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  1. My love for Pokémon has been invigorated and it feels really awesome, actually

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'm brushing aside the DP remakes as the nasty cash-grabs that they are, but Legends really piques my interest because it's the first time that they've ever done something significant to push the series forwards. It won't be the same old thing yet again. Can't say whether or not it'll be good, but it looks promising. And if nothing else, it's bound to be interesting. There's just so much that we don't know at this point though. I'm glad to see a Pokémon game leaning more towards epic and cool rather than cute and cuddly. It's not like the softer side has gone away in PLA at all, but it's not front and centre like it has been for the past several generations of main games. It's just that level of being a bit more mature (but isn't what you would call mature). 

      I've always favoured the "monster" side of Pokémon. Going on a journey with a team of monster things, exploring shit and facing tough challenges out in the wilderness. Beginning with Gen 5, you started to feel a lot less alone on your journey and games became more railroaded. From Gen 6, you got even less freedom and the games themselves became tons easier. The atmosphere changed too, and you can't get away from the overbearing cuteness that wasn't there in the older generations. Gen 7 and 8 barely even have villains. The newer games have been much more about friendship than exploration and adventure.

      PLA is just a welcome change of pace. I'm hopeful that it's able to scratch my itch for a Pokémon experience without alienatating the fans who do prefer the friendship focus of the newer games. 

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