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  1. Fair enough @Sonic Fan J and the rest of yall About the Death Egg, I visualize it like a totaled car, where you still see like the husk of it but it's still considered completely destroyed unless one wants to be overly pedantic on terminology. Then it was just a matter of Eggman rebuilding it in the amount of days he had as he would have to along with the rest that he wanted to do on the island, but anyway. Yea I'll let the whole thing go since I guess at the end of the day, what I'm saying is just circumstantial. Not gonna lie tho, it's still irks me that considering this is the 3rd iteration of relatively simple, black and white children's game where out of the 4 casts members on an island with emeralds, 1 of the members being evil who has a history of wanting to steal, admitting he wants to steal again, is stated in game to take action to steal, then with his big evil plans mysteriously succeeding right when the emeralds are missing, but then his same plans starts failing on him just at the right time those emeralds can be found again later on.... I feel like we're giving too much of a blind eye on that amount of evidence, because it's not like we don't know their perspectives. It's all shared in the 3rd person with them openly admitting what their goals are in the manual and explored more in game. It just adds up to me, especially considering the counter evidence. Like how the US manual says Chaos Emeralds makes the island float like it's the only gems in the game. That's wrong going by the actual game events and already makes that source less credible. But I've already stressed this enough too many times I know you guys are already tired of that lol. I'll def leave it alone and will probably come up with a another question another time.
  2. Yo @Diogenes... All of the questions you're bringing up are easily answered if you just read the Jap manual of Sonic 3&K on Sonic Retro and play the game for yourself. I've tried telling you everything with written and visual evidence, but it's just going in circles. You're mixing up what you remember from Sonic 3 and at the same time, trying to poke holes into a manual's story that you evidently haven't even fully read or understood the context of yourself, and then mixing up the US version of the story that clearly has errors. Chaos Emeralds working the same as the Master Emerald to float the Angel Island? And that's evidence for the Death Egg? Come on now, do you seriously think that's the case for any Sonic game, let alone what the in-game cutscenes of Sonic 3&K tell you, or are you being disingenuous? I just told you how the Chaos emeralds don't keep the Islands a float like like Master Emeralds do.... but here we are.... I don't know why you took it upon yourself to try to answer me when this wasn't even in reply to you to begin with and then clearly you're not even doing your part in reading what's being brought to you, but I did not come here to argue with you about what you want to believe what the manual says and what the game does. Because that's all you're doing. Fighting the story of the manual I presented with your head canon. All of a sudden the Death Egg doesn't need thrusters to start off and fly? Says who? You? Mind you, that was an extreme close up of the Death Egg in Launch Base Zone, and you're comparing a far shot of the same Death Egg from Sky Sanctuary and Lava Reef which were already launched way up above for the thrusters to even matter... but I'll get more into that in a second... Dinky explosions of Sonic 2's Death Egg? You mean the Sega Genesis 16-bit cartridge video game of the early 90's this is all seen in? Where the Jap manual of Sonic3 deliberately says it got thoroughly destroyed which you keep ignoring? This is your argument? Don't even start with that. Also, did you just somehow not see the giant star bomb all the animals and Tails saw from ground level into freaking space? This dinky explosion?... ...The scene I told you to watch and gave you a time stamp of specifically for what I meant? This is what I'm talking about. You're just being to busy being so quick to be a contrarian with your head canon instead of looking at what I've got to say and show. The evidence is there. There's no refuting this. This is your head canon you're arguing with. But back on to the Death Egg argument.... Clearly the game showing the thrusters of the Death Egg is how it get's launched in LAUNCH BASE Zone. Never mind the fact that you're once again mixing scenarios up. By that point of Sky Sanctuary and Lava Reef Zone where you see the Death Egg alone for your argument.... That's the end of Sonic and Knuckles where Eggman had the Master Emerald, not the Chaos Emeralds. This is not Sonic 3! This is a complete false equivalence and is a completely moot argument. Again, let me be more clear. Your point about "Eggman takes the Master Emerald for the Death Egg".... Yes, after the fact he wanted and got the Chaos