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  1. (tweet)

    What more can I say but - Let's-a-go!

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I always felt like if a S̶a̶m̶u̶r̶a̶i̶ ̶W̶a̶r̶i̶o̶s̶  Mario Warriors spinoff were made, it should star Bowser, or at least feature he and his faction as playables.

      It may be in Mario's nature to plow through thousands of enemies with fire or a hammer, but since Hyrule Warriors had soldiers fighting alongside, I don't see the same thing happening with Mario commanding a whole battalion of Toads. The Mushroom Kingdom isn't really know for having any military force like Hyrule does, I mean, why do you think Bowser can take Peach so easily and frequently? Sure, a handful of Toads are brave enough to fight, but most of them are pacifistic and incompetent (although the sports they host are fiercely violent). But hey, I didn't see Mario wielding an arm cannon or turning into a photo-realistic dinosaur, so what do I know?

      It's just that Bowser sticks out better in terms of the whole leading an army through field, even if any main character's a one man army as is. Though it's mostly cause that would scratch my itch for wanting Bowser to get his own game

  2. We scared Zippo away and now he's doing Nintendo leaks

    1. Soniman


      If "put up or shut up" scared him away were better off

    2. Dejimon11


      Nah he’s been doing that for a while

    3. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne

      He's been doing Nintendo leaks well before all this jazz.

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Nintendo fans scared him away first so he started focusing on Sonic leaks, and now he's running back to Nintendo when we started to rat him out

    5. Jango


      Get back to where you once belong

    6. Dejimon11


      He’s still on the Tailschannel discord so he never really left

    7. Zaysho


      oh no


  3. Bring Returns over to Switch while you're at it please

    1. Milo


      Already has a port on the 3DS though. It kinda seems that Nintendo has a policy of not bringing their Wii console games they already ported to the 3DS over to Switch (besides Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is another).

      Xenoblade Chronicles is an exception, and even then that game was a New 3DS exclusive, so it doesn’t work on all 3DS handhelds. If I’m forgetting some, let me know.

    2. Dejimon11


      They ported returns to the Nvidia shield so there’s no reason for them not to do it 

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      inb4 "too many ports that're taking time away from totally new games"

    4. Dejimon11


      Ok Arlo 

  4. Mario Party would be a great game as a platform. Release the game, add a couple of boards over a couple of years, and when a new console generation rolls around, release a new "platform".

    In fact, I thought this is what they were gonna do with Super Mario Party. The little content it had had me convinced it's gonna be Splatoon situation of "We're gonna add new maps regularly until it's a big, full fledged title".

    ...and then they didn't-

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Well on the bright side, they eventually did add full blown online for that game if that means anything.



      And it only took'em two and a half years for something so basic

  5. Put Iizuka back into the director's chair

    1. Speedi


      He definitely seems to enjoy being more hands on then his position usually allows.

  6. Y'know, thinking about it, there are plenty of artists, for example, who take commissions for characters they don't own and draw them for money. Or have a patreon for that. Same with songs or remixes, or other forms of art. So they also are profiting of the IPs of others for their own gain, in a way. So where is the line? Why is the fact Sonic Omens has a patreon such a huge talking point when it's basically the same thing others are doing? Or isn't it the same? If so, what makes it different? The scale of the project?

    I dunno, this whole ordeal just sparked this thought in me and I can't really wrap my mind around it. I'm also just curious how this is actually working legally. What do you guys think?

    1. Piko


      Sega’s main source of revenue is games, therefore fangames profiting from their IP is a bigger threat to them.

  7. Yakuza stays turnbased

    Yakuza/Judgement games also get international releases day and date now

    Today is a good day

  8. I still don't understand what being part of E3 even means this year

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      It means they get to send an email with a zip file to the special inbox.

    2. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      It means that you made wonderful friends along the way.

  9. (tweet)

    The Sonic Fanbase yesterday

  10. "Why are Sonic fans so pessimistic?" other fans ask as mountains of the same dumb mistakes repeated over and over and mediocre games with no reason to believe it's gonna get better pile up in the background

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I think the real question here should be "why are Sonic fans so pestimistic?"

      I'll get the newspaper.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      "Why are Sonic fans so pessimistic?"

      Oh sweetie...


    3. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      People still actually ask this?

      You’d think it’d be common knowledge why after more than a decade.

  11. Sonic Dash 2 actually delivering on the "More characters coming soon!" after 5 years is the greatest comeback of the franchise

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      "You could not live with your lack of news. Where did that bring you?" 

      *Sonic Boom turns to everyone*

      "Back to me".

