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  1. Raimi did not change anything. Raimi did not follow any character interpretation, but the one he made up and the one he made up was shit. He did not even keep the simplest of themes in Spider-man such as the death of Uncle Ben(How could it be Peter's fault for not stopping a guy who he could see was visibly armed and has no reason to believe that he could dodge a bullet?). You can change character interpretation all you want and I fucking encourage you to do this, but you can't change themes of a franchise and Raimi did that without impunity. Ultimate Spider-man is a decade old and yet does a rather interesting job at sticking with the themes by not killing Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane. They killed off Peter and somehow managed to make something out of it by placing a completely new character to fulfill the mantle. Raimi's Spider-man did nothing inventive with Mary Jane or Peter, but turned her into a whiny overly entitled mess and Peter to someone acts like his life is too centered around his needlessly whiny partner. And even then, I question your willingness to change things that had a place to begin with. I don't mind it unless you have a damn good reason to change it and Raimi had no fucking reason other than to just do so. If you are going to change something that a writer who spent years with the character set in stone, ask yourself what will be accomplished if I did this? Nothing? Okay then, don't change it. Raimi was verging on Tim Burton's Batman territory and I am damn happy that he is done with Spider-man after reading the shit he was planning for Spider-man 4. As for Web's killing of Gwen, even I said that it was off as they already wiped out scenes with Mary Jane, there is no other supporting cast other than those two, and as I said in the post, there is nothing Peter could learn from it. There are ways to kill a character and Webb fucked up as he had no reason to kill Gwen in order to fulfill a great comic event. Webb's problem is that he seems to be in a rush to reach conclusions without thinking how they have gotten to this point. Textbook example: Why is Webb's Spider-man in the costume? Even Raimi was able to logically display the reason as to why Peter chose such a gaudy outfit to wear.The costume is meant to symbolize Peter's sin. He was wrestling in that costume made for him when Uncle Ben died. It serves as a constant reminder why he should never give up helping people in need right then because his actions carry weight. Webb's Spider-man did not do anything that would have him just make a Spider costume other than he was a fan of lucha libre. That is a flaw as was Gwen's death and not because the fact that she was killed off, but how she was killed off. That difference is lost on Webb. Raimi's problem is that he created shit that was completely alien to Spider-man mythos and theme. He wasn't creating anything innovative and was a complete debauchery to the series. Doc Ock became a villain because he was picked on all the time and felt that he was better than every one. He felt that he was always right and everyone else was wrong. His actions are guided by the notion that he is superior to everyone. He is not some guy trying to right what he wronged or trying to redeem himself. And yeah, Raimi did get some aspects of the character right(Did not hurt Aunt May when she tried to stop him from hurting Spidey, used distraction of civillians in danger to hold up Spider-man), but Raimi was creating a sympathetic villain or a villain that Peter was sympathetic to so Peter acted out of character(lack of snark which is intregral to the whole Peter and Octavius dynamic as it is like a snarky internet troll versus a college professor). Raimi missed that for the sake of drama and tension. Don't get me started on Mary Jane. The only constant is that Sony have been complete fucking idiots all-around. If you want to keep bring Fullmetal Alchemist in the picture, what Raimi was doing was like Edward and Al are no longer brothers because fuck it, I feel like they are cousins. What Webb is doing is that he wants to do so many fucking things at once without linking them together and when he tries to, he does it with the grace a four year old mashing legos together like, for the sake of FMA, rushing to introduce Pride without explaining how the fuck Pride came to be. I don't really like either, but I give Webb more kudos for at least not being a snobby fuck who would turn down direction in character because he felt that the type of Spider-man snark was too immature. So fuck off with your misreading. Getting sick of people on this board.
