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    Faseeh reacted to Chili Dawg in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I for one, am feeling a bit frustrated at the fact that it seems every Sonic game from now till the end of the time is going to be a big anniversary blowout, every five years...
    Now if Sonic games are gonna take longer to make, that's fine, I'm not asking them to rush them out sooner than they should, that's the last thing I want.
    But if Sonic game releases are only ever going to fall on/around "important" milestone years... please stop caring about anniversaries.
    In the last decade we had, depending on how one categorizes Mania, 3 or 4 mainline Sonic games.
    One of those games is not based around revisiting old content from  the franchise's storied past.
    I want the franchise to continue building a storied future, not celebrate Green Hill again and again every five years.
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    Faseeh reacted to Blue Blood in New Pokémon Snap (Coming April 30th, 2021)   
    Good to know. I'd rather not give such a channel views, so I've gone and changed it for an IGN upload, seeing as the official Pokémon channel hasn't uploaded the individual trailer yet.
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    Faseeh reacted to ZackieCD in What if NiGHTS' Into Dreams was for the Super Famicom?   
    Made using Photoshop CC & Illustrator.
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    Faseeh reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic 30th predictions   
    Right. I'm going to brush aside all speculation about story, plot, art style, tone etc for now and just focus on the "two Sonics" thing. SEGA has got to be aware of the fact that from the moment that Project Sonic 2017 was revealed, the inclusion of Classic Sonic was met with contention and confusion. And while I'm struggling to find the exact interview right now, SEGA stated that Classic Sonic was included in Forces to introduce younger fans to that side of the franchise, particularly to get them interested in Mania. Personally I call bullshit on that and say that the true reason is because Generations did it and they wanted to copy that. Much as they can claim otherwise, Forces tries its darndest to copy Generations outright. 
    Classic Sonic in Forces has a mere six levels and one boss fight. He doesn't go to Metropolis, he doesn't have any tag-team levels, he doesn't have any dynamic QTEs in his levels, he doesn't have any bonus/unclockable stages, his involvement with the plot is so minor that he doesn't even interact with Modern Sonic and the Avatar. The lack of content and focus he gets suggests that he was something of an after-thought, or that they didn't really want him to be part of the game. He's largely regarded to be the low point of a game met with mixed-to-mediocre reception.
    I don't know what to expect from the big Sonic game for 2021, but I'm pretty sure Classic Sonic won't be a part of it unless it's a Classic Sonic game. And that's a whole different kettle of fish right there because eeeesh I do not want to see SEGA how much SEGA would butcher that.
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    Faseeh reacted to Tracker_TD in Sonic 30th predictions   
    It's worth noting that SEGA's first statement on focusing on quality wasn't specifically regarding Sonic; and I'd genuinely be hard pressed to say they haven't delivered on that front, ironically outside of their mascot. 
    Sakura Wars got a great revival (with several Sonic alumni on board, no less), Yakuza's gone from strength to strength (apparently even Yakuza 7's gone down pretty well in the end), SEGA AGES is essentially the gold standard for ports of retro content, they've been licensing out their IP so we can get great new titles in series such as Streets of Rage and (after some teething problems) Panzer Dragoon. Puyo Puyo's come back to the West at last, PSO2 got itself a Western release, Valkyria got itself another mainline entry after the odd misstep with that Revolution thing; you get the gist.  
    So to be honest, I don't despise SEGA, because I'm aware there's a lot more to SEGA and their promises than just the Blue Hedgehog. I think the Japanese team led by Kishimoto - the one that they keep handing 3D Sonic to, whether they're formally "Sonic Team" now or not - are more specifically to blame. 
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    Faseeh reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I wish this was true. A lot of fans and channels have expressed this opinion, but by and large the media still seem to be reporting on with without such commentary. And some fans are accepting it without question too. I just ran a Google search for "sega to take time with Sonic" and the first results to come up were from 2009, both gaming sites and general pop culture portals. I know we're all used to this song and dance with middling results, but it's still quite sobering to see just how far back it goes.
