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  1. ForcesSpring.gif.712af04e268beb6644ecd497bee0e918.gif

    I think this was the moment where I just cracked on Forces.

    "Our physics suck!" "Eh, just ducttape a spring there"


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The invisible springs on ramps are so strange. Generations, Colours, Unleashed... They already used scripted ramps, and so does Forces when it doesn't have springs. So the springs don't even do anything except break the illusion of a functioning physics system if your didn't already notice that ramps were scripted.

      My only really guess is that springs will forcibly launch Sonic into the air, which is the intended purpose of ramps. Forces has a weird issue where Classic Sonic sometimes sticks to walls and ceilings and rolls along them at high speed instead of rolling off them. The best way to explain it is that he very briefly acts like hesitating the Spikes Wisp. It happens if Sonic was in a ball state either from jumping, rolling or something else like the flippers in Casino Forest. If that issue was persisting with simply rolling off ramps, springs would be a very easy, slapdash fix.

  2. The Indie World showcased one great looking game after the other and then randomly dropped "Btw House of the Dead remake" in an ending montage like it's nothing lol

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      wait they WHAT

      HotD remake?





    2. Thigolf
    3. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Oh it's that old ass remake that they announced like 4 years ago.

      It's finally coming out holy shit.

      Hope it's not Switch-exclusive.

    4. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      House of the Dead remake? Now that does sound interesting since that hasn't been ported since the Saturn era and was a rushed port job too...

      (as a look at the developer...)

      Hmm... Well... Ehh... It's harder to screw up a rail shooter but then again Rambo exists.

  3. I want a Slice of Life Sonic show with as many characters as possible, thanks

    1. Teoskaven


      Wasn't Boom supposed to be slice of life?

    2. Thigolf


      A little bit, I guess? It certainly has elements, and some episodes have them more than others, but it's mainly a sitcom with a hard focus on comedy rather than focusing on the lives and relationships between characters, even if moments like that sometimes slip through.

    3. Wraith


      A ducktalea type sonic show where every continuity is on deck would be ideal 

    4. Thigolf


      ...yeah, okay, screw slice of life, I want what Wraith suggested

    5. Ryannumber1gamer


      Boom's issue is that it felt the need to shoehorn action into every episode, and the action was rarely not greatly done. You have episodes that's actually really wacky and funny like the Eggman roommate episode, but the last two minutes has to have a sudden action scene of Sonic breaking into Eggman's base just because.

      Other episodes gets so desperate that Eggman will just realise he's doing something other than attacking, and just randomly decides to do it as obligation.

    6. Wraith


      Sonic is an action serial to me. Yhe slice of life box people have been trying to cram it in for the paat decade doesn't really work imo. 

    7. Thigolf


      I get that, but the thing is that, because it's an action series, basically all of the material focuses on it so much that I would kinda love a series (or even just a mini series) focusing on scenarios where they just...hang out, are friends, etc. No pressure, no ending worlds, no Eggman attacking, just seeing the characters interact in scenarios where something isn't on the line.

      I think it'd be refreshing after the decades of world domination squashing, resistance building and world saving. Just a breather in between the action.

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Boom was definitely a slice of life sort of show. There wasn't much about the relationships between the the cast, but it was rather mellow and chilled and focused on the daily lives of the characters. I wouldn't really want another such show, or one that was even more about the personalities of and relationships between the characters. That's really, really not what I look to Sonic for.

    9. StaticMania


      How about 8 characters...

  4. I'm really curious how long it'll take for the marketing team to spill the beans about Colors Remastered.

    1. Strickerx5


      Any other franchise and I'd say that an announcement this week was imminent. But right now I'm 50/50 on it being soon.

    2. Soniman


      Once naptime is over 

    3. Marcello


      Mean Bean Machine Ultimate Edition confirmed! 

    4. Wraith


      They might have meant to put this news out in june for all we know. 

    5. Milo


      marketing team just got a surprise three month paid vacation

      game announcement cancelled, the game will now just quietly show up on shelves in november







      (if TSR is any indication, maybe they'll reveal it this week or next week. that's what happened after the walmart leak if memory serves me right)

  5. I wish Pacman 99 had some fun unlockables. Playing for fun is fine, because, y'know, it is a fun game, but I can't help but look at the ticket system Tetris 99 had going for it and think "I want that here, too".

  6. I want F-Zero back.
    I'm not even a big fan of racing games but... I'd just really love to see what a modern day, HD F-Zero would look and feel like.

    1. Strickerx5


      but Thigolf

      what gimmick can they do with it

      modern fans won't like it if it's an updated version of the thing people liked back then right? right.


