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  1. Kudos, Digital Spy, for shitting all over Sonic in front of the general public. (Y)

  2. Well, his music's more Poppy, like Amy. Anyway, I digress. It would be great to see some more works from Hunnid-P and his daft lyrics. No one has even mentioned Knuckles maybe having another Spin-off? That could be a possibility.
  3. Eurgh, people on Facebook who you don't even know calling you sad. -.-

  4. Bring it on. Let's see Knuckles be rougher than the rest of them.
  5. I've had no problems with the mods in the past, though that could be down to my many posts over the past couple of months. I do agree with members when mods appear to side with the more regular, older members here. I never have much to say since members have already said it for me, I see no point in echoing what someone else had said! But yeah, keep up the good work mods! Just contradicted myself, but I have nothing else to say.
  6. Less than 24 hours until The Summer of Sonic!

    1. Danielius


      have fun. I hope to come there next year, I really do :)

  7. Don't know if this has already been covered (it probably has, but I've read the first page and reading another 20-odd pages will take too long, but here's my say on things anyway), but when people think you're "sad" or "childish" for liking the series as a whole at the age of 20+. Leave me alone, I'm reliving my younger teenage years. >:
  8. Oh my God, yes. This. Been a fan of the character ever since I got back into Sonic a couple years back and have always wanted to play the original. Totes worth getting on first day release.
  9. Two more days until The Summer of Sonic! *squeal* I'm so excited!

  10. I actually really enjoy the series. It's unique and quite funny. ...Oh and I really enjoy Family Guy humour. Sure it's overrated, but it's what I enjoy. I'm quite glad I stumbled on to this!
  11. Skrillex's 'Disco Rangers' heavily samples a riff from the Chemical Plant Zone. But isn't this a listing topic, you can't really go far on discussion. Simply go to http://www.whosampled.com/ to find out more.
  12. So is SEGASonic Radio back on the air then?

  13. Pelly's posts are my year of birth. js.

    1. Solkia


      That's creepy that you're stalking her post count.

    2. Tylky


      Yeah, it becomes a habit in this dark ol' town.

    3. Pelly <3's U

      Pelly <3's U

      <3 it's not creepy bb ;D

  14. Just curious, how did you get that screenshot of your old postings? I wanna see if my posts are archived anywhere just to see my 13-year old self! Oh and also, if anyone's interested in my old Sprite Comic website from days of yore, here's the link: http://milesknuckles.bravehost.com/ Enter, if you dare.
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