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  1. Great mixes everybody. One of my all time favotire sonic song remixes is Hot Head Reef ...for Lava Reef (from the sonic stadium music adventre 2012 soundtrack) The song has the right amount of elemnets from each song, and includes the awesome piano themes from hot head reef, and lava reef act 2.
  2. Totally agree with this. However I think that multiple characters and a better storyline would still be beneficial to a sonic game. Both sonic adventure 2 and sonic generations hade good gameplay (and were loved by the critics and the fans alike). Imagine a game that is like that, but where you can also play other characters such as tails and knuckles, who actually add importance to the story. That would be awesome. I miss the days when eggman (Dr. Ivo Robotnik) was scary, smart, and was not afraid to cause harm to both sonic and his friends and the others. In sonic aventure 1, he as prepared to kill everyone in station square with a missle, and in sonic aventure 2, not only did he have no problem senindg sonic into space and then blasting him (a great scene, only hamped by the average-poor voice acting from the other sonic characters), but robotnik was planning to fire the ark on earth (which would have killed many more people.
  3. I love playing as sonic in sonic games, however I am dissapointed by the lack of characters that you can play. My thought on the sonic characters is that a lot of the characters made after sonic adventure 1 and 2 lack personality. Granted, they are not all bad, and I still enjoy some of them, but the majority of characters made during sonic adventure 2 have beomce more famous, and have ahd the privelage of being in multiple sonic games since thier original debut. I am dissapointed that sonic team's game conisst of the player only playing as sonic. I think they should at least have knuckeld and tails as playable chracters, since they play differently. In fact, sonic team could make a great game where you play soinc, tails and knuckles, each with thier own action stages in one story. The actions stages should utilize each character's abiltiies (sonic speed, tails flying, knuckles climbing and gliding,) with multiple paths to take (like in the 2d sonic games.) It could be a mix between sonic adventure 2 and sonic generations.
  4. - The werehog stages are total crap and don't work in a sonic game I am not a big fan of the werehog stages, however I think that, if done right, they could be in a sonic game (think of the variety of levels in SA2). The biggest problem with the werehog stages was the clunky platforming and unforgiving stages. The camera didn't always work well, and it was really annoying to fall to your death several times while trying to cross a thin beam that you can't even hang on in Empire city. - Sonic X is terrible show I use to enjoy sonic x a lot. I watched the whole show in english, and then watched most of it in japanese with english captions (never finished but saw the much better ending with tails). The show isn't total garbage, but after rewatching it, It has lost a lot of its appeal. I much perfer satAM to sonic x, but sonic x did do some things right. - The last good sonic game was sonic and knuckles, sonic never did a good 3d sonic game, etc. I totally do NOT agree with this statment. I love sonic adventure 1 and 2 to death. I also enjoy sonic unleashed, colors, generations, heroes, riders, secret rings, and several others. Now I will admit that I love the 2d sonic games a lot (great music, level design, bosses, difficulty) the new games still are fun, and in some cases (sonic adventure 1 and 2) actually have a decent "more mature" story.
  5. What a great topic I love several of the songs that you posted. what you need is fast paced and epic, I love blue coast act 3, sonic heroes has some good music as well. One fantastic song from a more modern sonic game is Aquarium park act 1 The piano fits perfecty in the song and really sets the mood for a water level. Another fantastic song that doesn't get enoguh recognition is Mystic Mansion from sonic heroes The mix of instruments fits perfectly with the level, and I love how the song is chopped into sections that can all complement each other
  6. 1. Tails in satAM. He is so soooo cute. 2. Tails when he is happy in sonic x. This picture is also cuteness overload. 3. Anything to do with tails in general. 4. Chao (especially when they rub aginst your character for attention)
  7. It looks like they did a great job when remastering this. They totally need to put this on consoles and on steam. Now we wait for sonic and knuckles the reamster (although I don't know how that game could get any better).
  8. While that does sound like a good idea, I don't know how you would design stages that would mix both platforming and speed and be as good as the adventure stages. Sonic adventure 2 in particular had some great stages (City escape and radical highway anyone?) I think what made them good were the perfect balance between speed and platforming. Also it really felt like you were controlling soinc. What they need to do for sonic adventure 3 is mix sonic adventure and sonic adventure 2 style stages together. Sonic adventure 2's stages had good speed and a continual flow. While sonic adventure 1's stages felt more 3d in that it didn't feel like you were just going forward (sky deck).
  9. Some of you have probably heard these but I'll post them nonetheless because they are good. 16 bit versions of 8bit songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13QtraXaQX0&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B95ULhykVo That's all for now.
  10. Alright here are a few good remixes. Here is an awesome twinkle park remix And here is a remix of ice cap, mixing it with a song called cruel summer There are other remixes like this from the same user.
  11. I think that sonic adventure 1 and 2 did a decent job nailing his speed. Sure he doesn't feel as fast as in sonic generations, colors, or unleashed, but he was slow enough that you could actually platform, and would speed up as you go down hills, or hit boost panels. As for the boosting mechanic, I think that sonic generations has the best level designs using this mechanic. In fact you could have sonic adventure 1 and 2 style levels (with added slope momentum and stuff from the 2d games), for a majority of the game, but then have a few levels where you run faster and boost. (Ex maybe chasing eggman). Hell, you could even use sonic generation/unleashed/colors style gameplay as the bonus levels. On a side note: I think a 3d version of the sonic and metal sonic battle from sonic cd would be pretty awesome.
  12. In sonic cd if you wait for around 3 minutes sonic will say I'm outa here and then jump down causing a instant game over Watch it here
  13. My favorite character designs have to be Sonic, Tails, Eggman, and knuckles. Sonic: Not only does he looks sleek, but his looks match his personality. He looks cool, hip, and somewhat cocky. Tails: Tails looks friendly, and kind. His look also somewhat fits his age, (of which he has many). Last but not least he is super cute. Knuckles: Knuckles looks like a pal who you know has your back in a fit. He also looks like the kind of guy who is hot headed. (which he is) Eggman: Eggman's design is great. He has that hint of evil genius mixed with an over-sized body which makes him look funny. Worst character designs. Silver: Okay... so we have sonic, Amy, shadow. Who do we make now. I KNOW! Another hedgehog. Eggman nega: lets take eggman and recolor him. Chip: I don't know whether he was suppose to be cute or not. But if he was, he totally fails. His color scheme and facial features don't work. If they wanted a cute flying sidekick why not just use a chao. (And i'm not talking omochao here)
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