    For a lot of people outside communities like this one, the recent comments from SEGA about "focusing on quality" will be the first they've heard of it. This could be because they're less familiar with the series and have only been playing the games for the past ten years or so. If we go back to 2010, the Sonic timeline is as follows:
    Mainline games from SEGA: Colours > Generations > Lost World > Forces. Two games generally regarded as really good, a dropped ball with Lost World and an average return to form with Forces. Racing games from Sumo: All Stars Racing > All Stars Racing Transformed > Team Sonic Racing. A decent Mario Kart clone in the form of a SEGA crossover followed by a truly unique racing game that was critically lauded and still a SEGA crossover and then a dissapointing Sonic-only Mario Kart clone with a gimmick. Boom games and the TV series: Rise of Lyric & Shattered Crystal > Fire and Ice. The franchise was presumed dead quite a while ago and was more recently confirmed as such. It got off to a bad start with the character redesigns, got absolutely torn apart with some of the worst recieved games of all time and then... just fizzled out with a sad little whimper. Other games: S4E1/E2 >Free Riders > M&S Olympics series> mobile games. Free Riders was a bomb that was swiftly forgotten about. The M&S series and mobile games are both just sort of there, upsetting nobody but just plodding along in the background to please kids and casual fans. The Sonic 4 series was met with initially positive reception from critics, but fans weren't so hot on it. By the time E2 rolled around, it was widely regarded as "too little too late" and SEGA sent it off to live on a beautiful farm somewhere with the Storybook series and Jet Set Radio Future.  Mania and the movie: Well-recognised as an effort from fans and not from SEGA directly, Mania is the highlight of the past decade as far as the games go. And the movie was a smash-hit... also not from SEGA. Generations got great reception, but it's Mania and the movie that really set the world alight.  Although I've never been more dissatisfied with the series than I am now, it's pretty much objectively true that the series isn't suffering quite as badly from terrible games as it was in the 2000s. That's the time when SEGA gave us ShTH in 2005, '06 just a year later, the Werehog and Black Knight. The announcement of Boom and subsequent release of RoL in 2014 is the only time that the series has dipped low as it did back then. The bigger problem is the series revelling in mediocrity now. There are no dumpster fires for people to gather around. Nobody cares when the series is this boring, and it's losing relevance. 
    Maybe the fact that the series is suffering from its current straights will kick SEGA into action properly? Especially after an indie-developed retro-inspired game outdid anything they're put out in the past 20 years in terms of reception, and the movie has reignited general interest? It's all possible, but I'll believe it only when I see it. 
    SEGA deserve a fuck ton of blame. If the developers of Sonic games are putting out bad games, then it's within SEGA's power to seek out new talent or outsource the games. Just because someone like Morio Kishimoto keeps getting put in charge doesn't mean he has to be in charge. They're also the ones to blame for interfering with the development of Sonic Synergy/Rise of Lyric, shifting development to the Wii U with an unsupported engine midway through development and forcing the game out for a holiday release. They're the ones giving Sonic games such a shoestring budget. They're the ones who have total control over the Sonic IP.
    Wrong. Try again.
    What's wrong with a bit of cynicism and pessimism? Both are pretty well-founded; SEGA have made these promises before, and they've very little to show for it. Nobody is saying "there is no hope, Sonic games will suck forever, you can't hope they will be good". If the teams are constantly changing and the games are still pretty poor... maybe the problem actually extends beyond the team? There's cautious optimism and hope, which is what I think most people are exercising. They come with expectations and past experience however.
    Everyone else is saying something more along the lines of "once bitten, twice shy", or "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". Could they stick to what the say? It's a possibility. I'd love nothing more than fro Sonic games to be good again. But have I got much faith in SEGA to deliver? Look at the facts: they've spent at least the last 11 years saying that they'll do better, and longer still dishing out sub-par games. A few decent entries have been sprinkled out here and there, but the showing has been largely embarrassing. I've got absolutely no reason to take them at their work until they show us otherwise. And past experience tells me to expect the worst. Everyone is waiting to see what happens, and many have learned not to hold their breath.
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    Faseeh reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic 30th predictions   
    @Raphael Martins Thanks for clarifying. Yeah, Sonic Team as a specific entity is a bit of a legacy and misnomer these days. You only have to look at the credits of Unleashed through Forces to see how inconsistent the team is. Even when you look at the handheld titles and games like Unleashed Wii, Sonic Team always gets top billing when in actuality the development teams are mostly made up of Dimps employees. Dimps' name only ever appears in the closing credits. You could argue that that's to save face after Dimps lost a lot of good faith in the Sonic community recently, but until S4E1 rolled around they were actually the ones dishing out the good Sonic games.
    Anyways, this what led to the whole "storybook team and main game team" confusion a few years ago. Iizuka is producer for the Sonic brand as a whole and some staff seem to constantly work on Sonic projects (like Kishimoto... unfortunately), but on the whole staff seem to cycle around a lot. Runners was supposedly made by Sonic Team, although the credits revealed it was mostly former SEGA Sports R&D staff IIRC, the guys who make the Olympics series. Any Sonic game made internally at SEGA is labelled "Sonic Team". 
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    Faseeh reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I've searched for both Project DIVA and PSO2 Hedgehog Engine claims and can't find anything except public Wikis with no sources and various forum posts where people say "this game pretty so it must be using the Hedgehog Engine".
    So again, sources please.  
    Lost World got a patch to unlock the framerate, which actually broke the game and made several levels impossible; collecting butterflies wouldn't trigger flowers to open and something went wrong with the Drill Wisp too IIRC (both were necessary to clear a number of levels). I'm not sure if they ever officially fixed this, but I'm going to hazard a guess and say that they did because I'm not finding much discussion about it. There's an option to disable voice overs, but it's so lazily done that the BGM volume still lowers for a few seconds at the points when characters are still supposed to talk. All of the Circus Tents were removed outright. They weren't exactly a highlight of the Wii U game but rather than remap the motion controls to regular buttons, they just got taken out completely and the numbers of animals you needed to rescue to progress along the map was massively reduced. It reeks of lazy to take them out completely. Lower the requirements to reduce the need to grind to progress, but just to cut out content like that... lazy as shit. 
