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  1. Why did transparent consoles have to die *

    I adore the look of them but they just aren't a thing anymore* and that makes me sad



    *except the few 2DS Pokemon thingies

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I honestly never liked them, even as a kid when other people had these transparent purple GBCs. I'm the sort of person who always prefers the plainer looking consoles. The Switch Pro Controller is nice though, with its smokey black transparent finish.

    2. Thigolf


      Plain, sleek looking ones are also great and right behind for me. But I just love seeing the inside of a technical thing. It's neat.

  2. A year of Sonic news is ballsy, let's see if it pays off

  3. I love the sound Birdo makes

    It's a fun sound

  4. (tweet)

    Tee Lopes strikes again with a really cool idea

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Ha, this is clever

  5. A Dynasty Warrior character in Smash and their gimmick is that you beat every other character with them in 3 hits like you do in their original series

    1. Teoskaven


      Still wouldn't do, all DW characters range from being historical to being part of the Three Kingdoms books, so either way, not original videogame characters that can be eligible for Smash.
      Besides, Ryu Hayabusa is a better choice for a Tekmo Koei rep.

  6. So another Twinbee arcade port came out on PS4 and Switch and I didn't know about it because for some reason, they didn't call it Twinbee

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      What did they call it?

    2. Thigolf


      Bells and Whistles.

      Which, as I found out, was the name they released it with waaay back in the 90s outside of Japan, so it makes sense to use the name again, but still, adding "Twinbee" as a subtitle would've been useful. I read the name when going through the eShop releases this week and had no idea this was connected to the Twinbee series.

    3. Sean


      Bells and Whistles is like the perfect name for a remake's subtitle so it's weird they didn't go with that

  7. Master Chief for Smash this holiday to coincide with the Halo Infinite release


  8. Sakurai explaining FE like it's this niche franchise no Smash fan has ever heard about was really weird

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      At that point it almost felt like he was playing the "Self-Aware Ironic Humor" card, not helped by Sothis' "too many swordsman" comment.

    2. Celestia


      In fairness a lot of Smash players even if they use a certain character haven't necessarily played the source games.

      That said it's still pretty funny tho'. Smash was, from what I understand, THE reason most in the west knew about FE pre-Awakening. I kinda wonder if that's part of the reason the Smash team seems notably fond of the series.

  9. Also, c'mon

    Rayman this time around


    1. Ferno


      Really got my fingers crossed. I knew Rayman didn't have a chance during the big hyped up fighters pass thing, but I hope he slips in through the cracks of the 'less important' general DLC offerings now like Piranha Plant did

  10. SF Character as Smash 4 DLC
    KoF Character as Fighters Pass 1 DLC

    Still no Namco Mii costumes

    It's time, boys

    1. Miragnarok


      An SC girl who ain't too big for Smash? Hehaichi? Maybe even a Weap- wait, smash is for good boys and girls, Weaponlord is too gory.

  11. Cuphead is by far the best news of today's Direct

  12. Sega: "Eeeh, whatever let's just cut two of the three chaotix and throw Cream out the window, whatever"



  13. Knuckles is fine but it's really not a "whoa" feature like "Sonic 1 Arcade version included" like AGES Sonic 1 had.

    My reaction basically came down to a "kay"

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I don't even think the Arcade version of S1 was a particularly great feature. Not so much a "Woah that's cool" as it was a "Woah, why are they bothering with that?". I just don't understand the point of re-releasing any version of S1/2/CD that's not just an updated port mobile versions. 

    2. Thigolf


      I dunno, S1 without the boring slow stages is a pretty great feature in my book

      and certainly more interesting than "This feature from 20 years ago again"

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      There's no reason that "Mega Play mode" couldn't be added in with relative ease. 

    4. Thigolf


      I'm just curious if there's anything else to this release. After they announced the game in 2018, going "Look Knuckles is in this game!" after over a year is kinda weak.

    5. TheOcelot


      This release is also getting the arcade version of Sonic 2, drop-dash, ring-keep mode and Super Sonic mode. I know they teased cut-content. Keeping my expectations low.

    6. Thigolf


      Drop dash alone makes it worth it. The rest either has been in the 3DS version or just isn't interesting (the arcade version of S2 is barely different from the console release).

    7. Sean


      Sega, port the mobile versions and add the new features there you morons. Most of the work has been done for you already.

    8. TheOcelot


      What cut-content could they add? 

      Can only think of; the original intention for Sonic to become Super Sonic in Hidden Palace zone. Was there any other well known cut-content?

    9. Thigolf


      Time travel

      y'know, entire zones

      Not that I think it'll happen.

    10. TheOcelot


      Yeah, I think that's way too ambitious. Would require an insane amount of work.

