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  1. The heck happened to my status I made earlier on Mania?

    1. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Probably left a spoiler untagged.

      Probably left a spoiler untagged.

    2. SenEDDtor Missile
    3. Conquering Storm's Servant

      Conquering Storm's Servant

      What counts as a spoiler? If it was on levels, I said that in an additional comment, that could've been removed. 

      That shouldn't have gotten the first post removed as it only mentioned the lack of Instashield and me not liking the special stages.

    4. Zaysho


      I actually had to go back and see (mod powers), so just wanted to clarify. I guess there was an untagged level spoiler in the main status (i.e. a level that wasn't officially revealed prior to the game's release--we're mostly doing this as a courtesy to the PC owners that haven't gotten the game yet). Sorry about you losing your additional thoughts though!

      I can pull the original text and PM it to you if you want it to base another post on though.

  2. I've come across a number that did want them to replace some of the game cast for nostalgic reasons, but I've never seen it be as widespread an opinion...and more often than not, the few that voiced it on this message board before the '09 server wipe got called on it even by other fans of the SatAM characters when they voiced it given that those very characters coexisted with those same game cast in the comics on top of spitting in the face of the game cast fans.
  3. I prefer the term "mobian" because I find it a much better and more convenient shorthand for Sonic characters than the more vague term of Anthro. Not that it says much because I'm pretty sure I've referred to them even to this point as "anthro" a lot more by comparison, but if I were to pick which one to call them I'd choose "mobian". To me, it makes the Sonic styled talking animals stand apart whenever they are referred to in general, and it gives a slight sense of uniqueness out to distinguish them from other works with anthro characters. That and it allows them to be group collectively than to solely distinguish them as "hedgehog, echidna, fox, bat, etc." Not that distinguishing them like that is bad, but I like the collective unity to them as I do for the term "human" when it comes to the franchise. That, and it rolls off the tongue better for me when I use it. I can't see how it would be a big deal in that regard as long as everyone knows what it's referring to, regardless of it not being in official use anymore.
  4. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Democratic politicians being uncomfortable with public options and the like sounds more like they wanted to keep money flowing into their pockets if you ask me, but I probably don't have the full details on whether that's actually true. Just made me really skeptical when I heard that.
  5. Why don't you take Sonic seriously?

    Depends on how you use the franchises world, characters, and other elements and the degree of how much you can push to make things work in a serious fashion. It can work, but you can't just put Sonic in a setting like Final Fantasy and expect it to do well akin to how they tried that in Sonic 06. What does being a cartoon have to do with how serious a work can be? Because that's a ridiculously narrow benchmark to use two silly cartoons as a standard to a broad and diverse medium.
  6. Shadow problems topic