      Hell, come to think of it, another excuse people always gave was that it would cut into Mario Kart's sells. Guess what franchise has been absent for the last half a decade...

    2. Thigolf


      Imagine the horror of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe not selling 50 million lifetime, but only 48 million. They'd go bankrupt!

      Seriously though, part of me gets the "We need a new gimmick" in the sense of "F-Zero sold worse with each game and we need to find something to make it appealing" but.. it's been over 15 years. C'mon. And looking at a GBA F-Zero and going "This didn't sell, truly this is doomed"...very questionable.

      And the thing is...they don't even need a new gimmick to appeal to current crowds. What kind of genre has been a pretty fucking huge hit the last few years? Battle Royale. F-Zero is arguably a fucking battle royale racer! 40 racers at the same time, permanent KOs - it's basically already there. Just...make a F-Zero like X or GX, just market it a bit differently, and you're freaking golden, right? Fuck, make it free to play and monetize it with skins or some shit, at this point I'd take it. Just stop letting it rot, please.

    3. Dejimon11


      So here’s the thing. Nintendo really doesn’t believe that there’s an audience for a new F-Zero game. Given that they went all out with GX and they tried to make the franchise bigger by giving it an anime but people just weren’t buying it. 

      So I can see the method to their madness with them thinking that they need so gimmick in order to spark interest in the general public. I know the argument is “they made 4 NSMB which are all the same” but people actually buy those games. 

      Really the new gimmick that they need to do is just give it online giving how gaming has changed in the last 15 years. The whole Mario Kart killed it is a dumb argument given that the fact that Nintendo made 3 excite games on the Wii so they can have co-existing franchises.

    4. Thigolf


      It took them so many tries to get FE off the ground until finally one of them clicked and look where the franchise is now.

      The entry of the franchise that has been on their second worst selling console didn't do too hot, big woop, it's been close to two decades, could you please try again? If you make another game and it does awful on the Switch of all consoles, fine, you at least gave it a shot. But I think they need to stop being hung up about those numbers.

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I'm glad Cap. Falcon has moved on to a better place with the rest of the neglected







    6. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      If a new F-Zero game is in development or even just a port of GX with difficulty balancing comes out, I'll buy it. That along with Wave Race and 1080 Snowboarding are locked up in the drawer never to be opened again especially with current Nintendo.

      Think it was more down to lack of interest from Nintendo themselves rather anything else. They were burned out when the anime didn't do well as they hoped and Climax sold a really small amount something like just over 5000 copies within its launch period. Climax would have sold more than that had it come out in the West. Nintendo saying that it would cut into Mario Kart sales despite that both games are for different demographics (F-Zero is skill, Mario Kart is luck), it's like saying Gran Turismo cuts into the profit of WipEout or Forza cuts into the profit of Project Gotham Racing, actually the latter sort of happened... GX actually did well enough to make it to Player's Choice, something that we also add is that the Gamecube wasn't a good seller and people were buying the console when it was dirt cheap.

      Having that Nintendo Land minigame probably stung more than anything... Not all games need a "gimmick" and besides the F-Zero series did have one that differentiates from Mario Kart, a track editor. That alone is a gimmick that you rarely see in racing games.

      @Dejimon11 Regarding Excite, that wasn't a good seller either. Excite Truck had done decently for an early Wii game but its the other two, Excitebots wasn't released in Europe and was a limited Club Nintendo game in Japan while World Rally was stuck on WiiWare. Doesn't help that Monster Games left Nintendo after the Xenoblade New 3DS port.

    7. Strickerx5


      Off topic but god I loved Excite Truck. Was actually the first game I ever played on the Wii. Need to find my disc and rip it into Dolphin sometime.

    8. Dejimon11


      @Thigolf don’t forget that if Awakening had bombed the franchise would have died. The series was literally on its last legs. 

    9. Wraith


      I'm not convinced a straightforward F Zero revival would sell all that well but I'm not sure if a gimmick is what's needed. I think what mostly needs to happen is a refresh to the characters/artstyle to make it more "modern" ala Fire Emblem Awakening.

  7. I feel like some fans are expecting waaay too much from a remaster that is retailing for 35 bucks as a limited edition

    If this has any significant content upgrades, awesome, but I wouldn't go in expecting it just cause it's called "Ultimate".

    1. Kuzu


      Its been four years dude, fans have gone insane.

      If all we get is a remaster with some bells and whistles then people will be mad

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      It's not. People in the loop have stated that there will be new content as well.

    3. Thigolf


      Oh? I haven't heard about this.

