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  1. That is shocking. What the hell are they doing wrong with getting the games this good of attention in their home country then? (Besides making them good—I know you smartasses better than you think these days) Part of me wants to say the usual in that they suck at advertising, but I don’t fully know how they market them compared to how they market in the west.
  2. I want to say this sounds hard to believe, even from Trump. Then again, no one expected him to almost start WWIII with attacking an Iranian General...
  3. “We were breastfed, actually.”

    Okay, where the fuck was that ever said?!

    1. The Tenth Doctor
    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

       At 2:45. Although the quote is supposed to be "I was breastfed, actually", not "We were breastfed, actually", unless the joke is repeated elsewhere in the film.

    3. Thigolf


      If someone said this was said in Underground, I would've totally believed them

    4. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      @Blue Blood It's worded that way because it's a response to a plural adaptation of the formula line that this site also uses. 

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Nothing else is made plural though?

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      It was singular but they edited it to be plural later on. Makes it sound less weird out of context when you apply it to an entire community lol

  4. Yeah, like the other Sonic cartoons, it certainly didn’t age well. I remember watching the pilot a year ago, and was thinking to myself, “wow, was the script this bad?” Although that really just depended on the episode, as some were decently written. It and AoSTH are definitely fondly remembered tho. Man, I miss those golden ages. If they ever decided to do a remake (which is doubtful right now), they’d definitely have less problems with viewership in this age of streaming where the viewer picks what they want to watch instead of the network deciding the slot to place it or can it outright that occurred back then.
  5. As far as the shipping wars go, in all fairness, this issue predates Ian. When I got back into Archie around the early 90-100 issues in Penders era, it was a war between fans of Sally and Mina Mongoose over who Sonic would be with due to the love triangle they were pitching, so that certainly didn’t help matters either when Ian came in. It wasn’t a thing on these forums, to my knowledge at least, but I know I was definitely on camp Sally at the time due to having been used to that pairing. Definitely for the better Ian decided to not go along with that, not that I still wouldn’t support SonicXSally if they kept it . Probably didn’t help any further when before Ian took the reins they basically paired Sonic (or Scourge rather, IIRC) with most of the major female characters, even Bunnie Rabbot of all people.
  6. Given how Sega mandated how Shadow should be presented in IDW in a manner that really didn’t sit right with a lot of people, I think people are justified in being wary of the mandates. Nevermind that they also mandated Two Worlds, which I’m sure many would’ve rather IDW not do to begin with. Rather hard to say they’re simple over keeping characters in character only for them to come off as contradicting for certain other characters. I’d like to give some benefit of the doubt, but Sega’s track record isn’t really good to take much value in what they say and intend.
  7. So basically, the rule of thumb here is that if Karl Bollers is at the helm, the issue is actually good—in essence, he was the Ian Flynn of Penders era. But if Penders is at the helm, you just want to shudder at the writing—sure, he had some good ideas: Enerjak, Lien-Da, and what not, but he’s a terrible writer all in all. Can we get Karl back for IDW Sonic? I can only imagine what a tag team of him, Flynn, and Stanley could cook up. EDIT: Hell, we might even be able to get Mina back! (Or not, but hey, I can dream)
  8. And here I thought I had a lot of outlandish ideas.
  9. That is fucking hard to say. Though I might lean more towards Paramount having more creativity since they actually listened to criticism when they fucked up and we’re quick as hell to fix their first attempt upon the initial trailer’s poor reception. Were it Sega, they would’ve dragged their feet or ignored things altogether. I don’t mind alternate takes on Sonic so long as it well written and interesting, and those that aren’t—like Sonic Boom—tend to not bother me so long as they don’t force other takes to follow their direction at their creative expense.
  10. And part of that has more to them not really developing it any further to be interesting. It’s stale, doesn’t do much new that Generations already brought to the table beyond the Rookie and Episode Shadow, hence the stagnation. I’ll be fair to say that maybe it was a test bed for some new ideas in the future, hence why they made the rookie, but it does very little new with Sonic himself (both Classic and Modern).
  11. I wasn’t really implying it was intentional malice. Either way, it’s just plain bad writing. Really goes to show how the developers were going in a completely separate direction than not only the fans, but over what was already established. Which is ridiculous given Generations making a plot down memory lane only for them to essentially trash that very continuity a few games later when they should’ve known better.
  12. Remember that Sonic is ironically not as big a thing in Japan than he is in the West, and hardly has been. Not trying to dismiss people’s points, just adding more to the context.
  13. We practically said the same thing after Sonic 06 bombed right after the poor critical reception of ShTH. Then Unleashed turned things around with its daytime gameplay, which while consisting half of the game was still considered a massive improvement compared to the game before. Then after that came Colors and Generations. If there’s anything to be learned from this, it’s that this franchise has been through worse—despite how Forces did, it still doesn’t come anywhere near close to being as bad as Sonic 06. It had a lot of lazily made moments and wasn’t great, and we can insult it to hell and back on how stale it was for basically trying to be a “Generations 2.0” in all but name and hardly doing fuck all beyond the Rookie’s gameplay, but while it isn’t something to be praised it’s still a far cry from being an absolute travesty. Believe me when I say, things aren’t as bad as they seem. Stale and boring, yes. But again, not as big a travesty as the past before it was. And that’s without getting into how big a piece of shit this fandom was back then as well, despite some bad habits still sticking around when people should know better.
  14. I think it’s also important to note that weakness =/= cowardly, which is what people have become frustrated with Tails as of late. This is the same character that stormed Alcatraz with the security on par with Pearl Harbor in World War 2, practically by himself. And he did that to free his friend that was arrested by these very forces, essentially becoming a criminal in the process. Then when his friend was jettisoned to space, took it upon himself to honor that friend and fight their archenemy in their place in a critical moment when the world was on the line. He went from that to fleeing at the sight of Chaos 0’s illusion in Forces, under practically the same circumstances.
  15. You don’t have to be a top-ranked powerhouse like Sonic to be a good fighter. He has his own strengths and weaknesses to use in a fight. I don’t expect him to go toe-to-toe with someone like Shadow, but he should still be able to put up a decent effort in a pinch—funny you don’t include X, because while he certainly wasn’t much of a fighter there he sure as hell didn’t hesitate to at least try to stall someone like Shadow when he wanted to protect someone, even if he barely did much to even budge him, which is more than can be said for how he acted in Forces when Sonic was put down.
  16. You can blame the Mario-like direction of Lost Worlds for that analogue. Also, where can we submit Q&As for Bumblekast again? I have a question about the Metal Virus and it’s original use for Archie comics that I just realized and want to verify.
  17. Zavok looks more like a Bowser-clone reject otherwise. Outside of the comics, he and the Deadly Six are pretty underwhelming as villains. Here and in Archie? They earn their titles as Deadly.
  18. The Brazilian President is taking hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19...


