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  1. This is just going to make the blowback even more intense. I really can't wait to see that!
  2. I know that much. That still doesn't answer the question of how much we need to terraform such worlds, given that if it's already earth-like then much of what we would need is already there. It doesn't stop at just atmosphere, but also the biology of the fauna being compatibility to ours and a matter of whether it can sustain us in the off chance there's life there--otherwise, what we'd risk doing is wiping out the life there to make room for our standard of living. I mean, sure we'd be able to breathe the air, but could we survive off the plants and animals that might be there? Could the plants and animals we bring thrive there as well? And how would they affect this new world when they come in contact? How much of would we have to changes to fit in to the world, or how much are we willing to wipe away to make room for ourselves? Might not be as much of a dilemma as I make it out to be, but It's a lot more to think about than people put into it. Gravity is more a matter of mass than anything tho, so I'm not sure a higher atmospheric pressure would solve that. You'd probably have a better chance bombing it with enough asteroids to make it big enough to increase it's mass and therefore it's gravity--not that doing so would be a good idea, but that's speculation I guess.
  3. Very little actual sway beyond reporting to the folks in charge what goes on through his interactions with the community. Community management isn't exactly a powerful position to have.
  4. Question is if those worlds can even support our kind of life? It may be earth-like, but what if there's not enough of the oxygen we need or too much of it? How much of the planet do we need to terraform to make it suitable for us, and on the chance we do what microorganisms do we need to be careful of? That last one being a real kicker given how colonization was during the age of empires here on Earth. Might kill off a lot more than expected should we send any people there to colonize those worlds.
  5. I mean, I was kinda being facetious when I made that post anyway.
  6. Some decency from the Trump administration. Now anyone can just say this is damage control or some other excuse to brush this off, but he could have just stayed silent. Somewhere out there, a group of neo-nazis are upset.
  7. I mean, I'm all for preparing for the worst, but let's not be too kneejerk about it...
  8. Are we absolutely sure this time?
  9. Oh...well, I went on one hell of a tangent then. My bad. ^_^; I thought you were referring to one of his tweets he said about North Korea. But given that tidbit...yeah, I'm gonna recant a lot of what I said.
  10. In all fairness, North Korea regime is that of a total fuckwad that needs to be put down for its citizens benefit. They did that shit even under Obama's more moderate presidency, so that not something to fault Trump for when chances are they'd have done this regardless. No amount of tact would have done that any favors. Hell, this might disturb some of you and I understand and have no problems if you don't agree with me on this point, but I'm not joking when I say I will actually support Trump (if temporarily) the first opportunity the DPRK commits an act of war that justifies us going in...which in all probability, might not happen barring a freak incident. I've made this no secret when I say that I see no room for negotiation with North Korea that doesn't involve straight-up armed force--and I know full well what the consequences are in doing so, mind you--given how diplomacy has never done much to stop them, and the only reason we haven't is cuz they have nukes that they've yet to be able to launch and China has their back unless they strike first. And they're the only country so far I'd have almost zero issues with armed intervention otherwise, compared to other forces like China where I think war is a terrible idea. The Yemen raid tho? Yeah, that was beyond stupid of him. In fact, how he handled intel there makes me slightly skeptical of how he would handle a conflict with North Korea--that said, it would take a lot for me to go back on supporting him in that event (like say, attacking North Korea first. No way in hell will I support him if he does that).
  11. Not so much unintelligent than I am assuming if they're unaware of what these actions can affect in the long run--I didn't mean to comment about their intelligence to call them stupid than I was wonder if they knew what all this could do, mostly the negative consequences. Because just for starters, they voted Trump protect them from threats they saw to their country--understandable, given the terror attacks thst happened in Europe and the San Bernado shooting, and I don't blame anyone for jumping the gun even if I think their methods are flawed. However, why still show support to the man when he hardly gives any attention to the intelligence agencies under him, one of the central components to protecting the country in the first place so we know what those threats are? This isn't flawed, this isn't even ignorance, but sheer laziness and disrespect to all parties. That alone erodes my perception of Trump even further than it initially was before he was sworn it, and mind you we did have some optimism in him (for whatever that's saying to anyone) before he then went and proved the opposition's point in distrusting him as president. And the more this goes on, the more evident it becomes that this is more of spite to the left and Obama's legacy than it is doing anything for the nation.
  12. My comment wasn't even implying intelligence based on political views than it is on political action of the current administration still having support, because quite frankly even the Bush administration had a far greater level of competence in hindsight--that's not to ignore its flaws than it is comparing two Republican administrations, although I use that loosely for Trump. For example, it's rather ridiculous that Trump doesn't even bother fact checking the so-called immigrant problem in Sweden when he has a intelligence apparatus that could verify this with ease, although given how he's treated said intelligence agencies I suppose that's just an case of why he really isn't fit as president.
  13. I thought you didn't support him to begin with in the last American politics...
  14. Really makes you wonder about those that are still supporting him and their intellect...
  15. This needs to be a meme right now!!!!