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    C.J reacted to Niko in Official Sonic 2006 topic   
    Holy moly dude, this is actually my first time hearing about this, and I'm actually really hyped about this, a good remake of 06 and a port to pc... Thanks for the great news.
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    C.J reacted to QuantumEdge in The Best Voice Acting in Sonic   
    I stick to my guns on the opinion that Black Knight had some of the best performances in the series, be it the 4Kids cast or otherwise.  It's what makes Griffith edge ahead of Smith as my favourite Sonic voice, but that's less performance based and more sound based.  Be it Eggman, or Robotnik, the guy doesn't seem to have a bad interpretation.  However, I always find Baldry, Pollock's, and maybe Cummings, as the big stand outs in the franchise.
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    C.J reacted to ShadowSJG in The Best Voice Acting in Sonic   
    For me Griffith as Shadow. I feel like he fit perfectly.
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    C.J reacted to Yoko/葉子 in The Best Voice Acting in Sonic   
    I figured since Chikao Otsuka's passing upset many fans, it might be time to share who in our opinions have been the best for their roles. I have not listened to many of the Japanese versions, so not many will be listed on my end.
    You may talk about any Sonic voice actor of any language
    To start off, I tend to like the New York cast the most for English.
    I think Jason Griffith was the best Sonic and Shadow. I could hear the confidence and wildness in his voice for Sonic and the cold, but vulnerability in his Shadow.
    Jay Snyder/Dan Green was an awesome Knuckles. I think he captured the serious and almost thug-like cluelessness pretty well. He sounded tougher than the Dreamcast era voice, which I really liked.
    Chikao Otsuka sounded like he had a lot of fun with Dr. Eggman. He had plenty of experience with comedic and maniacal villains beforehand, so it helped his performance.
    Of course, Mike Pollock is an excellent Eggman. He gives off this comical narcissist vibe in his performance, which adds to the doctor's charm.
    On the Japanese side, I liked how Joji Nakata handled Gamma, even though it was partly done with a voice filter. You could hear the blind dedication to his mission in the way he talked.
    Tony Salerno made a comically adorable Chip. The naivety was so cute. "Want some chocolate?"
    Rebecca Honig sounded so sweet and lovable, as Cream. The way she sounded just made me want to give her a soft hug.
    Lastly, Erica Schroeder/Bella Hudon had plenty of experience in theatre before voice acting, so her Blaze sounded very professional. The calm, but socially shy and serious feel was easily one of the best voice overs in the series.
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    C.J reacted to Sonikko in Official Sonic 2006 topic   
    Those shots look great, thanks for pointing them out! Well then, I guess we have to wait for the next announcement. Hyped for the high speed sections!
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    C.J got a reaction from Sonikko in Official Sonic 2006 topic   
    I don't have access but I hear it's still in working progress. A user called Mefiresu (he also has an account on here) posted two screenshots and confirmed that a video would be shown in the future (Hope I translated that right). According to Gistix's YT account, he's rewriting the game from scratch. This was confirmed about 3 months ago. All the assets and stuff will be moved to an updated version of Unity. I'm not sure if I translated it properly though but this is what was shown back in June.
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    C.J reacted to Metal the Mario in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    I actually found it refreshing that the trailer had a bit of a darker tone to it. It had an atmosphere much closer to a pre-Colors game. Hopefully the story can follow suit.
    Also, it's great to see a main-series game finally coming to all three main consoles again. We haven't had that in forever.
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    C.J reacted to DaN in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    For me the perfect tone and setting for a Sonic game will always be something along the lines of the first Sonic Adventure and the Unleashed intro. The Mario-esque outings like Colors and Lost World are atrocious and with no personality at all. add some good writing a la Sonic and the Black Kinght and I'm sold.
    Btw, the more I think about it, the more I found the partner thing to be interesting.
    I'd also like to see an all 3D game but I guess I will be disappointed
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    C.J reacted to ChikoLad in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Is "Sonic Unleashed is a pretty fantastic game despite it's flaws and is the most ambitious Sonic game since the Adventure games" an unpopular opinion?
    Because that's what I think of the game. I recently wrote an article for a website detailing this.
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    C.J reacted to Celestia Ludenberg in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Not really sure how well received Sonic Lost World is around here because I wasn't around when it was released but anyways
    But it has to be the most "What, why and how?" game I've played in the series, even Sonic the hedgehog 2006 gives context to what's happening but after playing this game on PC in both English and Japanese to see if I can make sense out of it I just can't aside from a few dialogue changes here and there, the whole game just feels like a mish mash of ideas drawn from the hat and added to the game. The cutscenes all feel so isolated from each other, Sonic and Tails are arguing with each other, okay, where does this lead to? No where. Why are the Zeti interested in draining the planet below? How was the Lost Hex found? Did Knuckles and Amy need to be here other than "Look fans, we're adding other characters into the game again!" Among other things, by the time I got to Sky Road I just thought, well the writers don't care, so why should I?
