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  1. Hey, welcome to the fanbase. I think it's just that we expect a lot out of the series. I've only seen Tentomon say that SA1 and 2 weren't near perfect (I'm probably misunderstanding that as well), but everyone else just seems to point out the flaws in the games in that, although they were great games, they had some flaws in them that need some really drastic improvements. Same goes for any other game as well. The Adventures are among the best in the series, but you do have to be mindful that there are flaws that can really devastate the appeal. A lot of the aspects of the game that are praised are have those that are criticized in their execution, such as the treasure hunting in SA2, or Amy's stages in SA1. It's probably moreso the concepts of each game that have people welcoming the idea of a second game. Heroes had a really interesting concept with the thought of having a team of characters move through a stage. Problem was that it's execution wasn't as up to par as the potential of the concept itself. I'd say go with the flow, but really, I think the best advice would be to learn how to cope with how people can change their opinions quickly. So long as you can keep from getting too personal and too heated up over the shifting thoughts, it's not really something to get tensed up about. Can you understand where I'm coming from with this?
  2. ArtFenix, you sound a little tense with the way people are responding to your disagreements. What's up? Do you feel ganged up on or what?
  3. This was to compete with Mario 64 right (or was it Sunshine)? It's funny to see how much Mario did with very few button inputs himself where as you had to press a single button multiple times in order to complete a single action for Sonic. Although, to be fair, the actions were a little more automatic in Sonic's case. If you were near a gate that required you to somersault under it you could just somersault, and you didn't always have to press the button several times just to do so. Not always, at least.
  4. Even if the gameplay wasn't broken and it was still the same with little content whatsoever, you wouldn't want to explore anything. It lacked anything that drove you to explore the hub worlds. I think a better idea for that would be to have the huge overworld be divided into levels themselves, or Zones if you want to be nostalgic. It would seem balanced enough if you have this really big playground to use, yet you have these smaller zones that either aren't as engaging as the overworld or the other way around. It could be classic in the sense that you don't need all these portals and such just to get to the level, as you can just go from one level to the next. At the same time it would be new in the sense that you know how each level section of the overworld is connected to each other, and you can find means to tranfer from different locations on your own time. If you wanted to reach Hydrocity while your in Lava Reef, you could look for the tunnel that bridges the two. Or if you wanted to get to the Egg Carrier in the sky, just hijack a flying enemy that has the strength to get you there and fly into the sky. ...I think I'm going to have fun experimenting with this idea.
  5. I've only played the first section of the game up to the point where I first got the jetpack. It was fun, although I did struggle a bit with the aiming behind cover part. I haven't played GOW yet, so it was a wierd experience for me at first. The beginning section where you first try out the jetpack in full flight was pretty fun. And I'm surprised at how I could still tell up from down despite flying upside downwards at times. The targeting system, however, felt way too off at times. The Starfox series uses a double crosshairs to help with targeting further foes, while this one used a single crosshair and I would end up missing the ships I was aiming at until I got close enough to get my hits off. Sadly, I never played much after that, I got too caught up in playing Spider-man: Web of Shadows to even bother with it until I had to return both of the copies to Blockbuster. It was good while it lasted tho.
  6. So? This isn't about what happened in the video games, this is on a comic adaptation of a video game. Unleashed has already done the Werehog, but the comics barely did so themselves. So technically he hasn't really been introduced in the comics except for that one time it was used to advertise the game. And frankly, Dark Gaia hasn't even been introduced in the comics yet, so he isn't "gone" per se. It was the same character as regular Sonic, but in a werehog's body. They're two different forms, not two different characters.
