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  1. I mean...I get it. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the sentiment, but you make it sound like people outside the chain of operations had direct control over those decisions over cartoon characters. They didn’t. Maybe the directors and higher ups were heavily influenced by said culture, but they could just as easily have decided “Nah, we’re not doing that shit.” It’s not like anyone’s rights have been violated here. As far as the topic goes, yeah Cancel Culture can be destructive: taking comments out of context, or intentionally twisting words to mean something offensive just so people have an excuse to throw tantrums, or trying to interfere in something that they weren’t the target audience of to begin with leading to the end of something. But these problems have been around even before it was called “cancel culture” to begin with, and the funny irony about this is that backlash is often just as quick to fight back, as in the case of the very examples laid out. But it would be far better if we had cases of things where “Cancel Culture” actually destroyed innocuous things.
  2. Penders, at best, had several good ideas but terrible execution. I’ll admit, I was somewhat a fan of the SonicXSally coupling due to having grew up with it, but never have I been as hardcore into the romance that he was trying to deliver. That Ian Flynn was able to take a lot of these nearly forgotten characters or even questionable concepts and actually make them work is a testament that Penders might’ve actually been into something if he wasn’t such a hack writer. But at the end of the day, those several good ideas are tremendously outweighed by the several dozen bad ones that came into fruition, on top of the inconsistencies and slew of bad writing that was covered far better during this trip through memory lane. About the only good thing you can say was worthwhile was Endgame, but two decades later have given us stories vastly better by comparison during Flynn’s time. That I can barely even remember much of what Penders even made in good terms speaks volumes about how memorable his writing is—the only one that I still even like to this day under his era was Sonic’s time lost in space after issue 125, and he wasn’t even there writing much of it. (And I’m shocked that Detective Mike even shares that guilty pleasure with me, so that’s a bonus. Lol) But yeah, glad Penders fucked off; not so glad he took a number of characters he made that I actually grew to like, namely Lien-Da.
  3. I think the better question is that on the opportunity the Freedom Fighters come back, do they have to be based on SatAM? It’s not like they can’t redesign them like they did with the Post-Reboot designs and give them a new look that still makes them familiar and recognizable, along with new backgrounds that still reflect their character and development. Not that I’d complain if they go towards their SatAM feel (I’ve always thought Antoine should’ve kept his blue jacket in the Reboot), but I would think they’d have more flexibility in interpreting their designs for IDW and also give them a fresh new start (again).
  4. He did it, everyone. He’s finally done with the Penders era! Man, I cannot imagine how I would’ve read those scrapped ideas of Penders growing up. Now we can re-enjoy the greatness that is Flynn-era Archie and watch how a better writer does what Pendon’t.
  5. Oh boy, would I love to get my hopes up for that to be true. But I’m gonna keep myself skeptical until I see it come true.
  6. You’d think after 7 years he’d have made more progress than just six pages. I understand some things take years and a lot of edits to prepare, but you have to have more progress than that.
  7. This dude is on page 6?! I’m in the process of writing chapter 25 of my third book! Dude...what the hell is his work ethic? It’s been years.
  8. It was anticlimactic, but that was likely due to the shitty interruption that was World’s Unite crossover forcing them to rush the whole thing. At the very least it was a decent closing end before the series was cancelled, but I can only wonder what the original plan was before the crossover.
  9. Sally Acorn is the daughter and heiress of the wealthy business tycoon, Nigel Acorn, the CEO of conglomerate Acorn, Inc. which is responsible for ground-breaking technology and infrastructure projects around the world. Treated as daddy’s “little princess,” she was given the best education and self-defense training money could buy under the tutelage of her caretaker Rosemary, and has since been fascinated by the world at large in which her father operates. Thanks to her pocket supercomputer AI Nicole, Sally has taken interest in the field of Big Data, which she she believes will change the world by giving many, even the poorest people, the same level of education she benefited from growing up. One day, her father was taken captive by Dr. Eggman, who sought to use the resources of Acorn, Inc. to further his goal of world domination. Upon meeting Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends from the Restoration, she befriends the timid yet passionate Antoine, the boisterous Bunnie Rabbot, and the inventive Rotor as they set out to find her father, retake the conglomerate, and aid the Restoration in putting the world back together. — See that? All I did was take out the monarchy and replace it with a business company, with a nod of Sally being treated like a Princess. Guys, it is not hard to reimagine these characters in a new roles and still keeping them recognizable. And this is one of several different takes I made up on the fly. I had another one where Nigel Acorn was the Sonic equivalent of Metal Gear’s Big Boss as the head of an Anti-Eggman Mercenary force like the Diamond Cutters (with him being the one who trained them), with Sally being trained to take over after him. This level of creativity is not hard.
  10. Hindsight really does put a shock when you age and see what you missed. Can’t say it’s done me wonders looking back and seeing things with a clearer eye of some of the behind-the-scenes. Tho they probably weren’t entirely wrong—kids probably did like and want more of it. It’s not like kids care that much about who’s writing it compared to adult fans, unless they were just cherry-picking the Sonicgrams to make themselves look good.