  2. That is not the same because Raimi's trilogy was loathed by fans of the comic books because of how he simplified entire themes and origins as well as characters just to streamline it for the movie. Raimi's Spider-man is for fans who just get a summary of Spider-man that could fit into a nice paragraph while Amazing Spider-man at least tries to cater to the comics(rather poorly) by incorporating events and dialogue from established comic books into some overly convoluted mess. Raimi's Spider-man had a boring romantic interest and a complete fuck up in interpretation in character, Mary Jane, while ASM took elements from Ultimate Mary Jane(just as much as a grade stickler as Peter, revealed his secret identity to rather early into his career, pretty much his only friend) and 616 Mary Jane(gregarious personality) and put them in a Gwen Stacey archetype that's only ties to the character was that she was blonde and was killed in a Green Goblin/Spider-man fight(not even the same Green Goblin). Raimi's Spider-man literally came from nowhere with characterization such as Doctor Octopus(making him sympathetic and then tying him to Peter somehow for the sake of Drama). "But they felt like more complete movies." So? I am a fan of Spider-man. I have read so many Spider-man comics and watched several adaptations that I appreciate a movie that actually gave a shit about the nuances of the characters over a movie that does things for the sake f his arrogant assdirector. Instead for the first trilogy, I get a butchered and shallow Mary Jane, a Peter Parker who has his priorities ridiculously skewed than usual, and characters that ruined the entire theme of the character. Things like the idea of webshooters get thrown out because of some inane justification such as "why is he even called Spider-man if he does not shoot his own webs. This bothered me because it ignores a reoccurring theme called priority. Spider-man runs out of webs because so much is happening his life that he conveniently forgets to restock on them. It is a plot element that it is used to show that the emotional stress of being a vigilante and wanting to still keep a normal life is starting to wane in on Spider-man and show the dangers of his head not being in the game or him being distracted. Can't necessary do that with organic web shooters as it is a lazy element of "stress." Then you have Raimi's Spider-man's informed intelligence while Web's Spider-man regularly showing how intelligent he was(another element lost on the webshooters being organic) and Raimi's Spider-man being neurotic and whiny. Does Peter cry? Yes, Peter is the classical anti-hero. He does doubt himself. He does want cry about his life being a curse, but crying because he no longer wants to help people? Crying because he wants to be happy with Mary Jane(a character who in the movie does not deserve to be happy) and giving up a cause that he would no sooner give up because all of what he lost and what he valiantly fought for? No. That is not Peter Parker. That has more in common to do with his clone Kaine, than Peter. Peter is tragically heroic, not heroically pathetic. Doctor Octopus had no business being sympathetic. Raimi's fucking trilogy took entire themes out of the character of Spider-man and told a completely different story and people rightly pissed about. Full Metal Alchemist simply told two different stories for the sake of time to complete a series which compared to Spider-man which already had 40 years worth of character to tell a story that at least made fucking sense to the movie. Even then, I did welcome a new reboot mainly to do with Raimi's previous handling of the series and I am no way happy with Amazing Spider-man either, but to get on folks for hating Raimi's Spider-man due to this film's shortcomings? Yeah, no. Fuck Raimi. As for the conclusion that Gwen's death did not teach Peter responsibility in the comics, yeah, it did. Amazing fucked that up. One of the key differences between the "Gwen Stacy"s is that Gwen did not know Peter was Spider-man so she died because Peter did not tell her. Of course, it was not in his best interest to because Spider-man had a hand in the death of her father. The moral of her death was supposed to teach Peter that just like his inaction to do something causes pain for other's(Uncle Ben), his action causes it as well. Of course, it was a rather inane lesson simply because it reduces Peter to a bout of consequentialism, but her death does serve a purpose. Amazing Spider-man 2 screwed it up because there was nothing Peter could learn from it. It was literally beyond his control. He did everything right and just like the audience, no one could see Harry going nuts and just seemingly throwing Gwen Stacey down the Clock tower for seemingly no reason(Norman Osborn had the same reason as Harry, but Norman had years of built up frustration with Spider-man's meddling to build a criminal empire. Harry just threw one fit with Spider-man after he said no to a simple request that wasn't really a no, it was more of "maybe we should do more research before we do something rash"). So yeah, color me a bit annoyed with Sony at the moment.
  3. Fixed because you made this little nigga angry
  4. Favorite Protagonist Connor was a fucking breakthrough in video game media. Say what you want about Assassin's Creed 3, everything about Connor felt genuine as every aspect about his culture was respected. Connor's story revealed the hypocrisy of American history's greatest heroes as they willfully led to the genocide of his people and how the war was not exactly revolutionary as it was simply a Civil War fought with an empire that no longer could hold ties with it's people. What I loved about Connor was the detail Ubisoft put into the character by respecting the tribe that the character supposedly came from by asking the tribe about how a person from that tribe acted. This nuance went through the voice acting as Connor really did not express himself or carry much inflection when he was speaking English, but when he was speaking his native language, dude showed a bit of levity as well as sadness. The only time that he was angry while speaking English was when he was in despair and felt betrayed by everyone whom he trusted. What I liked about Assassin's Creed is that it does not act like it does not matter what race your character is and it is shown through Connor. The scene where he shaved his head to resemble a Mohawk was supposed to be symbolic as well as indicative of Connor reclaiming his culture and no longer hiding the fact that he was Native American Mohawk Tribe and it was a moment lost on many people. There needs to be more Connor's in video games.
