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  1. If we get a third, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to go all in and make a Sonic Cinematic Universe.
  2. The delivery driver was seriously like “oh, this guy? We reserve the right to refuse service, then”?
  3. Should also keep in mind that in IDW, the world has been fucked by Eggman. Amy took on the role of planning as a necessity of the setting. Were that not the case, you’d see a lot more of her usual energetic self.
  4. Best guess would be the Sonic Movie. It was the fandom’s worst nightmare when it was announced, and nearly came true when the first trailer came out and went viral. Then, against all expectations, the studio decided to actually listen to the criticism when any other studio would double down and mock everyone disliking it as haters. And when the updated design was revealed, that act of good will prompted everyone who mocked the first trailer to go see it enough that it out-did Detective Pikachu in the box office. Can’t get anymore recent than that. As someone said before about it, it pulled the biggest Uno Reverse Card of 2020. now if only the Coronavirus could do the same
  5. And there was a large period during the Archie Sonic comics where practically the exact same thing was going on as well before Eggman came back and did the whole thing over again. So IDW is still continuing the tradition, even if it’s doing it it’s own way.
  6. No one’s saying IDW is Archie Sonic. I’m saying IDW still continues the Freedom Fighter concept of a ragtag group of cartoon animals fighting to save the world from Eggman’s control. In other words, that’s not strictly an Archie or SatAM thing.
  7. And Eggman doesn’t control the whole world in Post-Reboot Archie either, yet it still has a ragtag team of cartoon animals—the same ones from early Archie, I should add—fighting to save it from his control. From many parts of the world too.
  8. I wonder what that says for Tangle and Whisper then? Except Archie has had a 20 year head start before IDW started taking the reins, and right now IDW is having scheduling difficulties. So you’d still be wrong on all accounts. Right, and why? Because poor advertising. Not because people didn’t like the FF as much. Neither do comic sales of the 1990s translates to how people in 2010 and beyond judge these comic and it’s material. And the sooner you stop making that assessment as how people look at these characters, the more you’ll understand this is not as one-sided as you’ve been making this from the start. You keep saying “people don’t like them as much” as if you know what the fan base as a whole thinks. Like you’re doing in the next paragraph below... ...and you use it as a springboard to ignore any details that don’t align with what you like, despite knowing full well that isn’t case for everyone else you keep projecting this on. So yes, you did say that, in elaborate detail. Again, you don’t know what this fanbase as a whole likes, so quit projecting your tastes for it. Now where exactly are the words “criticism spawned from nowhere” again? Because throughout that time criticism was abound even by those who were fans of Archie Sonic, myself included. It is literally a ragtag team of cartoon animals fighting to save a ravaged world from Eggman’s control. That is the Freedom Fighter concept in a nutshell, dude—it starts right there in the first issue of IDW and grows bigger from there and it starts right after Sonic gets captured in Forces. Sega largely didn’t give a fuck about the Chaotix before bringing back only three of them in Heroes; they largely didn’t give a fuck about Shadow and the rest of the extended cast after ruining this franchise’s reputation with ShTH and 06; they largely didn’t give a fuck about storytelling after playing too safe; they largely didn’t give a fuck about making a Sonic 4 in a manner true to form of the Classic before Mania; they largely didn’t give a fuck about the continuity they had going on that they split it out of the blue into Two Worlds; they largely didn’t give a fuck about Mighty or Ray until allowing them to be playable in Mania; and they largely didn’t give enough of a fuck about the Boom sub-franchise enough to fund it to stay alive. And I doubt they give as much of a fuck as you think they do towards IDW and the exclusive characters in it like Tangle or Whisper given they have a long history of not giving a fuck about a lot of things, and they can just as make it suffer the same fate as Archie if they feel like they want to move on from it to something else.
  9. It does when people don’t hold it against them more than a decade later. There’s a reason you don’t hear “Shadow should’ve stayed dead” as much these days than we did ten years ago, even if those people still believe it. Yeah, that’s not even remotely true since the 90s were where Sonic’s popularity was at an all time high. Having low comic sales doesn’t equate to people disliking those characters—you do realize that comics back then (and even today) were largely dominated by DC and Marvel, who had hundreds of comics for individual characters as opposed to the one or two comics that Sonic had, right? And that’s not even getting into other comic giants that got more attention. Of course he’s not going to sell as much given that kind of competition. Low sales, if anything, means low advertising given that the issues during Penders era were being sold largely before the age of the internet taking off and becoming mainstream, and largely before he became know as the egotistical talentless hack he is now. So unless you have some official statistics over the reception from Sega or Archie of these characters or the comics back during that period, you’d be better of not pretending to speak for thousands of Sonic fans who have more diversified tastes for them to be simplified to “they don’t like the FF.” I could find just as many who do like them from just fan-art alone. So because you didn’t like it, everyone else didn’t either? I don’t recall you being everyone else’s voice on the matter. And so what if you were a child in the 00s? I was a child in the 90s when they first started making them—when Sonic’s cartoons (specifically the one with the Freedom Fighters who were chosen to be in the comic on Day One) were a major hit that led to them being published. I watched these cartoons and read the comics before you were even born, and before Ken Penders was even writing for them, and back when the comics were more akin to Looney Tunes or AoSTH. I liked Sonic too, and so did many others, and the Sonic fix was all that mattered. And while Ian Flynn and the likes may not have liked what Penders made, it didn’t stop him from retconning those same things into something better before things grew out of his control. I want you to find the words “criticism spawned from nowhere” anywhere in my last post. Because now you’re going off rails. The only one being disingenuous is you, because it is the same—similar enough for the comparison to stick. A new name doesn’t change that IDW is essentially Archie Pre-Reboot down to the premise of Eggman taking over the world and Sonic and his friends trying to free and repair it, but without the Freedom Fighters people know. Heck Forces, made by Sonic Team, themselves is basically their take on it in the games.
  10. The guy has no tact, huh? Says a lot his only saving grace is that he isn’t Trump.
  11. So weirdest thing happened while driving earlier. Some lady rolled down her window and asked me “My brother wanted to know if you were Kobe Bryant?”