    Generations is so tackily done that is used the default VB icon on the task bar. It's got very limited graphical options available and you can't configure the games settings at all from within the application itself. Cutscenes frequently run out of sync with the audio regardless of the how well the rest of the game runs. I can't back it up from technical point of view, but from what I've heard the game is just poorly optimised. It also removed the bonus unlockable version of S1 that was included in the console versions. No idea if this was due to laziness or another reason, but it also seemed such a strange omission. 
    SCD was built natively on the PC using the Retro Engine. But SEGA, in all of their infinite wisdom, hired Blit Works to port the 360 version back to PC who then broke the game's resolutions and scaling in the process. It looks constantly blurry as a result. Taxman spoke out on the issue, expressing his regret at being unable to fix it because it was not his version of the game. 
    With regards to SA1HD and SA2HD, it also includes the console versions. SA1 didn't even support widescreen and improperly rendered different resolutions resulting in a blurry image. This is a bit of recurring theme actually, cause it also applied to S4E2 before fan outcry got it patched. Neither game made any effort fix the broken graphical effects of the GCN versions (and the additional ones of the original SADX PC version). Controller support is borked and in-game settings are again non-existent.
    The PC versions of Sonic games are functional. They work (apart from the time they broke Lost World), but they are as half-arsed as possible. Make sure the game boots up and it's ready to sell. It's sad that they don't do anything to make the games the definitive versions to play. Would it have killed them to rebalance the audio mixing in SA2? 
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    Faseeh reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic 30th predictions   
    Too true.
    @DrisaacIt's not going to drop for a long time most likely. We've heard previously that 2021 will be the next big year for Sonic, and that lines up with SEGA representatives also recently saying that they're taking the time to put out Sonic games less frequently than they did in the past. If you think for whatever reason that SEGA is planning to drop Sonic news soon, tell me why you think so and I'll tell you why you're wrong.
    We don't "know" the next game is going to be shit. I mean, we can make all those assumptions until the cows come home (my expectations are rock bottom too), but ultimately it means very little. SEGA need to sell their games, and people want to play them. Of course they're going to drum up interest. That's what selling a product is. And just for the record, SEGA aren't not going out of their to drum up interest for things that they've not yet announced. Anytime someone asks them about Sonic, they give typical boilerplate answers such as "we're really excited to for the future of Sonic" or "we're taking our time for the fans" and "we'll deliver the news when it's ready". What else could the say? "Don't get your hopes up guys. The next game is going to be shit. Don't buy it, so go play Mario instead"?
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    Faseeh reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic Adventure 2, Style, and Scoring.   
    Although can we just say that due to janky controls that don't let you move in a straight line, dash panels that shoot you into walls and a light dash that only works when all the planets in the solar system line up on the on the 30th of February, Metal Harbor's A Rank quickly goes from an awesome to awful. 
    But yeah, all that aside, the scoring systems in recent Sonic games are absolutely pants compared to SA2. Setting aside the mech, driving and treasure hunting stages for being totally different approaches to gameplay, the Sonic/Shadow levels awarded points for doing things stylishly and quickly. Longer enemy chains awarded bonus points, extra grinds and light dashes congratulated you, and pulling off a slick jump at the end of the grind rail gave you speed, a shortcut and valuable points. Plus there was the Golden Beetle in every stage. I'm a bit torn on them because they were a hit and miss at times, but the idea was solid. It was never a mystery as to how you'd get enough points for an A rank because the opportunities to rack them up were all very clearly laid out. All you had to do was master those objectives. and when you finally managed to do so, it felt fucking great.
    SA2's problem comes in its form of punishment. The amount of times that I've been caught off-guard by a rogue laser blast or an enemy spawning on top of me is too high to count. And these little mistakes range from losing all your rings to losing a life and having your points reset to zero. The game is unfair and unforgiving. God forbid you die near the end of a level, particularly one that demands perfection like Metal Harbor does. You're more likely to die during the rocket launch because Sonic ran into a railing after hitting a dash panel than through any fault of your own. And even if if was your fault, you'll be lucky to see anything higher than a C rank after death. It's kind of an all or nothing affair, due to unpolished design. 
    Assuming that a game is perfectly well polished and not subject to many of the crapshoots you find in SA2, I still think that giving players a rank at the end of the stage when they're first playing it (i.e. in story mode) is a bit rough. Of fucking course I'm going to get an E rank the first several times I play Crazy Gadget. You don't need to tell me how badly I did after I already got a game over and had to repeat the Tetris room dozens of times. Instead, the game should just save your score and rank it invisibly. When you go to select the level from the time attack or stage select menu, it should show your best score there along with the corresponding rank. None of your efforts would go unrewarded, but the game wouldn't be intruding with ranks at a time when they aren't necessary. 
    As for the other games...
    Lost World kind of gets this right very slightly. I say kind of, because despite offering you animal bonuses for multi-homing attacks and relegating the ranks to time trials, the animal bonuses don't influence your rank as it's entirely based on your completion time. Plus the game doesn't take any notice of your best time unless you're in time trial mode. I really think that ranking the player invisibly during the story would be a nice boon. 
