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  1. In Generations, Sonic reacts to terrain in an VERY exaggerated manner when he's drifting. I assume that's because he's in ball form. If you're going down a slope, you go faster if you slide than if you boost... Honestly, if they found a way to balance those mechanics, and made the level design use it, we'd have something really good... but alas. 


    1. Faseeh


      The slope drift is a pretty common speedrun technique because of this. For the slide, you can just go to Dragon Road and at the downhill slope at the start, you are faster if you slide through that slope than if you boost. 

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I assume these mechanics are so unbalanced because they're unintentional. Physics in Sonic games these days play second fiddle to the level design. and spectacle.

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Well the drift on the slope technique works because it cancels the script used to dampen/neuter the momentum of Sonic, since the level design wants Sonic to reach a specific height every time rather than flying off into space like that. Pretty much all of these exploits work like that; breaking the code that keeps Sonic chained to a specific speed that the devs wanted to set for the character rather than exponentially increasing it, like mechanics such as a boosting force or gravity would have without them.

      So the problem is they already have "it", they just purposefully avoid it to make the game as simple/manageable to design around as possible. Unlimited speed or momentum isn't exactly a compelling idea to a level designer at the end of the day.

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