    Deadly Six are bad as well and not just because they're villains - Let's have Zeena remind us she's a girl, Master Zik is old so let's just have him constantly tells us, Zomom is fat so he should bring up food.
    Speaking of levels, they didn't do much for me either, a lot of them with the tube level design just gave the illusion of alternate pathways, you're still traveling along the same distance of tube only on the underside. Levels also feel very disconnected from each other as well, Oh look a honey comb level in Desert Ruins for some reason and a candy level too! Why does Sky Road Act 4 look like it belongs in Desert Ruins? Did they get the levels mixed up? A Casino level without any snow in a snowy world? Sure, why not? Why do most of the levels look so flat anyway?
    I guess the tl;dr of my 'opinion' is the game is a huge mess, it's not the most awful Sonic game I've played but I don't think I'll be replaying it anytime soon. If anyone can help me out understanding this game I'm all ears and I'm not being sarcastic, generally interested in the lore or design choices with this game and if anyone can provide more info that would be lovely!
    If you liked the Gamegear games a ton you should try out the Master System versions if you haven't already, the Game Gear ones are ports of those and they don't have that annoying screencrunch.
    As said before the gamegear ports really don't do the Master System games justice.
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    C.J reacted to ChikoLad in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    I feel the game is ambitious for more than just the "world adventure" aspect though.
    For one, the gameplay was very new for Sonic, both the daytime and nighttime stages. The Nighttime stages are pretty much like nothing we have seen in a Sonic game before, but the daytime stages managed to get these expansive, detailed levels working even despite how Sonic moves so fast. Which is a technical accomplishment, as Unleashed's levels are massive in scope and scale, much more so than in any other Sonic game. Heck, the complexity and size of the levels from the "Boost formula" games is apparently the very reason why Lost World ended up with the small, geometric shapes for levels, because they found it much easier and quicker to work with than having to make huge expanses.
    The graphics are also ambitious without a doubt, because realistic Global Illumination was something that hadn't really been done in a game before. The only game off the top of my head that did it at the time is Mirror's Edge, but that game was released in the same month as Unleashed anyway, and also had much less complex and diverse environments, so I think Unleashed served as more of an ambassador for what Global Illumination could do for a game world.
    And I do think the "world adventure" aspect did add to the game's ambition as well, because trying to represent so many cultures isn't an easy task. But Sonic Team managed to pull it off. Not only do the levels look so much like their real life counterparts, but you also have all of these townsfolk representing the culture too. They also have all of the food items and souvenirs you can buy, each with their own description, representing these cultures. The lore of the game is so in-depth, which is unprecedented for Sonic. And they did it in a way that isn't forced upon you to where it's overwhelming, and in a way that isn't tonally inappropriate for Sonic.
    Combine all of this with the fact that Unleashed had the highest budget out of any Sonic game by far, and I think I easily consider Unleashed the most ambitious Sonic game since the Adventure games, maybe even since the Classics. They really went out of their way to make this a huge game with a ton to do, as well as a ton to take in and appreciate.
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    C.J reacted to Kokoro in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Unpopular opinion: Shadow the Hedgehog is a pretty decent game. It's not as bad as people say.
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    C.J reacted to BradAric in Sonic X discussion   
    I'd buy both in a heartbeat. Bring it on. I think the 4Kids actors aren't as bad as everyone says (I even like a lot of them) and the changes are news to me since I started with the dubbed version. As with all Sonic stuff, though, I'm worried they'll screw over the US. There are many more Sonic fans in the UK, and every now and then they say "well that means we won't worry about the US" like they did with the Sonic Generations limited edition.
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    C.J reacted to goku262002 in Sonic X discussion   
    So umm, this was posted on twitter today:
    loving the JP boxart theme.
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    C.J reacted to Crow the BOOLET in Zero-Tolerance Concerns   
    I think we all need to take a step back from this thread. I think we lost track of what we created this thread for.
    Komodin being name dropped isn't helping honestly since his passing is a touching subject, even if you meant it in a positive light Nep. He's one of our best and its nice to remember him but again between this thread and recent events, things are again pretty touchy.