    Uh...no he hasn't? Not in the comics--if anything it's more the opposite between the games and the comics, with the games doing so ironically. This honestly sounds more like you taking issue with Shadow not being as untouchable in the comics compared to the games, and I say this as a hardcore Shadow fan myself because as much as they actually do make a laugh out of Shadow's angst, the comics never forget that he's a dangerous guy to fuck with. GUN even made precautions to deal with Shadow in the event he turns against them when he, Team Dark, and a strike team of soldiers infiltrate the Second Black Comet; hell, the Black Arms even went so far as to develop a counter to Shadow and it still was no guarantee they'd bring him down despite said counter coming close to beating him, and more often than not he was far more ruthless than he was in the games post-SA2 whenever he was to carry out a task. And taking issue with Knuckles making fun of him is rather petty when plenty of other characters, even Shadow himself, have made fun of someone opposing them whenever they had a moment to do so. The games version of Shadow has been Vegeta 2.0 in itself, and in many ways than one, although one could definitely find him boring considering how powerful he is often treated there. I like powerful characters, but that shouldn't mean they should be untouchable to all but a select few--no character should be perfect, they should have flaws and lapses in judgment and ability to make them interesting and relatable, or at the very least not boring.
  7. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    When we sat and left them alone they barely did anything. Just because they say they want to nuke you doesn't mean they will--they've said they would nuke the US and their allies several dozen times, if not more, and have never carried out with it. And we have shown N. Korea plenty of times that if they cross any line, they would be met in full force in retaliation by simply flying B2 Bombers nearby and having joint exercises with the South Korean military. North Korea is a bonafide threat and one that's overconfident for it's own good, and I would love nothing more than to wipe out it's regime as much as the next guy. But they mostly blow hot air instead of actually instigating a conflict that everyone on the planet knows they would lose hands down. They can barely even be compared to Hitler because their military equipment is so outdated and underfunded that they won't even last anywhere near as long in a fight against the US and South Korea (alone or combined) as Nazi Germany did in WWII against the Allies with actual competent engineering of their time. And that was before NATO, which if the DPRK were actually that dumb to attack the US, it wouldn't just be the US and South Korea they'd potentially be dealing with--and that's without considering that we don't even need NATO to deal with North Korea, so it won't hurt the US if other NATO members decided they weren't gonna help for whatever reason. No? Where the heck did you even hear that? If anything, he, like any sensible leader of a great power, wanted to prevent them from getting into the hands of rogue organizations (North Korea had nukes since G.W. Bush and was probably developing them before Clinton, so I don't wanna hear anyone trying to pin that one on Obama), and likely didn't want to increase the stockpile of them for risk of a potential arms race, but he had no intention of ever getting rid of them. Half of the US's power comes from having nukes in the first place--getting rid of them is a great way to weaken the country in a negotiation.
  8. IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old

    Given the events prior to this point, it seems pretty concrete over what is and isn't a strong factor, and they're just not coming out and saying it for the sake of damage control. Either way, as far as I'm concerned, jumping straight to the conclusion of blaming the FF as opposed to the fumbles by Archie (and that's regardless of whatever is the actual cause) is the usual fandom scapegoating.
  9. IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old

    Okay, now you're just changing the subject I was refuting. Regardless of whatever the case was, the FF weren't the main factor in the comic's cancellation. This is the usual fandom habit of finding a scapegoat to blame when something goes wrong.
  10. IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old

    I'm pretty sure the writing is on the walls given Archie's mismanagement of everything starting with the Penders fiasco. That's still a farcry from making the FF a scapegoat over the matter.
  11. IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old

    Lol You silly goose.
  12. IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old

    Haven't we already been through why the original book was cancelled and found out that they weren't the reason as opposed to Archie's own fumbles?
  13. Shadow problems topic

    Gonna go on and say I like Ian's Shadow over every incarnation post-SA2. He's powerful, but not unbeatable; he has different shades of his personality and is capable of being funny with how serious and angry he can be without it being demeaning to his character; and his broad range of potential utility is explored much greater than the games have presented. If anything, that's the best model for Game Shadow to emulate.
  14. IDW Sonic Comic: Who do you want to see new or old

    I'm in favor of bringing back the Freedom Fighters, the Egg Bosses, Breezie and the S6, Gold, Von Schlemmer, and Nigel Acorn, Ellidy, and Uncle Chuck as far as the more ambiguous selection go. Scrapped game characters would be nice as well, but they're in a stronger placement by comparison (even if they might not appear). Honestly, what I want is a format of appearances based on context and not on the so-called "Main Four" who show up just because people expect them. That was one of the better aspects of Archie as characters like Knuckles didn't just skimp out on guarding the Master Emerald without a strong reason forcing him to (and I'm not talking about the cop out "Eggman is threatening the world" excuse people make as a dog whistle to ignore all of this) and often minded his own business, and Silver actually had more room to maneuver in his appearances due to events making holes in time-space. And if we want to make things more balanced, we could rotate the character's appearances so that it makes sense for them being involved as well as giving more dynamic interactions between characters that haven't associated with each other much or at all, like Shadow, Blaze, and Marie, or Amy, Cream, and Blaze with Team Dark.
  15. No, because they'd have to be pretry damn shady and blatantly hostile to developers, and even more inconsiderate to fans to reach Konami's level. They sound more "meh" by comparison.