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  1. I've honestly never gotten why people think fur colored arms for Sonic don't work when basically all the characters in the franchise except some rare exceptions have, well, fur colored arms. They all look fine.

    So why is it an issue for Sonic except for "The change is really unnecessary"? Is there some art aspect I'm not getting?

    1. Wraith


      back when he was a tiny sprite on the screen it made sense to emphasize his limbs like that but now it's more just a preference thing. doesn't matter a ton

    2. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      It also helps keep him unique compared to everyone else, which is an important aspect for designing a main character. Not necessary, but still important and useful. As you stated @Thigolf, outside of Amy (the lead female character supposedly) no one else has flesh colored arms. It makes Sonic stand out.

      Me personally though, it's just how he was in '91 when he came out and what I latched onto. So a bias in short. I'm sure there are plenty of BOOM! fans and movie fans who all ponder about it, but it is what it is in the end.

    3. Diogenes


      i don't consider it to be the biggest of issues, but the change after so many years of tan-arms sonic just looks...off. it's a little mental stumble over something you didn't expect to be there. taking the design entirely on its own, i don't think it's "wrong", but i wouldn't dismiss the "it's unnecessary" argument; if you're going to change something you should have a reason for it, and I honestly can't think of any benefit in changing his arm color. If they're entirely equal, changing it just introduces confusion.

    4. Sean


      The change doesn't inherently bother me but it's weird that Boom changes his arms but not Amy's. It feels inconsistent and a worthless alteration.

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