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  1. MLP Season Finale? BEYOND Epic! :D

    1. PeanutButterDimond


      That's a damn understatement! that finale was pure quality! Disney level of awesome!

    2. Celestia


      Haven't seen it yet. I'm waiting for the 1080p upload. ^_^

    3. The Real Darth Sonikku

      The Real Darth Sonikku

      Sorry, but the villian breaking character like that in order to facilitate a cliched ending kinda brought it down from "OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH BEST THING EVAH!!!11!11!" to 'merely' Epic.

    4. PeanutButterDimond


      It didn't bother me because it meant that the Elements of Harmony weren't brought out again.

  2. MLP Season Finale on in an hour! Can't wait! :D

  3. Welcome to the Mass Effect Ending Thread #9999! Because let's not fool ourselves, that's where this will inevitably go

    1. The Real Darth Sonikku

      The Real Darth Sonikku


    2. Marcello


      Jaws ride was boring anyway..

    3. Badnik Mechanic
    4. Stacy


      It was all right but it was getting old. :(

    5. Yoko/葉子


      I never went, and never saw Jaws, so by all means, pwn me.

    6. JezMM


      They just taped Daniel Radcliffe's face to the shark's nose, don't worry.

    7. Cola


      I know, right? So sad.

    8. Stacy


      Bare in mind that it was seven years ago since had been there. :)

    9. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I wanna see Harry Potter get eaten by a shark now. :P

  5. Dear Lord, Penders seems Hellbent on following George Lucas's footsteps: Make brilliant shit in your (relative) youth, then take a major fucking dive off the Deep End. Except when Lucas made the plunge, he did so with a Golden Parachute and a Crack Team of Medics and Rescue Workers on standby. Ken, being the poor starving artist that he is, jumped with nothing more than a fucking pray to save him
  6. I just spent an hour at the Gym and lieing on my bed exhausted. I then remember that I still need to take out the trash and walk the dog.

  7. PS4 sounds like a fucking abomination, so stick to the PS3 fer now :X

    1. Scar


      What are you talking about?

    2. The Real Darth Sonikku

      The Real Darth Sonikku

      The "All games must be registered online before you can play them" rumor.

    3. Chibinuva


      Especially if it's true that it won't have backwards-compatibility or play used games.

  8. Today is a sad day... I now have 43 posts... I am no longer the Meaning of Life :(

    1. Yoko/葉子


      4=Death reference, right?

    2. Yoko/葉子


      Who said 4/Death had to be bad?

    3. The Real Darth Sonikku

      The Real Darth Sonikku

      Actually, it's a Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy reference. In it, 42 is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. Though I feel a bit dumb for not catching the 4 is Death thing :X

  9. Come at me! Do yer worst!

  10. I just realized... based on my last statuse comments... I'm TWILIGHT SPARKLE, BITCH!

    1. Jeffhog


      Until your next post. :3c

  11. I now have 42 posts in the forum. That means that I'm the meaning of life, bitches.

    1. Jeffhog


      Then you'll have the urge to post again.

    2. The Real Darth Sonikku
    3. Jeffhog
    4. The Real Darth Sonikku
    5. The Real Darth Sonikku
    6. Jetronic


      next goal : reach 69, then 142 posts

  12. PC Version Generations has mods. /Debate.


    *Waits for someone to tell him this has already been posted*
  14. Hyper Sonic: Should he be brought back?

    1. Doctor MK

      Doctor MK

      He'd basically just be a more colourful Super Sonic, so I for one am not fussed.

    2. sjmaster92


      I can't think of any reason why he should. But I can think of a number of reason why shouldn't be brought back.

    3. Chibinuva


      I wouldn't mind him brought back, if only because it's fun to power abuse, and it's absolutely fun to abuse absolute power. :P

    4. Solkia


      I'd like to see him back, yes.

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