    2. Wraith


      this is simply facts.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I mean, they never delivered on the "soon" part of the statement.

    4. LukA8


      And that sign is STILL there. See you in 2026.

  12. The Zippo thread after I come back from work, probably


    1. Dejimon11


      Knowing the origin of scene of it's full context is incredibly hilarious. 

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Zips should quit "leaking" Sonic while he's ahead and jump on other trends in leaks like the "Samus in Fortnite" fiasco. Surely safer than trying to defend the info he "found" everytime SEGA throws him a curveball.

    3. Tornado


      He should keep posting old promotional images for already-released games as if they are brand new and proof he found that a new game announcement is imminent.

    4. Zaysho


      Dude fed info to a mob desperate for news for months and it came back to bite him lol

    5. azoo


      Even if he ends up right with his sources / predictions (extreme ultra doubt at this point unfortunately) i think the breadcrumb trailing and forcing people to heighten their expectations with nothing more than a "dude trust me" + actual smack back for even asking for a reason to believe will have everyone looking down on this eventually

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Assuming that he believes the information that he's posting, he's breaking trust somewhere by leaking information and doing so only to score himself internet points. His attitude makes his claims seem that much harder to believe.

    7. Polkadi~☆


      Whether he's wrong or right, Zippo stretched himself thin trying to justify his leaks.

      We're just along for the ride now, including Zippo.

    8. Piko


      Even if he's right, all the super vague information and leading people on by claiming he'll "add more information later" makes it really hard for me to believe anything he says. Either be upfront about the info you have or don't say anything at all.

  13. E0eL5rfWEAIiln3?format=jpg&name=4096x409

    "Over 1 Billion in franchise revenue to date"

    Meanwhile Fortnite


    (kinda apples and oranges, I know, but I found it funny)

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah... I saw that number and immediately thought "shit, is that it?" Didn't Skylanders hit $1B in two games?

      Yeah, we're not comparing like for like here, but I thought Sonic would have done better than that in like almost 30 years now with dozens of games.

    2. Jango


      Bitch, Avengers alone made 2 billions in a few months

  14. Lol at Tails Channel for disabling replies in the "no new games until 2022" news tweet

  15. Okay, real talk

    What did they even want to show at Sonic SXSW in 2020

    What did they deem so important that they actually wanted to do a new video format to show off and delayed it indefinitely because they really, really wanted to hire a filiming company for it

    I don't get it.

    1. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne

      My guess is, they had plans initially, but COVID significantly pushed things back past the point of being feasible for the show.

    2. Wraith


      Sonic Prime, probably

    3. Thigolf


      Were they really gonna show of or tease a game that was at least a year and a half away? Or Sonic Prime, which probably also was gonna come out in 2021 at the earliest, probably without any art or anything to go with it, just like the actual reveal of it went? It strikes me as kinda odd, ngl.

    4. HPX


      I'd like to think they were gonna meme it up and carry on with being generally annoying/business as usual, but got enough backlash to read the room and completely rethink their approach.

      No idea what else it could have been. 

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Colours Ultimate is my guess.

      Probably got delayed hard due to the pandemic, pushed back to this year both because of the difficulties of the pandemic and to fill the gap left by the delay of whatever other game(s) they're working on.

    6. TheOcelot


      Also, maybe that rumoured "Sonic collection"

      inb4 just Sonic 1 & 2.

    7. expansivelovestories


      Theoretically they had some kind of introductory teaser trailers for either the new 2d or 3d game!!

      (i am sure that the memory of how this is what they did for Mania and Forces is shaping this guess for me!)

      as you are saying that would have been odd, but i guess they were thinking it would stand out more at SxSW compared to waiting until e3 etc!

    8. Milo


      As of today, I honestly don’t think they had anything major to unveil at all. Was probably just another meet-and-greet with the Sonic community and little else beyond merchandise news like in 2019.

      The fact they never really were able to commit to a replacement event over a year later (while other affected developers/publishers were able to adjust to the pandemic with their own backup events) convinces me of the above, personally.

  16. "Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters" is just so silly to read and say and I kinda love the name because of it

    1. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Where is this coming from???

    2. Thigolf


      A friend of mine and me watched old Spidey movies and that made me remember the name they gave the Sony spin-off series universe with Venom, Carnage etc.

    3. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Is that an official name? XD

  17. I know it's kinda petty but the thought of Sega putting any manpower into making PS5/SeriesXS versions of Forces just irks me, lol.