Emeralds, as I've already said plenty times. If you had read the manual I keep telling you about, you would know that all of this manual's story is set in the beginning of Sonic 3. Eggman does NOT take the Master Emerald until way later in the game, which is Sonic & Knuckles's end portion. You can see that by how Angel Island is not sunken described in the manual. You can see that in-game when you get to the Sonic and Knuckles portion of the game where the Master Emeralds rests in Lave Reef Zone's Altar when going to the Special Zones... but guess what you don't see with the Master Emerald when going to the Special Zones when just coming from Sonic 3? The Super Emeralds aka Angel Island Chaos Emeralds. So tell me again how the Death Egg is beginning to go up and orbit again in Sonic 3's portion in Launch Base Zone if Eggman doesn't have them yet with him saying he needs them for anything to start up again? Because the game is clearly telling you they're missing from the start and now all of a sudden the Death Egg is going into orbit again.... Again, you seem to keep ignoring every time I bring this up... The Chaos Emeralds Mysteriously Vanished from the Altar when Knuckles wakes up from being unconscious, notices they're all missing and searches for days for them (Which you keep trying to question the validity of what the manual itself says. Did you forget that Angel Island is... idk.... an island and is a very huge place at that? The Death Egg doesn't just eclipse the entire island like you're describing where it's just "noticeable everywhere". Yea The Death Egg is huge also, but you're solely reaching and purposefully ignoring what the manual says about the situation for your head canon of what you want Sonic to be to work. In Sonic & Knuckles's game intro, it's clearly seen to be only as sizable as Lava Reef Zone is (The Volcano it crash landed on) which is on one side of the Island!There're plenty more zones and areas on Angel Island that's not even shown in that screen shot because it's just. That. Big of an island!.... And that's just the surface of the island for crying out loud. Again, read the manual or you wouldn't be questioning this)... But back on the the emeralds mysteriously vanishing... what does Knuckles find instead after days of searching for the emeralds under and on top the island like said in the manual? The previously destroyed Death Egg which is now on the lake side of the Island aka Launch Base Zone, and then Eggman.... ...You can't put the two together and see that Eggman took the Chaos Emeralds there? The main evil scientific and greedy antagonists of Sonic the Hedgehog who literally says he wants those Chaos Emeralds in the beginning of Sonic 3? Does the manual literally have to hand hold the audience and say "And at that moment when the emeralds vanished, Eggman took it all for himself"? Like seriously? This is why this seems you're coming off as disingenuous or somehow actually coming across as believing the Chaos Emeralds just grew legs and left, because this should not be this hard to grasp, but let's break it down further: 1: Destroyed Death Egg of Sonic 2 Crash Lands on Angel Island's earth area and can't function. 2: Angel Island Chaos Emeralds from altar mysteriously vanish afterwards. 3: Death Egg is now in new lake area of Angel Island aka Launch Base Zone. 4: Eggman is now seen and lies about Sonic having the missing Chaos Emeralds to Knuckles. Are we clear now? At any case, I'm done, because again, I did not come here to argue about the many ways you could spin new random preconditions and rules on what the game actually deliberately tells us through manual and in game cutscenes, and I don't want to stink up this thread. You keep trying to act like this is up to my interpretation. I'm literally just reading the manual that I gave you a source of for yourself.... to which evidently you had no idea of but feel the need to keep questioning me like I wrote it. That's all. I really don't want this to escalate anymore but it's really coming across as you just ignoring what I'm pointing to you from the manual and in-game cutscenes like I'm crazy despite me constantly showing proof while you're blatantly just failing to see how your own questions of the manual can be easily answered if you re-familiarized yourself with the game, read the Jap manual and even the US manual more clearly and fully, stop using head canon to dissuade actual points and events stated and shown in the manual and game and read what people have to say instead of glimpsing over them... Because again, "dinky explosions" and "The Death Egg didn't fly the way I wanted to despite being a whole different scenario" are not arguments and are explained in game and manual what things actually are. So yea, any ill will or anything you may or may not feel, I apologize in advance and will just check out what you gotta say from afar because I got things to do now and spent waaaaay to much time on Sonic and all this right now lol. Peace out.