  11. So why not make new ones for them? I hate to burst your bubble, but if you weren’t already aware, that same Sally you’re talking about was already gone in that exact same cosmic reset button you pointed out. She was never the same Sally after that. So why would that be a hinderance now? Better yet, what makes Sally “Sally Acorn” to begin with? For the older fans who loved them in the Archie series, that special something was already lost before IDW and replaced with something else come the reboot. If they were that much of a purist on them, that is. Those that stuck around didn’t mind when they were remade. And for newer fans...I’m sorry, but this really needs to be said: stop using newer fans as an excuse. Because that’s really all this is every time new fans are even brought up. If these newer fans didn’t have a problem with new characters like Tangle and Whisper taking page time from characters like Sonic and Shadow, they’re not going to have a problem with a new take on Sally or Bunnie, and they might very well like them. So as far as I can tell, this comes off more as projecting.
  12. Don’t get me wrong, I love the world and want back the characters of the pre-reboot, but I definitely more a fan of the Post-Reboot setting if I had to pick. It was more in-line with the games and was the very unified setting that I wanted, while also adding in characters from the cartoons lie AoSTH. Heck, this factor is actually why I hold it up more than IDW right now.
  13. 3 mass shootings in 2 weeks, are you kidding me right now, America?!?

  14. No, I heard you loud and clear and those people are setting themselves up for disappointment just like they were when the Reboot didn’t bring back everything they wanted. And people should know better by now after IDW didn’t bring back everything they wanted from Archie. Even if they brought back the cast of characters beyond the Freedom Fighters, they’re not going to re-establish those relationships in the way they liked before—they didn’t bring back the Sonic/Sally relationship in the Reboot, and they’re not going to bring it back in IDW either if Sally is brought back. So those people can demand it all they want, it’s not gonna happen. Not every demand is going to be catered to.
  15. Yes, I do know it won’t happen, not only because the writing team has made that clear, but also because it didn’t happen the first time things changed in Archie, and because this setting in IDW is even more different from the Rebooted Archie setting that they would have to change again to accommodate it. People can move whatever goalposts they want, and they can get all the characters they want, but they’re not going to be everything they once were in Archie. Anyone who thinks that is only setting themselves up for disappointment before it even happens, after who knows how many warnings over the topic.
  16. I’d assume not, given how Eggman just launched a near world ending plague. Why would any civilians join him after that?
  17. No, I’m speaking for the fact that this has been brought up a million times before IDW even had its first issue out, and it’s been answered a million times to the point it’s getting tiring, and history has shown exactly what would happen if it came into fruition to the point that people need to stop thinking about this worst case scenario they have in their minds. So I’m going to put this bluntly for people (Archie fans or not) to understand: if the Freedom Fighters ever came back in IDW, if they brought back the entire comic cast with them, it’s still not going to turn IDW into Archie. Period. They’re not going to pick up old plots, and they’re not going to form relationships the same way either. Instead, they’ll be given whole new stories (again).
  18. I’ll say it won’t happen, because it won’t actually happen just because they got in. It also won’t happen if the other Archie characters came back in either, because IDW is continuing a whole different direction that they’ll have to be adapted to, just like what happened when Archie was rebooted into a whole new and different world. It won’t happen anymore than bringing back Fleetway characters would turn IDW into Fleetway 2.0 if that possibility were to ever arise. And it really gets me how every time this discussion happens people keep saying that in the face of fans who have gone on record more times than I can count on these forums at least to acknowledge that they are fully aware that they would be different in this new setting. Yeah, there will be fans who want them to pick up where Archie left off, but here’s the question I ask: when Archie rebooted, did it pick up where it left off with Naugus trying to cement his power over the Republic of Acorn in the face of the Secret Freedom Fighters sent to stop him and the roboticized Mecha Sally was causing terror in Eggman’s name? Or did it not continue in a completely different direction after the reboot was ensured after Worlds Collide, leaving those past stories permanently unresolved? People back then wanted those stories to pick right back up. I know this, because I was one of them. But here’s the thing—it never happened. And it won’t happen here even if you brought back the entire cast of the post-reboot Archie along with them into IDW (btw bring me the Egg Bosses back pls, I miss my Conquering Storm T_T) What will happen with them is what happened with the first reboot: a whole new direction. So people need to stop jumping the gun and assuming that IDW will turn into Archie 2.0 when, quite frankly, you could argue that IDW is already Archie 2.0 despite their absence: the same writing team and art style, the same backdrop of Eggman having conquered or devastated the world (which was actually Archie’s pre-reboot setting), and a resistance team formed to rebuild and protect the world from dangers as they arise. If Archie couldn’t pick up it’s old plots despite fan demand, what seriously makes anyone think IDW will pick up after Archie’s old plots even if the Freedom Fighters made a comeback?
