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  1. Clearly whoever did the review was a different person to that of the person who did the preview. The question, is why didn't they bring her back for the review?
  2. Holy Scheiße!! My Deadly 6 edition came through the door today! Awesome.... Um, now all I need is a Wii U.. =S & damn, I knew the game will get mixed reviews but, wow. I was rather worried at first considering how bad my day was prior to coming home from Uni. However after seeing more review results & the fact that a good majority of people here are giving it positive remarks, I'm a little more relaxed now.
  3. I bloody love Secret Rings, although it feels really weird playing it now. Someone should remake the entire gameplay & use the Generations style gameplay - my god, its amazing just thinking about it!
  4. I know I've mentioned that one stage of the forest/owl act reminded me of Majora's Mask a little bit, but now from looking at that 3rd picture... That is one crazy moon (or whatever the purple dude was holding before)! O__O'
  5. Sweet, Orbot (& hopefully Cubeot) may come back - they only made a cameo in Generations at a flashback scene! If Colours introduced Cubot, what's to say that LW won't introduce a new shape-based-bot! Eggman: Introducing, Cylinbot! XD Just on the bit regarding "dark(?)" storylines in Sonic that's been spreading here; I don't mind them, but obviously there has to be line between gritty mess (eg 06 & ShtH - although I do enjoy ShtH game thoroughly, don't ask how or why) & something along the lines of S3&K, Unleashed &/or Adventure - OF COURSE, this is just my opinion on this & perfectly fine that others have their different preferences! With S3&K, it seems more serious to me in the way the game starts up & progresses - from the beginning, you instantly see Knux steals your emeralds, & Eggman sets fire to the Angel Island jungle coasts. Already Eggman isn't messing around. & of course, there are lot of level transitions & things happening that I honestly never expected in Sonic when I first playing it (eg Death Egg sets dormant part of Lava Reef alight whilst Sonic is falling after an ambush, knuckles getting electrocuted). I wouldn't say that S3&K is dark, no way, but I found it to be a tad bit more serious than the 1st 2, & this is the kind of 'seriousness' I wouldn't mind in Lost Worlds. But hey, I am perfectly content if the story was just as lighthearted as it was in Colours, I just want to be surprised, that's all. One last thing, my apologies for straying off topic - considering the talk of dark-toned stories in Sonic games that has been passing along here kinda got me itching to share my thoughts on it.
  6. Ah, that makes more sense, my bad. Must had missed it when other had said it as I skimmed.
  7. I'm sure many had said this before, but It's most likely a play on the words desert & dessert, so that's like a hell of a mashup for this. Maybe there could be a mini boss (like the golem in S3&K) that would be a mummy, but is obese from eating too much sweets, maybe...? Come to think of it, it sounds like it's straight up Earthworm Jim's alley! Has anyone noticed in the honeycomb screenshot, that maybe, the on-rail acts like that would be bridges to the next zone? Considering the far end of that area looks like it could very well be Silent Forest!
  8. Somehow reminds me of Heavy from Knuckles Chaotix... Sorta. & Somic looks like he got shot on the left arm a while back. Don't mess with Chibi Egg Pawn..?
  9. I'm starting to wonder if you can use parkour to climb on those tower of poker chips in the first screenshot. Would be ace! That being said, if the Casino would be a separate world from the others, then what other tropes would you love to see with this zone/world? I personally would love to see another haunted mansion like place like in Shth/Heroes, or a haunted themepark! Make it happen sometime in the future, Sega!
  10. METAL GEAR SONIC: LOST ZEROES Tactical Extremespeed Action That scene actually reminds me of Zelda: Manoras Mask as well somehow - I keep thinking that Sonic is trying to Sneak into Clock Town whilst the gret owl is on nightwatch.
  11. It's 7+ in the uk, so I'm just assuming its the cartoon violence thing with the parkour moves. So yeah, most likely.
  12. Welcome to the Sonic franchise! Play whichever game you want since the best way to tell which game is good or bad depends on the player, no need to listen to critics. I do recommend however like most had said, the Sonic CD, Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Tails can actually fly & swim there, much better than in Sonic 2, & his super form is badass too), the Adventure series, the Advance series, Rush series, Colours, Generations (PS3/360/PC), & even some Game Gear/Master system titles that are available on the Wii virtual console! Also, if your interested in Heroes, get the GameCube version/or Xbox version (depending on your preference in console) - stay away from the PS2 version, that is an unholy mess. & yeah, Sonic is doing rather awesome from Colours onwards in my opinion. I was rather surprised to find out that wisps were making a return, but it feels right. Wonder if Yacker will return (& maybe more of those charming & amusing cutscenes of Sonic & Tails interacting with Yacker)? Just a thought guys... What if the Deadly 6 were actually evil/mutated wisps? Although, it does sound too similar to the Chaos/Chao concept... Who knows? Maybe I shouldn't think too far into it, or else my expectations will go haywire.
  13. Oooh wow, it's been ages since I had ever commented on SSMB forums, & it's just as lively as ever! Ignoring the arguments that I read through 11 pages so far, I am really intruged in how LW is looking & sounding! Visuals firstly, I really like - it took me a while to adjust (very quickly though), but the simplistic look is very welcoming I say. Very reminiscent of many classic stages on classic Sonic games (that abstract-looking jungle tube screenshot reminds me of the acid trip visuals of Sonic CD & Knuckles Chaotix)! On regards with the floating tubes & overly abstract platforms, it does seem rather strange for a Sonic game I guess, but considering it takes place in another world (the Lost Hex), that & the fact that the world appears more abnormal than the other planets Sonic visited (it looks to me that it doesn't even have a core & as someone mention before, this could be a strange/magical(?) phenomenon in the Sonic world) it seems to fit together. The candy land in the pink void however, I can't say anything more about it. I won't jump too far into the background considering its a single screenshot. I haven't seen how Sonic went into this area. Also as someone else had mentioned before when posting a screenshot of Mystic Mansion (SH), we would have assumed the same thing if Sonic heroes was brand new & that was the only screenshot of that part/or act of mystic mansion. Have to admit, the slower speed had me worried at first considering that I was so used to the SU/SC/SG formula, but that shattered quickly later on. Overal, looking foreword to this!
  14. Whilst the rest of the game doesn't feel like a step-up in terms of a true sequal, I would have to say 2 things that have definately improved: Tag team & Graphics. Graphic is usually a strong point in Sonic games, & Episode 2 looks absolutely beautiful. Tag team is already explained by Sega DogTagz above! ^ =)
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