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  1. Sonic Time Twisted

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  4. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I can think of some conservative values that make more sense to me than their liberal counterparts, namely not tying budgets of public services to a government that will refuse to pay for it (Hi Sam Brownback, hows the fallout from your shitty policies on public education going for you?) They only really have value on the basis our dysfunctional government can't be trusted with public services though, the second they prove they can I don't see how any conservative value would survive. Which is probably why conservative politicians like fucking over the public services they do control.
  5. The General American Politics Thread

    ... Knowing the average Kansas voter is Republican I'm not sure this subject line makes sense. Legit thought I was gonna get my ass whooped at the polling place if people found out I was voting Hillary.
  6. Why is this text editor so trash

  7. The General American Politics Thread

    holy shit this gui is trash fuck it I lll just do it this way @Patticus If democrats run their 2020 campaign the same way they ran this one they won't win that one either.
  8. The General American Politics Thread

    It doesn't change it being good news but he did this about a month ago.
  9. Sega Returning to the Console Business .... kinda.

    1. There's no such thing as "Genesis hardware" beyond the chip actually made by Sega. the Sega Genesis used a variety of old ass radio parts such as Sony CXA1145, Fujitsu MB3514, Samsung KA2195D , Sony CXA1645, etc. Unlike the Super NES and it's stupid ass custom co-processors, Sega genesis hardware is interchangable. 2. These pieces of hardware are absolutely still produced, as Tornado pointed out chinese manufacturers still make this stuff. The MC6800 is the original "blast processor" the genesis actually used. 3. Stop buying this kind of shit. Get a Raspberry Pi or Get a VA6 or earlier model 1 4. I'm still not back EDITED EDIT: misread some earlier posts
  10. yall

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      Also, I had to format my 3ds...twice, Various issues, I totally wouldn't mind re-adding you to my friends list so long as you're ok with it

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  11. mr owl how many failed loops does it take to break a stone wall

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  12.  thoughts thoughts thoughts thoughts thoughts

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