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    I like the Werehog gameplay more than the Day Stage gameplay.
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    I enjoy playing and watching LPs of Video Games, drawing both fan & original art, writing and watching cartoons.

    That's...pretty much me in a nutshell.
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  1. I rented Super Mario Maker and made a course. The course ID is A161-0000-0250-91B2

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Hey guys, guess what? I'm an Uncle again! My little sister gave birth to her first child; a healthy baby boy.

    1. ThatOddLiam


      That's amazing news! Congratulations!

    2. Kiah


      Congratulations to you and your sister! :) 

  4. I've got my nephews here for the weekend. It's been okay so far but the middle one has already broken the curtains and a towel rack thus far....

    ....The weekend can't end soon enough....

  5. My Dad decided to give me my Christmas present early so that I wouldn't have to wait to enjoy it, as I wouldn't have access to my Wii U right off if he had waited.

    The gift was Splatoon, for those who are curious, and I'm about to pop it in to give it a try! if anyone wants to join me, then my Nintendo Network ID is slam422.

    Now all I need is the Splatoon Amiibo 3-pack, and I'm set!

  6. Why is it whenever I look for Lets Plays on YouTube all I get are German walkthroughs? I live in AMERICA you dolts; I don't speak German! I barely speak English!

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Roses are red

      Violets are blue

      The title is in english

      So the video should be too

  7. ...................*deep breath, followed by aggravated sigh*................ ....I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt.... ....I tried remaining neutral.... ....Even after all the bad artwork, snide and arrogant comments, and NIGHTMARE-INDUCING 3D renders, I was actually considering giving this..., this............"I-can't-even-CREATE-a-word-or-term-to-express-how-much-of-a-train-wreck-this-is" a chance! I was legitimately considering shelling out the money and give this eyesore a chance, If only out of pity for the "poor man". Well, I would have READ it, at least... ...But now? I can't decide if Penders is really so stupid as to think that nobody would notice JUST HOW MUCH LIKE KNUCKLES THIS OFFENDING ODOR TO THE EYES THE MAN CONSIDERS ARTWORK looks like, or if his EGO is so freaking huge that he legitimately thinks he can get away with this because he's Ken Penders! I mean SERIOUSLY! I showed this pic to my parents, who have NO idea who Mr. Penders is, or ANY knowledge of the craziness he's caused. They also have no idea about ANYTHING Sonic-related outside of who Sonic himself is. You know what my Mother said when she saw it? "Isn't that the red guy from the Sonic thing you play?" ....My mother, whom is almost completely ignorant of anything Sonic except for Sonic himself, THOUGHT HE WAS KNUCKLES! ....Congratulations, Mr. Penders: you have successfully managed to paint a target on every single part of your body; and snipers, gunslingers, grenadiers, and EVEN ICBM TARGETING COMPUTERS all have their sights set on you. What's worse, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is a SEGA employee just WAITING for the word from Iizuka and the SEGA Execs to rain the pain down upon your arrogant ass! And you know what? Pray that the absolute least that they decide to do in retaliation to this is a "cease and desist" order. Because IF, for some reason, you continue through with this and it SOMEHOW ends up selling well enough to warrant you a profit, THEN EXPECT SEGA TO DO MORE THAN JUST SLAP YOU ON THE WRIST THIS TIME!!! *collapses to his knees, exhausted and failing to catch his breath* ....I-I... apologize to the SSMB community for my sudden outburst... I've been wanting to verbally tear Penders a new one for a while now, opting not to for the sake of civility, and I got a bit carried away...
  8. Currently listening to the ear-gasmic beauty and epicness that is the Modern Rooftop Run mix from Generations! Still as awesome as I remember it being!

  9. So I watched the footage of the 3DS game, and I gotta say that it looks fantastic! It seems like Sanzaru really know what they're doing when it comes to Sonic, and I'm loving the way the Rival Races look so far: like Sonic Rivals, but better! AND DAT METAL SONIC! Gotta say I'm glad to see that metal bastard got at least SOME representation in this new continuity (I say knowing full well that I know nothing about the cartoon or games outside of what's been shown so far). Hope we'll be able to see more of that lovably evil robo-hog in the near future.
  10. He's basically saying, in an over-the-top and somewhat-humorous parody of Phoenix Wright kind of way, that Knuckles being the "pint-sized powerhouse" isn't what makes Knuckles Knuckles by citing other characters from the Sega Sonic continuity that could just as easily (if not more so) fit into the characteristic traits of the trope; and as such arguing that bulking Rad Red up and making him LOOK the part of Team Sonic's strong-man doesn't take anything away from his character as a whole.
  11. I am iiiin a box and no one caaaan find me and IIII just farted and it STARTED TO SMELL!!!

  12. It's one thirty in the morning where I am; and GOD am I ever tired. And yet: I cannot sleep... IRONY!!!

  13. IT'S MAH BURFDEY! WURSHEP ME-*brick'd to the n'th degree*

  14. Currently enjoying the company of my older sister and her three little monst-UH, I mean "angels".

  15. ...Okay, I'm never one to cry afoul anytime anything regarding Sonic is announced, be it games, TV shows, or what have you, but I've gotta say that I'm with the majority here calling bullshit on this whole thing. It sounds like something that SEGA might have allowed during the "Dark Age of Sonic", especially around the time of Sonic '06, but really, now: "darker & edgier to appeal to an older crowd"? "Fusion of live action & CGI"? This sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen! That being said; I'm not against the idea of a movie like this. If this is something that SEGA has allowed and is actually in the works, then I'll hold off judgement until I see the final product as I always do. But until we get more information & SEGA themselves confirm this as being real, then I'm gonna assume this is fake and not worry about it. But if it is, then let's hope it sticks to the source material. *COUGH*not likely*COUGH*
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