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  1. Titanic Monarch is probably the best final level in any Sonic game.

    1. neezTHEhuman


      i like the verticality but a little too many 'watch Sonic go fast' segments and crush hazards also not a fan of act 2's layout. 

    2. TheOcelot


      No chance. It's too automated and there are way too many springs. The colour scheme looks poor, the vertically isn't an original idea and therefore is not as impressive; was already done in Chemical Plant act2 & Mirage Saloon act1 (for Knuckles act1 in Mania Mode & act1 of Encode mode). Even the music isn't that impressive for a final zone. Some of the level design is good though.

      S3&K Death Egg zone is the best 2d final zone without a doubt, no content. Best final 3D Sonic stage is probably; Final Egg from SA1 (Sonic's story) or Eggmanland in Unleashed.

    3. LukA8


      I adore the atmosphere of the level, in fact it beats the 3&K Death Egg for me in that regard, but I feel it's missing a payoff. Why tease this huge robot overlord in the background when it ends up completely unrelated to the final boss?

    4. JosepHenry


      I don't agree... I like some level design but the stage kinda feels... disjointed. The music is not really fun for a final zone either, there is just a sense of suspense but none of the fun and speed sense like here:

      And Titanic Monarch had "cathedral" vibes, so why not a castlevania style music? ORGAN AND GUITAR? Missed opportunity imo. (Climbing in Act 1 did feel a bit like climbing a clock tower...)

    5. Sean


      I think so too.

    6. Thigolf


      @TheOcelot You act like being vertical is the only gimmick it has.

    7. Strickerx5


      Eh, personally speaking I think it's one of the worst final stages and is the flat out worst level in the game. It's too long for a game that insist on a time limit. There are too many gimmicks thrown at you in that time-span. Plus, crush hazards galore. Not to mention it being a general representation of a lot of other classic gameplay trappings that I've long been weary of.

      Add in that, imo, it's just a visually dull level (especially compared to literally every other zone that came before it), and I just can't really enjoy it. Especially in a series where there are so many other better options in that category.

    8. TheOcelot



      I like the sphere gimmick and the "riding with the Egg-robo's is neat.

    9. Faseeh


      wow didn't expect this 😮

      @TheOcelot I actually love the music. It's not what I expected at all from the final stage of Mania, but it surprised me, in a good way. I actually don't like S3&K Death Egg, especially with its kinda annoying boss and unnecessarily disorienting gravity gimmick. I like the grandness of Eggmanland but it feels like a chore, and I felt Final Egg was disconnected, but I do like it.

      @LukA8 Isn't Heavy King kinda the Overlord... or am I missing something?

      @JosepHenry Funny you say that. I do love the music of Final Egg and Eggmanland, but sounds similar to Castlevania's were kinda the first thing I associated with Titanic Monarch's music. The music is baroque influenced, with its church bells, and harpsichord riffs. I do like that it also added an electronic touch, because, I mean, look at the stage haha

      @Strickerx5 I see. Well, thanks for explaining your view! :)

    10. Sean


      My three favorite final levels are probably Titanic Monarch, Launch Base, and Pirates Island. I like Death Egg and Eggmanland too but the former is annoying on repeat playthroughs and I don't consider the latter to be remotely fair (and even if you want to argue that it is, having werehog segments was dumb and broke the pace too much). Titanic Monarch struck a nice balance between difficult, fair, and having good flow with few low points imo. The verticality was also interesting and not something you see often in Sonic.

    11. JosepHenry


      I mean, Titanic Monarch music is good, but is not memorable to me. Which is kinda weird cuz all of the new music was fantastic, then there is this spooky mechanical slower final level music. Kinda jarring. In a game like Mania I was expecting some crazy final level music. There is always a future Mania 2 tho.

    12. Wraith


      It's probaby my favorite of the final classic levels. Challenging in all the right ways without feeling too cheap or bloated.

    13. Faseeh


      @Sean Definitely agree. Pirates Island does have a few bottomless pits but I can excuse it since it really is the final stage. I think Launch Base, Titanic Monarch are the ones that balance the challenge well with the fun and and creativity in the level. Death Egg's kinda annoying to me too. Final Egg doesn't feel very unique to me.

      I guess Final Fortress, Aquatic Base (apart from its music) are okay to me though, just that I don't find them particularly amazing. I must say I liked Terminal Velocity a lot on my initial playthrough but when played again, it has very little to offer. Final Rush is kinda cool though. Lava Mountain is eh. 

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