    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Trumpian Stupidity is apparently just as contagious as COVID-19.

    2. Polkadi~☆


      look, when he said he'd make brazil more like the US, i didn't think he meant it so literally

  19. Nope. The script has. Even the best VA can suffer when the script is atrociously written. Rodger Craig Smith is an excellent voice actor given his voicing of Ezio Auditore, but listening to him read the script in Forces is baaad.
  20. That one aspect they need to pull the stick out of their ass over if that’s the case. And by “they”, I mean Sega—I’d bet IDW would keep that part of Nicole intact if they had the chance.
  21. Not seeing how SA2 was different than SA1 in that regard. It was more the stuff that came after it and Heroes that was really trying to hard to be dark and edgy.
  22. Because the writer, Ian Flynn and his comic team, actually knows how to make a story good and puts actual effort into his work. He knows the characters well—insofar as the way he’s told to write them, because the way he wrote Shadow more than likely isn’t the way he would’ve like to have him act given that his previous works with Shadow have him using his head better than he did in the Metal Virus arc. And he knows how to set up a narrative and adhere to “Show, don’t Tell” when making it. Standard stuff, really, but goes to show what Forces did wrong in its attempt. If you gave the Sonic IDW team the opportunity to remake Forces’s story, it would look a hell of a lot better than it original did—it won’t be perfect, Ian’s still got some writing hiccups he needs to work on that he’s had some trouble with since he was working on Sonic during his Archie years, but it would be far from the lazy attempt Forces had. And if what happens in Forces is too dark for children, they wouldn’t last a minute watching a classic Disney film like Lion King, Pinnochio, or even modern ones like the Incredibles.
  23. There’s not that much to change with Nicole beyond her, if you ask me. She’s already had two or even three completely separate origins, but she still remained a sentient computer/AI that was always loyal and friendly. I sort of forgot about Dulcy since she was made separate from the FF come the reboot, but I’d love to see how they’d reuse her if they had the chance.
  24. The main spirit of Sally and the Freedom Fighters isn’t too different to what their reboot versions are, but if I had to summarize: -If Sally absolutely can’t be a royal princess (which I don’t see why the hell she can’t given we already had two in a single game together), she can still be a high ranking authority figure who leads and sets up plans of actions. A field commander of a sort, like Major Makoto Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell or General Leia in the Star Wars Sequels (yes, I know the sequels sucked, I’m just using an example here) -Antoine and Bunnie are the ones who need the least change. Keep their marriage, accents, and personalities as well as Bunnie’s cybernetics. I kinda liked how their rebooted incarnations were, so quite frankly, the only thing you’d be doing is adding more to them -Rotor, to me, had the most interesting changes to him with his father being an Egg Boss serving Eggman’s beck and call. Given that there’s no Egg Bosses anymore (which sucks), the most you’d be changing is his backstory. I can’t really say how to go about changing that, so I can only judge the end result. They can be individuals who are connected to Sonic and have their separate ways and come together when the need arises, or be kept as a group. They were already doing both, so either one isn’t a huge bother. All in all, not a hard thing to accomplish. Ian is more likely to nail this than Sega, so the less input the latter has beyond giving them the OK to appear, the better.
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