  5. So it is no secret that I believe that Mass Effect 3's ending fucking ruined the game...hell the series for me. And yes, I still think the extended endings were bullshit too so don't bring that up. But everything else about 3 was intense and dramatic, but this scene got me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmlMVmAeQdw I did not get this scene but my roommate did. He was playing Mass Effect 2 without ever playing the first one so he kept killing Wrex because in the PS3 version's comic, it really kind of paints Wrex as a bad guy. Then Urdnot Wreav became the leader of the Krogan and that is when I kept emphasizing that if you allow the Krogan to reproduce, they are going to fuck up the galaxy. He brought up Eve, and I was like "Are you willing to gamble the fate of the galaxy on that? This guy has already openly claimed that he will lead the Krogan to galactic vengeance. You are a history buff? How did the Germans feel about the end of World War 1? Wreave is Hitler and I am pretty sure Hitler got all the pussy he ever could desire and he still carried out the Holocaust so what makes you think Wreave, a person who sees sex as nothing but reproduction for more soldiers, would give a fuck about appeasing a females? He won't wait for the rest of the galaxy to heal. " After much convincing, he set out to trick the Krogan to assist without curing the genophage while gaining Salarian assistance. Then this scene happened to him. No joke, my roommate was tripping. He could not bring himself to pull the trigger on Mordin, but he had to so he did. I pointed out to him that Mordin never uses pronouns so when he says, "I made a mistake!" It is out of character for him. He could not sleep because of his death
  6. Favorite Moment Spoilers. Do not open unless you have played Spec Ops: The Line, have no interest in playing it, or do not mind being spoiled.
  7. ...You do realize this is Batman right or did DC screw that up too?
  8. I'm hoping that I don't get banned before I post my detailed response in the Feminism topic, but I don't think I can push the envelope that far.

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      What makes you say that anyway?

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  9. Dear people who proudly tweeted #BringBackOurGirls, Fuck you! What was supposed to be an climatic moment where citizens of Nigeria called out their government corruption which in due part was funded by us as 70% of their imports of oil were bought by the U.S.A has now turned into an issue of American sentimentality where you bailed the Nigerian Government and decentered the accountability away from them. It was supposed to be about Nigerian Democracy and you foolish morons made it about you saving the poor Africans. You shorted sighted morons are perpetuating a neo-imperialist cycle by actually condoning the U.S. Military to send drones. Your white savior-dom pisses me off because you ignore the history and the oppression that the Western Military has on Africa. You and terrible petitions to send Military aid there just shows your cluelessness because Africom has been there for years cleaning up the US mess that we made instigating a war against "terror.". You and your Kony 2012 and you fucking clueless idiots who refuse to think about history or the broader picture try to paint Boko Haram as "people against Western Enlightenment" as if that is the reason they are evil. As if Western Enlightenment did not contain slavery and colonialism. As if Western Enlightenment was not forced upon others. Your incredibly narcissistic mentality to throw bombs and shoot people in a some simplistic hope to fight for freedom and liberty is so fucking inane but to ignore shit that your own country has pulled and play high and mighty like you have the fucking moral high ground and think this is a humanitarian thing when it is all about United States interest? Maybe Nigeria would have the government support if the U.S. did not create a global market that encourages leaders of poor nations to keep the money for themselves. Maybe if your constant pestering in the past with Africa such as assassinating the leaders who did want to create an unified continent and depleting every resource and mineral for your own consumer gain, Nigeria or any country in Africa with this kind of problem would not have them. You are ignoring the actual needs of Nigerian Activists to help push United States interest and you people fucking annoy me. I'm done.
