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  1. Silver fits, but I never really liked Bryce Papenbrook's acting, and it's still pretty bland here. Knuckles sounds so strange. I know he's trying to sound like Travis Willingham, but there's an extra dopey-ness that just doesn't sound right. Blaze is pretty alright.
  2. Ryusuke

    Mega Man

    Mega Man sounds like a deep voiced guy trying to be a kid. Oof. It's like HJO on Sora. Dr. Light sounds fine, though. Keith Silverstein is a good actor, but I wish they could've gone with an older guy for Wily. The Japanese voices are on point, though.
  3. The vocal themes in the Avatar stages give me life.
  4. Can someone send me the link so I can see whatever you guys are talking about for Shadow? O_o
  5. Yeah, that torture line is weird. I wonder if that'll be in the Japanese version, because all it seems like that he just imprisoned Sonic, considering how chipper Sonic is.
  6. WOW. I'm feeling a LOT better about this game now.
  7. I love the series in general and what was good about it is special and is still enjoyable. But, I do think a lot of Sonic Team's games are pretty eh. And, it was kind of a bummer in the 2000s since there was a lot of bad. But, now we have Ian Flynn's comics, Generations, Colors, some of the handheld games, Mania and the Sonic Boom cartoon that's pretty rad (at least to me).
  8. If I had to critique, the scripting sometimes doesn't really fit what the character models are saying, like "Here goes, Partner!" doesn't really match Sonic's animation. And, something about Quinton Flynn's reads feel out of context somehow. Though I think, again, it's probably the script's fault. Knuckles and Infinite are fine, though
  9. Awesome! Updated the opening posted with this. I never really had any problem with this game, but this definitely the most exciting trailer they put out so far.
  10. ;_____; It's so good. The colors, the expressiveness, the song. It's....it's so good...;-;
  11. Against my better judgment, I saw the opening. I...I think I'm in love....
  12. Really, I just want new things. We get thrown so much nostalgia bones for the last decade that anything would be acceptable. Also the MAIN characters changing throughout the story. Not too stuck on status quo. Though, I guess it depends how they do it. It may be a comedy for all I know. But, yeah. I just want to see what IDW can do with Sonic. Not to copy anyone else.
  13. It's alright. My only nitpick is that the instrumental is playing the same part as the vocals are and it's kind of jarring.
  14. That's pretty much all I need to know. Thanks, you two. I'll just start from Worlds Collide and go from there. And I'll check out Mega Man as well.
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