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  1. That cover alone puts the D6 in a much more threatening light than we’ve usually seen them. Having most of the cast go up against one D6 member shows a different tone and scale of threat that was lacking in Lost Worlds.
  2. Even if you were to take the notion a face and Mephiles was actually being truthful, the main component to Shadow being sealed 200 years in the future—as stated by Mephilies himself—was that Iblis was roaming and rampaging the world. Without that factor, that renders the initial premise null and unlikely. Not that it’s impossible, but you’d need some Flames of Disaster-level threat and a possible link to Shadow being involved or connected for it to be a thing again. The thought is interesting in regards to “what if Shadow fell to the level of a scapegoat.” Maybe he’d go Mewtwo again and fight the world that seeks to bring him down to the bitter end and the consequences that would entail—blaming the wrong person who has some power to help stop the threat, leading to more and more desperation as the crisis continues. I’d imagine it to be basically Pokémon’s Mewtwo Strikes Back meets Megaman Zero.
  3. Depends on what you call leaving an impact? Because replacing humans with mobians doesn’t do that in itself either. There’s a reason why Relic was busy or why Chuck couldn’t just go to the library—first off, Relic was interested in something entirely different, that being Angel Isle and could be used more to expand that part, and Chuck is not an archeologist like Prof. Pickle, who was the only character on the planet with the manuscripts and one of the few on the planet with the knowledge relevant to their cause, hence why he was deemed important for his part in the narrative as opposed to Chuck simply visiting a library. I’m not saying humans are necessary, but they’re definitely not irrelevant when they’re given moments to take action or are given major parts just because they’re not mobians. And no one played a Sonic game and thought “this would be better if he were a furry werewolf” or had aliens or wacky-colored trolls, gods, and demons, but surprises happen around the corner. I doubt anyone could prove how few people would be glad in a franchise as volatile as this—people said the same thing about the inclusion of a character creator feature in Forces being a possible bad idea before release, and it turned out to be the least worst aspect compared to Classic Sonic’s inclusion of all things. But this franchise started with a talking animal and a human. Mobians just happen to comprise most of the cast, but people don’t prefer characters solely based on whether they’re anthros or not. That doesn’t define preferences especially when one of the most popular characters in this franchise is a human himself.
  4. His point was that Humans are minor, not unnecessary—that statement could very easily be said for the anthro cast that make up the majority for much of the same reasons. My point regarding that is because the number of humans that do make a presence—Madonna, Tower, and Pickle—are only minor because there’s several times more anthro characters that do the same, because the number of named humans barely even reaches the double digits. Just because you can replace them with anthros doesn’t mean they don’t need to be there—that’s not how storytelling works, and you could just as easily say the opposite and use that to make more humans, in which that doesn’t mean anthros are unnecessary either. If you can turn those humans into anthros...that just means you turned them into anthros—they’d still have the same minor appearance regardless. Lanolin the Sheep, for example, isn’t important just because she’s an anthro. She’s still a background in a even lesser role than the three humans I listed. And by virtue of Madonna and Tower playing narrative roles and moving the plot along, they by all rights and purposes are important and necessary in the context of their appearance—one is the Commander in Chief of a military force and the head boss of Team Dark (which by association makes him very important since he’s giving them their orders), the other is an internal affairs officer keeping track of possible sabotage from a wildcard in their ranks that could destroy them from within if they’re not careful. Those are not roles to brush off and ignore as unimportant, even if you yourself aren’t captivated by that, as being memorable or interesting is subjective. They’ve barely gotten to do much because Archie ended by the time Ian could even do more with them, but he was definitely setting something up given Madonna’s interrogation of Snively by Tower’s orders.
  5. I just imagined a small dose of wasted potential for Pre-Reboot that we’ll now never see: Mina Mongoose with a Magenta Wisp. I’m mad now...
  6. Abraham Tower, Madonna Garnet, and Prof. Pickle. Also, at least two had knowledge over the Gaia Temples that the entire plot centered on. Humans in Archie were only “minor” in the sense that the cast is mostly dominated by anthros by an overwhelming margin, not so much the narrative department. Also, if you can remake a scene without humans, you can remake it without anthros—narratively speaking, that’s not really a deciding factor.
  7. I don’t think anyone’s believes this’ll smash any box records—it might break even, and I’m not saying that to be nice. But that they got some heavy criticism, took it note, and endured the memes to somewhat redeem their first attempt is refreshing and a good deal of optimism when the actual main series seems to falter in it attempts.
  8. The closest character that rivals Shadow’s development is Knuckles. And they kinda fucked him up post-2005. Ian’s gotten some stride with him, so maybe he can rerail him back to his better self from the Adventures.
  9. If Sega was that enthusiastic about the Warp Topaz, I wonder how they’d feel about using an entire spectrum of super-powered gems. Sounds like they want to make their own caste of “Infinity Stones.” Like what’s next, Quantum Diamonds or Sapphires?
  10. I’m not gonna comment much. I’m just gonna deliver this news and walk away...
  11. Oh, yeah. Forgot about that last one. Yeah, that’s more understandable then.
  12. To be fair, that’s kinda Sega’s own fault to begin with. They haven’t exactly been consistent themselves, or have the right mind, so they basically brought much of it on themselves. If that’s the case, I could understand it on Ian’s part, but I still can’t say that puts Sega in a better light when they’re the heads in charge.
  13. Shit like this is not helping Sega’s case when it comes to these mandates. That only reinforces people’s thoughts over the mandates being seen as overly strict for no reason. Do they have that big a problem with a certain degree of transparency?
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