  3. No, that's just twisting the narrative. What the Jap manual actually says is this: Long ago, back when the island was still part of a continent. People of an exceptional civilization lived there. That civilization built a peaceful and wealthy society by the energy of certain "power stones." However at one point, when a faction of elders tried to make the energy of the "power stones" theirs, they accidentally made that energy go awry. The civilization was destroyed in an instant, and vanished from history. And after this incident... It is said that the gods that came down from the sky restored part of the civilization as an "island," and released it into the sky along with the "power stones." This is Sonic's perspective of what he recalls the legend of the Angel Island to be. This is not the game telling you this is how all the emeralds function. No, because this is what it says afterwards, starting off from where you left off: Dr. Eggman, who escaped from the fallen Death Egg, was aware that the Chaos Emeralds were on the floating island. He could catch a signal of a huge Chaos Emerald from a crack in the earth opened by the Death Egg. Using that energy, it is possible to let the Death Egg fly out into space again. Dr. Eggman started building a base on the floating island at a quick pace in order to obtain the Chaos Emeralds. They're clearly referring to Eggman getting the Chaos Emeralds and not the Mater Emerald. Not only that, the Master Emerald was clearly untouched the whole time in Sonic 3's portion, as you can see when you eventually go after the Super Emeralds, and the Master emerald is clearly shown to have different properties in game, where when that's taken away, The Island falls, but when the Super Emeralds are all there at the Altar but NOT the Master Emerald, the Island is still at the risk of falling because that's not what those emeralds' duties are. Yo, you're literally trying to tell me the Chaos Emeralds are the same as the Master Emerald? No. That's completely wrong.Look at my post above this quote and see why. ....Seriously, I mean this in the most non snarkiest way possible, but honestly... Are you even reading what I'm replying to you? First of all, what do you see here? @59:08 - 59:22 of the video Looks like The Death Egg's blowing up into smithereens, correct? Or do I need my eyes checked? Second of all, read here and tell me what this says from literally the beginning of the Japanese Manual of Sonic 3 that I already pointed out before plenty of times before and gave you a source of: After Sonic 2's Adventure... Dr. Eggman's fortress, the Death Egg, which was thoroughly destroyed by Sonic in the previous adventure, was just starting to crash towards the earth. On the Death Egg's dropping orbit, there was a single huge, floating mass of clouds closer to the ground. And there was an enormous shadow quietly hiding within those clouds... Towering mountains, spread out woods... That shadow was an island. It was a massive "floating island" that drifted through the sky. The Death Egg became a fireball and crashed hard into that "floating island." The mountains tumbled, the woods were knocked down. That tremendous impact greatly slanted the "floating island" and gradually lowered its altitude. The floating island finally collided with the sea surface. The floating island caused large waves that one could call a tsunami to surge, but did not sink to the bottom of the ocean. Bearing the Death Egg, the floating island stayed slightly above the sea as if nothing had happened. Sonic and Tails's Journey Several days later... On an island far from the place where the Death Egg and the floating island collided. Tails, a two-tailed fox, suddenly started catching a strong Chaos Emerald signal on the jewel radar he invented."It might have something to do with the giant tsunami that happened recently..." Tails pondered as he headed to the beach where Sonic was. When Knuckle regained consciousness, his body was thrown out of the altar. As he slowly rose his body and looked around the vicinity, a partially destroyed emerald altar came into Knuckle's view. Knuckle hurriedly leaped into the altar. However, the Chaos Emeralds that should have been in there had vanished, without leaving a single fragment behind. Knuckle went out of the altar dumbfounded. Then, when he turned his feeble glance into the distance... He noticed something strange appearing near the lake. When he saw that large, round object shaped like an egg, Knuckle felt a shiver along his spine. "That large egg is the legendary dragon's..." There's no mistaking that this egg must be the one that appears in the legend described in the Chaos Emerald's altar, the egg that will bring disaster to this island. Knuckle patrolled the altar of seven Chaos Emeralds that exist on the island for the following few days, but all the Chaos Emeralds have disappeared without a trace. And then, while he was examining every nook and cranny of the island, still not giving up, Knuckle encountered an unfamiliar man in the forest. it was not mere minutes that Eggman set this all up, but several days upon days that this was set up. And they clearly said the Death Egg was thoroughly destroyed... Now, whether you want to believe something else is entirely on you, but this is what the Japanese manual is saying. Evidently that's how its supposed to start out. Where are you getting that it's supposed to just fly on its own or any other way than what was shown? So... you just ignoring evidence? Well that's not my problem. I'm just stating what the manual says. All you're doing is just fighting what was written. I don't see how you don't see how 1: The Emeralds suddenly are missing when Eggman appears after just saying he wants them. 2: The dismantled and once thoroughly destroyed Death Egg stuck on the ground making a crack on the Island's earth suddenly appearing near the lake side by Knuckles's own words 3: All taking several days by a huge armada of robots, magical gem stones, and the smartest in-universe fictional scientist to get this all running Somehow doesn't tell you that Eggman has the emeralds and got his Death Egg running, especialy when it's shown that was his motive for getting the emeralds and what was shown in game... but hey I'll gladly just agree to disagree on this whole notion.
