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  1. Oh, trust me. I’ve read this topic. Doesn’t take long to call out incorrections when people make them these days. And that’s putting things lightly. Which is why it wasn’t directed at anyone, Mr. “Ya’ll don’t read.” So you’re making yourself out as the hit dog here.
  2. I get that, but either way you cut it, her pre-reboot personality isn’t going to fully translate over to the post-reboot baring the core elements of it that she’s more known for. Just like the setting, her background is mainly how people see why her personality is the way it is, and when you change that, it still affects the whole character going forward. That’s why alternate settings have alternate rules when they adapt characters within them.
  3. Well...yeah. She basically had most of the development she had prior to her reboot wiped from continuity and had to be modified to keep pace with the adaptation going on. And they did that while still having her be somewhat familiar to any long-time fans that were still keeping up with the reboot while being accessible for newer fans to get into. That’s basically a given when you lose more than a decade’s worth of background and characterization and have to adapt to the change as a result. Well, other characters were being given focus at the time. Plus, they were going in a new direction with everyone. So given the new world that was being built around them before being abruptly untrusted by a crossover, then cancelled and the license given to IDW, it’s easy to see they’d be dealing with other constraints insofar as developing her in the new setting. You’ll find nary a fuck to be given from me on that front.
  4. Finally, Mario 64 on the Switch! Been waiting ages to play this masterpiece again. Honestly had more fun with it than Galaxy looking back.
  5. Didn’t have enough time to get to this, so sorry for the late response. Here’s the thing: Alternate Settings have Alternate Rules. And characters will be tweaked to fit within those rules—their core personalities will (and should) remain the same to recognize the character no matter what setting they’re in, but modifications are still to be expected. We see this even with the main hero, Sonic himself: his core personality is a wise-cracking teenager who takes pride in being the fastest thing alive, and someone who can, will, and has fight against any authority—good or ill—that gets in the way of what he knows is the right thing to do. But beyond that gist, his incarnations differ: his game version is different from his AoSTH incarnation, where things were a bit loose and looney; these are both in turn different from his SatAM incarnation where he was a freedom fighter against a mechanized, planet wide empire; these are in turn different to his Underground incarnation where he was a prince with a brother and sister fighting against mechanized tyranny; and so forth all the way up to his Movie incarnation. But in all versions, his core personality remains and acts based on the circumstances of the setting. Likewise, Sally will have changes to her even as she retains her core personality of a leader figure who may make a fuss when things don’t go as planned. She’s completely different in her AoSTH incarnation where she was first introduced than she is in SatAM, which in turn is different to her incarnation in the early days of Archie where she’s be more at home in AoSTH. And with changes to the Archie Sonic setting come the reboot, circumstances are going to have her not be the same exact Sally in any incarnation before given the new setting, and she is adapted according to that among other factors that make her viable in the setting. Should she be adapted in IDW or even the games, I expect her to still be a leader figure that looks out for others and squint at any deviations and setbacks that occur on her watch, but that’s the bare minimum while everything else is likely to change suit based on how she’s adapted into the setting. Again, alternate settings have alternate rules. Granted, not all of them are likely to be to one’s preference—I personally don’t like how Shadow and Knuckles are adapted in the setting of Sonic Boom, but they still retain a lot of their core personalities (granted, I don’t know too much about Boom to make that assessment, so feel free to correct me on any errors here).
  6. Why? Because that’s how development works. Jumping ahead is the exact same thing Forces did in the beginning when they skipped ahead when the world was conquered, and that didn’t work in its favor. And right now is the time to slow things down after they just finished surviving an apocalypse.
  7. Vanilla as the Resistance leader...? Ya know, I actually want to see that now. I still say Vector is the better choice, but a fun thought to think about nonetheless.