    The game is already playable on those machines, just let it rot 

  18. Man, a Sonic game with a visual fidelity that comes even close to R&C Rift Apart would be a dream come true.

    1. FReaK


      Yep. If the variety of Zones is right, of course. not like forces..

  19. Who wouldn't want a year of music tracks with a blurry screenshot in the background as basically our only news topics? That was a fun thing to hold us over!

    Really wasn't a fan of that marketing strategy

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I think that uploading the music tracks was a great idea. Especially when you look at the crazy number of views that the Forces music got. It's something that people will keep going back to and will remember. It's almost like getting a piece of the game early.

      Making music almost the only thing they were showing off was a bad idea though. It just got annoying. And I'd almost forgive people for thinking that TSR was an album. It felt like all SEGA were interested in was the music.

  20. The crazy customization in Miitopia legitimately made me from going "Yeeeeaaaah, paaaass" in the presentation to heavily considering buying it day one. Putting so many characters pretty darn accurately into your RPG party sounds like wonderful dumb fun.

  21. (tweet)

    People ain't taking the twitter's BS lol

    1. dbzfan7


      Love how most of it is people never forgiving them for what they did lol. Good. If ya let things go we'd still have the old Sonic movie design lol. Should never forget this atrocity.

    2. Kuzu


      You realize the people running the Twitter aren't the developers right?

    3. dbzfan7


      Of course it's not the twitters fault. Still if you let things go they either happen again or remain unsolved. Would have still had the old Sonic movie design if people just let that go.

    4. Kuzu


      There was a difference tho, because those complaints were literally covered by public news outlets. Sonic's design went far beyond fandom discourse, it was a public issue.


      Things like Characterization and writing are mainly fandom issues unless its something genuinely offensive to the public.

    5. dbzfan7


      I don't think that public news outlets would even cover it if it wasn't such a big issue to begin with from fans.

      I also don't believe anyone is attacking the twitter handler but rather pointing out irony of celebrating someone they believe has been let down by creative. The reason it's never ending as they want the message to remain in the minds of others as well as have hope this is shared with someone more important who can change things.

      I can see how some people can find it annoying, but on the other hand you can't really make change without making sure the voices never die down. 

  22. Marvel tried kinda hard to push more live-action-like looks of characters in the usually more cartoony MvC games with Infinite and it kinda fell hard on its face, so it wouldn't surprise me if they're going to the kings of realistic fighting games (like, visually) to pull that off now.

    I need to see the results to make my final judgement, but I'm always down for more Netherrealm fighters. Their stuff isn't the deepest on the market, but it's still fun, and their story modes are unrivaled when it comes to other fighting games. That being said, I'm really gonna miss the wild bounciness of the characters and can't imagine characters like Spiderman really translating like he did in the MvC games. Maybe they're gonna mix it up a bit? Make it a little wilder, bouncier? I doubt it, but I can dream, right?

    Regardless, if the rumor really is true, it's gonna be really interesting  how the game turns out in the end.

    1. mayday2592


      Which rumor?

    2. DanJ86


      @mayday2592 NetherRealm Studios developing a new Marvel fighting game.

  23. I really don't wanna see the fanbase if the next game, after a five year wait, turns out like a Forces-like wet fart.

    1. TheOcelot


      Will probably be better than Forces but still kinda meh

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Pretty much down to my last chance with Sonic this time-- Well hundreds might've said that yet still buy the new games. With all the supposed in house remodeling and the new game shows enough signs that SEGA has learned absolutely nothing-- that's when I bail. Except often times each new game tries out something that looks remotely unique and enetertaining in theory- So what would the next game have to offer at this point?

    3. neezTHEhuman


      hopefully that'll kill off the franchise for good.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I don't think I've ever heard the term "wet fart" fit something so perfectly as a descriptor as it does Forces.

  24. After not being present on the initial list, Sega is now also part of the digital E3.

    I still don't know what this entails but... good for them?

    1. Rabbitearsblog


      Does this mean that we will finally get some news about the new Sonic games?

    2. Thigolf


      It just means they'll be at E3 in some form. It doesn't mean they're gonna show Sonic stuff. But after all this time, it seems rather likely, I'd say. At least the Colors Remaster thing.

    3. Teoskaven


      If i have to hazard a guess the bulk of the lineup might be Sonic, the next thing the Yakuza team is working on, an Atlus lineup and maybe stuff tied to their PC exclusives (as in, Football Manager and Total War). Anything else might just be speculation.

    4. Bobnik


      Apparently that list is innacurate and was last updated in 2019


      So yeah, continue suffering

    5. Thigolf
    6. Jingilator
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