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  1. Well guys and gals I am unfortunately stuck with Oblivion until Christmas... New Vegas slowly got boring for me after doing everything (same with fallout 3 and of course MW3 disappointed)... Now I am waiting and waiting and waiting for Skyrim to be unwrapped on Christmas morning. I can't stand being 15 and not being aloud to buy games because of Christmas coming. This has literally been the longest month of my life; waiting for tha day. Now, there's a few things I want to discuss. 1) We have all played Oblivion... right? I mean come on, its one of the best RPGs of all time... the sequel will not disappoint. (So I've heard)... Really if you haven't played it, I want you to run out your house right now and buy it. I just bought it FOR THE THIRD TIME for 14$ at my local game store. It is hands down, to me, one of the best games I have ever played. I've logged, maybe 20 days on oblivion. I know it sounds like i dont have a life, but I do,... a little. 2) Its one of the best RPGs of all times, dont you think? Whats not to love? All the weapons, the armor, the scenery, the guilds, the arena, the quests; I was in love at first play-through. Oblivion is so good of a game that I can play it threw 5-6 times and have a completely different experience everytime. Time literally flies by when i play this game. Today, i didn't even see the sun... wait... nevermind... i did in the Imperial City while strolling the Arcane University. 3) Is Oblivion out-dated? Now i know Skyrim is out, but is it really so crazy to still be playing this game? I believe it came out in '06... and that just sounds ridiculous. Honestly, i dont think ill play oblivion again after getting Skyrim, because i dont see the point... I will give Oblivion credit though, the graphics are still amazing, the gameplay is unbeatable, and the story is fantastic... even for a game that came out when i was in 7th grade. 4) Is Skyrim really as good as people say? My friends wont shut up about the game. Honestly, i block out the noise to ruin any spoilers. But not have I once heard someone say something negative about the game... Is it really all its cracked up to be? I mean hell i cant imagine something so much better then Oblivion.... Thanks for your time... any feedback would be cool
  2. Yeah, i have noticed the skin looks a little different :3 And to be honest i was surprised this site was even still around! Good to see SSMB is still doing well.
  3. I just today made a new profile here on SSMB... and i can't really notice any changes. I was a member all the way back in 2006-07 i believe. It has been a long while and i just want to know how has this place has evolved... any members still around since that time? Any new moderators? Changes to the forum? Any feedback would be appreciated
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