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  1. legends truly do never die....


  2. DEar Obama.i am writing this to let you know i have not been forthright on my taxes.My real name is not DumpTruck Skywalker.

  3. Happy Birthday, come back soon Wearied Flames.

  4. The closest thing to this in game is actually one of the easier stages. It only really starts getting hard at Rabbit and Owl.
  5. Well, Never thought this would have gotten a topic here. I honestly can't even pass Owl. My best on him is around 4/19. The OC this game's been getting's pretty good so far, gotta enjoy it while it's still funny.
  6. Since it hasn't been posted here yet, there's a new (russian) trailer for FFA. It shows a little bit of new footage and, more significantly, reveals the game's villain.
  7. It's easier to kill him when you have an actual team that can cooperate and the other team isn't trying to kill you.
  8. That sounds cool, not too expensive, but fairly cheap. also: This screenshot looks amazing.
  9. Tesla Spikes work well in that regard too, on a semi related note, it would be cool to see them come back in FFA.
  10. Sorry, but I don't think that's gonna happen. While I don't want to shove Knuckles into the story at any given opportunity just because, I'm not going to "abandon my duties".
  11. It's not very good power wise, kinda boring to use, and Its V5 didn't really change anything about its functionality or gave it an extra effect.
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