    I’m clearly not (and he died months ago), but that’s still one helluva compliment. One of the two biggest ones I’ve had in my lifetime.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      You feel a power surging within you... You have been chosen to inherit Kobe Bryant’s powers.

    2. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      Unfortunately, I lost interest in Basketball years ago, so don’t see that happening... :lol:

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      This is nice and all, but I'm more curious (concerned really) about who her brother is, and how does he even know you. You're not working anywhere for anyone to notice, are you?

    4. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      They just saw me through their window at a stoplight and asked. They don’t really know me. Lol

  12. It would do you far more favors if you could actually show us instead of taking your word for it if what you’re saying is true instead of coping out like this.
  13. I’m gonna put Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts as personal favorite alongside Orbot and Cubot. It’s honestly mostly due to the nostalgia of them being part of the first Sonic cartoon I grew up watching, not really anything of competence. Orbot and Cubot are bit of a modernized take on them. Sleet and Dingo were actually somewhat competent, but I can’t say that much about them. If I were to rank them, it would be: 1) The S6 Squad 2) Orbot and Cubot 3) Sleet and Dingo I left out Snively because I actually like his comic counterparts more than his character in the cartoon, and that’s not really fair to the question. Bocoe, Defoe, and Bokkun...I’m sorry, but I actually did not care for them one bit. I actually didn’t like Eggman’s robot designs in Sonic X all that much. I won’t say they’re hopeless, but they don’t really catch me all that well in the show. If anything, they made me miss Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts more.
  14. Who? Shadow? Theres: -Sally, who sometimes called him in for back up when things really were serious. (I’m not even including their marriage in 25YL arcs) -Rouge, who often was playing many parties at once. -Eggman, who he worked for in order to find out more about himself, yet wasn’t above threatening the man himself. -E-101 Gamma who he was sent to recruit for GUN before Gamma downloaded his mind into Omega -Hope, who reminded him a lot of Maria -Knuckles, who he fought against as Enerjak, yet before that was the one character who actually understood Shadow predicament of wanting to know more about himself and fought off Snively to help buy time for Shadow discovering that knowledge. -Metal Sonic, who he fought against in Blaze’s dimension and tried to convince the Metal copy that he didn’t have to obey Eggman and could follow his own path (which Metal soundly rejected, like he would also do in IDW) -And then there was Blaze and Marine, who did everything they could to help Shadow stop Metal Sonic tearing up their world and give Shadow an Emerald to return home That’s just off my head. I’m pretty sure there’s more I missed. Edit: I did, there’s also Nicole, who helped him access Prof. Gerald’s diary so he could find out more about himself while Knuckles was out buying him time from Snively. Literally anyone who can read the comics knows that isn’t true. Especially you. That’s not showing meaning, that’s being upset that people aren’t fanboying over Shadow. And it’s been said to you many times that he’s not the only character in the comics people like or want to talk about. No, you’re not right. And the reason why is because there was a lawsuit was getting in the way of all his plans and he had to write something else in place of it. This is what happened and was first noticed when Endangered Species’s final issue was completely and abruptly changed from what he originally had it. Again, that was because of the lawsuit. Otherwise, Ian wouldn’t have changed anything he already had set in store. He didn’t have to create Eclipse for anything to give Shadow meaning, he could have easily done so with just him and Knuckles given they had far more of a dynamic going on than the Darkling did given the rivalry they had. And I’m gonna need a direct confirmation on that part about Bunnie being in Blaze’s world, because we don’t even know what he intended given it was never even released.
