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  1. I'm just confused who some of those changes in the Pokemon Series are for.

    Like, making everything straight lines, for example - it's boring to me, and I just can't imagine it being exciting for kids? Why are they streamlining everything to so insane degrees?

    It's especially baffling if I think to what game was absolutely insanely popular with kids the past decade - Minecraft. The game that drops you in a giant world with absolutely nothing and just lets you go and explore and try to survive with the little you can gather. THAT was the breakout hit that sold over a 100 million units, yet for some reason, Pokemon moves more and more away from that and just guides you on linear, basic paths for the majority of the game, with barely anything to find and see other than background fodder. Is this exciting for children? Maybe I'm out of touch, but I just... really can't imagine that it is.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I concur. There's no mystery or intrigue to your adventure anymore; it's streamlined so massively that you never have to return to an old location get the chance to do things of your own accord. Thinking about Johto got a second here, by the time that you reach the third gym town you'll have amassed the following to explore and investigate as the game opens up to you because they're only partially accessible or entirely blocked off first time around: dark cave, Goldenrod Underground, Ruins of Alph, Ilex Forest, headbutt trees, Sudowoodo blocking the path, Slowpoke Well and various surf spots. In addition to all of those, you get access to the National Park and the Bug Catching Contest, as well as the fact that the road beyond is blocked off something by a lot interesting more than "the evil team is arbitrarily going to stand in your way until you get the badge".

      I think the idea may be that if there's not instant gratification and visibly progress being made constantly, it will become boring to kids to who are used to the likes of Minecraft and mobile games. But I agree with again that it seems misplaced because Minecraft is nothing of not am endless grind.

      Also can I just say how much I really dislike the new artstyle, especially for the overdesigned cutesy human characters? They now all have that big round centre mouth with buck teeth, enormous accessories that just hang like half a meter off their bodies (Bede's watch, Sonia's coat and glasses), ridiculous hairstyles covered in excess curls (compare RSE May to ORAS May, also Lisia, Olympia) and overdesigned outfits (ORAS Wallace). It started to kick in in Gen 4 and was in full effect for Gen 5. I just think it looks awful.

    2. Soniman


      It's really not hard to understand 

      IT saves time, less to develop, quicker to make the game and release it.

      Pretty simple 

    3. Thigolf


      I hate how close to the truth this probably is

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