    '06 originally included a ranking system very similar to SA2's, awarding points for doing cool shits as you played the levels. It was eventually gutted from the final game, I think with only the Rainbow Hoops remaining to give any bonus points. All of the other mentions of "cool" or "radical" ect were absent in the end. The only way to earn bonus points was to defeat the leader of a group of enemies, which is about as exciting as bopping a single Egg Pawn and moving on. As with a lot of things in '06, the gameplay and scoring system had the right ideas and simply failed to deliver.
    Colours deserves a mention for its pathetic scoring system. You want an S rank? Just spam Wisps and quick steps, because you get bonus points just for completing those actions. Unleashed and especially Generations and Forces hand you S Ranks on a silver platter just for going fast. There's no strategy involved, no cool things to get extra points. If just pick up rings and get to the end as quickly as possible without dying. In Forces, you can get S ranks despite a truly shameful showing where you constantly get hit and reach the end with virtually no rings. Time is the biggest factor. It's this way because of the way that the games are designed now. All the boost gameplay encourages is rushing to the end. There's no opportunity for doing cool shit in the levels because they're railroaded towards the goal. SA2 used to get flack for being too linear, but it had plenty more opportunities than we get now.
    Mania employs its "cool bonus" at the end of each stage, which is a fun little bonus. You start off with a 10,000 point cool bonus, which goes down every time you get hit. A death instantly puts it down to zero. I'd like to see this return in future games with a ranking system. It's a better system than instantly losing all of your points and therefore any hope of scoring well just for dying once. 
    I honestly don't remember the scoring system in the Rush series to comment well enough on it. Performing tricks was always oodles of fun. Unlike the QTE tricks in Unleashed and Colours, the trick ramps in Generations and the QTE cutscenes in Forces, the Rush series had you doing tricks whilst you were in full control of Sonic and you could do them any time you hit a spring, ramp or were grinding. Whilst tricking you could make snap decisions to jolt Sonic in any direction, potentially attacking badniks at the risk of losing some control. It was engaging and cool. Plus more tricks = more boost energy = more points and speed = higher rank. It was a cycle of encouragement. Shame the series never learned anything from Rush except to incorporate a boost. And the boost has never been as well implemented as in those games. 
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    Faseeh reacted to Indigo Rush in Sonic Adventure 2, Style, and Scoring.   
    In the case for a game like Sonic Adventure 2 (one that has a Chao Garden or any kind of shop, in other words) I think a happy medium would be to offer your final score at the end of a level without a letter grade in the main story or a free play mode, instead offering something like bankable rings/credit depending on how high your score is.

    Letter rankings would be based off of the same criteria, except would only be present in missions or challenges, like Time Attack or Find the Lost Chao. That way it doesn't necessarily dictate how a player should play through the main campaign, but gives the player a very clear reference point when they're voluntarily challenging themselves.
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    Faseeh reacted to Wraith in Sonic 30th predictions   
    Iizuka has had a high level role on most of the 3D Sonic games, serving as a producer on all of the new ones. You are allowed to say he's bad at his job in the general sense. I still think it's an oversimplification of the situation that overlooks a lot of things(every single Sonic game, even the good ones, has some horror story about upper management attached somewhere.) but his name is on all the games and he's the one always justifying their decisions in the media with PR jargon so it's at least a fair reading of the situation for the average person. I'd argue that a lot of you should know better if you talk about this series every day, but whatever. It's fair game. I rarely feel like stepping in when that conversation is happening.

    The stuff that makes me lose my mind is the fanfiction, like this lovely piece on the last page that's still getting humored. 

    All spun from what's proven to be a lazy translation at best. This type of conversation has run rampant in the fandom over the more concrete problem of sega jerking creatives around rushing every game out for profit regardless of it's creative angle, but I guess it can't be helped.
    Once Iizuka finally goes his own way or retires and the last of the old guard that actually cares about the character is gone, the difference will be obvious, and it won't be for the better. 
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    Faseeh reacted to Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon in Sonic 30th predictions   
    That's the mistake a lot of people make in thinking what Iizuka is actually responsible for.
    He's more so in charge of stuff going on with the American division than the main Japanese division. Circling back to how he really didn't have anything to do with Forces and its development. 
    And considering how SEGA of Japan tends to treat its American counterpart, it's no surprise the American side hasn't gotten as many chances to shine.
    A lot of the less savory choices have been made by SEGA higher ups.
    Iizuka just tends to get blamed because more often than not, he has to play mouthpiece for a lot of Sonic project stuff.
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    Faseeh reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Sonic 30th predictions   
    At the moment, right out of the gate, I'd need to be impressed by a teaser that instilled some hope into me that we didn't wait 4+ years for another, almost shamelessly asset flipped, "the-game-plays-itself", two to three hour experience. 
