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  1. After the hype and novelty wore off, classic Sonic is nothing more than an average platformer, IMO. There's certainly emphasis on platforming, there are these slopes and ramps, but without the proper rolling physics, I felt restricted. In fact, the classic levels feel incredibly blocky and more "Marble/Labyrinth Zone" because of this. I don't feel like I'm playing a Genesis classic; it feels more like playing the 8-bit Sonic games on the Master System/Game Gear. If they advertise "Classic Gameplay" for the next game, it had better be classic gameplay. Seriously, as a person who has absolutely no nostalgic connection to Classic Sonic, the hype for him revolved around whether or not his physics were correct (after all, that defines "classic gameplay"). After the truth was revealed, the hype then switched how Modern Sonic's levels evolved from the "hold-forward/boost-to-win" tagline that Unleashed/Rush were plauged with. They were certainly more enjoyable to play (minus Green Hill Zone to an extent). In fact, SG Classic Sonic is anything to go by (including the fact that even if they have a proper engine, Dimps would still fuck up thanks to their pathetic excuse for level design...even for making "Sonic Rush" gameplay), then I'd rather have Sonic Team continue forth with good-designed levels like Sky Sanctuary, Rooftop Run, and Planet Wisp as staples for future modern titles. They aren't "classic gameplay" but at least it doesn't have the fucking tagline slapped on as an attempt to guarantee higher sales when all it's doing is playing with people's expectations that you're not willing/talented to follow up on. Or...how about that "Sonic Dimensions" game? Yeah, it's a stupid rumor, but if it really takes Nintendo developers to finally show them how to get "classic gameplay" correctly (and even further: changing the way 3D Sonic games play), then I happily accept it then.
  2. EVERYTHING AFTER 1994 SUX!!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!11 But what do I care? It's the 3DS version.
  3. Isn't the point of a demo is to give an impression of what the game will be like? If they thought Green Hill Zone, the most simple and straightforward level, was the best thing they've got (especially for Modern Sonic), then of course a person with above average standards won't enjoy it that much. They're not nerds like us that look at a ton of game footage before release; these are regular people here.
  4. That guy is sort-of right, though. The plot was definetely one of the weaker parts of the game.
  5. That was......amusing in so many unintentional ways...
  6. God, that was hilarious. Personally, I wouldn't mind some of the scores if they didn't have the stupidest text to back it up. Compare Joystiq (which had a good review) and Gameinformer...you know, what, no. Don't. There's no comparison.
  7. ....really? A reviewer that DOESN'T try to be hip by complaining about "shitty friends"?! That in itself is already a miracle.
  8. I agree with you that Sonic Generations' normal boss fights pwn Colors' boss fights six ways from Sunday, but the fight against the Time Eater is one of the worst, if not THE worst, final boss fights of any Sonic game ever made. I died five times not from damage from the boss, but from losing rings while floundering around with godawful controls trying to figure out what the hell I was supposed to do in this huge clusterfuck of graphics. Not to mention having repetitive voice clips and bland trailer music (sure you could customize tracks, but that doesn't count). As for the story...I cannot say it's "as campy as teletubbies" like a lot of these "critics" are saying, but it changes from "simplistic with a subtle bit of humor" to "missing a lot of missed opportunites for more subtle humor against the franchise" to "YOU CAN DO IT, SONIC! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!" in a matter of a single set of cutscenes. My biggest problem with a majority of the Sonic cast is that while they stopped making shitty alternate gameplay styles, they keep these characters around while they do absolutely NOTHING to further the story and simply appear for the sake of appearing to remind a dwindling minority of fans that they're still around. This game proves my point. Two two-tailed foxes, a strong echidna, a HEAVILY emphasized "ultimate lifeform", a bat with martial arts, a ninja, a pyrokinetic cat, and a psychic hedgehog are by the two Sonics' side, and all they can do is cheer Sonic on? Even the unlockable bios are crap; they don't even tell what game they first came from. 3D sections are a huge improvement, and I don't know what these critics are talking about. However, I do think that both Colors and Generations had their own set of control problems. But I digress; all this is just a collection of nitpicks. I don't mind if someone likes Generations more than Colors (it's their opinion that I cannot do anything about), but I get the feeling from the coments on here that everyone forgot about Colors and starting back from square one. In fact, why I am even talking about this here. There should be a new topic for this shit: A Colors vs. Generations topic, so to speak.
  9. A terrible final boss fight and a hypersimplistic story? Plus, you say that like Colors is suddenly a bad game.
  10. You know what? Sonic Colors is a legitimately great game and more enjoyable than Sonic Generations. Yes, I said it Think about it: Sonic Colors (at least at the time) was the first console Sonic game in a while without ny bullshit alternate gameplay styles and rehashed monster-of-the-week plots. Not only that, but it was a full game with nothing SU daytime stages with several improvements AND new ideas for replay value (which is VERY important in Sonic the Hedgehog games). Before that game was even announced, we had already been pelted to death with game-padding alternate gameplay styles, THE SUPER POWER OF TEAMWORK, a game with everything besides guns that was wrong with it, one of the worst games of all time, THE worst port of all time, and a werehog, a game with genies and horrible controls, and a wagglefest. And what did we get when they promised to go back to the basics and give us Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (made by the same peope who made Sonic Advance 1)? An uninspired collection of copy-and-paste jobs with boring, automated level design and crap physics. So yeah, Sonic Colors was a huge fucking deal for us...or me, at least. Plus, it didn't need any help from positive bias anyways. It was clearly a 3D game (even if it was 70% 2D) and used an obvious gimmick. But guess what? It still worked for the most part. It didn't need to reuse old assets for nostalgia; it didn't need Classic Sonic hastily slapped on and slightly modified from Modern Sonic's engine for an extra buck. It was simply a modern Sonic the Hedgehog game, and a pretty damn good one at that. I simply looked at the first few trailers for Sonic Generations and decided it was going to be good and were pretty damn casual about it, but last year, when I looked at gameplay footage for Sonic Colors, I simply loved every minute of it because (let's all say it now) "SAYGA FYNALEE GOT IT RYTE!!!!111" It's the impact of the game that truly makes the difference between Colors and Generations; it's a lot like when many fans cherish the Sonic Adventure series as the best Sonic games of all time, only love for Sonic Colors is completely legitimate because unlike those games, Colors will always stand the test of time without resorting to sympathy points or other positive bias even for its time of release. Five years will pass by and SEGA will STILL be using nostalgia and Classic Sonic and "Classic Gameplay" as their marketing and selling points, furthering Sonic Generation's road to obsoletion (if that's even a word) when they're better off making a well-deserved sequel to a well-deserved game.
  11. I haven't beaten the entire game (Sonic Generations, I mean) yet, but Sonic Colors is a marginally better game for newer concepts and ideas.
  12. http://www.joystiq.com/2011/11/01/sonic-generations-review/ Joystiq's review of Sonic Generations. 3/5. They didn't like it, although for good reasons.
  13. Not sure if this is the right topic to post this, but I'm currently playing Sonic Generations right now. I just got through Sky Sanctuary Act 1. Literally, the only time I died was because I was stupid enough to spindash in front of an orange sign. I was carried away by having the speed shoes powerup and thought I could risk it by jumping as soon as I let go of the button. The game says otherwise. Now for the awesomeness that is Sky Sanctuary Act 2.
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