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  1. This is more like NiGHTS meets Kirby. 80 different unique costumes? Good lord. And seeing Naka and Oshima back together on a completely new IP really shows what Sega lost out on.
  2. It’s less that I’m not interested and more that I’m holding things to the same standard. I know what the OP asked, and I’m going to reiterate the standard people have made when it comes to alternate characters: they should stay in their alternate settings. Okay...
  3. Okay, this video made my day...


  4. I mean, yeah, Knuckles doesn’t have to be involved in every story (not that anyone’s saying that). But I can still understand the fear that Sega might end up being over-restrictive for this. Time will tell how this ends up being handled tho.
  5. I seriously doubt it’s so restrictive that he can’t leave it anymore, and this is one of the few mandates I approve of although I find it unnecessary to demand from Ian given that he’s always done an excellent job keeping that part of Knuckles in mind at all times, unlike Sega. He should be able to leave for strong reasons: threats literally on his island’s doorstep, his island falling because of a far away threat affecting it, A worldwide threat like the Shattered World Crisis in Archie and Tikal requesting him to investigate something to help deal with it. If they’re saying Knuckles can’t leave for any reason, then I’m gonna say yes, Sega clearly have not been reading my (and other’s) countless posts over this very well and are misconstruing suggestions because no doubt I’m the cause of that mandate and I’ve made it perfectly clear how this can be handled while involving him in stories. (Oh yeah, I’m gonna fully own this one. Been arguing about this for years ) That said, Sega shouldn’t be this dense. As much as I approve them acknowledging this, they really didn’t need to outright mandate it like that if that’s actually case. Tho, I’ll admit, I find it hard to be too upset when for years I’ve been outright told to my face countless times that Angel Island and the Master Emerald are irrelevant and should be retconned out of existence, so this is a bit vindicating to a degree for me.
  6. I meant more in terms of “scripting” as opposed to just dialogue. I figured that was understood, so sorry if I wasn’t clear on my end.
  7. No, but it is being a hypocrite to treat them as if they’re better fits to the game setting than other characters before them who’ve been given that same treatment with redesigns, or to act like that can’t be done for characters in alternate settings and treat them as irrelevant for being older. A lot of people have already shown their hands on this idea when this is brought up even with (especially with) Tangle and Whisper being around, so I’m gonna hold people to that same standard for these two. And I don’t care how new IDW is—Mighty and Ray took decades before finally being retooled and used strictly for the Classic series (the subject of which is another discussion entirely), and Classic Sonic himself took over a decade of clamoring for him to return until it was finally given. I’d doubt you’d call them irrelevant now, and I’d honestly rather people not have to wait so long or their favorite being brushed of as “irrelevant” when they can be given a new lease on life as well—they can offer something just as valuable to gameplay as Tangle and Whisper can, if they haven’t already.
  8. Nice try, but no. Not everyone from the other alternate settings are my favorites— I sure as hell don’t have any strong liking of Sticks, and Longclaw isn’t anywhere close to being my favorite, but I’m aware these have their fans and they should have a shot at appearing as well. The idea that alternate characters should stay in their alternate settings isn’t anything new and has been around long before IDW came about, and I see no reason why that should change now just because the IDW comics have two characters people are fond of unless we’re going to extend that privilege to others. They don’t have to be my favorites, we just need to not be hypocrites about it. Characters that get in should definitely be decided by merit as much as they should by popularity—if we’re not going to do that, then we shouldn’t allow any alternate characters to be in at all.
  9. I already answered why above... And I don’t care if everything isn’t created equally.
  10. In that case, you see this? This is a case of where over-description is a bad thing. Now this is really just a promotional image from Worlds Unite, done under Ian’s time, and it is among the absolute worst things he has ever written (not that he had a choice in the matter, but still.) Too much clutter and not enough space because it wasn’t paced out long enough to work. Now I love details, and I have no problem with a large cast, but there are ways to make this work. World’s Unite is a case of that fumbling due to over-description and bad pacing. Not that this has never worked—he had loads and loads of characters in the previous crossover, Worlds Collide, and it was glorious. But when I mean over-description, I mean taking 100 words to say what could have been said in 10.
  11. Not really. That’s actually how comics are written. It’s similar to writing a book or a screenplay—you’re painting a picture with words. Not that they don’t have their own nuances that set each other apart, as per its specific medium, but the principles are still the same in general. Comics can suffer from over-description and infodumps just like every other form of storytelling. And believe me, I’ve found plenty of cases in comics where that has happened—check out Archie Sonic issues written by Ken Penders if you want examples.
  12. Not only that, but if he takes that long and still has nothing to show for it then it really sells how much of an asshole he was for engaging in this lawsuit to begin with and having swaths of characters get axed. If I were in his position, I’d at least just demand royalties or something like that for my work and let the characters I made live on while people know I was involved and the one who made them. No need to take away something fans enjoyed only to never let them see the light of day for 10 fucking years, sheesh.
  13. There’s a difference between someone perceiving that their favorite is being short changed and someone making shit up that isn’t true (or “lying” in other words) and calling that “[their] perspective,” and for years Sonic fans have a frequent tendency and love of lying about things for one reason or another. So perspective can kiss my ass when anyone is doing that and expecting people to accept it, because people tend to know better than that. I’ll accept different opinions, but no one should tolerate lying. Not that anyone has done that here, but just something that needed to be pointed out.
  14. Either keep the comic characters in the comics or let every universe (X, Archie, AoSTH, Boom, etc.) get involved in the games. No exceptions.
  15. You think with how much time has past he’d have made some serious progress. It’s been years now.
  16. Let’s not forget that Silver in pre-reboot Archie had nothing but literal scraps of information to work on and was clueless because he was trying to piece them together only to discover it was the wrong answer—if you, I, or anyone else were in his place, we’d fuck things up too. At least he was trying to do his research, unlike his game counterpart where he jumped at the call out of desperation based on what a complete stranger told him.
  17. Goddammit, I know you love me but for once can you STOP JUMPING ON ME WITH YOUR SHARP ASS CLAWS DAMMIT!!!!