  7. I've played up to Ch.4 (I just recently got it). The game so far is much different than I was expecting. When I saw the trailers, the action looked non-stop and as if you're in full control of the characterl like in FF7 Crisis Core. Needless to say, it was a bit disappointing when I found out that wasn't the case. The trailers showed it more like Devil May Cry meets Advent Children, and so that's what I was expecting before getting this game. However, that's not exactly too much of a bad thing. The ATB system is much better than being a turn based one, and so you don't have to wait until your opponent or teammate finishes their attack. Even more so, it almost simulates a real battle in a sense, except for the breif momment to fill your gauge. It has more energy than I thought it would have once I started playing it, because at first I thought it was being a little too hyped up. It's a good game really, though I wouldn't say the best. Something about it doesn't exactly feel like something I really saw in this game, and I can't describe what it is. And since we're talking about the characters... Sazh is by far the best character that I've seen so far. He's the common sense and rational kind of guy. He'd rather get things done without too much trouble, like an actual person unlike some of the traits others posses. I found him really funny as well, such as in Ch.1 when Lighting was about to jump across a bridge and leave him behind. Sazh: "Hey, wait. Don't leave me here!" Lighting: "Let go of me!" Sazh: "Hell no, you're my only way out of here!" Although I can't exactly agree with everything else. Lighting is not too bad a character, with her being from a military unit. She's really nothing similar to Cloud, as she is a lot more reactionary and explosive, much less grim (although she is still has some sulk to her), and has a much greater survivalist kind of nature to her. However, she really is quite a bitch on top of all of that. Punching Snow several times and bearing her sword at his neck and the attitude she had with it by berating him as well, all because he didn't do a good job at protecting her sister...Cloud wasn't quite like that, and from what I can tell she didn't do a good job at protecting Serah either. I guess you could describe her as Cloud w/hormones? Although I prefer to think of her as a whole different character, because although she'll help others, she'll simply leave you behind without a second thought if you can't keep up. That bitchy attitude of hers is something that makes her someone I really want to hate, but at the same time I end up liking her. Cloud is a campfire compared to Lighting; She's a full blown forest fire! Snow is a bit...hardheaded? I can't describe him well. He's wishwashy with me: there are times when he is interesting, and then there are times when he falls flat. The whole "hero" was just something that didn't work well with him, except when he was in the fal'Cie trying to get to Serah. He isn't a pedophile tho, he's just really really talk compared to his fiance, who is 18 years and legal. There's not really a lot I can say about him tho. He's sort of average as a character in my view. Vanille...I must be in the minority when I say that I actually like her characterization. She's energetic, sweet, cheery, and cute, although she does come across as quite a ditz. I can't exactly call her stupid for wanting to explore that temple ruins in Ch.3 before that flying beast came at her. I certainly know I would've done the same thing if I felt there was no one out there who would attack me, and I'm sure you guys would too. And besides, that flying beast would've came after the group regardless, as it already had its sights on them. Vanille just happened to be the unfortunate one to be preyed on first before the group came in, but it's a good thing she knows when to run. Where as some of the other characters are looking at the worst of things, even those as rational as Sazh, she always sees a brighter side to it, or atleast looks for one. I'm not usually a fan of overly preppy characters, but Vanille somehow seems to be a really big exception in my case. Some of those very traits I like can end up becoming annoying, but there's some parts where I really find her hard to hate. For some strange reason, that Austrailian accent she has makes her sound cuter and actually fits somehow. It was weird to hear at first, but when I got used to it, I hardly even noticed it. Pretty much the only character who I don't particularly like is Hope. Mainly because of the unrealistic way he processes his information about his mother's death. Somehow, Snow "tricked" his mother into fighting PSICOM when his mother was the one who volunteered, and he was right there when the whole thing happened. IIRC, Snow was going to escort the group safely at first, but the group instead wanted to fight, and while he seemed to not want them to do so he went along and let them get armed up, asking the people whether or not they would volunteer in the fight. If you did, you fought, if you didn't want to, they you don't fight. His mother wanted to fight, and she did, and she died in the process and Hope was right there watching the whole thing when his mother fell to her death despite seeing that Snow was trying to save her in the first damn place. But I guess the hormones in him seem to influence that at his young age. What I really disliked about him was how he was so reluctant to say what he wanted about the whole thing to Snow, and he did so several times. What's even more ridiculous is how Snow actually had the kid's safety in mind whenever he was nearby, and he made it more than obvious. I don't know, maybe there's just something about that aspect that I just don't like about Hope. He's not one that I would call "emo" (maybe not yet), but I certainly don't think he's very likable. Here's hoping he shapes up as I go further through the game. That's all I have on the character's so far. A lot of them are somewhat human in their attitudes, although because of that very same aspect of them, the very traits you can like can also be the very ones you can hate at the same time...except Sazh, he's impossible to hate from what I've seen. That's 1 rep for you, sir.