  4. Making things fly is not the only function of the Chaos Emeralds. Besides, you're mixing up the Master Emerald with the Chaos Emeralds. Eggman wanted and got the Chaos Emeralds for the Death Egg initially. Not the Master Emerald. Your angel Island analogy does not apply. And you're missing the fact that the Death Egg was destroyed and the chaos emeralds was what he needed and you see it flying later, told within the manual and seen in game. And I just stated that Sonic destroyed part of the death Egg from under when you beat the Launch Base Zone boss. You're mixing scenarios here. It was already up and running. Sonic was the one that went and destroyed the thing to begin with before re crash landing onto Angel Island. I already did prove to you @Diogenes. You're making me run in circles when I've already pointed and highlighted where it says Eggman grabbed the emeralds already. You didn't even address my comment when I said that Knuckles saw the Death Egg appearing near the lake after the Emeralds were missing. Like how could you not see right there that Eggman has them at that point? It's clearly stating he has it at that moment. It's not like the Chaos Emeralds just got up and decided to leave, and it was only mere coincidence that Eggman shows up right then and there with the Death Egg and Knuckles.
  5. I'm having trouble what we're not seeing here @Diogenes Read here what this says stated by Eggman in the Jap ver of the manual: "If their energy could be utilized", Dr. Eggman thought, "the Death Egg may be able to fly into orbit again." What else could that possibly mean? The Death Egg's main functions are by flying and going into orbit.... and clearly Eggman is gambling if this could even work, because he said it may be able to fly again... this is after the manual just telling you that the Death Egg was thoroughly destroyed. about Sonic 2's Death Egg, difference here is that there was only one set of emeralds to beat Eggman to the punch with and wasn't destroyed vs Sonic 3 where its saying there are other emeralds and that Eggman has them already and that he was working with a destroyed craft. So really, theres two possibilities. One: Sonic 2's Sonic fought Eggman on an uncompleted Death Egg base as Sonic gathered all the emeralds before him as this was Eggman's desperate last line of defense. Two: Sonic getting all the emeralds in Sonic 2 is actually non canon and Eggman actually did get the emeralds before Sonic for his Death Egg Base to be completed. (Edit: which could still mean Sonic got them all back from Eggman by the end, but I personally think that's a whole lot of reaching haha. Scenario one seems more probable) And I don't know how you could tell the state of how it launches in Sonic 3. That seems like a reach to me. All we can honestly tell from the game is that it launched, and then that Sonic destroyed part of it from under. Keep in mind, the jap manual has already told the player that Eggman has the emeralds for the Death Egg to go into orbit again. And look here and read the last paragraph under Knuckles's bio. It literally says the Death Egg lost its ability to fly after crash landing and needs the chaos emeralds for it to fly again.
  6. You're splitting hairs on the main point here though. The point is that Eggman couldn't get it to run again without the emeralds. Also, the beginning of the jap ver. literally states that the Death Egg from Sonic 2 was destroyed, debris was falling from it crashing onto earth, and that it became a fireball crashing onto Angel Island.... but that's besides the point. Also, Knuckles says he saw the Death Egg appearing near the lake. Clearly its running and not stuck and dismantled on the island. Look, just take into account what the US versions of the story says. They say Eggman didn't have the emeralds yet. Well, if that were the case, then how did he get the Death Egg fully completed and running by Launch Base Zone? He should have had the emeralds there if that were the case but the US ver says he doesn't... which is why Eggman having the emeralds in the beginning like the jap version says makes a lot more sense, because the US version literally says he needs the emeralds to make the Death Egg start up and never got them yet he has the Death Egg running in the game anyway.
  7. As I stated above in my edited comment, take note that Eggman's Death Egg was completely destroyed and he himself says he needed the Chaos Emeralds to fix it and get it back up and running again. Later on Knuckles sees the Death Egg working. Also, the point of Sonic 2 was to prevent Eggman from getting the emeralds in order for him to not complete the Death Egg. So I don't think Eggman had the whole thing down completed yet. But with all that said, you see in Sonic 3 that in Launch Base Zone, the Death Egg is flying and fully restored, so that tells you that Eggman already has the Angel Island emeralds.
