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  1. Then Knuckles should be more the champion of the group instead of the leader. The same place Sonic was for the Freedom Fighters while Sally was the one in charge. If anything, that very comparison to Sonic makes him less suited for leadership in the position he was in Forces, and much better off as the resistance’s second best choice of being a field soldier since. It would make him more mobile too, and he’d have the chance to live a moment like Sonic and know how he feels as an adventure for a brief period. Vector should still be the head guy in charge. Makes more sense to have one of the top 5 physically strongest people active than behind the office, especially one that doesn’t have much experience with directing teams based on their background.
  2. It’s not like Knuckles being a leader of some kind isn’t plausible—he was more or less the leader of the Chaotix in Archie pre-Reboot. The problem is really on the development—Archie!Knuckles was developed to the point where he earned the position to lead a group of his own. Game!Knuckles and IDW!Knuckles which follows suit, hasn’t had such development, and so it comes off as him leading out of the blue when nothing he’s done up to that point that makes enough sense to place him as a leader. And if we’re talking about leadership just in terms of who has the guts to face Infinite, then by all rights the leader should have more or less been Silver instead of Knuckles, but he certainly isn’t looked at as the best choice either if you take his development into account. To be honest, Vector wasn’t anywhere close to the first person I’d assume as someone to be the leader of the Resistance off the bat, but taking everything about him into account—guy was apparently the least fazed of his team to realize it was Dr. Eggman who hired him in Heroes (and not a major hothead like Knuckles), never mind the risk he took accepting the job in the first place, on top of the fact that he knows how to run an organization (however small or struggling it is)—he’s actually one of the better choices looking back compared to Knuckles. If anything, Knuckles would’ve been better suited out on the field engaging directly in guerilla warfare setting traps and causing mayhem on Eggman’s forces, because that’s far more suiting for a tribal warrior like him that’s more willing to jump into fights. As if Forces couldn’t show enough of how much it wasted its ambition.
  3. It would be hilarious if Ultimate blind-sides is with Blaze the Cat as the next DLC character. Anything on Nintendo goes at this point.

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      But not that. 

    2. Wraith


      Yeah not that

  4. *Climbs Death Mountain in BotW for fun*

    *Burns to death*

    I have no clue why I thought that would be a good idea...

    1. QuantumEdge


      Didn't you at least stock up on heat resistance tonics?

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @QuantumEdgeIf you don't approach Death Mountain from the right starting point on your first attempt (or simply choose not to talk the NPCs), you're not going to have a clue about the burning air until you catch flame. And even if you try using heat resistant elixirs, that won't help at all.

    3. QuantumEdge


      Ah, I see.  I didn't know about the heat elixir part...

    4. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      @QuantumEdge I had one while fighting a Meteor Wizzrobe. Then I ran out mid-climb up the peak.

      Got a glimpse of the Divine Beast tho! =D

    5. QuantumEdge


      Yeah, I've found Wizzrobes to be annoyingly difficult roadblocks at times.  The ones with the advanced wands can just chew away at your hearts if you're not prepared.

  5. That has very little, if anything, to do with what I actually said regarding the idea of Vector being a better choice as a leader than Knuckles. And for the record, my critique couldn’t care less about brand identity for reasons I’ve already stated. Unless you can provide sources and actual statistics to back this 90% statement up, my point still stands.
  6. Considering their brand has an identity crisis that’s been ongoing since 2005, one which they’ve exacerbated as a result of sacrificing whatever in the process, that’s highly doubtful. They’ve been more concerned with playing safe than anything. Yeah, what else is new? That wasn’t my point. They’re ironically the last people to judge what does or doesn’t fit within a brand when they’ve shattered it to messy pieces for years, much less are they the ones to use that logic to begin with when that’s never stopped them or others to have characters fit what direction they have going on. The decision is arbitrary at best, and regardless of them being the ones in charge of things, that’s still a waste of a chance that has every right to be called out as such if there isn’t a more concrete reason beyond “because I said so”—most decent companies at least have explanations beyond that when they make decisions of any kind.
  7. Vector as leader of the resistance makes far more sense than Knuckles, I agree. Plus, he could use the fame and resources that go with it, transforming his Detective Agency into a kind of peace keeping force—don’t know why in the absolute fuck they didn’t think of that looking back. Knuckles can survive on bare rock and has more than enough of what he needs on Angel Island. As for Sticks not being allowed, I’m getting annoyed at this “because I say so” logic that it often boils down to with Sega. Conspiracies and intrigue all going all around in this comic, and Sticks is the perfect character for this kind of thing—she’d be a lot more fleshed out and less cringy in that environment since she could more or less stick (hue) her nose into places and alert anyone of what she discovers, whether deliberate or on accident. So it sounds like a wasted opportunity for now.
  8. There’s a difference in expecting the game to be bad and desiring the game to fail, the latter of which a number of people have been vocal about even on these forums. I expected the game to be bad, but I didn’t want it to, nor did I want the game to fail because of things I didn’t like, if there was a chance it might prove me wrong and actually turn out well (which it didn’t, but not to the extent of The glitchfest thay was Sonic 06). Expecting something to be bad, doesn’t mean it will be bad. And it certainly doesn’t mean it’ll be bad based on something on the surface one doesn’t like. I sure as hell didn’t like the fact that Infinite was a thing in the trailers in what I thought was yet another case of a “monster of the week,” but while I still found him to be pretty shallow he didn’t meet all my disappointments I had for him and turned out to be something much different (albiet not as good) than expected.
  9. Honestly, it really says something when it comes to the actual problems, the most vocal logic of the criticism more often than not defaults to “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” with the added collorary of “if it is broken, then don’t bother fixing it.”
  10. *Me running around in BotW*

    *Giant rock comes to life out of a puddle*

    *Me: Jesus FUCK, Holy shit, what the hell is going on?!?!!

    1. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Then kills it.

      Me: O_o...Okay, moving on...

    2. Zaysho


      How far along are you?

    3. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Well, I’m fighting Thunderblight right now. This’ll be my second Beast. Got basically the southern half of the map  visible.

    4. Zaysho


      Nice. Think that was the third one I took out. I'd spend a lot of time in-between just messing around, finding temples and towers too

  11. A better question I’d like to ask is this: how does one gain more through division? How does that really solve things? Because people often suggest separating things as a knee jerk reaction to things going wrong as opposed to actually figuring out the problem.
  12. I’d say more the latter considering Worlds Unite wasn’t that good to begin with. Tho, that ironically makes them more interesting than everything else they’ve been in given the added teeth they have.
  13. Damn good. Which is telling, because I’m not particularly fond of them otherwise. And considering they were only in Worlds Unite, which I fucking hate, that’s a massive compliment. For starters, they actually live up to their name—Master Zik makes Megaman almost execute himself by forcing him to point a charged Buster Shot at his head. And the six of them could have wiped out the entire combined force of Heroes of Sega and Capcom cast in one fell swoop were it not for the fact that they were on their home turf. I’d go so far as to say they were the few good things about Worlds Unite.
  14. Imagine getting so faded, you can understand Neon Genesis Evangelion...

  15. Dafuq? Seriously? Also, I’d be interested in seeing how Ian would do Zelda, but given how BotW is, that’s more of a challenge than anything bad. That on top of the Zelda series being done in incarnations over eras and timelines as opposed to a set period like Sonic and Mario, tho it’s not like he can’t make a stand-alone.
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