    We were mostly concerned if this meant any kind of argument or any kind of heated debate would get us banned by a massive hair trigger. Some of mods have shown in the past they do have a temper so this lead to more concern. I'm not trying to demonize any of you, both mods and members, but it seems we have been in a massive disagreement that hasn't gone anywhere. I will place my trust in you mods and I'm sure you'll make the right decisions but just remember that we're only human in the end.
    All I will ask for is that make fair assessments in making decisions, make sure they're the right ones, and follow by SSMB's moral code in a sense. I don't think I need to tell anyone this because a lot of us would had been banned a long time ago. I'm probably not making the best criticism but I do want to at least point people in the right direction. We do need to be a team between both staff and members to keep this community going after all. Let's try to get this conflict out of our way because I'm sure both sides are tired of hearing this thread going back and forth all the time.
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    C.J reacted to Wraith in Police Brutality Thread   
    Everyone needs to watch this. Lady damn near had me in tears. 
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    C.J reacted to Bowbowis in Sonic games look so fucking good   
    You know how I always say that Sonic and the Black Knight was the last Sonic game I truly liked? Well here's another reason why, the game is positively gorgeous. On a technical level it's graphics may not be on par with the HD version of Unleashed (not that it's a slouch in that department either) but even so the art direction alone more than makes up for that fact.
    Some examples (spoilered because the images are rather large):
    SatBK packs a ton of detail into its environments and creates a sense of atmosphere that few other game in the series can match. The whole game just oozes its own unique personality and the visuals are a huge part of that. It's clear that the developers had a very clear idea of what they wanted to do with this game and set out to create a medieval fantasy world, in the vein of The Legend of Zelda or The Elder Scrolls, which also facilitated the over-the-top action movie antics that characterized Sonic the Hedgehog pre-Colors (seriously name for me one other series where the Knights of the Round table go surfing inside of an active volcano). The levels in Black Knight also look like actual environments rather than... Whatever the hell this is supposed to be:

    Sorry. I hadn't taken a borderline tangential jab at Lost World for a while. I was overdue.
    Anyhow, I know people tend to take issue with Sonic games don't have a super bright and colorful artstyle (it's "too realistic for Sonic" or somesuch), but for the atmosphere alone I'd take Black Knight over stuff like Colors and Generations any day of the week.
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    C.J reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Zero-Tolerance Concerns   
    I agree with Gala entirely on this.
    I'm saying this because I don't think I'm the only member concerned and scared about this either, but this is something that needs clarification, and overall sense of calm on this board, because while it says it could be something that can only help this board, I see something that's only going to end up breaking it, and making things feel worse around here.
    First off is the biggest thing. What qualifies as member-to-member drama exactly? Like if I happen to disagree with someone over a topic, and enter a debate about it, and don't act completely calm and nice towards them, despite my explanations being repeatedly ignored, or even attempts to make me the bad guy of the debate, does that mean I'm at risk of a insta-ban? What if there's something to justify being angry? Does that not matter? Does that mean I'm subject to an insta-ban? To bring it down to bare bones, in my eyes, this seems like something that might help the mods have an easier time, but only end up affecting members of the board badly.
    I might not be a mod, but I think all of us can agree that every case that crops up isn't exactly the same as the other. There's differences. There's possible justifications, level of harshness, and more. I'm not saying that you mods are perfect. I'm not saying you have to be. A good few of you are my friends on here. I respect all of you as a team, and respect all of you for agreeing to look after SSMB, but at the end of the day, you need to look at situations as separate individual cases, with maybe the rare exception being repeat offenders. For example, how is it fair if one member were to go on a spree of insults towards random members for no reason (For example, that troll who was on earlier this year), and another member was driven to their breaking point, and end up making a mistake. 
    The same way you mods say you are not robots who are perfect and don't make mistakes, you need to understand. We aren't either. We're all human. Every single one of us. I make mistakes, you make mistakes, the admins make mistakes, everyone on this board makes mistakes. Mistakes aren't something to be feared. They are something to be learned from. To allow us to better ourselves. How can we do that if after one mistake, it's a flat out ban, and being told to get out of SSMB, you aren't wanted here. I mean one of the main guidelines is a three strike rule before being banned isn't it, unless it's something extremely bad.
    Going into my own personal feelings on it, despite the topic itself saying it's meant to help a positive atmosphere and allow people to post easier...I'm not seeing it. I'm feeling the exact opposite way. I'm now afraid to post. Let it be normal joking, a serious debate or whatever. What's stopping me from accidentally stepping over a line I wasn't aware of and being thrown out on my ear? What if one of my posts are seen the wrong way, and end up getting me banned despite there not even being any insults/anything against the rules? A lot of this is unclear, and now that issues are now "insta-ban" worthy, despite how big or how little they are, I don't even want to post because I'm afraid of being banned from SSMB. A community I spent the better part of two years interacting with and getting to know.
