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  1. I don’t know about how the arcs would have been going into the issue 300 mark Ian had planned, but I would make the ending with a possible 12 issue arc with Eggman achieving his goal and setting up for the Forces story. Would be a good tie in for the IDW comics setting, continuity differences aside.
  2. I’m not exactly the biggest fans of the D6 myself, but they are salvagable, especially under a guy known for doing this with dozens of characters already. Ian actually made good use of them in Worlds Unite, despite how much that arc sucked.
  3. Essentially. It happening in the middle of everything also didn’t help either. Essentially. It happening in the middle of everything also didn’t help either.
  4. Because the whole point in killing off Team Dark was done as a subtle signal to show that the whole Worlds Unite arc wasn’t going to stick. Even if they killed the Freedom Fighters, that wouldn’t have made Unite any better—it was a clusterfuck the moment the poster showing all the franchises involved was revealed and taking out five characters doesn’t stop it from being Sonic 06: Sega X Capcom edition. Never mind that they were already absent in Collide, which was much better for not shoving a dozen franchises in at once. If anyone should have been absent in Unite, it should have been anyone from franchises other than Sonic or Megaman because they were far less relevant than the Freedom Fighters were to the whole thing beyond being nothing more than advertisement.
  5. I think Detective Pikachu may have rekindled my interest back into the games.

    Sucks I quit around Gold & Silver era...

    1. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      That’s okay, you can jump back in anywhere you want.

  6. Some helpful advice if people suspect you of possible treason or in league with a rival foreign power, and it isn’t true—if you’re innocent, quit acting like you’re fucking guilty, then. I can’t be the only one laughing at how this whole thing blew up out of proportion over Trump colluding with Russia when he didn’t...and then he goes on like it was nothing big despite the indictments of many former staff members.
  7. Anyone else get a sense of deja-vu? Reminds me of Silver verses Enerjak’s Prelate Army.
  8. Then why not give her some depth then, instead of writing off completely?
  9. Except you’ve been describing Shadow as nothing like that. You’ve been making him sound far more similar and bloodthirsty to the likes of Venom or Carnage with a more hair-tigger temper trying to keep people in line than that. Far from it. Anti-heroes are my favorite alongside Anti-villians, with Shadow being among them. But I like them for more than being living killing machines and one-man armies that you focus most of your appeal on.
  10. Yeah, good thing something like this will never happen under Ian’s watch, because that’s not how he’s gonna write Shadow or Amy. Shadow works better with far more sympathy than that.
  11. So, just curious if I was the only one that heard a Pikachu actually say “Hell” in an official Pokemon movie...of all places.

    Never thought I’d actually hear that...

    Yep, 2019’s really shaking my expectations.

    1. SupahBerry


      Meanwhile we have PG-13 Deadpool Sonic who will spit out at least one profanity per scene in attempt to one up Pikachu, and end up putting even Ow Da Edge to shame in the process.



    2. PublicEnemy1


      Well, the first trailer had a "you can shove it" joke in the first trailer, so the movie might actually be  PG-13

  12. Whoa. This is forreal? This was one manga I never thought would get animated as soon as I read it. I always thought it was too obscure to get this attention...shows what I know, but I’m looking forward to this one.
  13. I wouldn’t sell the others alternatives too short though, but that’s not entirely the deal going on with talks over nuclear tech in the Middle East right now.
  14. Are they also turning into mutated Knuckles-hybrids or what?
  15. We cannot let Iran get nuclear weapons, which is why we need to sell them to Saudi Arabia. Did I say weapons? I meant energy! Clean nuclear energy! There’s no way that can be used as weapons (despite what my National Security Council tells me).
  16. I think it needs less sacrificing and more restructuring. Part of the problem seems to be that it been lacking that post-06 or Unleashed (heck, sometimes even then) when they try to have Sonic follow a trend or some random idea they had on the drawing board and never really integrate them seamlessly enough, if at all. For example, the most they seem to stick with in full is the Boost mechanic, but they don’t make it versatile enough and have to resort to other things like the werehog, Classic Sonic, or the Avatar to balance it out.
  17. More like what happens when things get misconstrued. It’s not like Penders was given any good credit for his actions in Archie. That sounds defeatist to me, especially when Sonic as a franchise has committed to his world in the past before we even came to this point. But that exactly what the comics have done, as they by default are more plot-centric, at least compared to the games. It’s putting far more into than the more shallower entries of the recent games and exploring the logical consequences and off-screen fallout of events. And it’s not like Sonic and his world aren’t fully realized or thought out, but more that, in contrast to the comics or other media that explore the setting, things have been more inconsistent in the games to the point that it falls flat numerous times and comes off more half-assed and lazier than expected. It’s telling that S3&K looks like it’s was handcrafted with care and detail, allowing you to explore the full setting of Angel Isle as you make your way to the Death Egg, and showing how much effort Eggman is putting into his plans as he tries to keep you at bay, with utmost simplicity whereas something like Forces is more hamfisted with its war setting. And that’s without getting into the Two Worlds nonsense.
  18. I have to say, this is one Of the few things you and I can agree on.
  19. A whole lot of mix up. It over now tho, so it’s best to move on.
  20. I haven’t exaggerated anything of what Sega actually did when I made those hypotheticals—I’m aware of what the games and comics actually did. Even when you state the obvious of “the games haven’t done that,” I’ve told you guys straight to your faces that I know they didn’t do that even when I made those hypotheticals, but that I still wouldn’t have put it past them during the same period they somehow thought giving Shadow a Glock 9 was the best idea ever until it blew up in their face. You guys have been excusing the stuff Sega did as fantasy cartoon stuff compared to the comics when the stuff the comics have done aren’t outside the realm of cartoon fantasy. And the most you guys only seem to center on is just the holocaust reference, as opposed to litterally everything else, romance drama, the tone, the setting, aliens, conspiracies, and the likes the comics have also pulled just like the games. Really, no one here argued against the holocaust reference being tactless. But that seems to be your only point of contention.
  21. Right after I said more than once that the games and the comics under Penders weren’t doing any better at the time than each other with their content from the start. I don’t think you were getting my point either.
  22. I’m not. How about you stop mocking my point with a strawman just because I’m talking about hypotheticals?
  23. I do, that’s why I also said it skirts the line with a world war. But given it’s premise, I wouldn’t be shocked if they had Eggman make a concentration camp of anthros if they wanted to, because they already had a lazy reference to torture (that may not have actually happened given Sonic’s expression) and it was already a premise where that wouldn’t be unexpected. No, my entire reason was that what the bizarre games and the comics were pulling were no better than each other. I said that three pages ago and repeated in on the last page. Even considering this being a fantasy cartoon, both the comics and the games have brought material unlike what you’d expect and done a poor job with them in the past. You might disagree with which is worse, but that still doesn’t go against my point I’ve beeing saying from the start. Or maybe I don’t think the likes of concentration camps and melodrama are outside the realm of a cartoon action flick given its been done before in other cartoon works.
  24. Until Forces rolled in and skirted the line with a world war? I suppose the saving grace from that is they learned not to be as immature as ShTH despite the botched attempt. But
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