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  1. I figured this topic would be more active given the firestorm that’s been going on the past few days. Or was it so blatant to others that there wasn’t any point posting?
  2. Wait, so I’m hearing it that Sega’s seems to be repelling people and that Iizuka is the among the few sticking around? That’s something new to me (then again, given the industry, maybe not). But it explains a lot that I’ve been unaware of.
  3. I don’t recall any of those words even being stated, because that’s not what I said. EDIT: It gets worst when you quoted the part of me directly telling you what I was saying, too...
  4. A simple fact that you’re pressing on a little to hard argue over when all I stated is that it isn’t the only one that did it. If it was that irrelevant to you, you would have dropped it by now. Good to know.
  5. The reason why I brought it up is simply not to single out SatAM for something another series did as tends to be a habit when comparing and contrast. That’s why I brought it up. Okay, well even in the degrees, that’s still some surface-level judging of “realism”.
  6. I don’t think anyone was making an issue over who did what first, just a correction over where it started. No, it is a binary “realistic or not” because that was the whole point from the beginning regarding SatAM as a whole compared to the games—Donald Duck being more realistic than if he was bright purple is just looking at him from the surface much the same way than looking at him as a whole.
  7. Correction: with AoSTH, they made Tails brown. Then they continued that with SatAM. That still doesn’t fall under the line of SatAM being to “realistic” as I was addressing, given the setting and aesthetics of the entire show to begin with. Striking colors or not, that has little to do with something being realistic unless we’re going to take that line of reasoning with fictional characters like Donald Duck being realistic simply because he has the same natural colors of a real life duck. I don’t see how that has to do with my counterpoint...
  8. And Robotropolis, which is a pretty standard for Eggman ruled areas. But characters like Vector are green in the games like an actual crocodile, and Tails is orange like a real life fox. And I don’t remember things like cyborg rabbits falling under the realm of realism either.
  9. How?? If anything, Sonic X fits that far more than SATam, and that’s not saying much either.
  10. A better question is why the hell are people talking about characters replacing others in the first place based on them simply being present? Because I swear people never seem to realize how big a fallacy that is judging things for just their surface traits. Sally being within a foot of Tangle’s presence doesn’t mean she’ll replace her, or any other character you want to compare. It’s like people completely ignore the differences these characters have from each other—it’s like saying Shadow will replace Sonic, which you can already tell makes no sense just by reading that aloud. It not like Elise being a princess somehow makes her a replacement for Blaze. I agree with more villains, but I don’t think clutter is the problem than it is direction when it comes to cast. Just based on the games alone, Sonic has a moderately small cast compared to other games out there. The latest Smash Bros has well over 60 characters, just to name one example, each playing different from each other. Rainbow Six Seige, it being a tactical shooter “peekaboo simulator” notwithstanding, has around 40 characters that have different abilities that complement and counter each other. And if you want an even more extreme example, League of Legends has a whopping 145 characters and counting . And not only do each character have different styles of play that still work with the core gameplay (hell, you can even play characters in roles that they’re not supposed to play if you’re good enough, like making an assassin double as a tank), they each have background that are as developed, if not more so, than Shadow the Hedgehog whom many in the Sonic fandom like to point to as the poster-boy for being “too complex”—and that’s not even getting into their dozens of Alternative Universes where the characters are different there, tho that’s mainly a cosmetic aspect with skins, so take that how you will. That huge cast not only means that people have a bigger choice of finding their preferred style of play, but that each character has strengths and weaknesses that can be taken advantage of—basically Rock, Paper, Scissor with DLC (note: that’s not exactly how this game plays, just FYI ). I can understand why people make the case about it, and in some ways, I agree with it—Sonic Team hasn’t given us a lot of confidence they can make a huge cast work, and for that reason I find it hard to argue. But at the same time I also find the whole argument of not cluttering the cast to be more counterproductive than intended, because it stifles a lot of creativity in actually moving past the problems that we keep pointing out, or even misses the point of what the actual problems are. A big cast is only a problem if each character plays so different it’s like playing a different genre of gameplay—like going from action-platformer to an FPS, as opposed to making a ranged character work in said action-platformer. If Sonic Team were to somehow get this right, and make a Sonic game that can incorporate the likes of characters like Antoine, who’d function as a swordsman, and Whisper, who’d function as a pretty awesome sniper with multiple other abilities, and make them play as fluid (for lack of a better word) as a speedster like Sonic under the same core mechanics, the only problems would really be petty gripes from fans upset they have to share the setting with characters from alternate media much to the same extent people bitched about the games having a cast of 9-12 playables back during the era of Heroes-06, often for reasons completely unrelated to gameplay—which isn’t to say they didn’t have reasonable points about gameplay, but would often veer into the petty bashing that sections of fandom still has yet to grow up over.
  11. They are, as are any other Post-reboot Archie characters to my knowledge. Only thing that might be uncertain are those from Chronicles, to my knowledge, and even then I’m pretty sure Sega still owns them too.
  12. Very well. Let’s see what you can do. ...is this just something you’re gonna wing it, or do you require details if needed?
  13. Not to mention, poor sales leads to less of what folks love, regardless of how good it is. Okami was a good game that sold like ass. Any wonder why we barely got a single new game beyond the 3DS Okamiden, and the studio behind it closing down? That’s partly why. There’s likely more to it that I’m not fully aware of (advertising, competition, etc), but that’s the crux of it at the end of the day. Could also explain why Sonic Team changed their tune with by making Sonic Unleashed’s boost centric gameplay, then stuck to it for the next decade with little improvements when it was working well enough for them.
  14. The same reason they would care about any other story? Because they can be fun, entertaining, insightful, and yes even dark and gripping. None of that runs counter to it style. You ever noticed that whenever a Sonic story doesn’t do that well, people rag on it regardless of what side of the spectrum it’s on? Lost Worlds didn’t take itself anywhere near the level ShTH, but it being lighthearted still didn’t protect it from any criticism either.
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