  8. To be fair, I don’t think he’s using the slap as a basis for why she shouldn’t appear again—although, I haven’t fully followed the debate as much over the past few days, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I do want to add that even considering the slap, Sally was given a complete blank slate come the reboot. Everything about her was much different while still retaining the core of who she is, so the slap no longer applies. I say this because that’s the idea I think people should gather towards when considering the idea of her reappearing—that characters can still recognized even with changes to their character. People often think of Sally as Sonic’s love interest, yet the reboot showed she can work without any romantic attention toward Sonic; where she wasn’t as much of a fighter and more of a saboteur in certain cases, the reboot kept that trait and expanded her ability to fight with ring-blades; where people who don’t read Archie Sonic love to use the messy background with Penders’s run as a testament to bad characterization (hypocritical given that the games aren’t any better, if not worse in this area), the reboot wiped all that away and showed she can work with a whole new background without changing the fundamental parts of her character (as much as I wanted it kept when Ian actually made them good). That last part is noteworthy when people act like there’s no place she can fit—not only is that not true, but they can very easily find a place for Sally, especially given how much material she already has.
  9. Well for the most part, I was really focusing on just singular traits that stuck out the most and how to keep that intact in the off-chance they were to be adapted into the games and had to be set apart from their Post-Reboot incarnations—which is a waste, since that was my favorite take (that I ironically didn’t even want when they were set to be rebooted). There’s always more to each character, and that goes especially for Antoine who’s had as much development as Shadow and Knuckles if we’re being honest.
  10. In many ways, that was already done before Archie Sonic’s cancellation anyway—the reboot being more like the games pretty much guaranteed that the Freedom Fighters needed to be made as if they came from the games. They were a heck of a lot stronger than they originally were, Rotor coming from a tribe of warriors and working as a sort of Battle Mechanic/Combat Engineer while Antoine’s swordsmanship was given more extensive use than ever despite still being the more cautious of the team—motherfucker chops badniks like butter with that thing, and he would’ve gotten a bigger one had the comic continued. The dimension with most changes were really their backgrounds, and it’s not like you can’t make a new one without changing the whole core of the characters—in all three incarnations of the characters, be it SatAM, Pre-reboot, and Post-reboot Archie, they still retained the main traits they’re known for: Sally’s leadership, Antoine’s caution, Rotor’s inventiveness, and Bunnie’s brashness. There’s always more than one way to express these traits. Rotor can enjoy taking apart Eggman’s Badniks, for instance—we often see Tails making his own devices rather than working with Eggman’s technology, and from that he can build other kinds of tech different from Tails, repurposing badniks and other things. That and we can have him focus on weaponry while Tails focuses on Aeronautics. I actually liked Bunnie’s new background behind her cybernetics over her old one, being injured in one of Eggman’s attacks and forced to get new limbs as opposed to be stuck halfway in a roboticizer, but it’s not like you can’t make a million other ways that would force her to get cybernetics. Her already being a bruiser with augmentations, she could co-opt some of Eggman’s tech with her cybernetics, or with other adaptations built by techies like Rotor or Tails. And given how even 6 year olds can be over-eager to jump in and fight death machines in this series, we don’t have a lot of characters exercise the kind of caution that Antoine displays. I’d rather not go full on coward like the cartoons did at times and instead keep the backbone he developed in the comics, but he could definitely be the kind of character that can signal when some of the characters are in way over their heads. You could also use that trait to make him sneakier—being cautious can make one favor a more stealthy approach to things, and while he wouldn’t be on par with characters like Rouge or Espio in stealth, you could still use his caution to have him do things like lie about crucial information to enemies, hide things on his person, or surprise someone with the unexpected show of bravery since no one would expect a more cautious character to go head on with something beyond the usual scope. I could honestly go on. (Actually didn’t think I could even come up with this much for Antoine, honestly.) And after these are worked out, it’s really a matter of just giving them a new background of how they came to be who they are with these very traits. Admittedly, I’d rather keep their backgrounds in the Reboot, but with Sega being Sega, it’s not difficult to make a new one that still respects these characters if it came to it.
  11. Interesting that of all the things Amy has done in both Archie and IDW that people focus most on the magnitude of her fan girl obsession.
