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  1. Maybe it's because I listened to the original music for so long, but the Colors remixes really don't hit home for me.

    It doesn't sound like someone had genuinely great ideas for fresh, new versions of the songs, but like they just added instruments for the sake of "Oh it's the ULTIMATE version with NEW instrumentation!"

    Like, what does the piano in Tropical Resort Act 2 really add? Or the pronounced percussion? It's just weird. I dunno.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      What is there to even gain to remix tracks that're already perfect from the start??

    2. shdowhunt60


      Because it seems like the whole design ethos is to just cram in unnecessary detail without any regard to whether or not it works. It's the way with the graphics, it's the way with aspects of the game's difficulty, and it's also the way with the music.

      It would've been better to just leave it as it was as much as possible and just release it for like $20.

    3. Sonikko


      They probably wanted to sell it for 40$/€ anyway so they threw in cheap extras to justify the pricetag.

      I don't think anyone but Nintendo can afford to sell barebones remasters for over 20$/€

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