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  1. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    There's really no telling how House of Cards would have been if it was given a full 4 issue arc, although I'd wager it would actually be beater than how it originally came off since it would have more time to develop its conflict and might have forgone its initial parts that were poorly received. Heck, the fact that it was done in two issues practically forced Ian to take a shortcut with the conflict--I noticed that tends to be big factor in many of Ian's faults, beyond trying to do too much to the point he takes to long to end his longer arcs, that it gets awkward if he's made to compress something that would benefit with more time.
  2. Should Sonic the Hedgehog be a silent protagonist?

    Silent acting isn't bad, but more often than not people suggest making Sonic silent less for quality reasons and more as a cop out for the state of bad writing. Less of a character trait and more "I just hate hearing him talk" for whatever bizzare reason made some people think that's the best alternative. It should also be noted that silent acting isn't a perfect solution to that and can risk problems in miscommunication or bad storytelling in itself. Without a voice to speak, you remove a dimension of storytelling that conveys information for the audience to understand what's going on or what a character is thinking--sure, there are work arounds by simply making a thought bubble of that, but there's still other forms of communication to both other characters and the audience that having a voice would be far more practical. Like, for example, let's say Tails's was in danger and Sonic wanted to warn him in 5 seconds before it's too late. Wouldn't it be better and faster to shout "Tails! Look out!" than for him to be silent and use body language to warn him? Acting of any kind should be pragmatic and sensible than that.
  3. Establishing worlds and Consistency

    Make fictional settings based on those real world settings? That's what they essentially did with Aquatic Park in Colors, putting a Japanese setting underwater? And it's not about being the "Unleashed established world" than it is taking that established world and sticking to it even as they make new places. Not hard to do, and is something damn near every consistent fictional series does.
  4. And the winner of most awkward username goes to.....

  5. Character deterioration

    Oh, okay then. What you said sounded completely different when I read it, so my bad for misunderstanding you.
  6. Character deterioration

    If you're going to make a developed story with the game, then yes you do need to make sure they're useful in the plot. Else they shouldn't really be involved in it. Just because story is generally second to gameplay doesn't mean you can just plot them in the story with nary anything going for them and expect them to work. That's one out of many reasons characters have been criticized here.
  7. Character deterioration

    I'm pretty sure people consider his gullibility a flaw. They just don't consider Knuckles an out-right idiot to auch a degree given that there was context made for him to be tricked the first two times. Except him getting tricked in Sonic Advance 2. That literally had no explanation whatsoever.
  8. Batman Ninja (CG Batman anime film, 2018) "Holy takoyaki, Batman!"

    Wow! That trailer was AWESOME! Samurai Joker?! I'm fucking sold! I don't know about everyone else, but after the Kung-Fu Batman animation (I forgot the actual name, sorry) they did on DC Nation I've always been interested in an asian themed Batman.
  9. Character deterioration

    Actually, Sonic did have its own identity with its world and characters. It was only after ShTH OR Sonic 06 (or arguably started there) that it began ignoring that and chasing down trends for whatever reason. And even then, Unleashed looked like solid ground for further building that world until it up and chucked it away like it was pointless when they continued, with mixed to poor results and reception. The fuck kind of sexist shit is this?!?
  10. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    When did he do that? Serious question, cuz I don't recall him doing that.
  11. Which "Adventure" like Sonic Game was the best?

    Each had their strengths and weaknesses. SA1 was the first attempt, but certainly not the best given that it's adventure stages can feel quite small and some of the action stages are very restrictive, like Sky Decks first portion or the dark sections in Lost World. Others, like Final Egg have a number of stop and go parts where you have to be careful due to the camera being a bit ass at times. But they certainly do try to make things feel massive, to its credit. SA2 is a lot more action focus than adventuring, and of course follows a lot of influence from it predecessor. However, the only parts that are remotely exploratory are the treasure hunting. I wouldn't say it's the worst, but it's not really better in that regard. Sure it's story is a lot more connected since it's using two paths instead of dividing them by 6 separate playthrough (which ironically doesn't do it any favors when you switch characters every level), but it could be more open. Unleashed, I'd say, is the best when it comes to exploration, but only outside of the daytime stages that encourage you to blast through than explore. Good thing we're not factoring in quality gameplay, because otherwise that would have taken a hit for this very reason. But Unleashed encourages exploration much differently than the others--its adventure stages are about as small as SA1, but it encourages the soaking of the atmosphere more than looking around. Not that it doesn't encourage looking either given that it rewards you with medals, CDs, and cutscenes when you go out to find them. The amount of love and care put into it really makes one wonder what more could have been done beyond the constant boostfest they've succumbed to as of current. I'll given the worst to Sonic Advance 3, which is a shame because I really liked what it was going for. It encouraged multiple combinations of characters and partners beyond the standard Sonic and Tails to the point that it's a wonder why it took this game to consider it--it's basically 2D Heroes with more freedom to choose your characters (even if restricted to just five of them), so you can have Tails and Amy partner up, or Knuckles and Cream. That said, while it encourages exploration through the use of different character pairs, it's level design seems like it's trying to much to kill you or just halt you momentum abruptly given it focuses more on verticality a little more than it should.
  12. Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!

    I'd say it's the most glaring moment she was like that, as any other moment she might have been like that was either hard to tell or actually fitted the moment. I don't think most people liked how she was, even those who accepted that pre-Reboot characterizations had their own nuances from other canons. I know I didn't.
  13. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Ya know, the more I read these rebuttals the more I think it isn't about any baggage the FF are said to have...
  14. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    And Archie used those same characters and the Freedom Fighters. Doesn't change the fact that removing them will upset fans who like them. The fact that game staples aren't going to suffer this fate makes it all the more trivial when fans of those characters have less to lose as opposed to the non game cast who frankly have nowhere else to be present in if their fans want to continue seeing them. Actually they can, they just opted to tell their own stories instead. Every in Archie post-Second Genesis Wave belongs entirely to Sega for them to decide. And nothing beyond their decision bars that. Only if they don't have much options or if they want or need to reorganize things. It's not exclusive to comics either. You said and I quote: Only to then later say: In a rebuttal against bring back old characters like the Freedom Fighters. But creating new characters for this instead is essentially doing the exact same thing when these new characters wouldn't appear in the game either. That's the contradiction you've made here. Yeah those are some pretty narrow options on something that might end up not doing either as far as anyone knows, but I consider the expies a spit in the face when hey could just use the oringals instead.
  15. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Which is completely beside the whole point of this discussion because what the comic book business decides has nothing to do with whether you would be upset with not seeing Vector over Antoine as opposed to your claim that "the freedom fighters aren't hurting anyone for not being around anymore." What they decide is what they decide, but that doesn't invalidate my point that it would hurt fans of any character if they can no longer have them around and that it's selfish and inconsiderate to brush that off and claim otherwise. Nevermind that Sega more than likely doesn't make business decisions like that, even more when they greenlit an alternate universe called Boom that did just that. So lets not change the subject here. Sounds like the Second Genesis Wave which rebooted everything and gave him a backstory. Except he still kept his same basic personality traits in addition to new ones. So I don't think Antoine fans would mind that. Which is incredibly contradicting after the claim that Sega would rather have a comic to reflect games as opposed to an alternate universe with characters that would never appear in said games. So which is it really?