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  1. I completely forgot how ass Zavok and the Deadly Six were in the games for a while... I know I’m not the only one. The difference is even more cringe when I watch cutscenes from the games.
  2. Uh, yes they do? Hades seduces Hercules with an offer that takes away his power on the condition that his love interest doesn’t get hurt. Aku from Samurai Jack makes offers to characters to fulfill his demands in exchange for what they want only to go back on his word after the obligation is fulfilled. I can give another example of a devil-type character in a kid’s cartoon who follows this aspect even closer—Trigon in the original Teen Titans cartoon, basically Satan in all but name, makes a deal with Slade to return his flesh and blood if he brings him Raven so he can manifest a literal Hell on Earth only to turn back on that deal. I don’t know much of what the other devil characters have done in the image, but some and others have done exactly what was suggested here. And I’m sure more can be found if one were to look around. What “modern culture” are you talking about? Because it’s sounds more like culture still stuck in the 60s where this would be even more hard pressed to be found. A lot of things have changed over the course of decades that things that were once unthinkable have become a lot more accepted. Never mind how much more secular things have become since. Says who?
  3. Which is interesting as it’s a sound idea on paper looking back, and probably would’ve worked under better circumstances. Maybe not all of it tho, but then you can only have so much control before an editor tells you to do something else I suppose. (*Looks at World’s Unite*)
  4. Starline is basically the kind of character Snively used to be, but far more prone to mistakes due to also having a fatal flaw of pride that rivals Eggman while lacking the resources and manpower. I mean, I don’t know, kinda hard to hate a character for the flaws he’s made to have. By that same token, he has to cover different bases for the things he lacks, as he’s a lone villain in a world where the heroes outnumber him and the main antagonist is far too powerful for him to maneuver around on his own. Seems about right to me. It’s like a small criminal group trying to best Lex Luther while avoiding the wrath of the Justice League, if that makes any sense.
  5. Well damn. MetalSkulkBane beat me to the punch. If you guys don’t think this can work, you haven’t watched very many cartoons. Some nowadays are upping the ante and instead of devils are going for cosmic horror Cthulhu-like character. Seen this show? Looks far more kiddier and sillier than Sonic by leagues. Well I was watching it after a long while, and came across this unholy abomination that’s far out of place for what this show presents itself. (And that’s not even getting into the show’s backstory either) It’s 2020 people, not 2006. Kid shows have had devil characters even before Sonic came along; they’ve had them when Sonic was more popular than Mario (who surprisingly enough has had a demon called the Shadow Queen in one of its most popular titles); and they’ve continued to have them and more since. I don’t care about anyone personally not liking it, because at this point it’s basically saying no for the sake of saying no. But it needs to be said that people should stop acting like this is a controversial thing when we’ve had well over a decade of discussion figuring out what the actual problems have been and why these things might not work.
  6. Considering they still share a number of same criticisms, I highly doubt that.
  7. The hell counts as success to Sega? If they were dead set on avoiding what isn’t successful, they wouldn’t still be using characters like the Deadly Six or continuing the direction they’ve been going with the games up to Forces.
  8. Try getting this out of your head:


  9. 2020 is basically the year of Memes at this point, and it’s just gonna grow from here...
  10. Not gonna lie, I don’t really like Mania’s version of Stardust Speedways BGM compared to the JPN/EU version...

    Mind you, the only versions of that BGM I like are the Good and Bad Futures, so that’s not really it’s fault trying to top those tunes.