  10. Well I'm about to be banned from this forum.

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  11. Now that I am warming up to the idea of doing long posts again(Look out Feminism topic, I got a doozy for you), here we go. Most Frustrating Moment This character right here. The character was fantastic, but the writing....UUURGH! Okay, you are in Columbia where you actually see the racism inherent in it. You have an option to actually commit a hate crime(No you don't but the press X to do it was cute). Columbia is a white people fantasy land built on the backs of minorities(which is not far from the truth when it comes to America). You get to throw rocks at an interracial couple. You watch as black people get tormented and are forced and hard labor. You see the struggle first fucking hand. You and the character you are controlling. You know what he says about Daisy Fitzroy? "The only difference between Comstock and Fitzroy is how you spell the name" This ain't no fucking second grade "2 wrongs don't make a right" bullshit. Comstock is a fucking oppressor. Daisy is the oppressed black woman. I understand the “underlying message” (hardly “underlying”, more like the “punch you in the mouth” message), and I was upset because that’s a very silly, very trite message when you consider the actual circumstances of these characters and their real-life referents. Comstock came from a position of political and social power and Daisy Fitzroy was essentially a house slave. Daisy never had “too much power”. She was leading an underground revolution on behalf of the poor and the racially oppressed. The narrative was constructed in a way that made anti-racist organisations and social justice movements seem like mad power-grabs that would eventually get bloodthirsty and destructive, and that’s a deep-seated fear only for those who benefit from colonialism and patriarchy. It has never panned out in real life this way. It’s the nightmare of people who say that feminism and the civil rights movement have gone “too far”.Calling them the same is fucking false equivalence. How the fuck are they the same? Sure, I could have just chopped it up to Booker being a white man who fought in America's most blatant war crime against an Indigenous people and being called a "hero" and I did, but the narrative of the game seemed to agree with Booker! Consider the game’s structure: you see Finkton, you see the poverty, the dehumanisation, you see the flipside of the wealthy elite from the start of the game and what that wealth and power is based on. You see the pressganged workers, the racial hatred, the joblessness. You storm Fink’s office with Vox allies, and then suddenly Elizabeth says “Comstock and Fitzroy deserve each other”. I wasn’t thinking that at all. Where did that even come from? Suddenly we’re told to hate Daisy Fitzroy, and to consider her actions on par with Comstock’s, and to kill her. We have no reason to think this up until the point where we meet her for the second time, and then in the course of three minutes all of Comstock’s propaganda suddenly rings true: she is a murderous savage and she must die. The writing was terrible. There was no reason for it to play out this way. And that is when I lost my shit! See, Kevin Levine wanted the Vox Populi to resemble every revolution in history except of course the 12 Years War which brought cemented Capitalism. However, he missed a key component. He wanted to compare the Vox to the Russian Revolution or the French Revolution, and say that this is a historically accurate portrayal of those revolutions. Problem is that those revolutions consisted of mostly white people who weren't slaves while the Vox were mostly black and were led by a black woman. If he wanted to use black resistance towards white oppression, then he failed because it is a different story. It is inflammatory. If he wanted to be historically accurate, he should have not of compared the Vox to the cartoonishly over the top portrayals of Nat Turner's rebellion and then compare them to Columbia's very real racism. They could have had the Vox sabotage the lines of production, escape attempts from Columbia, theft, and etc. Instead, we get "truth is in the middle philosophy" as a white man decides just how racially oppressed minorities are allowed to revolt against their masters and if they go too far, a generic white dude will gun them down. This game turned to a white man's murderous romp in the city to fight off the mostly black characters who "gone too far" and fought back against their establishment. But what about Nat Turner's rebellion? Wouldn't have that worked? Well that was a case of 70 enslaved black men and women retaliating by using melee weapons to kill 60 white men, women and children. The militia rescued them against the darkies by killing 200 slaves. So that is not a good example for Levine to use as Columbia is very far from the reality at the time. And if any of you think that Daisy took it too far? “The one thing people need to learn is that fear is the antidote to fear. I don’t want to be a part of their world. I don’t want to be a part of their culture, their politics, their people. The sun is setting on their world, and soon enough, all they gon’ see … is the dark.”-Daisy fucking Fitzroy. A character that was too good for Bioshock and Kevin to understand and get fucking right.
  12. When you say frustrating moment, does that mean what the gameplay or the lack of one or does it also account for something inherently wrong with the story?
  13. Favorite Boss It's a tie really. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3WXV3bzR4s JetSream Sam is an amazing boss. Like traditional Platinum Bosses he is fun and challenging and is mechanics are something to appreciate as he does not have any temporary weaknesses. You just have to beat him with your own skill and feels damn satisfying when you do beat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTSFUxqlYvk Deathstroke was the one boss that made me appreciate the team who made Arkham Origins. I always hated that in the Arkham games that you never fight someone who is on Batman's skill level. It was always the traditional go through a procedure and hit the weakspot business with the exception of Mr. Freeze or the boss would turn the battle into a mook swarm. Deathstroke, on the otherhand, just said "fuck it, I can take Batman by myself." And he was right and it was awesome.
  14. Favorite Ability Well I don't think Parkour counts as an ability so... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEQbRWocNus The mother fucking NEGATIVE ZONE! Just imagine it will you. You are sitting next to the happy motherfucker. And they are just so happy that is disgusting. All upbeat and shit. Walking like a 60s sitcom main character with their smile that belongs in a fucking Crescent commercoial. Fuck this guy. Negative Zone kicks in, and his depression just makes it so sweet. Oh yes. Just give me the power.