    Asking for what I really want, which is something that showcased the in-game cutscenes and character model animations as something out of one of those Tyson Hesse cartoons, seems extraordinarily far-fetched right now despite the day-dreams I keep having about it. You look at Wreck-It Ralph, the Sonic Movie, and even the notoriously bad Rise of Lyric and you can't help but wonder why Forces looks as terrible as it does. That war scene was embarrassing. Avengers: Endgame it was not.
    I mean, for god's sake Rise of Lyric did it. Rise of Lyric did it. 
    There's a part of me that's also bracing myself to be excited for the first 30 seconds of the new trailer and then seeing something that smacks me over the head with a metal chair back down to reality like the Forces trailer did.
    Back then, I had just seen the Mania trailer for the 2D fans and then it was my turn. Sonic's there, serious stuff is happening, he's going in for the save on the burning city, everything's good, and then seconds before the trailer is done, it says Sonic needs the help of a friend and I foolishly, FOOLISHLY thought they were talking about the infamous sidekick character from the popular Sonic the Hedgehog series, Miles Tails Prower. Stupid me. How dare I assume Sonic's gonna get to work with his best friend, adopted brother, and third most recognizable character in the Sonic series behind Sonic and Eggman respectively. Fuck that noise, we need another Sonic up in this bitch.
    I promised myself when I started typing this that I wasn't going to go down the bitter angry fanboy route but it just slipped out of me. I apologize everyone. 
    Uh. Anyway, I'd like a nicely animated, actual 3D Sonic game that told a coherent story that cared about what was going on. I don't care if it's boost or adventure despite preferring adventure. I really do just want them to make a damn Sonic game and not worry about what string to attach. If they wish to nostalgia pander, that's fine, but do it with something that's actually nostalgic. It's literally impossible for Green Hill and Chemical Plant to be nostalgic now. Seeing Tails' house in the Mystic Ruins, Station Square, or fucking Hang Castle would grant more reverence and surprise at this point. 
    Also, I'd like a new Sonic anime... but a regular old action cartoon will do fine. If it's an anime, the opening might not suck balls this time though. Just sayin.
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    Faseeh got a reaction from simtek34 in What are the missed opportunities in Sonic games that bother you the most?   
    I agree with you on a lot of your points, Forces disappoints me too but I believe the reason they started with the Lost World engine is that graphically and in terms of the code, Forces is better optimized and more capable (I believe Generations is a 32bit game on PC and uses DirectX9 which is quite outdated). There's no reason to use the Generations framework, they seem to have just botched up the level design and physics because their goal with Forces was to just "Dash like a maniac".

    That aside, I too wish we got a game that took what SA1 was trying to do in terms of bringing the classic formula to 3D and build on it, and I do wish that shields were implemented in the games again. That said, I believe Lost World had shields? But honestly, I wasn't a fan of the way it handled items haha. 
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    Faseeh reacted to UpCDownCLeftCRightC in What are the missed opportunities in Sonic games that bother you the most?   
    Diogenes took my obvious response but the other one would be Sonic Unleashed night time stages. Does anyone remember the commercials/advertising for that game? Do you remember how quick the werehog looked, how acrobatic? I thought "holy shit, maybe it'll be like Spiderman" 
    But instead we got a slow beat em up. 
    I wasn't expecting the game to actually be as large as a Spiderman game, but making the werehog a little faster, so as to keep his momentum up and basing his attacks more keeping up that flow (through various spinning, slashing, rolling cannonball attacks, etc.) would have been waaaaaay better than what we got. Which wasn't terrible... Just not interesting at all. 
    Aside from your other points which I agree with, I disagree with the idea that Forces concept was going to unite the fanbase. Sure, it had parts of what each sect of the fanbase likes, but the way it handled those parts were disjointed, or segmented from each other. It's like "hey, you're a classic fan?! Here's some classic levels!" and then the other parts of the game are not geared toward what you want. And the same for the modern levels. And I'm not acting like people can't like both, it's just that the styles don't blend well, they're really competing with one another on some level. And this doesn't get into the quality of execution either. 
    I think a game that unites the fanbase (a lofty goal anyway) would be one the molds varying degrees or aspects of what people prioritize most into one consistent gameplay formula throughout, not multiple styles of gameplay segmented in one package. Obviously pleasing everyone is impossible anyway but it is possible to make a majority of fans and casuals happy by being careful, confident, and consistent in what you do. 
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    Faseeh reacted to Dreadknux in What are the missed opportunities in Sonic games that bother you the most?   
    From a purely business perspective, the fact that SEGA/Sonic Team didn't have a new game or something to tie in with the Sonic movie (doesn't have to be a 'Sonic Movie' game, just... like, anything...) will always be a little bit baffling.
    I like the idea of talking about game mechanics as missed opportunities rather than entire games, and I agree with the OP on the trick system. Really quite liked it in the Advance series, especially Sonic's Up move which had him do an extra splits vault in the air. Was pretty cool.