  8. Yea, here's from that same source on that same page on Retro: Dr. Eggman's Conspiracy Dr. Eggman, who escaped from the fallen Death Egg, was aware that the Chaos Emeralds were on the floating island. He could catch a signal of a huge Chaos Emerald from a crack in the earth opened by the Death Egg. Using that energy, it is possible to let the Death Egg fly out into space again. Dr. Eggman started building a base on the floating island at a quick pace in order to obtain the Chaos Emeralds. Then, he remodeled the animals into robots, and changed the floating island's nature into a more severe one with an environmental change machine. "Daaaahahaha!! Sonic, you're too late to come to this island. This time, by using the Chaos Emeralds, the world will be mine!" The actors and the stage are all set. Sonic's new adventure will now begin here. You have to read the whole thing to understand the full context. Dr. Eggman's Death Egg from Sonic 2 crash landed on Angel Island. Eggman states he couldn't get it to run again after what Sonic just did to it. Then Eggman gets energy readings of the Chaos and Master emeralds after the big crack he did to the Island after crash landing his Death Egg onto it. Eggman then starts his plans to grab the emerald by making a base on top of Angel Island, which is what the Launch Base Zone is. Knuckles then notices the emeralds shake violently before a big explosion of sorts happens. At this point the emeralds are gone and Knuckles got kicked out the emerald altar and was knocked unconscious. When he wakes up, he notices an EGG in the sky, aka the Death Egg. Following that, he notices Eggman right next to him, which is when Eggman lies to him about Sonic being evil, targeting the emeralds and all that stuff. So there you go. Eggman has them because now his Death Egg is running, which he specifically said he wasn't able to without the emeralds.
  9. I was actually just about to say the key difference between the US and Jap versions. In the US ver., Eggman doesn't steal them yet. He plans on doing so, but he has to convince Knuckles that Sonic has them first. In the Jap ver., however, Eggman already has them, and still convinces Knuckles that Sonic is the one that has them. You know he has to have the Chaos Emeralds on him prior to everything starting because the in-game cutscenes shows him with his Death Egg up and running. He can't do that if he didn't have the emeralds on him because it was just destroyed from Sonic 2, and the whole point of him being on Angel Island is to grab the emeralds so he can get his Death Egg back up and running again.
  10. @PengiYea, there's more to that when you read more below. Continuing where you left off: Knuckle hurriedly leaped into the altar. However, the Chaos Emeralds that should have been in there had vanished, without leaving a single fragment behind. Knuckle went out of the altar dumbfounded. Then, when he turned his feeble glance into the distance... He noticed something strange appearing near the lake. When he saw that large, round object shaped like an egg, Knuckle felt a shiver along his spine. "That large egg is the legendary dragon's..." There's no mistaking that this egg must be the one that appears in the legend described in the Chaos Emerald's altar, the egg that will bring disaster to this island. Knuckle patrolled the altar of seven Chaos Emeralds that exist on the island for the following few days, but all the Chaos Emeralds have disappeared without a trace. And then, while he was examining every nook and cranny of the island, still not giving up, Knuckle encountered an unfamiliar man in the forest. As soon as that man, who called himself Dr. Eggman, learned that Knuckle is the Chaos Emeralds' guardian, he informed him this. "I am a scientist who came to investigate that egg. Hmmm, if you are the Chaos Emeralds' guardian then I have to tell you this. The truth is, you see, I'm followed by an evil hedgehog named Sonic who is disturbing my research, and he seems to be targeting the Chaos Emeralds on this island."
  11. I got it from Sonic Retro's coverage. The translator herself, Windii, is also very credible. But in any case, both the US and Jap versions of the manual state that Eggman steals the emeralds as he tricks Knuckles into thinking Sonic took them, which is the plot of the game, so I'm not sure where you got that from.
