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  1. Finally played P-06, and god, it's really polished and very fun. I know I've always loved this project, but I'm so glad it's 'complete' now. 

    The stop-and-go doesn't bother me too much and in fact, it's faster than Heroes (where it gets a bit annoying esp with Team Dark), and this project shows how 06's level design was a natural mix of Heroes and SA1's. 

    However, I must add that I'm very familiar with the original and maybe that's why I always knew where to go, and how to move the camera to get there. But man, the tweaks and the refinement added to this project are sooo great. In terms of feedback, I guess I wish Flame Core was a bit brighter, and that there was a way to turn off the unnecessary lives system though.

    If this was an official product and released as just this collection of 9 stages (released today or in 2006), I'd have genuinely loved it. (maybe not worth 60 dollars but more worth than a particular 40 dollar game).

    Definitely recommend taking the time to play it!

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Are any of the hub stages finished, or is this strictly the levels?

      Are the other characters usable like Shadow/Silver?

    2. dbzfan7


      Still feels jank, but still far more playable than the original that's for sure.

      And to answer the other question No Hub Worlds. You can play as Sonic and the characters you got to play under his campaign. So some Tails and Knuckles here and there, and a single Silver section in Kingdom Valley.

    3. Sean


      The only thing that continues to bother me about P-06 is the amount of micromanaging I have to do with the camera, feels like I have to control it every time I make a jump. 06 always had a bad camera but I don't remember it being THIS bad

    4. Faseeh


      Yeah I agree with the camera issue @Sean. I'm not bothered by it, when comparing to other platformers, but as a Sonic game in 2020, it is problematic haha...

      (also man Kingdom Valley and Crisis City are a pain, especially to S Rank cos of how long they are and how easy it is to mess up during the Mach Speed section)

    5. Sean


      lol I got mad at Crisis City and used Super Sonic. Which I had because I imported my old save file from an older demo

    6. Faseeh


      Actually, it seems both levels allow you to die once in the earlier sections and still get a S rank lol. but god the swinging over bottomless pits in Crisis City...

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