    But yeah. Missed opportunity #1: Shields/Power Ups. I feel like, with the move to 3D, the ability to power up Sonic in new and interesting ways during the level fell by the wayside. It's probably difficult to replicate things like the Fire Shield from Sonic 3 into, say, a Sonic Unleashed or Sonic Adventure 2 style experience, but when I saw the electric shield in the original Sonic Adventure I thought 'oh boy it's like the 2D games'... and then in future games item boxes have pretty much held either rings, lives or some other macguffin. I guess it's also one of the reasons I actually liked the Wisps in Sonic Colours, because they were power-ups that had a purpose.
    I'd love to see some of the crazy things we saw in the 8-bit games, like snowboards (Sonic Triple Trouble) or spring platforms (Sonic Chaos), or the Sonic 3&K trinity (Fire/Electric/Bubble), that can be used temporarily within a stage to add to Sonic's abilities and explore new areas. That'd be so cool.
    The other missed opportunity I see: Scoring. Part of what made Sonic Adventure 2 incredible to me, was the Ranking system. Completed the level? Ah, but you got a C. Try again. ... Try again? What else can you do? You already ran as fast as you could through the stage, right? Well, maybe you did, but did you chain-attack that series of enemies in that hidden room? Did you expertly grind on those three rails in quick succession without touching the ground? Did you hop through all the rings in the circular tunnel (each of which would have given you extra points)?
    This is where I thought Sonic Adventure 2 really innovated in the series, in a way that future 3D games never really explored further. Stages were built with little tricks and gimmicks you could use to build up a combo score, and even though the levels were super-linear, there was a lot of replayability there. Of course, Ranking still exists in modern Sonic games, but almost all of them are simply based on whether you died, how fast you sped through the stage, and sometimes how many rings you collected. It somehow just feels like the ability to obtain an S Rank merely exists as a courtesy these days, rather than something the game is encouraging you to accomplish.
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    Faseeh reacted to Indigo Rush in What are the missed opportunities in Sonic games that bother you the most?   
    This is going to sound especially strange coming from me, but the more I think about it, the more frustrated I am with SEGA that they didn't have the foresight to capitalize on something that was going on at the time.
    Custom Characters.
    I'm of the opinion that Sonic Forces came 15 years too late. Half-baked execution aside, the custom avatar mechanic is something that Sonic fans had been doing for years, and it's kind of baffling to me that they didn't think to take advantage of this sizable pocket of the fanbase. There's absolutely no shortage of fan characters to back me up on this.
    Had they taken action on this early enough, there could have been an entire sub-series dedicated to everyone's custom characters doing their own thing. Whether or not you dislike the notion of making your own character, it's a concept that has proven to sell. With a stronger foundation than what Forces built and with more options to choose from (that could result in more meaningful changes in gameplay) then I think it'd be a huge seller.
    The other missed opportunity that comes to mind is a Chao Garden mobile game, but everyone's on board for that, I think.
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    Faseeh got a reaction from Cayenne in What are the missed opportunities in Sonic games that bother you the most?   
    Hey, this franchise has lasted close to 30 years, so it's got to have a few good ideas that you think could have been even better. What are they?
    One such missed opportunity to me is not bringing the full mechanics of the boost system in the Rush games in, when they adopted it for console games. Don't get me wrong, I love the play style in Unleashed, Colors and Generations, but Rush and Rush Adventure felt like an evolution of the ideas that came before it

    The Advance series added in mid-air tricks that could get your higher or push you further, allowing you even more control and freedom. Rush took that idea, and also allowed the tricks to affect the way you play on ground, with you gaining Boost through the trick system. You had to constantly keep doing tricks to keep your meter up. The 3 console boost games mainly focus on gathering your Boost by gathering rings or wisp capsules (hitting enemies can get you Boost in all the games), which means the link between the trick system and the Boost system is cut off. However, the console games do try to replicate the visual flair of doing tricks... in a boring way.
    Unleashed gives you a QTE that on failure can lead you to a slower route or kill you. It's binary and doesn't let you control your trajectory at all. Colors... just makes you mash the A button. Generations got kind of close... 

    You can make Sonic do different tricks and finish it off (like in Rush Adventure), to get more boost. But at the end of the day, you're on a set path based on whether you were boosting or not boosting when you touched the ramp, for these 3 games. It's also only activated on those rainbow ramps and hoops, whereas as long as you get launched in the air by anything in the Rush games, you could do these tricks. The tricks are visual flair that don't add much to the rest of the gameplay since it's not your main method of gathering Boost, nor do your inputs change your trajectory. 
    The Boost gameplay is one I really like across all the games it is featured in (Forces doesn't exist), but it does have moves that are very situational and don't work together with the rest of the system (quickstep sections, and tricks). I do like the air boost that these games added, but to me, not incorporating the trick system into the Boost gameplay is one of the missed opportunities that bother me the most.
    (then again, the Rush series also allowed you to roll and the Boost games don't utilize that even though they do have decent slope physics)
    I'm sure there are more missed opportunities (parkour lol), and I'd love to hear which ones bother you the most.
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    Faseeh reacted to Diogenes in What are the missed opportunities in Sonic games that bother you the most?   
    Never actually making a true 3D Sonic in the same vein as the classics. SA was an attempt, but every successive game just deviated further and further, stripping out everything that worked and replacing it with things that either were worse or outright didn't work, and now they don't seem to understand it at all. They took a good thing and fucked everything up piece by piece.