    (Talking to the dog here)

    1. Polkadi~☆


      i didn't know your dog had a sonic stadium account

    2. iambitter21


      I wish my dog was still here...

    3. dbzfan7


      You didn't pay the belly rubs tax.

  18. Not trying to be insensitive, but I’ve never heard of this guy until now. Still, RIP.
  19. Okay, so I haven’t fully kept up with this topic (as usual) for the past year or so. Which I suppose is a good thing. But I came in just to ask one simple question: How much of this project has he actually completed? He isn’t still on his first book, is he?
  20. As long as you acknowledge you changed your mind, is not really a contradiction. If you said something along the lines of “His name was Robotnik” then went and said “I always believed his name was Eggman,” well that just makes the case already.
  21. No, I’m pretty sure I did not considering the fact that even the other games after them don’t even come close to selling more than a fraction of what they do outside their home country, and the franchise as a whole historically never did well in Japan even during the Genesis era of the 90s when it was leagues more popular and quality-made than it is now to the point it gave the juggernaut that was the Mario franchise a run for his money. And Sonic X being bad doesn’t refute this—that they never aired the third season in Japan and made it exclusive to the west until years later only reinforces the fact that Sonic has always faltered to succeed in Japan. That’s why this comic actually doing well over there is surprising, because it’s a first for this franchise in nearly 30 years.
  22. If that was really the case, games like SHTH and Sonic 06 should’ve sold like hot cakes in Japan back in the day and Sonic X would’ve been a success over there rather than bombing so hard that they didn’t even bother airing its third, much darker season until almost a decade later after we got it here in the west. I’d chalk it up more to the medium being a major factor due to how much they consume manga/comics compared to the west.
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