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  1. I’d do one of two things: -Either expand the backstory, filling in holes with essential details that actually connect to one another better than before. You want aliens as a characters backstory? Hint at it, build into it, give a sense at the beginning that they were present without giving too much away before bringing in the reveal. This is such a basic thing to do in storytelling that it annoys me in hindsight that the Black Arms were just brought out of no where to fluff up his backstory more. There’s nothing wrong with aliens being involved in paper, but basic foreshadowing is not that difficult—there are wackier franchises that do this far better with little effort that it amazes me how this was botched with Sonic. On top of that, I’d show more of Shadow’s life on the ARK before the raid, building more depth to the character and really selling his vengeance on the world, even if it was the wrong thing to do. It would also make his redemption point that much more noteworthy when he changes sides. -Or Remove/Retool the Black Arms There wasn’t really that much of a need for them in his backstory to begin with. What we knew about him in SA2 was enough to let us know all about Shadow, who he was, why he was created, and what he was going to do and why. The Black Arms in his self-titled game w was basically trying to repeat that, but with aliens and amnesia—neither of which were necessary to bring the character back from being thought dead. There are plenty of ways Shadow could’ve moved forward as a character. And if I were to still keep the Black Arms, I’d rework them into something else. Not sure what, but they wouldn’t be aliens from out of nowhere.
  2. I wasn’t really complaining... But that’s the thing in my case, I don’t have any beyond what they’re already doing to keep the momentum going. A twitter page, another fan made a video analysis, hosting events, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re planning on making a website for it. The most I’m able to do is cheer them on and hope their efforts pay off.
  3. If you think X idea sounds wrong, it’s far more helpful to provide an alternative (read: constructive, for those here that love mincing people’s words) than just commenting that it’s sounds wrong. Otherwise, how’s that really going to help? They’re not going to magically come up with a better idea from that statement alone.
  4. You have a better way of doing it? I’m sure they’d love to hear it.
  5. The Iron Queen and Lien-Da, pre-reboot? Phage and Egg Bosses Thunderbolt, Wendy Witchcraft, and Conquering Storm Post-Reboot? Hell, you can even include Mecha Sally herself before the Second Genesis Wave. Each of them had arcs that lasted around 2 to 4, or even 10 issues in some cases.
  6. I swear to Gaia if they pull this off...
  7. Anyone remember this AWESOME song from Pokémon back in the day?

    Brought so many great feelings back then. 

    1. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      No one...?

      I take it you guys already clicked the link then. :lol: 

    2. Kuzu


      Makes me sad. 

  8. Alright! I found an artist for a Book Cover!

    Now to get the money!

  9. There was a Lava Reef 2 in Mania? It’s been a while since I played it. Edit: Yep. Strange how I don’t remember that stage in the game...
  10. I would expect most people to not act like it’s 2006 all over again and not have the same attitude they did with much of the game cast, most particularly Shadow, over why Sally can’t work and pretend like they don’t see the blatant double standards and bad faith arguments they’re making. Because we’ve already been here before her and the Freedom Fighters became next on the list of characters for people to take the piss on. Not saying you did—people have a different take to your thoughts on the topic. But anyone who’s been here long enough can see the exact same bullshit playing out with these characters as it did with others more than a decade ago in much of this topic as far as negative responses go.
  11. Oh, I was actually referring to the country going forward learning a lesson from this, not the Trump Administration. They’re just reaping what they sowed at this point, with added risk to others.
  12. Advance 3 didn’t have the drop dash, and it’s abilities were more vertically inclined and based on a partner mechanic. Doesn’t help that it’s level design would also make the Drop Dash an outright suicidal ability to use if it were a thing there. And I’d argue it is better utility. I could use the Instashield for one button and the Drop Dash for another without one in the way of the other. It’s not that pointless to give players more options to play a game. Because I prefer to tap a button quickly to use the Instashield than holding it down, as I’m more used to that than the Drop Dash and it also goes with me using the shield abilities that I’m used to using as well. That I managed to beat Sonic’s play through without using the Drop Dash means that I could personally do without it, but splitting the two functions means those who prefer the Drop Dash can still make use of it over the Instashield if that’s their personal preference. Really, the point here is just to give players more options with these abilities. It’s not really going to hinder them.
  13. Better utility isn’t an actual reason to move them to different buttons? I mean this is why playtesting is a thing to help come up with better ways of playing a game. And I say this as someone who felt the Drop Dash actually did get in the way of my experience to the point I avoided using it in Mania. I see few problems mapping the Instashield and Dropdash on separate buttons as you have more options to use one or the other, and different players can gravitate to whichever they prefer without any barrier in the way of both abilities. Controllers these days aren’t the same as they were almost 30 years ago—we have a lot more functions than we did back then, and it’s pretty wasteful not to make use of them if you ask me.
  14. Kinda hard not to say it, but looks like karma has finally caught up to this Administration. Kayleigh McEnamy has tested positive for Covid-19. As one YouTube comment summed this mess up: Trump Administration — “There is no pandemic.” Pandemic — “There is no Trump Administration.” Hopefully a lesson is learned here...
  15. I couldn’t care less what the Drop Dash is. You can use literally any basic button for attacking, mobility, or whatever ability that could add to the experience, so that’s not really saying much.
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