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  1. I really hate to shoot down your excitement, but you have NO idea how difficult it would be just to do the bare minimum of achieving this. Not just with the technical skills needed to accomplish this, but the sheer matter of organizing this alone is a daunting task in itself. And that’s without getting into how much more difficult things would be once you actually get your foot in the door of things. Add on top of that how diverse and fractured this fandom is on its desires and likings, along with the general lack in desire of them getting along for one reason or another, and you’re unintentionally setting things up for a crash. It’s disappointing how things are, but this is way beyond the scope of what you think can be done. Even if we could pull off a fraction of it, it would wind up in turmoil the moment people’s interest start splitting off. Not to mention Sega is notoriously bad at fully understanding our critiques and is a bit hard to work with as is.
  2. Kinda to close to tell based on how it’s written. Try not to get your hopes up too far tho, much as I’m anxious of this myself.
  3. I raise you World’s Unite. I’m not saying Iron Dominion was anything stellar, but it sure as hell got to actually finish its story completely and didn’t end up ruining the pace of everything else that came with it.
  4. I really have to say that it’s even funnier when you consider that the Metal Virus arc is basically Sonic meets World War Z. Of all the thought experiments anyone could have, I not once thought this could ever work.
  5. I’m going with the Metal Virus. The sluggish pacing was mostly due to the pandemic—when you read the issues after another, the pacing is pretty compact. (Also probably helped that I had other things going on that drew my attention, so I guess that made me more patient than others here) Another disclaimer—I’m mostly sick of Zombie Apocalypse stories due to how that was overdone In the media at one period in the past practically as a fad. I suppose what made this somewhat different was that this was more technology-based, tho I can’t really say for certain why this didn’t factor in and made me less interested due to it still being another Zombie Apocalypse. Aside from Shadow, who was forced to be written in a way that wasn’t really in character, every character was acting at their best (or worst, if Eggman is anyone to go by) as things got more intense and desperate. Things weren’t easy for them to deal with, and so they were forced to really give their all and even sacrifice themselves for the greater good in hopes that things would return to normal as their numbers were reduced the more the virus spread. And the the Deadly Six earn their name as deadly, even more so than they were in the piece of shit World’s Unite arc. Again, they’re among my absolute least like characters, but I had my faith that they were in good hands with Ian who would use them well and I was not disappointed in their inclusion. They still had their usual characteristics, but applied to the virus and the zombots made them far more dangerous than we’ve ever seen them. Basically, the Metal Virus arc is Sonic Forces done right. With Zombies. It was definitely good to see what Archie could’ve been had it continued. No telling who among the Freedom Fighters would’ve gotten infected or how that would’ve affected the world there, but it’s still great to see Eggman’s newest method of roboticization— I really didn’t expect it to be a virus of all things.
  6. You’d be surprised at how common Rouge’s body type still is even among kids cartoons unless you going down the level of Nick Jr or Teen Titan’s Go. Even so, they have made efforts to tone down Rouge’s body type even in modern titles, so it’s still not like they’re going to outright write her out completely.
  7. Yes, I’m well aware time goes on. And do you know what comes with it? Experience. And I’ve been on this very website and witnessed many events in the community and the games to have enough experience to know that what you’re saying about Rouge disappearing is a lot less likely to happen than you think. I may not be right all the time (I’ve gone on record saying they’d never make a Sonic 4 before they ended up proving me wrong a few years later), but you’re talking about a character that’s been around for almost 20 years. She may not have had major starring roles, but she’s not going anywhere near the scrap bin any time sooner than the likes of Blaze the Cat. They had that chance to do so back when Sonic 06 flopped and they barred most of the cast from appearing in Unleashed—she’s since reappeared in Generations and Forces, and still makes appearances in spin-offs. So this talk of her being on the chopping block is nonsense.
  8. Rouge had her chance to disappear completely in 2006 like most of the other cast. If she’s still around in 2018-2020, then she’s clearly not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s especially telling when in that time frame, two of the most obscure characters, Mighty and Ray, were given a second lease of life and appeared in Mania when they were stated to never see the light of day otherwise, so let’s not start this case when reality has shown otherwise over the past decade.
  9. What the fuck happened this time?

    What did I miss?

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Sonic Project Hero.

      It was Modern Sonic fangame.

      Now is Classic Sonic fangame.

      People don't like change

    2. Blue Blood
    3. Kuzu


      Change, change happened. 

    4. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      I was kinda looking forward to it as a Modern game, but I’m not that upset with it...

    5. D.H


      Most people aren't upset, but some are disappointed by the sudden revamp of the game.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Anyone able to link me to new footage or screenshots? I'm only seeing old stuff on YouTube.

    7. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Look pass the whole overhaul thing and it looks pretty cool

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The only issue I have with this is Knuckles' silly hat.

    9. iambitter21


      I was yelling at classic sonic "ruining" my favorite game. I got pissed, real bad.

