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  1. Real question: Sony only has the movie rights, right? Couldn't Disney just do a Spidey show on Disney+ ?

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Probably, I've seen people bring it up as a way for Disney to screw over Sony.

    2. Polkadi~☆


      They can. Sony lost TV rights, and Disney swept it up.

    3. Strickerx5


      Actually, holy shit yes. Forget the movies. Just make a tv series for what would’ve been the events for the next movie.

      Hell, this format might even be better for that. Petter on the run and bumping into other characters along the way for a full length season or two.

      He could even run into Deadpool!

    4. GentlemanX


      Disney could do a Spider-Man show on Disney+ but it would have to be disconnected from everything seen in Homecoming/Far From Home. This kind of thing has been brought up before in "why can't Disney just make Spectacular Spider-Man season 3" and "how can Sony be developing a Into the Spider-Verse TV series". Sony owns the Spectacular Spider-Man show, and therefore any continuation of it would have to be developed with Sony. Sony owns Into the Spider-Verse, so any spin-offs from that film are fair game. Similarly, all of the theatrical appearances of Peter Parker, Michelle Jones, Ganke Needs, etc are under the Spider-Man Homecoming/Far From Home brand which Sony owns. So Disney could create a Spider-Man series and could probably even hire Tom Holland to play Peter, but it would have to be completely separate from the continuity of Homecoming and Far From Home.

    5. Strickerx5


      So the events regarding Spider-Man in the MCU are in complete and absolute limbo?

      That’s... disgusting.

    6. GentlemanX


      If things stay as they are now (which is not certain - something may change still), I predict Sony will make a third Spider-Man movie with much of the cast from Homecoming and Far From Home, but without references to say Shield or Happy or anything else that falls under the MCU umbrella - it'll be just Spider-Man stuff - it will still follow up on the JJ reveal though. Meanwhile, the MCU will continue as planned, the Skrull stuff in Far From Home will still be acknowledged as the status quo and stuff. But Peter and his supporting cast just won't be mentioned or show up in any way. I predict both companies are going to try not to contradict the other in case things can be patched up at some point and the Spider films rejoin the MCU, but as it stands now both are going just continue where they left off without acknowledging the others' content.

    7. Strickerx5


      Sony's just going to ruin that third film...

    8. Ryannumber1gamer


      tbh, i feel really bad for the raimi fans who seem to have deluded themselves into thinking Spidey 4 is gonna happen because of this

    9. Polkadi~☆


      no one benefits from this

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