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  1. It’s a bit of a Catch-22 tho. While Sega shouldn’t cater to the Sonic detractors who aren’t likely or interested in buying Sonic, those detractors have a platform in which to broadcast (read: advertise) the game and their thoughts on them. So when they say “Sonic sux” the audience of the detractors listen and follow suit whether they’ve played the games or not. Ideally, they’d want to make a game that shuts up the detractors so that they’d stop spreading their “Sonic sux” message. Would also help if we’d remind said detractors that Sonic 06 was well over a decade ago and few games have come close to that level of bad—sure, there’s Boom’s bad release, but then there’s Forces which, while not as great as many expected, isn’t in the same bad league as 06 despite what others would like to think.
  2. Oh these boards are gonna go crazy over these upcoming months without enough of a Sonic fix. At least they’re not rushing as they used to in the past.
  3. No. And that’s because we have no idea what would become of things due to a lack knowledge of the inner workings and alternatives that we can see them take. Sega’s not exactly what I’d call coherent or consistent with things in recent years, so this is a case of the devil you know versus the devil you don’t know. You remove Iizuka, and you risk bringing something you have a strong feeling you’re not going to like. Sure, it’s not a guarantee, but given the bizarreness that has been going on and up and down, I don’t think it wise to remove someone who’s actually willing to put up with the things going on behind the scenes.
  4. Yo, can anyone do me a favor? Years back I (wrongly) said on these forums that Sega would never make a Sonic 4, and I’m trying find that post among the thousands I made. Kinda having a bit of trouble with the search function, so any help finding it would be great!

    1. DanJ86


      If it was before March 2009, it will no longer exist. An unfortunate server wipe erased anything beyond that time.

    2. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      Tell me about it, I had an old topic called “Character Jihad” I made around 2005-06 back then.

      But no, this was sometime after. Someone else actually managed to pull it up a year ago or so, and I’m just having trouble finding it again.

  5. Okay, first off, you wish you were a boomer in this case—I’ve been around longer than half of the current moderating staff, since the days this fandom split when they had this exact kind of stir over Shadow and his game. Second, how many times are you going to throw this out every time someone calls you on it, dude? You’d have been better off just sticking to the point of the topic instead of telling people at the foot of your posts “You don’t have to listen to my suggestion, but get over it” like that’s some kind of disclaimer. It isn’t. I’m not even a fan of Sticks, but I would never “suggest” to fans of the character to get over not being able to see their favorite character again.
  6. A “suggestion” that been said since 2006 for every character someone less interested wants others to let go off. How about you end that silly cycle and stop doing that every chance you get?
  7. We’re not going to let them go, we can wait as long as needed, stop telling us to let them go just because you don’t care about them—you don’t represent us or the fandom as a whole, so you don’t get to speak for us over what we want back. As far as Sticks goes, keep in mind I that have not kept up with the Boom series due to a lack of interest. But in terms of her joining the modern cast, if you tone down the “lol random humor” that she seems infamous for and give her conspiracy theorist trait better substance, she could be an interesting spanner in the works who sabotages enemy plans often without realizing it. I’d make her use technology more on top of her being someone who can survive in the wild—she doesn’t have to be an inventor or mechanic, but she can use computers, find intel (however strange it may be) and use that to stumble upon things she didn’t know or wasn’t supposed to know. Thinking about it, her dynamic might work well as a member of the Chaotix if you made her more bearable.
  8. I mean...I get it. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the sentiment, but you make it sound like people outside the chain of operations had direct control over those decisions over cartoon characters. They didn’t. Maybe the directors and higher ups were heavily influenced by said culture, but they could just as easily have decided “Nah, we’re not doing that shit.” It’s not like anyone’s rights have been violated here. As far as the topic goes, yeah Cancel Culture can be destructive: taking comments out of context, or intentionally twisting words to mean something offensive just so people have an excuse to throw tantrums, or trying to interfere in something that they weren’t the target audience of to begin with leading to the end of something. But these problems have been around even before it was called “cancel culture” to begin with, and the funny irony about this is that backlash is often just as quick to fight back, as in the case of the very examples laid out. But it would be far better if we had cases of things where “Cancel Culture” actually destroyed innocuous things.
  9. Penders, at best, had several good ideas but terrible execution. I’ll admit, I was somewhat a fan of the SonicXSally coupling due to having grew up with it, but never have I been as hardcore into the romance that he was trying to deliver. That Ian Flynn was able to take a lot of these nearly forgotten characters or even questionable concepts and actually make them work is a testament that Penders might’ve actually been into something if he wasn’t such a hack writer. But at the end of the day, those several good ideas are tremendously outweighed by the several dozen bad ones that came into fruition, on top of the inconsistencies and slew of bad writing that was covered far better during this trip through memory lane. About the only good thing you can say was worthwhile was Endgame, but two decades later have given us stories vastly better by comparison during Flynn’s time. That I can barely even remember much of what Penders even made in good terms speaks volumes about how memorable his writing is—the only one that I still even like to this day under his era was Sonic’s time lost in space after issue 125, and he wasn’t even there writing much of it. (And I’m shocked that Detective Mike even shares that guilty pleasure with me, so that’s a bonus. Lol) But yeah, glad Penders fucked off; not so glad he took a number of characters he made that I actually grew to like, namely Lien-Da.
  10. I think the better question is that on the opportunity the Freedom Fighters come back, do they have to be based on SatAM? It’s not like they can’t redesign them like they did with the Post-Reboot designs and give them a new look that still makes them familiar and recognizable, along with new backgrounds that still reflect their character and development. Not that I’d complain if they go towards their SatAM feel (I’ve always thought Antoine should’ve kept his blue jacket in the Reboot), but I would think they’d have more flexibility in interpreting their designs for IDW and also give them a fresh new start (again).
  11. He did it, everyone. He’s finally done with the Penders era! Man, I cannot imagine how I would’ve read those scrapped ideas of Penders growing up. Now we can re-enjoy the greatness that is Flynn-era Archie and watch how a better writer does what Pendon’t.
  12. Oh boy, would I love to get my hopes up for that to be true. But I’m gonna keep myself skeptical until I see it come true.
  13. You’d think after 7 years he’d have made more progress than just six pages. I understand some things take years and a lot of edits to prepare, but you have to have more progress than that.
  14. This dude is on page 6?! I’m in the process of writing chapter 25 of my third book! Dude...what the hell is his work ethic? It’s been years.
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