  12. Multiplayer games aren't good examples. Platformers rarely have more than 4 characters And I don’t care whether it’s multiplayer or not. That’s not a factor against the idea of large cast sizes in any type of fiction.
  13. First off, we’re not even talking about story, just the general presence of the characters. But for the sake of argument, let’s say we were: that’s still not true either. You can certainly put “loads and loads” of characters in a story and make it work fluidly when you give it the right scale, pacing, and narrative focus if you plan it accordingly—that’s why Worlds Collide worked having well over 30 different characters in a story that was planned out and focused, and why Worlds Unite failed because it was more interested in being a fan service of Sega and Capcom franchises than actually being a cohesive story. And I hate Unite like the devil, but it absolutely could’ve worked had they planned it better with more issues instead of cramming everything in 12 and not put it in the middle of an already ongoing story. Of all of Next Gen’s problems, the cast size was the least of it. And SA1’s problems, have less to do with it’s cast SIX characters and more to do with the fact that it started a case of genre roullete that didn’t flow with the other forms of gameplay that were more or less get from point A to B. I could point to plenty of games out there with well over three to ten times the cast size of any of those games that manage to work seamlessly without having anywhere near the same faults as those examples: League of Legends has 150 playable characters to choose from that have their own roles and methods of play different from each other without changing the genre of the game; Smash Bros Ultimate is pushing well over 50 playable characters as they still continue adding more; Overwatch already has 30+ characters, and I’m sure others can add to this list. Heck I’ve even played a character-based tower defense game (far from being my favorite genre of games) with a minimum cast size that puts Sonic’s to shame, and it’s size keeps growing.
  14. The reason isn’t because their isn’t enough room—people have been spouting that load of nonsense since 2006 as well, and it makes my eyes roll that folks are still making this excuse damn well 16 years later to the same extent as the epithet of “Shadow should’ve stayed dead.” Their could be any number of reasons why we didn’t see these characters in the games: time constraints, uncertain placement of roles, or simply because they didn’t think to add them and were more interested in promoting something else, or general incompetence. We could make a list of reasons until the cows come home, but “there’s no room” is not one of them in this day and age when that hasn’t stopped them from trying to cram as many characters as they could in the past. ”There’s no room” was never an excuse when they somehow managed to fit 12 characters in Heroes back in 2004, and it’s especially no excuse in this day and age when things progress to the point where games have been able to fit well over 30+ characters in one game and still add more over time. The only reason people even say that is really just to cover the fact that they don’t want them to get any attention and want to make up an excuse to justify themselves—that was the case when they said that for Shadow after his game soured this franchise’s reputation, they said it for the extended game cast when they wanted a scapegoat for the series problems, and you’re not treading any new ground using it in 2020 when people have long since wised up to what people really mean behind that statement. You have no idea what’s “a lot” if five extra characters are somehow too much. Yeah? So was Big the Cat of all characters. As was Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit. So what’s the problem aside from you not wanting the Freedom Fighters to get any attention? And I have to remind you, again, they they were still able to be supporting characters in the Fighters arc during the reboot, which you seem intent on ignoring after I just gave you this example the first time you claimed you never saw them in such a position. And that wouldn’t be a problem so long as they keep the spirit of these characters intact and make them as recognizable as they were the first time they were rebooted. It wasn’t impossible for them to do the first time around, it sure as hell wouldn’t be impossible to do it a second time—especially when many of us didn’t want them rebooted in the first place and still found them enjoyable.