    Also it's a bit hard to work up the energy to be mad about it considering, well, everything, but Forces being about Eggman successfully taking over, except not actually about Eggman succesfully taking over, is just...I mean that's supposed to be the big one, right? The villain actually winning and having to tear control back from him. And it's not even just that it's a bad game it's that the game doesn't even care about it at all, the effects of his rule are a number on the map and basically nothing else. The game would've been 99% identical without it, but now they've wasted it so there's no chance we're ever going to see a good version of it.
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    Faseeh reacted to azoo in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I hope the next 3D Sonic game features gameplay. And level design. That'd be pretty dope.
    The last one didn't have that, so it'd be exciting to see what they do next time.
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    Faseeh reacted to itsamike in The final battle: Deem Bristow or Mike Pollock   
    You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.
    The initial auditions for SONIC X were voice-matches. I was given clips of Deem Bristow and told to sound like him. The results of that audition speak for themselves, and are evident in the first several SONIC X episodes.
    Several weeks into the run, the production team informed me they wanted to lighten the voice to better service the comedy, specifically requesting Jiminy Glick-style peaks and valleys. I obliged, to their satisfaction.
    I'm an actor. (The goal of any working actor is to book as many rôles as possible, to the apparent dismay of some.) I adjust my performance to suit the script, and the desires of the director. In the franchise's darker games, I gave a darker read, as appropriate. For the lighter games, I play up the comedy to the best of my abilities.
    You can't please everyone. I don't have to be your favorite. I respect whatever opinion you have, because it's your opinion, and it's personal, by definition. The opinion that matters most is that of the producers, who choose to keep hiring me, and presumably approve of my performance.
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    Faseeh reacted to Kuzu in Why Shadow matters   
    In every series, everyone has that one character that just clicks for them. Maybe it was their design, maybe it was their personality, maybe it was their gameplay, but the fact remains is that this character has hooked you and you are now a fan of them. That character for me, was Shadow the Hedgehog.
    So, after Sonic Adventure came out, the boys over Sega started to immediately work on the sequel. It was Takashi Iizuka that decided that the game would focus on the contrasts of "good versus evil", and decided that Sonic would have a new rival that worked with Dr. Eggman against him. Iizuka and Shiro Maekawa both brainstormed this character's look, personality and how he would interact with Sonic.

    As you can see, Shadow went through many different concepts before his finalized design was used.
    Oh, and one of those brainstormed ideas between Iizuka and Maekawa? It ended up being one of the most memorable interactions between the two characters in the game.
    (Yea, I used the Japanese cutscenes. I'm a weaboo, fight me)
    So, I'm like 9 or 10 years old and I finally convinced my Mom to get me my own video game system. Since my brother already had a PS2 and she sure as hell wasn't getting me an Xbox, so the Gamecube was the only option for being the "kid-friendly" console. First game was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
    Now this wasn't my first foray into Sonic, I was actually already familiar with the series before because I would play both the PC version of Sonic & Knuckles as well as Sonic 3D Blast with my brother and he kind of was a fan before me. I was really too young to understand the series, but I had a basic grasp of who the characters were; it was just Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik. When I got Adventure 2, I thought I knew what I was in for and then the first thing that catches my eye was this.

    Like for real, my young brain was so dumbfounded by this; I knew who Sonic was, I knew who Tails was, and I knew who Knuckles was. I was extremely confused on why there was a black and red Sonic on the cover alongside the actual Sonic. (Yea, I didn't care much about Rouge at this stage, I guess I was spared : V)  Naturally, my curiosity took hold, I opened the game and picked the dark side first to get my answers.
    On a side note, I thought it was pretty cool to play as Robotnik and just started blowing shit up. But he wasn't the one who I was here for. After the first level, I get to the first cutscene when Eggman releases Shadow and even HE confuses him for Sonic as well. And yea, I know it's easy to look back on this and laugh at it now because yea, Sonic & Shadow look nothing alike; but bear in mind, I was a child. There was literally only ONE Sonic that I knew of, so having another character who looks so similar to him but not quite was considered a shock at the time and I'm sure that was the developer’s intentions.
    So, this "dark Sonic" is named Shadow. You play as him and he plays literally exactly like Sonic. Not only does he LOOK like Sonic, but he has all of his abilities as well. The cutscene afterward establishes his personality is far more subdued and dourer than the "normal" Sonic and then he takes off. Now my brain is going into overdrive with trying to understand just who was he. Why does he look like Sonic, why is he as fast as Sonic?
    As I'm going through the game and more about him is revealed, I slowly but surely grew fascinated by this character and his story, and by the end where he's sacrificed his life in order to fulfill another's wish, I was genuinely moved and a bit saddened.
