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  1. just played SA2 with the HedgePanel, Action Remap and Reduce Spindash Delay mods... kinda like the game now lol

    1. Faseeh


      actually still not a big fan of it but these mods genuinely did make the experience much better

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Action remap is the sort of thing that needs to be built into any SA2 re-release. It's essential.

      Just looked at Hedge Panel and it sounds good, artist from the Modern Style Grinding. SA2 remains the best game in the series for grinding. Its only problem was switching rails. Grinding in anything from ShTH onwards, but particularly Unleashed onwards for it to be truly modern, it's rubbish. Dunno why you'd want to change it.

    3. Faseeh


      I actually hold the opposite opinion with grinding. I feel it got in the way a lot of every other part of the game in SA2 and that balancing never really felt fun? That said, I would rather grind rails just didn't exist prominently in Sonic games. If I remember correctly, Generations and Colors didn't have them much other than small level transition moments or quick segments and I'd rather it be that way. (didn't mind the Lost World grinding level tho - one of the less annoying parts of that game) 

      That said, you can switch on/off every single part of HedgePanel manually so you can just have the original SA2 grinding mechanics back.

      (also Blue, I sent you something on Discord hahaha)

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      If the balancing itself was a lot more streamlined, I'd say SA2 would be perfect, but there's way too many instances where the mechanic just adds to the game jank. Maintaining a fine balance in such an action-packed game with as many twists and turns as the rails have can be impossible, and segments like the L rails in final rush really show the problems with the jump/switch/dismount system that relies on the tilting. If they only made the tilt situational when the momentum demanded it, or refined the balance mechanics to be more a general reaction to a direction than the fine balance, that'd fix a lot of the issues.

      What makes them so great compared to rails in the later games though is their emphasis on physics and momentum, though. They weren't just a setpiece to get the player from place to place in a twisty-turny manner, they either added to your speed downhill, took away from it uphill, and affected the routes you could access depending on those speeds you could achieve on them with the balancing mechanic. They're the closest thing to actual physics ala the classics in the Adventure games, just in a very directed manner.


      ... There was supposed to be a gif of someone using the L rails to reach hidden paths the same way jumping off slopes in the classics worked, but I seem to have misplaced it. Oh well, here's a speedrunner using it to wallrun tho




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