  11. It’s political advertisement that Biden doesn’t have to pay or directly support it’s messages even though it’s still made to benefit him. Not sure how that makes it a scam when—unless you know of any outside donations they’ve been receiving—they pay for it with their own money. On top of that, its essentially free help that allows Biden to focus on other aspects of campaigning, and possibly allow Trump to waste his own efforts and resources to do the same (hence why Biden outspent Trump’s campaign over time). They basically make republican-style attack ads on Trump so that Biden doesn’t have to. They’re less trying to help Biden win than they are ensuring Trump loses. When Trump’s administration makes a hypocritical statement, a lie, or does something stupid, their goal is to capitalize on that and broadcast it out for people to see in ways that make Trump look buffoonish. No different from political cartoons that do the same. And just because there were still republicans that voted for Trump doesn’t mean they didn’t swing some against him. Not every republican is a Trumpist—and more to that, a lot of people who voted for Obama voted for Trump instead of Hillary, enough for him to win the last election. You’re putting too much stock in what they’re actually setting out to do—their goal is simply to make sure Trump doesn’t get re-elected, and as long as that’s accomplished regardless of other factors involved, then they’ve done their part.
  12. Perhaps the only Sonic games that offer any incentive to return to them are in order: S3&K (which I’ve played for practically two decades), the Adventure series (mostly SA2) for the Chao Gardens and exploration, and Unleashed for the collectibles (tho at some point I stopped bothering after about a year or so). And I find it important to draw me into repeat playthroughs because that’s a testament to how damn good they are that I want to keep playing them longer than their completion times warrant. During the time I played S3&K for example, there were several hidden places in the levels I never discovered until years later after beating them, one example being a part in Lava Reed act 2 where I found a Special Ring somewhere in the lower section of the level. Also, I really wanted to find a easier way to get past the Barrel of Doom, so there was some stubbornness involved as well.
  13. It’s a pretty basic game that was playing safe for what it can. My opinion on it hasn’t really changed much. It wasn’t bad, but once you beat it, it doesn’t offer much incentive keep me playing. As much as I share the criticisms it has, I never thought it was outright terrible beyond that.
  14. With the announcement of a sequel, I personally hope she’s not a one-shot character. Nothing says a wasteful to me like a character connected to a major one that’s just offed and is not brought up again in a future installment. Even if she turns out dead from her sacrifice, we could at least learn more about her post-humously.
  15. To annoy the fuck out of Trump and help make sure he doesn’t get re-elected. Telling since one of the co-founders is Kelleanne Conway’s husband. But they’ve accomplished what they set out to do.
  16. That’s still a far cry from the guy that openly tear gassed civilians to hold a bible for a photo op in front of a church that denounced him the next day. Nevermind the obvious fact of Trump extorting Ukraine to dig up dirt on the guy that beat him by holding their military aid hostage. If Obama did that shit in the open like that, he’d have been impeached in a heartbeat.
  17. Yo, AoC Impa for Smash when? Might be my favorite look of the character yet!

    1. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      Same, I really hope she is one of the DLC characters in Ultimate to tie in AoC.

  18. They should ban his Twitter and put a muzzle on him on his first day out of the White House.
  19. Finally! It’s OVER!

  20. Okay, now I’m starting to agree with Trump—stop the fucking count* so Biden can win already, dammit! It’s been three days!!!


    *Don’t actually stop the count, I just wanted to poke fun at how slow this has been going.

  21. Trump supporters in Michigan yelling “STOP THE COUNT!”

    Michigan should humor them and go “K.” Then see what happens... :lol:

    1. Jango


      If they're angry, we're happy

  22. Uh, yeah...what in the hell is Braum of all characters doing here? Illaoi, MF, and Pyke all live in Bilgewater, and during the Spirits event early this year for Yone’s announcement, they did have a scene where Ahri and Yasuo were headed to Bilgewater for reasons that seem to relate to this. So all of them made sense. Braum? I don’t ever recall them showing anything about him having business outside of Freljord. So either I missed something in the lord or there’s something else at play. Other than that, they’ve been hush about this for a long while. I gotta say, things were interesting until I read it was turn-based, as I’m a bit iffy on most games where I have to let the enemy freely attack me after I do. But I’ve made exceptions, so who knows how this turns out once they release some gameplay. Glad to see this franchise moving to new ventures. It sure has come a long way—I’ve been with it since Season 2 when Ahri was the newest champion at the time, and seeing it change and grow has been wild. ...now to save up for the new KDA Skins...
  23. The petty infighting and hypocrisy in the fandom doesn’t help either. Really gets me a lot of people are not only saying the exact same shit that was said all the way back in 2006, but they willingly (and with full knowledge of their actions) make exceptions to things that fall under the same qualities of what they bicker against.
  24. I wasn’t really complaining... But that’s the thing in my case, I don’t have any beyond what they’re already doing to keep the momentum going. A twitter page, another fan made a video analysis, hosting events, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re planning on making a website for it. The most I’m able to do is cheer them on and hope their efforts pay off.
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