  15. How does the older cast not interact with each other in any meaningful way? You’re painting a broad brush over characters who’ve gone through romantic troubles, family troubles, war zones, and loss of life, and that’s just by staying in Ian’s era of writing pre-reboot. Off the top of my head: -Sonic and Tails had their first fist fight in the entire franchise over family and societal issues regarding the land they lived it after living under a shadow of constant tragedy and danger with Eggman and nearly led to a civil war -Rotor was Injured to the point of being unable to fight (at first), yet he still tried to help in someway by being part of the leadership in a new society so that it doesn’t wind up turning against them as a result of said near-civil war, which it eventually did when it came to Nicole running the city. -Bunnie and Antoine got married, since their relationship was building for a while even before Ian took over. They do it in the same issue Espio makes a last stand in the heart of Eggman’s city before Eggman vaporizes zaps him into the life-draining Egg Grapes. -Sally essentially kept whole teams together, such as the joint forces of the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix when they made a push on the Egg Dome before Eggman temporarily went insane. And yet her and Sonic’s act of mercy on Eggman turned out to bite them in the ass when he returned to form with a new Death Egg, just like how Sonic’s act of mercy on Mr. Tinker in IDW would bite him and much of the land in the ass when Eggman unleashes a techno-plague on them. Sally whole position as the team leader requires her to have meaningful interactions at the bare minimum so these groups and others allied with them can work together as smoothly as possible. -Then there’s Silver and his whole quest for the traitor to fix his future, but due to not knowing the full details of his quest since information in the future is scarce, he jumps too quick to conclusions that put him at odds with Sonic and the Freedom Fighter until he joins his own group of Freedom Fighters -Knuckles being turned into Enerjak and being faced off against the Freedom Fighters, the Chaotix, and Shadow the Hedgehog before Sonic went Super. Not only is Knux manipulated into fanatical devotion to freeing his people from what he feels to be the evils of technology—an act of his that actually further divides his people into a society that rebuilds in their ancestral land and a society that joins Eggman to regain the technology he purged from them—but he fights the very people he considers his friends after they reject the person he became and try to return him back to norm, costing the life of his father in the process. -And Rouge being far more antagonistic towards the people who are supposed to be her allies. Often rubbing off the wrong way given how people are actually used to Rouge (even me), but is still one that was developed as she interacted with the Chaotix and the Freedom Fighters in duplicitous ways. And that’s before the first Genesis Wave even hit. There’s plenty more that you’re not even trying to look into, dude. I really fail to see the difference between how the cast of IDW and Archie ingratiate themselves into the world other than the fact that Archie had it’s world and characters established over a span of more than two decades while IDW is still in the early stages of exploring its own. How do the characters exist like they have meaning? And how is all the interactions made in Archie not? Because there seems to be a double standard here. Are you talking about Scourge’s universe? Or the Genesis arc? Or the Dark Moebius arc? Because if not, then there wasn’t two realities. Ian’s first issue officially writing for the comics has Shadow show up before the Freedom Fighters after subduing Bean the Dynamite off panel when the duck and Bark the Polar Bear crashed Sonic’s birthday party. Then Scourge and Crocbot after who knows how many issues show up againin the next issue and cause trouble, and Sonic and Shadow team up to deal with them. How is that “sparsely interacting” with other characters?
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