    11. Thigolf


      I don't know what else justifies the 1 1/2 years this has been in the oven, tho.

    12. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Low priority, changes to release schedule.

  14. (tweet)

    ( o) ( o)

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Because he likes Smash?



  16. Maybe Sony's presentations  finally won't be at 3am for me anymore

  17. Just Cause 3 is one of the most middle of the road average games I ever played

  18. My favorite part in SwSh is when all the exciting storybeats happen off-screen

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      That part is good, but I like it even when Hop reminds you that you're rivals by saying "we're rivals" whenever you meet up. You only meet him in every route and city as he tells you where to go and showers you with exposition dumps, so it's nice to be reminded that he's supposed to be a rival and not just a guide.

    2. Ferno


      If it were the gen 2 rival he'd be like "oh you wanna know what happened? I'm not telling you, lets battle!"

  19. -> Insaneintherain wants to make his Sinnoh Remix album roughly 50 tracks

    Please I can only get so errect

  20. Yeah, I'm kinda ready for Smash news

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      i'm ready for donkey kong news

    2. Thigolf


      I mean, same, but let's not get crazy

    3. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      too late, 2020 is the year of kong or i riot

  21. I feel like the selection of the SEGA AGES is stuck in a weird middle place that doesn't really attract people.

    Basically, there seems to be two camps of the game released so far: The games are either hugely popular games that got re-released time and time again, so people just shrug at yet another release, or they're so absurdly niche noone but super hardcore Sega/Retrofans have any intent of picking them up.

    The line-up is really missing some games that are more cult hits. Games that have a sizable portion of people wanting to play it (again) but can't because it's stuck on old hardware with ridiculous pricetags. 

    Tldr; release Dreamcast games

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      I'm still disappointed how SEGA nixed that Dreamcast/Saturn remaster line they were working on.

    2. Tracker_TD


      "we need more cult hits"

      yeah sure tha-

      "dreamcast games"

      oh come on

      Outside of Skies of Arcadia, the arguably best SEGA DC titles already got ports onto PC; I'd rather if they're gonna look at that era, they look to the Model 3 titles instead. But the earlier years still have plenty to work with - Power Drift is sorely missing from the AGES lineup, as is OutRunners. Daytona USA wouldn't go amiss if we look at Model 2, Streets of Rage II would make for great Mega Drive rep, etc.

      I wouldn't even say the current stuff is that far gone on the whole. The oddest pick is probably G-LOC over After Burner, or Puyo Tsu when it's already on the SNES app (though to be fair I wouldn't have seen that coming either) - but I appreciate that for this round, they've dug up so much stuff that hasn't been ported, even within the games that have (such as the EN translation for Puyo). 

    3. Thigolf


      Model 3 and Saturn would be great, too.

      I dunno, I just feel like they're not really attracting people the way they could. I myself freaking love that they're bringing stuff like Ichidant-R over, it's awesome. But I feel like I'm in a tiny minority with that. 

      I dunno, I'm not a shareholder, but I'm kinda worried they're gonna pull the plug before getting to the mid-late 90s.

  22. I'm not sure if I care for the DLC approach in SwSh, given how barebones the main game was.

    It really feels like "The game needed more time in the oven but we didn't let it so here's the actual meat of the game for 30 bucks"

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Pokemon Sword and Shield: ReMind

    2. DiamondX


      Glad to see I'm not the only one who feels like this.

  23. The insane hype behind the PS5 logo is absolutely absurd to me

    1. TheOcelot


      There's hype?

      It's just a predictable logo design. Nothing amazing about it what so ever.

    2. Thigolf


      5 Million people liked the simple "white logo on black background" thing on instagram so yeah I'd say there's hype

    3. Kuzu


      ...people like Playstation, I don't see what's so complicated about this.

    4. Thigolf


      "People still like Playstation" and " 'basic, same-than-before-but-with-a-five logo' is the most liked gaming related post on instagram" are quite two different things. I don't think the former even remotely describes how insane this is.

      It's not even the box or formfactor of the console, it's the most basic thing they could've shown and it gets an insane amount of attention. Sony is really killing it.

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      People really want their backwards compatablity, they gonna vote so their voices are heard

    6. Sean


      Gamers are weird

    7. Milo


      i'm excited because we can add an 1 or I to the logo and have it spell PIS5

  24. Y'all remember Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3

    1. TCB


      'Member Sonic Misadventures 

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      I'd prefer not to.

  25. I'm surprised they talk about new Pokemon games soon, even if they're not mainline.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It'll be focused on Home and possibly Sleep. Home is due early this year and was talked about ages ago. It's basically a big part of SwSh so it needs to be talked about. Sleep on the other hand... I'm still surprised that such a thing exists.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Oh, it'll be a Sleepfest alright.

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