 2. Stage transitions. Everyone has covered this. 3. A lot of the stuff included was very meta for fans and it's fantastic, but having a Puzzle match as a boss makes no sense. 4. I would have liked more layout differences for Knuckles. 5. No real Amy appearance. It would have been cool if she was at least in Stardust Speedway. Mostly minor quibbles. Now bring on Forces.
  3. Infinite is alt-Avatar character, corrupted by Eggman using the Purple gem. That's my theory. Like what I've seen from the Mania leaks, though I chose not to watch too much of it. Linking the games doesn't bother me that much since it was confined to story, it didn't change the gameplay of Mania at all. Then again, I'm rather optimistic on Forces so my opinion would be different from those who are negative on the game.
  4. I saw speculation on Twitter that the PC version was delayed because modding and hacking might spoil their DLC plans. I'm not sure that's a good enough reason at all given the scale of this game, but .
  5. https://vk.com/club107678733?z=video-107678733_456239020%2Fvideos-107678733%2Fpl_-107678733_-2 And we did it at the same time.
  6. Sonic for new Ghost busters sequel/remake confirmed.
  7. I'm really starting to think the idea that some of these transitions will be fixed in a patch has some merit.
  8. The good news is that all of us have a better idea how to fight this boss than we normally would have. The bad news is I'm going to have the Oil Ocean music playing in my head all night.
  9. We've all had that moment where, after playing for hours, the best thing to is just take a break and collect yourself. Easier said than done, of course.
  10. You could see this coming with him. His approach with every boss was "hit it as many times as I can really fast and regain my rings". That strategy...doesn't work here.
  11. I saw enough of that zone to know this game is awesome. ......Why isn't it Tuesday yet?
  12. I'm legit horrible at puzzle games, so I'm hoping that boss is basic difficulty. At least it's zone 2. So...8 returning zones. I'm guessing we get six new ones then.
  13. I've been getting a Crisis on Infinite Earths/Zero Hour vibe from this since it was first announced, and that hasn't stopped. This really reminds me of a Comic Book story moreso than I've seen from the franchise before, so consider me intrigued. I also think the gameplay looks like an extension of Colors/Generations which I loved, so I'm down with it. One thing that I wonder about: This Infinite character(on the surface) seems like the driving force for the "merging" of worlds and dimensions. Someone that powerful may have made Shadow and Chaos offers they couldn't refuse. What if Infinite can bring Maria back? What if Infinite can bring Tikal back and make it so his past never happened? I have no idea if Sega would go this route, but I'd enjoy it. It's a comic book cliche for a reason. Entice people to your side under (likely)false pretenses. Or there's the possibility they come from an alt world where Sonic didn't exist. Without Sonic, Shadow and Chaos never reform and nobody stops Eggman, But that's more Wild Fan Guessing than the other scenario. I'm sure the writing won't do the concept justice, but I'm not opposed to this.
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