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  1. Wow.. Its been about a year since I've touched SSMB, Still been on TSS but the ASRT stuff dragged me back in Lets see if I can keep my interest this time rather than buggering off annually xD This.. takes forever.. not only that but the sticker is bugged. My final character to reach Star level with was Amigo, I finished him off in a Local Custom Game whilst casually playing with my brother. Naturally when I saw that XP bar hit 15,000 I started celebrating, only to find that the sticker still claim itself locked. I got a bit annoyed, but then remembered about that certain 24th character (PS3 Version) thats unlocked by messing with your date. So, after getting that character and finding out that the Mods are pre-unlocked, I tried a quick single race.. Nothing still. Skip forward 48 hours, I thought the sticker was unattainable and more or less gave up. My freind came round and wanted to see the games final race for some reason, I played the final race in Superstar Showdown. End of the race.. Bam.. Mod sticker.. Better yet the sticker is a SEGA Logo. Now I dunno if the sticker only refuses to trigger in Custom Game (Like a couple of others) Or if you gotta do a World Tour event to make it trigger, But, this is just a heads up & how to trigger the sticker if it doesn't initially show up. The final sticker (The one for compleing the sticker book) is very much like a PSN Platinum, it just pops along with your final sticker. So no problems there. Yep I have 110% and now I just play online for pure enjoyability, Its quite likely you will bump into me online on PS3!
  2. Unleashed - Plainly because I spent my life on it,
  3. Egg Dragoon - Sonic Generations - PS3/360 1) TIME FOR A CHANGE OF PACE! 2) If you take the Grind rails, You never get to face the "Parallel Attack" or "Burn" 3) 2D Section - Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Wall Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Etc. 4) I Still have no Idea how to do the Sky Diving without randomly flying Left Right & Center... Also, RIP Arena Bosses :'(
  4. I did everything on this game no problem, "Time Attacker" was my last earned trophy in the game.
  5. PSN : mclaren6 Let me know your from SSMB, like some other people, I don't accept blank requests, PS: I can't play Generations at the minute because of Trophy Issues, But I will be on it as soon as I get this Bitch fixed
  6. Do I love or hate Planet Wisp? I'll let my Act 2 leaderboard position do the talking! xD Favorite Stage in the game by far.
  7. I hate that too, Only get the first verse of 'I Am All of me' and a few others
  8. I did, but it doesn't matter, I did nearly THE EXACT time again... lol
  9. Oh dear, Just did a 4.28 on Planet Wisp Act 2 on Ranking Attack... This would of put me about 12th on PS3 leaderboards, and the Bloody thing doesn't upload my time... Yes, it was in ranking attack, This angers me
  10. With some of the missions, it seems like they ran out of ideas...
  11. How did someone find out the 55 Statue room codes?
  12. Well, Turns out Im on 2nd Class for some reason O_O, Still, As long its here for Friday I don't care ,
  13. Well, Classic learns how to Homing Attack in the ending xD And I think thats a great idea for a upgrade.
  14. I got a Dispatch notice at 5:30AM! Ok, What the fuck xD
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