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  1. Hey guys, had my first label release recently. It's a VGM 'remix' so would mean a lot if ya all check it out and tell me what ya think! :)


    1. Nast


      it was pretty good! you can recognize hints of the melodies from the original songs but it otherwise stands very much on its own

    2. JezMM


      You've come such a long way, kudos to getting into a project like this, I discovered the album through Toby Fox's tweeting so seeing you in there was a surprise - your contribution was definitely worthy of it, very much enjoyed.  A really cool take on the track that incorperates hints of megalovania just right without letting them take over the entire ordeal (goodness knows there's enough megalovania remixes out there lol).  I main beef of it is very upbeat and chill, but I also particularly like the melancholy segment at 2:40 and the way you brought it back to end the track, just gorgeous.

    3. Faseeh


      @JezMM Thank you so much for that long response, I enjoyed reading it! Thank you so much for your support thus far! Hope you do look forward to more stuff I have to show.

      @NastCF Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed it! 

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