  15. I can't be the only one who had little to no problem with Big's part in Sonic Adventure. Big's part was literally a time consuming thing. It was not hard nor was it too easy. You just had to swim around and find Froggy. Once you found the bastard, you reel him in. The A.I. never changed for him. He was never too aggressive when hooked nor was he too timid. You literally just had to do the same thing 5 times over. Maybe because I was really good at Sega Bass Fishing. I found,however, Knuckles to be more of a hassle because fuck Treasure Hunting.
  16. Favorite Level! Chapter 8: Kate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glF8cUojBF0&list=PL2FDD2563A3897DC7 One of the few fucking flawless stages in Mirror's Edge. This is the stage that makes you believe in the potential of the game. First, you get chased by PK cops as you jump from rooftops trying to escape them. Then you reach the Atrium. The fucking atrium is platforming orgasm. It looks beautiful and you feel like a bad ass as you scale this fucking beast with free running. Ad the best part is that there are multiple ways to get up there. Like the paths to reach that vent are numerous. I could play this level all day.
  17. It would literally ruin the entire point of Miles' character to have multiple Spider-men. If Peter does not die in order to introduce Miles, then it is not Miles' story anymore. It is like saying, "Uncle Ben does not die" for Peter Parker. So in Miles case, there can't be two. If you aren't going to commit to his story like you would for Peter's, then don't bother introducing him because it is not fair for fans of the character who literally have no other medium to go to when Peter has several media outlets. He has four comics coming out this month, 5 movies. ,several cartoons, and a shitty ass broadway play. I'm sorry if I don't weep for fans of Peter Parker who don't want him dead.
  18. Day 5 The best Stealth game ever. What about Metal Gear Solid? Nope. Splinter Cell? Who? Assassin's Creed? HAHAHAHHA Get the fuck out of here. Batman Arkham series? Puh-LEASE! Thief? Okay, you might have got me on that one, but this fucking game! Holy shit. It has every stealth mechanic that you ever thought of. Splinter Cell's emphasis on staying out of the light? Yep. Assassin's Creed Free Running? Yep. Batman Arkham series emphasis on torturing and taking out mooks? You damn right. Metal Gear's alert "!" noise when spotted and a timer to get out of dodge? Yep. It also has a sophisticated noise system in which the enemies can hear your footsteps thus emphasizing sneaking. This game takes creativity of stealth to another fucking level. Love this game.
  19. This is a stupid argument. First off, Hispanic is not anything correlating with race. Miguel O' Hara is a white passing Hispanic compared to an Ava Ayala who is clearly dark skinned Boricua. So you are saying," I don't mind replacing a white guy with a white guy with an accent" which kind of makes your statement redundant as fuck. Second, fake Spider-man? Okay, so Wally West and Barry Allen were the Fake Flashes. I am pretty sure Barry Allen is getting his own Tv series and Jay Garret is not involved. Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Stepanie Brown, and Damien Wayne were never Robin because they weren't Dick Grayson. Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Jon Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Simon Baz are fake Green Lanterns because they aren't Alan Scott. Who the fuck is Alan Scott because he certainly was not in that especially shitty movie? And I guess Scott Lang is the fake Ant-Man because he isn't the original Ant-Man, but apparently he gets the starting role as Ant-Man...just skipping over Hank Pym. So apparently your requirements for fake happens to revolve around skin color which sounds kind of racist. And do I think Marvel is more likely to introduce Miles than Sony? Yes. If you don't know, Marvel has a committee of writers of comics that ensure the source material of the characters and story are in tact. No movie gets a pass in Marvel without going through them. Guess who is on that board? Brian Michael Bendis. Writer of Ultimate Spider-man. He has already been pushing for Marvel to have more media for Miles. You think he wants a movie? You damn right he does. Not to mention there is a class action lawsuit directed at the movie industry calling them out for employee discrimination as a lot of starring roles cast white males. Disney don't like that so they will have a minority lead. Problem is that Marvels black superheroes prior to the 90s are stupidly racist so they are chomping at the bit for a minority character without the history of racism in the industry. In other words, the newer super heroes who are gay, more diverse, and encompass a lot more than a relic like Peter Parker. In other words...
  20. This is hard because all of my previous favorite series let me down or went to an unavailable platform. I never really liked a series in its entirety. Favorite Series The ICO series. This is tough due to it not really being a well defined series and it only has two games, but those two games fucking slayed! They were simple premises, but contrived puzzles and that is how you fucking play the game. It makes you think and feel great about figuring it out. I love this series. Too bad the Last Guardian is pretty much vapor ware.
  21. Refer to my first post in the topic. Also, Ultimate Spider-man is great and has not gotten a single bad issue in it. Not a one...well maybe the Death of Gwen Stacey, but she comes back so there is not a single bad issue.
  22. Well that is lame and breath of fresh air at the same time. But still, unfocused movie is still unfocused.
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