    There's a better way of summing this up. About a year ago, I was in a debate about Sonic Adventure. Not going to go into detail, but the debate ended with another member trying to claim I was bullying him, and outright asked for me to be striked/banned on the spot. Of course because the mod team went into further inspection, and clearly saw I didn't do what was claimed, I wasn't striked/banned for it. Now, if we're going to treat all of these situations as an insta-ban right away, then what's stopping that kind of situation from occurring? 
    On top of that, another way to look at it. If a member has a strike for doing something, one of the things the mods openly encourage is allowing you to speak up in private about in order to explain yourself, or explain why you feel it was unwarrented. If we're going to go by this zero-tolerance policy, then that means if I, or someone else screwed up, and ended up getting an insta-ban, the only thing that would mean we all lose the right to contest our punishment, or at the very least, speak our side of the story about it. How can we exactly if we're banned directly out of SSMB for something like this?
    At the end of the day, I see this being something that's only going to make things more fearful around here so to speak. I don't see this encouraging a positive atmosphere. I don't see this making people more friendly. I see this causing people to be scared to even speak up about concerns, or even enter debates, or discussions, because now that three strike system is gone. That thing about mods looking at our problems and situations individually and perhaps seeing justifications, and other things is quite possibly gone, and it overall makes things harder for members. I agree about mutual respect being needed, but this isn't the way to go about it. At the end of the day, situations aren't just black and white, and can be all thrown into the one category, and I think this decision hasn't been thought out at all from our perspective. This might make things easier for the mods, because they won't need to look at each individual case, but that means for all members, all of our problems and cases are being lumped together. Even if we have a justification, or reason, or anything, we'll end up being treated as jerks who's only here to cause trouble, and I don't think that is right
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    C.J reacted to SurrealBrain in Zero-Tolerance Concerns   
    But that's the thing; we're worried that one goof up could get us banned out without so much as a chance to explain ourselves or learn from it. No strikes; just gone.
    I can't say I'm not scared; even if it doesn't affect me (because I don't really engage in debates too often), this does concern a lot of members.
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    C.J reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Zero-Tolerance Concerns   
    The rules also state that there is a three strike system in place before a ban. In which, unless it's an extremely serious case in which it occurs, you will be given a warning, strikes, and finally a ban for doing so. How is it fair to bring up one rule when this new one blatantly breaks one of this forum's main guidelines that have been in place for years? I don't know about all of you, but I would hardly call an emotional outburst an full reason for outright banning somebody unless they were a repeat offender, in which case it would be determined that despite warnings that should not enter debates and such if they get easily riled up, then maybe a ban would be suitable. As a first time, or even second time offender? It's too serious an punishment for something that can have justification and actual reasons behind them.
    Let's also keep in mind the mod team are adults. This at the end of the day is a Sonic forum, and you can't deny the fact there's going to be teenagers on this board. It should be obvious that they are not going to be capable of handling their emotions as well as an adult, and therefore are more prone to anger, and going overboard. An adult has already reached maturity. They know how to better handle their emotions. I'm pretty sure everybody as a teenager as gotten pissed off, done something stupid they regret big time. Again, which is why the three strikes system is in place, and designed to ban repeat offenders unless it's a very serious case. 
    And telling us to look at our own behavior isn't going to do much if the ban already occurs and we have no power to discuss or fight it. I'm not saying we don't have a part in it. What I'm saying is by removing our ability to even make mistakes, you take away our ability to realize our mistake, improve on it, and perhaps even make amends with members in question. 
    Now obviously, it's a terrible excuse if you're a repeat offender, and then try using excuses like "I can't help being cynical, I can't help doing this, or that, or the other", it's different. That's clearly just trying to break out of trouble with a bad excuse while attempting to get special permission to act like assholes. That isn't our concerns. That isn't the problem we have with this. Our problem is people who legit might be at their breaking point, or extremely angry, or something else, and begin getting angry in a debate, and perhaps saying something they didn't meant to, something that even the mods aren't immune because I've seen heated debates get like this when an argument keeps getting repeated, or the other person in the debate is so full of themselves, they won't listen to your argument, or whatever. I've seen it happen, and it can happen to anyone, members and mods alike. We all get angry, we all do stupid things in the heat of the moment, and it's happened to all of us. I don't see why we have to jump to intimidate banning because of that. Again, maybe if it was a repeat, and the person in question always kept stirring shit, or being passive-aggressive, or whatever. I just don't think the punishment suits the offense, especially if it's a first offender.