  8. Oh there will be some turning point that'll probably happen in the future. Whether or not we'll live through to see it is something else worth talking about. What's funny during that era is that the Indians were the ones who taught the colonists how to survive in the American lands when they didn't have much of a clue about the New World. And yet still insisted they were savages simply because they didn't look the way they did, and don't get me started on whole Revolution. Of course, this is just judging by current standards. I don't know how logic worked during that time. But anyway... Yes, instead of seeking to understand something that is different and then make a decision, human nature generally decides to hate and destroy what is different in an attempt to get rid of it. It seems like a defense mechanism to many people, but I personaly find that nature to be one that'll seriously backfire on us humans the more we try to be prejudice and discriminate against other people for being something different. In any case, BET seems to be one of the main media outlets that isn't one to shove the "Well Sonic hasn't done well since 3D" junk like other outlets do. That's not to say that any of the 3D games were that good, but with all the more senseless drama around Sonic in how he sucks so much I find it relieving that there are those who actually support the hedgie. Although, the reason for doing so isn't because of the games. However, I do have to ask why in the world would the OP want to point this out as a way to ridicule the outlet itself?
  9. By people just as ignorant as the people they're trying to talk down on. Funny how things can go around in such circles, ain't that right S0NIC Toadstool? And that is going in my sig.
  10. But Shadow's practically the only character to use guns and vehicles. So technically he would be black...and he is. So therefore, Shadow is the only gangsta character in the series.
  11. Okay, as much as I agree with all the other things you've said, MrROBOTO1988, I do have a problem with people bluntly telling others to get over something they don't particularly like. Even if I don't agree with their likings, I'm not one who usually likes to hear "get over it" as a way for them to settle their dislikings. That's one of the ways people end up going for each other's throats, because they feel forced to like what they don't. I know there are somethings people do need to get over, but I'm not entirely sure Sonic's look is one of them.
  12. Sonic isn't a fawks, jack off! Lemme fix that for ya. In any news, I'm actually very surprised at how Archie manages to keep this comic series going and adding in fresh material to keep things moving along. Random thought, I know, but the way they transition to really new things so smoothly is something I really have to give props for. People don't like all these characters in the comics, but honestly the comics is the one place where they should have all these characters. And they don't even mash them in one plot...least not all the time.
  13. That's certainaly....wierd for BET. I'd say they were doing it because these are the characters they like, but...eh. I understand that the whole race thing is out of place for talking about certain videogame characters, especially for someone who is actually blue in color, but I don't see why we have to be so condecending of an article that actually praises the Blue Blur when he's been getting nothing but senseless RAEG on certain aspects of his games. That's fucked up, yo. And besides, he is kind of "black" with his breakdancing. Not 100%, but I can see another reason to call him partially so.
  14. I thought it was the same price as STH, last I checked. Contradicting your sig, I see.
  15. Well you do grace Tails more than you do Sonic himself, so that's kind of expected...
  16. At least rent it before you actually buy it, that way if you don't like the game you don't have to fork over all your cash. That's what I did, and I can safely say it was good enough for me to consider getting the full game.
  17. Neither. I play for fun, and I couldn't care less if I had -1000000 points or was walking like a snail so long as I have fun with the game. Then again, Sonic Labyrinth wasn't exactly fun because of how slow it is, so I guess I do care about how fast I can go.
  18. Meh, I know I'm probably in the minority when I say this, but I'm actually glad the Iron Queen lasted as long as she has. I thought she would screw up the good impression I had of her when she usurped the title as head of the EE, but she's actually kept pretty stable. I'd love to see Eggman return as much as the next person, but Regina actually makes a good replacement villain for the heroes to focus on while Eggman is putting his head back together. In a sense, she's more dangerous the Eggman since she can actually control every simple thing that runs on such advance technology, straight down to the nanites in New Mobotropolis and all without too much effort. I honestly don't want to see her disposed of too easily or killed off at all. I'd atleast hope she ends up regressed as Eggman's sub-boss with the Eggman himself back incharge. But honestly, I was a bit doubtful how Eggman's replacement would be, but I'm actually enjoying how they've kept the story going with the new villainess. Here's hoping she stays and appears in the future once she loses...who knows? Wierd laugh is still wierd tho, but I guess that's one of her trademarks.
