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  1. Well, no announcement, but, hey we're still getting something. The show was probably that "red herring".............
  2. lets hope billy hatcher gets a few words in
  3. Chao are awesome and they should be in the next Sonic game! They are so much fun to raise and show off to friends! Sonic Team could add more minigames and could even intertwine the chao gardens with the main game by making certain abilities or stats equippable to Sonic through the chao! I don't know! Just put them in the next game PLEASE! I can guarantee if there was a chao garden in Generations it would of sold another million copies. I guarantee it.
  4. Like Wally said, they added the ninja occupation after the modern revival. I wonder why they made him a ninja? Was it possibly to refer to why he was the "Speed" character in Sonic Heroes?
  5. Eggman is one of those characters where even though they're the bad guy and you're suppost to hate them they have a charm to them that still makes you kinda love them. His design lends so much to this. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog got his personality nearly perfect down before he even had a personality. When they redesigned him and gave him dialogue in the 3D games they didn't really find a comfortable place for his personality until Sonic Unleashed.
  6. I'm sorry, but this interested me. Was this a real thing of sorts or what? Did it become Sonic Heroes? Is the clip that this man describes up to see on any websites?
  7. This is the first I've ever seen of this picture. I'm rather sure they didn't use it to advertise the game for a reason.
  8. Shadow is his own character entirely, though. He wasn't created by Professor Gerald Robotnik to be like Sonic, he was made to be the ultimate life form. Although hes basically taken the title of "Evil Sonic" in the games, Scourge is ACTUALLY Sonic just in a different space. Its been a while since I read the plot line but I believe he was originally just like Sonic but more of a jerk but then he attained some powers from the chaos emeralds that turned him green. Apples and oranges.
  9. I don't see why you all are hating on the style. If its ugly, it doesn't make it bad. In The Nightmare Before Christmas all the characters are ugly but they are lovable in personality, which this game depends on artistically. Its not even that ugly anyways, its a cartoon style and for Rayman, I think its completely appropriate. Rayman is zany and so is Globox, and I think the art style perfectly resembles this in the game.
  10. Look at the first page of this topic. Then look at the game. What could've been.
  11. I bought this a few months ago and was addicted to it for about three weeks. After I had developed a console, I felt like I had seen it all, so I stopped playing the game. If you expect to do amazing on your first company you'll be wrong. Trial and error makes this fun as I learn how to make the perfect company from the mistakes my previous company made. It was really fun back when I played it. Theres a sequel coming out? I'll keep a good eye on it.
  12. Deleted all my stuff in Minecraft to give it a newer feel along with the new updates. I can't get over how awesome my base is. I built it a few steps away from my spawn on sand. At first it was a basic house made out of plank and had the essentials in it (toolbox, furnace, chest) but its quickly evolved from that to become much more epic. Behind the house I built a staircase that leads to a lookout tower which I'm building a bridge on to lead to... I don't really know. I'm thinking about making a simple room full of chests that have all my valuable items once I have found more stuff. Ideas for what to have this "bridge" lead to are welcome. Anyways, I have this basic entrance, just a door with a big pit in the front that a creeper blew up and then on the opposite side of that entrance, theres a tunnel that goes through the mountain my house is leaned against to the other side of the mountain, also including a mining shaft in the tunnel. I personally think having a tunnel that runs through the mountain a great idea because my house can easily be ambushed by creepers when day comes around, so I can just go through the tunnel and leave through the opposite side of the mountain to attain the resources I hunger for. Sorry, I get really up and excited about my minecraft.
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