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  1. Makes one wonder if there are any talks or if they're just saying that to bide time.
  2. It's like the Boy who cried Wolf--the more you keep doing it, the less I believe you when you say you're not doing it and the more I'll treat it as such. That's rich coming from from someone who accused me of hating Shadow and Team Dark when you lied about people's disappointment of Worlds Unite, and then assumes I'm mad every time I call it out. But you keep on keeping like you know how I'm angry behind a computer screen despite this emoji making it obvious how I feel. Would be easier to see if you weren't making jabs against them ever chance you get. And your inclusion of Sega characters doesn't change that either. Or maybe I don't believe you given your history. That ever cross your mind before jumping the gun and assuming "you don't read?" Or are you just saying that to stir the pot further?
  3. Yes, and I'm perfectly capable of reading between the lines of what you're implying given that those are also your genuine sentiments. Yes you are failing to realize a lot of things, especially given how much your trying to backpedal here. Because given how you consistently harp about their removal, it's not hard to read what you're implying even if you're joking about it. And that's not a misinterpretation of something give. Those are your genuine sentiments that you make every opportunity you get.
  4. Do you know that just because I call out your sentiments doesn't mean I'm taking it as a personal attack? Because you consistently fail to realize whenever someone tells you this in plain English, always making these tirades whenever you get called out while telling them to calm down when no one was even mad in the first place, and that's borderline trolling. Like how many times are you going to pretend like you know how I'm feeling?
  5. You're not clever. Neither is your "joke."
  6. This "Fuck the Archie Characters" thing is getting even more old and worn out than when people kept saying "Shadow should've stayed dead" like a broken record ...
  7. Is it bad that I forgot Pelosi was even relevant?
  8. And it would probably be a detriment for such high-speed gameplay--that's usually why racing games don't give you control of the camera, similar to this one.
  9. Man, it's Gurren Lagann all over again huh? But at long last...the series has finally ended. And that is what is most important to me at this point. It did feel very fast in the second half, but it was coherent enough to not ruin it...the whole shipping/anti-shipping thing aside.
  10. And again, this kinda shit NEVER happened with Obama--not a single controversy he had was of this magnitude, not even the disclosure NSA Prism Program under his watch. All that spite looks like it's turning into a serious case of karma.
  11. Now if only most of us acted like it...
  12. Lol, wasn't Isreal one of the few countries that favored Trump? Now look where it got them...
  13. Hmm... Oh, I know. It's because he red, right? That's gotta be it...or maybe because he was a democrat? Some have said they don't see color, so they probably couldn't tell...
  14. Honestly...I was expecting to hate the absolute fuck out of this concept. But surprisingly, I'm not. Well, not as much as I thought I would. It's still stupid they're going through this much effort to not let the other older characters be playable, but even tho the custom character is part of the story, it looks like they're more the player's avatar in the game. And Pontaff are back...I'm actually sticking to my guns and giving them a chance for this one as it's a completely different kind of story compared to the bland Generations and the more haphazard Lost World. Colors was the only story they were involved in that I'd say they did decently on, but now they're writing for a much more intense and darker direction. I hope they pull it off and make it well this time.
  15. So yeah...why the fuck didn't they just use one of the dozen characters we already fucking have?! On a positive note, it's not entirely what I expected and might not hold the sane weight storywise--it's more an avatar than a new official one. ... ... Wait. Just thought of something-- What if I can make a Conquering Storm character?!!! I might not be as harsh on this as I was...but still, why not the other characters?