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  1. Playing through the Space Colony Ark with Unleashed style gameplay would be so badass. Also, I desperately want to see this boss included, with crazy Unleashed speed:
  2. I really hope this is building up to an April Fools joke, because UK Resistance is honestly my favorite video game related site ever.
  3. Why are the graphics so poor? The characters aren't even casting shadows. And I hope Bayonetta makes an appearance.
  4. They are porting Part 2 because Part 1 used really low-res pre-rendered video for the backgrounds. And it would look horrible on HDTV's and everyone would complain.
  5. I honestly love Ninja Warrior. But that is the only show I watch on this channel. I never watched "TechTV" or whatever it was, so I have absolutely no past love for this channel clouding my judgement, but even I know that G4 is borked. Seriously, they're scheduling is so weird. They will put like 10 Ninja Warrior episodes in a row. Not just with that show, but a bunch of others. Why not just have a different show every hour or so. You know, like every other channel! And they're programming isn't even consistent. Cops, Star Trek, random Japanese game shows, Funniest Home Videos rip-offs, game review shows....what exactly is the theme here? And funny how Comcast is saying that web-savvy DirectTV customers are missing out. Web-savvy people don't get most tech news from TV anyway. And certainly not from G4 either.
  6. Is this an early version of the cutscene or something? The lip-sync looks so bad and unfinished. The voices are good, but the writing is disappointing. These jokes are just lame. I was hoping they'd be well written, but it's just stupid stuff like "WISPS! not LISPS! DERP DERP!" It's just trying to hard. I think they should've focused more on VISUAL humor, since that is the kind of humor that Sonic has had the most success in.
  7. So I played the XBLA demo this morning. I dunno. Physics are still really freakin' bad. It just ruins the game for me. There's also really weird physics problems that I'm noticing that you can't really tell from the videos. Like how running up walls is semi-automated. Yeah. If your at a certain speed while running up a wall, and you let go of the D-pad like halfway up the wall, Sonic will keep running up the wall despite you not pressing anything. The hell?? It's so WEIRD because anytime else he stops dead in his tracks when you let go of the D-pad. Also, remember this: I can do this easily every time I attempt it. It isn't just some one-time glitch. The programming is seriously that wonky. And of course, the obvious problems like standing on walls and lack of inertia are horrible too. It's a shame really, because I actually like everything else about this game. I think the level design is GREAT, I like the music, I love the graphics....but the physics and horrible programming just wreck the game for me. I won't be buying Sonic 4 Episode 1. Maybe I would've bought it if it was only $5, just to support Episode 2 and it's improvements. But this game is kind of a disgrace considering the high quality and polish of the classics. There is a serious problem when a "Sonic 4" is not only missing the qualities of what made the original Sonic platformers so fun to play, but also missing basic platformer logic in general.
  8. About the rolling, you CAN move really fast while rolling downhill like in the classics, but you MUST hold right/left on the D-pad for it to work. If you don't, Sonic rolls downhill really slowly. So basically it's like how letting go of the D-pad stops you in mid-air during a jump. If you aren't holding right/left while Sonic is rolling, he slows to a crawl. That's how it's like in Sonic Rush. So I'm assuming it's like that in Sonic 4.
  9. Yeah, the music was only changed in the Wii version. There are videos of the updated 360/PS3 version with the music unchanged.
  10. Eeeewwwaaaauugh....Mad Gear Act 2's song got a little ruined. No wonder SEGA wasn't really showing the Wii version off. They didn't want people bitching about the music.
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