    lost world's story is pretty bad though so we can agree on that at least
    But we weren't told this. What we were told was any and all drama-stirring would be banned. That's it, no ifs, ands, or buts. We don't know what counts as drama stirring in your eyes, because it's all subjective, and for example, one thing I say to my friend, others might see it another way. For example, if I sent a friend a joke status saying something like "get on so i can kick your useless ass in *insert game here*", my friend would know I'm kidding with him, and just want to play a game. On the other hand, someone else can see it, see it as an insult, and report it, which then means we don't know which way it'll be taken. In terms of warnings and strikes, we'd at least have a chance to clean up a misunderstanding or something. Now, if it's going to be an insta-ban, what is going to stop something being misread, or misunderstood, leading to a ban for something that wasn't even meant to be taken as offensive? 
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    C.J reacted to Bowbowis in Any little things you'd like to see change in the Sonic series?   
    I'd really like to see some better cinematography in the cutscenes again because ever since Colors they've been comprised almost exclusively of static camera shots and it's really boring and only serves to reinforce the fact that the only things actually moving onscreen are the character's lips.
    To illustrate what I mean take this scene from Sonic Colors:
    And compare it to this scene from Sonic Adventure 2:
    The scene from Colors has 11 shots with an average duration of 5 seconds per shot. Of those shots 10 are completely static with no camera movement whatsoever. Not helping matters is the fact that every shot actually is about five seconds in length and that eight of those shots are the same "shot reverse shot" repeated four times over. What this means is that not only are the shots themselves visually uninteresting but there's also very little variety among them.
    Meanwhile the scene from Adventure 2  has 21 shots (not counting the title card) with a similar average shot duration of 6 seconds, albeit with much more variety in the lengths of each individual shot. Of those shots only 3 are completely static. For the rest of the scene the camera is tracking, panning, zooming and a whole host of other things. Furthermore despite the fact that the shots only cut to around three or four different subjects it still maintains a high degree of variety in its shots by shooting the subjects from a number of different angles and distances. It simply makes for a much more lively and visually attractive scene than Colors, even in the beginning when it's just Shadow standing and talking over the radio. 
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    C.J reacted to ImPantsAtThis in Any little things you'd like to see change in the Sonic series?   
    I'd like the games to start getting their own vocal themes again. They really help capture the spirit and tone of the game, and they're generally good music regardless. With a lot of Sonic games, even if you don't like the writing, you can usually listen to the vocal theme and get an idea of what they were going for, and that's something I can appreciate.
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    C.J reacted to Vertekins in Any little things you'd like to see change in the Sonic series?   
    How could I forget this one?
    I for one would love to see Sonic's less than positive relationship with both gravity and floors make an appearance again.
    It's my most beloved series running gag next to "Long time no see!"
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    C.J reacted to DarkLight in Any little things you'd like to see change in the Sonic series?   
    For me, one simple thing. Return of the Sonic faceplanting the ground gag. Yes Boom has done this one time in Guilt Tripping, but hrrumph, Game Sonic does it better.
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    C.J reacted to Vertekins in Any little things you'd like to see change in the Sonic series?   
    - More subtlety in character animation, more nuanced i.e Unleashed's Sonic's model animation in both forms. Less them gesticulating like they're caught in the grasp of a sugar rush. I know Sonic characters are vivid. But there's a limit.
    - Characters actually being more active in cutscenes. For instance, Sonic doing some crazy yet awesome shit in cutscenes instead of standing around prattling on about inane shit. The former is interesting and is how he's supposed to be. The latter is boring, obnoxious and uncharacteristic of an allegedly frenetic, larger-than-life character.
    - Hubs. Levels that sensically connect to each other and have effort invested in how they're presented and a place to return to for missions, story advancement etc. Not a bunch of stage entrances thrown into a select screen lazily with no rhyme or reason.
    - Greater feeling of momentum regarding movement. Lost World annoyed me greatly in regards to how it executed this.
    - Fumie Kumatani needs to come back and make Sonic music. She's a friggin Sonic OST goddess.
    - Shiro Maekawa needs to come back and write Sonic games. Because he has such a fine grasp of who and what Sonic is, as a character and as a series.
    - More character profiles on SONIC CHANNEL. You don't know how happy it'd make me if Darkspine Sonic got a profile with official art. Hey, his Werehog and Super forms got them!
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