    10. Polkadi~☆



      The only issue I have with this is Knuckles' silly hat.

      hey fuck you it's a good hat

    11. iambitter21


      it's the best hat, polka. the best hat.

    12. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Polkadi~☆ nah man fuck you its a silly hat 


    13. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      You dare mock Knuckles’ hat?!

      Burn the heretic!!!

  10. Hole-patching or otherwise, the disintegration of the Zombots and Silver’s future still flow with the pace of the arc. And let’s be real and honest about this—if they didn’t reveal that foreshadow, there’d be a bigger fuss over why Silver was even relevant and over what the point was for Silver’s future being devoid of life if it went unanswered. The arc was going on long enough as it was, mostly due to the pandemic causing delays, they did well enough to keep the pace as tight as it was without leaving too many dangling plot-threads, if any.
  11. And why is Silver’s future the way it is? That’s the foreshadow, dude: something about the Metal Virus in the present leads to Silver’s bleak future, and is the reason he’s still around to help fix things before it happens. And the answer connecting the foreshadow is the Zombots turning to dust 200 years later when Silver returns as the world’s sole survivor. I don’t see how the answer being that simple makes it lazy or half-assed. Predictable? Maybe, but I sure as hell didn’t guess it anymore than I would’ve guess the Metal Virus being a new form of roboticization had Archie continued. Zombots turning to dust being the fate and the explanation behind it that results in it wasn’t said out loud until issues later. For all anyone knew, rather than self destructing, someone might’ve attempted a cure only to kill them and the zombots in the attempt, or intentionally wiped themselves along with the zombots out in a last ditch effort not to be infected (in bleak settings like a zombie apocalypse, choosing to die rather than be infected isn’t unheard of). Or with the Zeti’s getting involved, who knew what they could’ve done to them instead after infecting the world.
  12. Just a heads up—yeah, he does during the Fight for Angel Island arc (actually one of the better issues during Penders era, being that it was written by Karl Bollers) as an operative of Eggman post issue-125. He’s promptly thrown to a watery death by Super Knuckles. I figured I’d tell you that anyway since you didn’t really care about the character. You’re definitely not likely to care about him there either, even if you like the arc.
  13. Considering how close they were to losing, that’s anything but arbitrary given how it was foreshadowed—COVID-19 aside, I thought it was great foreshadowing given how long they kept the cause a secret until they approached the climax, giving an extra sense urgency and stakes, as if they fail at this moment, it’s over for the entire world and irreversible by that point. Also makes Silver that much key to dealing with it too given his earlier warnings and showing that being infected is the second worst thing compared to what’ll happen next—a soulless drone who can’t do anything about their fate and is stuck like that for 200 years is damn grim. Likely Wendy Witchcart and her lackeys, I’m assuming. Which I’m not happy to hear, if true, given how I was looking forward to seeing what part she could‘ve played—I suppose it’s naught since Starline was used to retrieve the Magic Conch in her place, but still. Tho I suppose her crystalmancy would’ve made dealing with the virus a bit too easy given she could just crystallize them in place. If not them, then yeah, no clue who that’s referring to.
  14. Really wish that “Male characters can’t wear clothes” mandate was axed, because man I can imagine them wearing some equally snazzy or awesome outfits.
  15. I mean if they made another one, they’d risk burning themselves out anyway. Don’t want risk exhausting the writing with another apocalypse. Makes me all the more upset Archie ended before they reached their own relaxation period—at least it ended on a helluva high note tho.
  16. I mean if they made another one, they’d risk burning themselves out anyway. Don’t want risk exhausting the writing with another apocalypse. Makes me all the more upset Archie ended before they reached their own relaxation period—at least it ended on a helluva high note tho.
  17. Wait, they didn’t? How she even get in then? EDIT: Nevermind, I saw the answer above. I take back what I said then.
  18. Well clearly Sega can’t strike a decent chord if it stabbed them in the ear if that’s the case. I can’t see any problem with making Lanolin an actual character.
  19. Sniper Wolf was more sultry, so probably not the best example for Whisper despite the blatant Sniper Wolf parallel she is.
  20. I still prefer Nigel Acorn—Max ain’t got shit on that laser sword and shield combo. Not to mention Nigel could be firm without being a dick.
  21. Really makes you hate the “Game characters can’t have families” mandate, huh?
  22. No wonder, I don’t shop at Target for games. XD Probably wouldn’t have picked it up either way.
  23. I have never heard of Sonic Pinball Party until now...
  24. This is more like NiGHTS meets Kirby. 80 different unique costumes? Good lord. And seeing Naka and Oshima back together on a completely new IP really shows what Sega lost out on.
  25. It’s less that I’m not interested and more that I’m holding things to the same standard. I know what the OP asked, and I’m going to reiterate the standard people have made when it comes to alternate characters: they should stay in their alternate settings. Okay...
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