    4. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Usually to add a subtitle (bearing in mind that it is rumoured) would mean that there are additions. Had it not had Ultimate but instead Remastered, it would have been more or less a resolution boost judging by Sega's terms.

      Outside of the language dubs and make it 1080p/60fps (or 4K on PS4 Pro?/PS5/Xbox Series X), there's only the unused Sonic Simulator stages that would require polishing and bug fixing as well as restoring the boss dialogue that was unused. I don't expect a lot since even the original game had conventional controls. Maybe a physical bundle with some sort of gift since many limited editions have something in?

  8. Y'all think this will be announced in a vacuum or will they finally deliver on the new Sonic news format they promised a year ago and just unload a couple of announcements they have?

    1. Wraith


      announced by itself, probably this month

    2. TheOcelot


      No announcements. Everything will just leak.

    3. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      genesis does what nintendirects

  9. The Sonic Marketing team who haven't communicated in months


    1. Milo


      "throw out a silhouette of sonic in planet wisp and attach a cryptic clue to it, stat!"

  10. Colors 4k 60fps lets go

  11. I'll just post "The new Sonic game will be revealed this week" every week and I'll be right eventually 

    1. Diogenes


      save some time; "the next sonic game will be revealed" is just as true, but shorter and only needs to be said once

  12. (tweet)

    Geez, simmer down, Knuckles.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'm trying to figure out how Knuckles' mouth and muzzle are supposed to work there and I just can't.

    2. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      You know me da fighting freak knuckles.

    3. Piko


      Damn Knuckles, what did the 32X do to you?

  13. I find it kinda funny that Latin America and Brazil get Sonic accounts in their native language, but Sega Europe doesn't have accounts that post in anything but English. 

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      SEGA Europe really seems like a totally separate company half the time...

      Remember those cringingly awful "SEGA Central" videos that SEGA Europe used to make? The guy who presented them in their original format, Jim Dyer, is now back with SEGA as Product Marketing Manager.

  14. Sonic Boom was so fascinating. It's amazing how hard they flubbed the whole project.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      SEGA sabotaged it. I don't mean that they wanted it to fail, but the way that they handled the development of RoL by forcing it onto the Wii U exclusively when it was already relatively late into development for other systems means that they obviously weren't concerned with it being any good.

    2. Wraith


      Reading about the game's development makes the whole thing legitimately feel like a hit job. Its hard not to feel bad for the developers under those circumstances even if i never would have beem interested in the final product. 

    3. Kuzu


      Wasn't Sega of Japan the ones who pitched the idea to begin with? How do you sabotage your own idea 

    4. Nix


      Sega self-sabotage is a tale as old as time.

    5. Polkadi~☆


      More like bad timing, Boom could have been just a boring game rather than a buggy one if there wasn't the whole Nintendo exclusivity deal. But the fact that Sega pushed for the port to happen even though the engine didn't support Wii U, and offered no help in getting the engine port to happen...

    6. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      The cartoon and Fire and Ice were both really good tho

    7. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Fire and Ice was fine. It definitely wasn't "really good" by any stretch, but it was fine.

    8. Soniman


      I'm still not sure what the point of making an exclusivity deal on a failing console was any way 

    9. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Nintendo were desperate, whilst SEGA always seems to look at the short term. If they got a cash incentive from Nintendo purely to sign the exclusivity deal on Sonic for a short time, SEGA would probably have lept at the chance without considering how they might result in low sales and hurt the development of games currently in the pipeline. 

    10. Ryannumber1gamer


      I hate thinking about what RoL could've been if SEGA hadn't tripped them coming out of the gate. That first trailer had some genuinely interesting environments present, along with the hints of a more detailed storyline.

      It's hard to say what kind of game RoL might've been if it hadn't got shoved to the Wii U. We already know how much of the game had to be both significantly downgraded, and how much time in general had to be wasted in order to get Cryengine to work on a system it was never intended for. Could've easily seen some of that time going to developing the gameplay much more, and polishing up the game in general. Hell, even a stabilised framerate would make those running sections a lot more fun in general.

      There's still other aspects that was always going to be against them though. The game's plotline had no chance after SEGA got through butchering what was an interesting plot and degrading it into a jumble of random events happening one after another.   

    11. Kuzu


      Sega being short sighted may as well be their MO.

    12. Dejimon11


      Assuming things went the way that they wanted it just would have been Jak and Daxter but with Sonic characters. 

  15. -> M2 Project has a Patreon
    Ruh roh

    1. AlphaRuby


      is this something that would trigger sega's lawyers

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry


    3. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Apparently it’s for the modelling, not for themeselves.

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