  19. Still at Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. This time, I got a bit further and fought Black Cat. You will not believe how fun it is getting your ass kicked by her. Seriously. The fight was so much fun for me, I wish it lasted longer. Despite how much I enjoyed the fight, I still beat her in the end. It's kinda funny, and even slightly dirty depending on how you see it, the way that Black Cat teases Spidey the whole fight. She seems to enjoy it as much as I did. The aerial battles are absolutely amazing when you get the hang of it in the fight as well. When you get the timing done right (and if the camera doesn't get too screwy at times), you'll barely even touch the ground during the whole fight. Honestly, of all the games that try to give you the sensation of fighting high off the ground, this game certainly delievers more that most of them that I've played. Even Devil May Cry 3 looks somewhat sorry compared to it (and I still haven't played Bayonetta, so don't even bother with me on that). You have to be careful of her counters though, as Black Cat'll block you web-strike attempts several times before you can actually get at her. Then there's the wall-crawling fights, which although they're not as fun as the aerial fights, are well worth their merit. I ended up siding with Black Cat right after I beat her. Kinda wierd how she takes such an extreme beat down and then offers you a choice to work with her or to deny her advances. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the Black Cat. However, despite these excitements on the gameplay, the game overall has it's flaws that really glare out though. The camera seems to give you the finger at times when you get to the top of a building and want to adjust it. It's either too sensitive or to jacked up, because it'll have you point right at the ground you're standing on to having you looking all the way into the sky when you want to simply look foward. The voice acting also needs more work. It's not bad, but it's not particularly good. I stand by what I said on the characterization. It seems to actually suit the game depending on how you want to go through it, since it is one of those games that has you making good choices or bad ones. However, the voices seem to make or break depending on the character and their response to the environment. Spider-man himself for example has a voice that will have you go on and off on how good it is then sinking to becoming mediocre or bad in general. Luke Cage seems to be okay, and Black Cat's voice is alright herself even though it could use more polish to it. Air combat, although fun, can have you forget which way is up or down due to the camera screwing up the experience. The same goes for wall-crawling, although it doesn't suffer too much compared to fighting in the air. Once you get out of it, you're just fighting the cam in order to position it at the center. Pretty much the main flaw is the camera. If this part of the game was fixed up more, it could save a lot of the other aspects of the game, minus the voice acting since that isn't part of the gameplay itself. The voices need more work, but other than that it's a pretty decent game so far. You can have a bit of fun beating up certain bad guys running amok in the streets if you feel like doing so, although it can get incredibly old after awhile. The game might be a love or hate depending on how you guys may see it, as some of these flaws can be quite a major issue to where some might not want to touch the game. More patient people might be somewhat more lenient towards these issues. All in all tho, it seems like this was well worth the rent for me. I'm gonna purchase the full game as soon as possible.
  20. I understand the woman is fat a hell and all but...why the hell is this even news anyway? (and I mean beside for our enjoyment/disgust...whatever you want to call it)
  21. Ya know, you've done a lot more lurking than I'm used to seeing. How'd that happen?

  22. That's not what I'm saying. It doesn't matter what part of it you care about, going to such extreme detail in an effort to prove the new design as inferior is something that is incredibly trivial to do. That's not to say you can't prefer the older design, and I mean no offense when I say this, but you come off as annoyingly pedantic with all this detail just to say that you like the older design more. Barely. I just got done looking at a few scenes from SA2, Heroes, 06, and Unleashed's models to see what you meant. What I saw each time is that when the legs bend while in motion they only curve rather than buckle at an angle like hoses. They bend just like they do in the classic sprites. And even if that was the case, what exactly would be the problem with the legs bending like hoses in the first place? That sounds like an incredibly minor detail to pick at. No, I think it was a preference that you have against it; that there's a charm that is lacking within the newer design that you favor in the older design. However, in this preference of the older design, you seem to pick at more unimportant details that you can basically find in the older design as well or some of which you seem to be making up just to justify your preference of the older design. The eyes, I can sort of understand despite how senseless the arguing over them has become. The torso too, because they do stand out very much when it appears to make him taller than he should be in games like Sonic 06 even though he never goes past the 3 ft height standard he was made with (I mean come on, he was still shorter than Elise and as tall as the kids were in the hub world). The bending legs, however, not so much. That's one of the things that goes beyond nitpicking when you call that out.
  23. To know how it might not be a cheap win-button would be one, seeing as how many people continue to see it as such. Given that I've seen enough to know that the homing attack won't be such a cheap move, I'm opting for music.
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