  15. No, I want her to have the same roles as characters like Shadow, Blaze, Tangle, Whisper, and basically every other character who gets moments to shine. We’ve told you this constantly in the IDW topic, before the first issue was even released in fact, that we don’t mind them being in supporting roles, that we don’t mind them alternating spots with other characters, and that they don’t need to be in the spotlight all the time. Yet you consistently ignored us saying this to this very day. At this point, there is no excuse to pretend that you don’t know what we’d want with the return of these characters, and it’s high time people dropped this act. People have been doing this shit since 2006 with Shadow and the extended cast, and it’s about time people grow up and stop plugging their ears or pretending they don’t know what people really want. It’s been obvious for years. That is a bold faced lie, and if you’ve actually read Archie, you know it. Anyone who’s read the Archie Reboot can point to one perfect example of the Freedom Fighters taking a minor role: The Fighters Adaptation. It’s one of the most commonly talked about arcs, and considered one of the best before World’s Unite ruins the pace of the entire Unleashed adaptation that is the Shattered World Crisis. There have even been moments during Penders’s Era where they’ve had less focus, or were even non-present—one example off the top of my head being when Sonic was in space for several issues after issue 125 and he was searching for a way back home. Not that it was great (tho admittedly, I actually liked those issues when I was younger) but it’s an example nonetheless that predates Ian’s writing lead. And if you’ve actually read the comics, you should know that too. And if you didn’t, that’s entirely on you and shows your hand in that you’re really being more spiteful towards these characters than you’d like to downplay it as. These characters do not have to be the center 100% of the time—they can certainly have starring roles, but they can be rotated and placed in support roles or even not appear at all when the story calls for it. This is not rocket science, this is not difficult to understand, and from this point forward you have no excuse not to know this anymore after we’ve told this to your face for the umpteenth time. You know, I could ask that same exact question when it comes to something like Classic Sonic—he was irrelevant as far as the series’s direction for well over a decade since they gave him a slight makeover starting with SA1, and for well over a decade Classic fans could not let that go and accept that version of Sonic wasn’t coming back... That is until Sonic Team started marketing things toward the Classic gameplay starting (and failing) with Sonic 4, and then officially brought him back In Generations after more than a decade. Then they further cemented that return with Mania, and have been advertising him ever since. And on top of that they officially brought back Mighty and Ray into the games after being in the scrap bin for well over 20 years, albeit with restrictions that they’re Classic characters only (and guess where the only place they were actually still active until 2017?) I guess the better question is why the hell should fans let go and accept they’re finished when that hasn’t stopped others from getting their favorites to return? If Classic fans can get their favorites to return, if we can get the extended game cast to likely return, I don’t see why fans of Sally and the Freedom Fighters are somehow unable to do the same. But the case is very clear here that you don’t want them to have that opportunity like everyone else, and you’ve shown that on plenty of occasions.
  16. Post-Reboot Sally, followed by Pre-reboot. Not that picky about either one tho.
  17. Goddamn, you guys found out faster than I did!

    Sucks, but he died memorably.

    Rest in Peace.

  18. So basically Archie’s Sonic Blast one-shot special, but bigger?
  19. Fuck yeah! I’d definitely love a playable Sally that flipped around and kicked ass like Kim Possible. Damn, now that I think of it, Sally and Kim have a lot in common, only difference being royalty and leadership skills what with Kim usually working by herself or a small group of 2-3 people (with exceptions, it’s been a while since I’ve watched Kim Possible).
  20. *Dog whimpers for food*

    Me: Fuck no! You already at a few hours ago and took a massive shit on my floor yesterday when I left for one fucking hour. You’ll live.

    I swear, dogs are more like us than we imagine. No wonder we bred them from wolves...

  21. Oh, dear. I actually forgot about them. Even so. Direction matters more. If we can come up with many way to have Eggman scheme for world conquest, we can come up with many ways to make other plot points such as that.
  22. If you were to make a list of things done to death across fiction, it would be a whole book—or ten—long... And people would still make stories of them. Heck, I was sick to death of Zombie Apocalypses a long time ago, and yet still found myself enjoying the Metal Virus arc much the same way people enjoyed The Last of Us or Walking Dead, both of which I’m uninterested in.
  23. Literally no one is saying you can’t. But there is still no reason to treat something as overkill or a cliche just because it was done twice or boring because it isn’t new. And there’s still a matter of direction—for all you know, this could lead to something else creative. If you were at the writing seams, you’d likely be guilty of these things too as you were coming up with material.
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