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  1. Finally, a game announcement format for my taste

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Wholesome Games, Featuring:


      Chao Garden mobile app: Raise and care for your very own Chao and take it anywhere you go! Play minigames and collect rings for your chance to earn new Chao drives and animal buddies! Comes with one Chao egg to start with, addition Chao sold separately.


      Virtua Fighter's Algebra School: From the makers of Typing of the Dead! Solve each Math problem faster than your rival to gain the upper hand in combat! You'll pull off devastating combos the more complicated problems you solve in the shortest amount of time!


      Untitled Mother Goose Rhymes: Gather your kids around and Honk along to some of your favorite songs from the nursery! Take part in Fairy Tale classics with a whole new twist as you interrupt the narrator with your honking or steal iconic items from beloved heroes and princesses!


      Just Dance 2020- Christmas In July Expansion Pack: Over 50 timeless and trending holiday carols covered by your favorite pop artist, including Christmas Is Here, by Donald Trump! DLC available only on Stadia.

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