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  1. SA1 is one of those games were the slightest thing, like seeing art, gameplay, hearing music or sometimes even just reading about it makes me go "I really want to play this game again"

    I love SA1 so much guys

    1. Teoskaven


      Even Big the Cat?

    2. Thigolf


      Even Big the Cat. I enjoy fishing games, so Big is also pretty enjoyable for me. Plus, Froggy is very receptive, and it's not like there's a lot of levels with Big. I can play through his campaign in like 20 minutes, it's absolutely fine. 

      I'm honestly more bothered by playing Sky chase 4 times than playing Big, lol.

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Sonic Adventure is my favorite Sonic game and one of my top 5 games of all time. It's one of the only games I own that I replay about once a year. The thought of a potential remake fills me with ridiculous glee.

    4. Thigolf


      Bless BetterSADX

    5. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Sounds like me and Odin Sphere

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