    So why do I like this character so much? Well, to me anyway, he is pretty much the definitive rival and foil for Sonic. Iizuka wanted to create a character that was just as cool and capable as Sonic, and needless to say, he succeeded. Like for real, this character blew the fuck up after his debut and he was pretty much all anyone could talk about in my small circle of friends. There was just something about him, he was just as cool as Sonic, but had his own style about it that made him stand out as well. And he was probably the character that got the most under Sonic's skin at the time; Sonic was laidback, confident and assured of himself. There wasn't anything or anyone that could phase him and then here comes this POSER stealing his style and accusing him of being an imposter, Sonic wasn't having that shit. For the first time ever, Sonic was pissed off and when you can piss off the normally unflappable Sonic the Hedgehog, you're definitely a big deal.
    But beyond his relationship to Sonic, there was also his story arc...which, yea, in hindsight I can understand the complaints about it being unfit for the series and they probably shouldn't have gone with something so...grim for this series. But at the time, I never felt that way. I grew up watching Mufasa and Littlefoot's Mom dying, this shit was Carebears compared to the trauma I got from those movies. But I can understand that if you grew up in the 90's with Sonic, this type of stuff would feel extremely out of place and alienating to you. But for better or worse, all of that just served to make Shadow stand out even more. He wasn't JUST an evil Sonic clone; he was a character with his own story to tell and had his own reasons for his actions. Was it a bit TOO out of place for what came before? Maybe, but that story did its job at getting the audience to care about him.  
    And hey, we can complain all we want about his story arc and how it was handled, and how much of a blight he is on the series (and lord knows that we have...), but the conclusion to said story arc is honestly pretty symbolic for the series as a whole. To keep moving forward and  Never Turn Back. Like honestly, it's such a fitting end of an arc designed for a character designed to mirror Sonic, and I honestly consider it a better end than the one he got in Sonic Adventure 2.
    I could complain how he has been handled and misinterpreted through the years because of shoddy writing and meme culture, but I've done that plenty of times and I wanted to reflect on what makes the character special to me and his place in the franchise. I understand that his archetype is not everyone's cup of tea; some people prefer more lighthearted and whimsical characters and have a distaste for darker antiheroes, but I feel there is some merit in a character that serves as the antithesis to the lighthearted nature while still embodying the series' ideals and philosophies, but in his own way. He may not always be represented well and regardless of how you feel about him personally, there is absolutely no doubt that Shadow has firmly established himself in this series as one of its most iconic figures.
    On a side note, hey Sega can we keep him as a playable character from now on plz.
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    Faseeh reacted to Wraith in Why Silver needs Blaze   
    I always thought the Blaze Silver pairing was a little strange. It can be a lot of fun but I feel like that it puts too much emphasis on Silver's immaturity to contrast with Blaze's emotional stability when Blaze is one of the most immature members of the cast when you really get down to it. They should both have something to take from each-other but instead Blaze is more of a side piece for Silver's own growth. If you were being true to both characters I just feel their dynamic would be completely different: bordering on incompatible. Doesn't mean it's not worth exploring, but yeah. 

    One of the parts of 06 I liked was Shadow pairing up with Silver. I like the idea of someone earnest but air-headed receiving a no-nonsense mentor like that. I like the idea of Tails and Silver hanging out as well. Tails is a patient kid and could put up with Silver's quirks while Silver might be a bit more genuinely interested in Tails's ramblings than most characters. 
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    Faseeh reacted to batson in Why Silver needs Blaze   
    When Silver first showed up in Sonic 06, the thing that i found compelling about the character was his immaturity and relative insecurity. The fact that these traits wasn't extremely visible was something that just made me like the character even more, since subtile personality traits is something very, very rare for Sonic characters. Overall, he seemed to have a personality that was almost unique among the characters in the series due to being pretty much realistic (due to primarly showing one type of personality on the outside but, as described in character profiles and being seen in glimpses in-game, having another type of personality underneeth).

    And the most interesting aspect of his personality was something that showed up in his relationship with Blaze; namely his emotional needyness. I seem to recall that it was outright stated in an offical character profile that he was "emotionally dependent" upon Blaze, something that was also implied by in-game when Blaze says "he gets insecure when he's alone". It's not that he was a coward who didn't have the guts to fight or place himself in dangerous situtaions without her being there to help him or anything, just that he felt insecure without her emotional support.

    But now that Blaze and Silver probably havent even canonically met, this aspect of Silvers personality will probably never be heard of again. And this is quite a shame if you ask me, because i found the idea of a male, physically powerfull character having this kind of dependence on a female character (who isnt even older than him, by the way) to be very interesting and something highly unexpected to see in a series like this. Some people say that this aspect of Silvers personality made him seem pathetic and, well, i could actually somewhat agree on that. But in my opinion, thats not a bad thing, because it made the character stand out in a series full of ultra-badasses.

    And another thing that made the connection between Silver and Blaze interesting was that Blaze have emotional issues of her own, but of a different kind. Whereas Silver gets insecure about his own abilities when Blaze isnt around to give him support, Blaze, having a bit of a social phobia, gets insecure in social situations with people whom she doesnt know.

    The bottom line is, in order to be a truly interesting character, Silver needs to have a relationship with Blaze again. Blaze gets along just fine without Silver, but in my opinion, it doesnt work the other way around.
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