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  1. The obvious one I dislike is Sonic never losing. More specifically, the post-comic reboot Sonic never being allowed to have a major setback that cannot be resolved within the same issue. Forcing your hero to never suffer any setbacks is poor storytelling period. Even some of the most powerful or intelligent fictional character that most people know about still avoid have to deal with issues that persist for some time, big or small. Forcing other characters to maintain a type of characterization no matter what is just as limiting from a writing perspective. Character can still feel familiar even after significant character development, but sticking them in boxes they aren't allowed to wander out of grants no one any confidence in Sega's character management.
  2. I'd like the new cartoon to reach a middle ground with humor and drama like several recently praised cartoons of this era have (Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Netflix She-Ra, etc.) Sonic Boom was good for what it was, great even, but I think enough time has passed to see another Sonic cartoon with serial storytelling.
  3. They don't HAVE to, since fans don't always know what's best for a franchise, but Sonic Mania's success should make them more willing to lend an ear from time to time.
  4. The ability to switch playable characters in the hub worlds to continue their stories instead of selecting from the main menu. From there, I think it would be really cool to take a page out of DMC 5 and have multiple parts in the story where protagonists who share a level can race each other while being controlled by players online.
  5. The only answer is Classic. The Adventure and Modern era are too uneven in terms of quality core games.
  6. Today's my birthday! How's everyone else doing?

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Im doin pretty alright. Happy Birthday!

  7. There isn't an official canon route, but I think it's easy to assume the pure hero route is the one taken.
  8. No. Rolling back on character development is never the solution to anything.
  9. Oh I have nothing against the Boost. It's pretty fun and I've seen some sick things done with it in speed runs.
  10. Forces' story wasn't worked on for 3 years, the engine for the game was. And as for story, I liked Mania's story just fine, as in I liked the presentation and storytelling. All that's really needed is character interaction between the cast and Eggman. I personally liked the story of Colors and Generations as well.
  11. The wisps were just there in Forces because they were in the previous games. No actually care to explain why they were a part of the story even though that would be easy enough to accomplish.
  12. So despite taking 4 years the development was rushed, and it shows. Using newbies to design sonic levels was never going to end well, the shoe-horning of Classic Sonic reeks of having leftover assets from Generations to use, you don't fight all the major clones in a proper boss fight, what boss fights there are end up disappointing, where is Blaze?, etc. The best thing about Forces is the Avatar and their customization. That ended up being a cool feature. Thank goodness Sonic Mania was released this year.
  13. Sonic is about precision platforming, mostly of the momentum variety. If you're able to navigate the level design with enough skill, you're rewarded with higher and higher speeds. No matter the era, every Sonic game has followed this principle in their game design to some extent. Not every game does it well enough to have good gameplay, but there is always a skill level you could only achieve by understanding the levels and adapting your technique to them.
  14. Pretty sweet chart. Seems well examined an thought out as well. I'm a sucker for multiversal franchises, so I wouldn't mind this theory becoming canon at all.
  15. That's good to know whenever I get ready to watch Season 2.
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