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  1. Hot damn, I expected Pokemon Sleep, Detective Pikachu 2 and a DPP Remake tease, not THIS!

    Honest thoughts:
    I like how the DP remakes look. Is it my ideal or favored artstyle? Heck no. But I think it looks pretty cute. I like how it looks. I love the battle backgrounds especially. It just looks like a solid addition to the remake roster. No going-all-out type of deal, but I like what I see, and that's satisfying enough.

    But Pokemon Legends, goddamn... I really like what I see here, too. There could be a lot of things to go wrong, and the framerate is...well, typical Gamefreak (although it looks way better than the Wild Area in SwSh and even then, not quite as choppy), but the potential is immense. I love how it still keeps the regular battle system, but combines it with a new catching system, I adore the setting (the oldtime pokeball is amazing), and yeah... I can't wait to see more. 

    But what I like most is that this makes me way more optimistic for the future of Pokemon. The remakes being outsourced to an external team with some input from Gamefreak means more manpower for their main games/other projects, and I think Legends is a great way to show this. Before Gen 8, we were basically in a "Casual, linear Main game and "even more casual, linear but in a different way Let's Go" or "Casual, linear, but more direct remake of older game" situation, but now we have rather casual, still linear main series and a, from the looks of it, more core, on exploration focused big open world game. If Legends delivers and stays, I'm honestly kinda fine with the way main Pokemon has been going, since now there are two franchises that scratch two different itches: Linear ones and open ones. I still want dungeons in my main line games, lol, but if this is the way they are heading, basically helming two rather core experiences, one entirely focusing on a element that recent games severely lacked, with another team handling the remakes, I'm more than fine with this road we're going down. 

    Maybe I'm just overly optimistic right now, but eh, the time to be pessimistic can come when the games turn out bad. But right now, from what I've seen today, I'm really, really stoked.

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