  19. Would Sally not being as physically strong as Sonic be a flaw, or rather an example of the character’s own limitations? Let’s think about this seriously: she’s a leader, she gives orders, and she points out flaws in others based on a given plan. Sure she can lead from the front and hold her own, but let’s put her up 1-on-1 against another character, say for instance Metal Sonic. Do you really see Sally actually doing well in that fight by herself with the ease (and zeal) that Sonic does? For all the criticism of Sally, and how she’s a potential Mary Sue (and for the record, no one here in this thread has actually said that...yet. So don’t get ahead of yourselves, folks), people seem to not pay attention to this detail. She’s a tactician that can hold her own, but she’s not a heavy hitter like Sonic, Knuckles, or Shadow. She can’t do all of the things Sonic can, even if you gave her the Ring Blades from Archie to give her more a fighting chance. She can’t fly like Tails or Bunnie; she can’t run as fast or keep up with Sonic, much less hit as hard as him, Knuckles, or Bunnie; she can use tech with great proficiency, but she can’t build it from the ground up like Tails or Rotor much less program or adapt to it with the ease as her handheld supercomputer NICOLE; and about the only character she outright superior to in simple general skills is Antoine, who is (or at least was shaping into) someone who was skilled with a sword. The point is, Sally’s a generalist. She’s flawed in the sense that she doesn’t specialize, and therefore doesn’t hit as hard, as the other characters that do in the areas they’re the strongest in, and yet she still has a massive impact as characters like Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow by being someone who can adapt more easily to certain situations that others would struggle in, hence her capability as a leader figure. She’s flawed in the sense that, if you put her in a situation that exceeds her physical limits, she’s not going to actually fare that well in them, hence why she’s around others to direct and coordinate them in places where they’ll have the biggest impact. While Sonic can throw himself at badniks and destroy them on impact, she can help direct him to even more vulnerable weak spots in a system; while Tails and Rotor can build systems and devices, she can help utilize said devices or put in the resources needed to further create and improve them. And that’s before we consider her out into the battlefield. She’s at the top of a house of cards, yes, and there-in lies where she is flawed: for all her capabilities, for all her leadership, without the other characters, Sally can’t come out on top by herself in the same way as other characters. If you took out the cards at the bottom holding her up, she will fall down with them. Put in this perspective, you can see how much of a devastating impact the Metal Virus arc would be had Archie continued compared to its execution in IDW, with the virus taking out long time characters and new characters that would’ve developed along the way. All that was close to her and anyone else that might’ve been of assistance to her would’ve then be turned against her thanks to the virus before maybe even falling victim to it herself in a manner reminiscent of the Mecha Sally arc. No man or woman can be a leader without someone to lead, after all. At the end of the day, Sally has her limits. And people should really pay attention to them and recognize that aspect, as these limits are why she’s made to synergize with others around her, and why she more flawed than people really think.
  20. You could ask that same question for everyone else—Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Shadow, Vector, Espio, Amy, etc. People thought the same with them years ago after Sonic 06. And you’d get the same answer for the Freedom Fighters. The point being that it’s not about whether or not they’re needed, because that’s irrelevant in the grand scheme of things since actual reason people even ask that question has nothing to do with how necessary they are after their fans have jumped through all sorts of hoops and more to brainstorm other ways they can be useful only for people to ignore them and still keep asking that question.
  21. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “X isn’t needed anymore,” I’d be rich enough to own Sega...
  22. Ya know, it’s times like this that I’m glad I don’t have a Twitter account...

  23. One example out of an entire scope of issues where he later comes back as part of another team. Then comes back in the reboot back to his role as a mechanic. If anything, that proves more that characters can be improved or reworked instead of being removed from the equation considering he still specializes in other roles that Tails doesn’t. Considering it was an adaptation of a video game, yes? Otherwise, I supposed it wasn’t a convenience they came back in the other issues if that’s the case, then. Remember Control, Ambushed, Ray of Hope, etc.? What about Worlds Unite (and don’t even waste your breath ranting about it—it’s one of my most hated arcs Ian’s ever written)? Was it a convivence they were present in these preceding and successive issues? And yet the Freedom Fighters were the ones occupying the main book as the core characters even during the reboot while most of the SegaSonic characters took the side stories. And that’s before getting into the question of why is this being treated as a competition when that’s not how storytelling should work. While I certainly know they won’t be the core characters this time around if they got in IDW, they’ll certainly have it balanced to where they’re not in a competition since they weren’t competing in the first place the first time around. Who are well known to change their mind at the drop when you least expect it. Even they know there’s demand for them them, so this limbo of uncertainty doesn’t guarantee any straight answers over when, where, or if they would show up. The same reason people want to see characters like Shadow, Blaze, or Classic Sonic? You say that like extremes are an automatic given with a rework—never mind the fact that they were already different from the first time they were rebooted anyway. Like, why are we ignoring this fact?
  24. Their personalities aren’t what needs to be changed any more than Sonic’s personality in Boom or the Movies separate from the games or how he is in the comics. That’s the core that’ll likely remain in a fashion we’ll recognize them as—it the circumstances surrounding them and the reactions they have are what’ll be different. That along with their appearances, their background, and hell they might not even be called the Freedom Fighters anymore. But they’ll still be characters we can recognize in a new world, just like the first time they got rebooted.
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