  12. After reading the manuals, I figured that for the Sonic 1 and 2 Chaos Emeralds jumping from hexagonal to octagonal and all sorts of gonals were generally "soft redesigns" so to speak, still intended to be the same emeralds because Sonic 2's manual is referring to Sonic 1's emeralds and how South Island wasn't the real home place for them and that there was a 7th one, vs Sonic 3&K's Angel Island's Chaos Emeralds where they're seemingly going out of their way explaining to you that they're different emeralds this time around. I consider the redesigns of the emeralds of Sonic 1/2 like Classic and Modern Sonic's aesthetics, where they're the same character but changed up a bit just because. I do agree the story is kinda funky tho haha. In Sonic 2, they make it seem like West Side Island is basically was part of Angel Island with its back story of the emeralds and the ancient legend involved, like how that place also had greedy people trying to misuse the emeralds power, but ended up having the gods lock them away somewhere. You'd think they'd be the same ones until you see Super Sonic at the beginning of Sonic 3. It's all very confusing haha. I just really wanted to see what other people thought of since I just recently started reading the Japanese Manuals of the classics.... and I'm legit surprised they kinda kept the Sonic Adventure Knuckles / Chaos Emerald esque back story since Sonic 2.
  13. I got a question about Sonic Mania / 3&K and how they went about the emeralds. TLDR: Which of the two games was right in depicting the emeralds? Did Mania go astray from what was originally intended by making two emerald types, the Chaos and Super Emeralds, into one? Did Sega screw up themselves with Sonic 2's and Sonic 3's story of the emeralds, or did everyone screw up? Long Version: So, from what I used to understand just by going off the in-game cutscenes alone in Sonic 3&K, I had thought that Sonic, just coming from Sonic 2, mind you, had all the emeralds and brought them to Angel Island, lost them due to Knuckles, then later on made those same emeralds into Super Emeralds by like super charging them on the altar or whatever. And then later on with Mania, we had that artwork of Eggman juggling the emeralds, pretty much explaining why the Chaos Emeralds looked different from Sonic 1 - recent Sonic games and the Super Emeralds"; We only saw their top view in Sonic 1 but they were always the same shape as shown in the later games. And as you can see when playing Mania, they still have the Super Emeralds intact, but grayed out (The weird thing though is that they're all already there even though it's possible the player might not have gotten all of the regular emeralds at that point of getting there, implying they're already their own type of emeralds as well despite what the Eggman artwork shown). Other than that, I thought nothing more of it. Now, from reading the Sonic 3 Japanese translated manual which is apparently the intended lore, Eggman had actually stolen Angel Island's Chaos Emeralds aka the "Super Emeralds" prior to Sonic reaching Angel Island with Super Sonic. So now I'm inclined to believe that there were actually two separate types of emeralds all together, since Sonic had to have gotten his from Sonic 2's West Side Island, aka the true home place for those emeralds, according to Sonic 2's manual and how only days went by the end of Sonic 2 leading up to Sonic 3 according to that game's manual. Plus, Angel Island already had an altar in place of where the emeralds would be near the Master Emerald, and Sonic's never been to Angel Island until that very game, so that'd make sense right there how there'd need to be two separate emerald types. It just confuses me as to why the in-game cutscenes would they have Sonic 2's emerald seemingly transform into Angel Island's if they're supposed to be different. Unless that was a limitation of the Genesis where like they couldn't show Eggman losing the Angel Island emeralds by the end of Sonic 3 before Sonic & Knuckles or something, it leaves me wondering if they forgot themselves that they wrote there was supposed to be two emerald types that they just made into one and fazed out Sonic 2's emeralds.... So which is it? Idk I'm a lil confused and doing a lil too much Sonic lore exploring at the moment haha.
  14. That infamous "Oh no" Knuckles line everyone knows in Sonic Adventure was actually dialogue pulled from the E3 demo's Knuckles's beta line, and from the same actor who went about Knuckles's voice in a different direction. So basically, what people are hearing when they slap around Knuckles in the boss fight is some random out of context line from a previous build being re purposed for that fight, which is why it sounds so strange. The original context of the line starts at 1:55 WHY they did this instead of just telling that same voice actor to just say "Oh no" or literally anything else in his finalized take of Knuckles's voice could be anyone's guess. I'd say they probably forgot until eventually realizing they had to add in some type of audio indication to help the player know you hit him, so they scrambled around and ended up with what we got today.
  15. For the classics, I like to think the reason Sonic 1 only had 6 Chaos Emeralds was simply because Eggman was a total scrub on Echidna lore at the time and didn't even know there was a 7th one for there to be a problem for Sonic. But then by Sonic 3, Eggman had shown he hit the books, got his Echidna scholars degree and found out there was actually 14 to find and even a master one at that. Speaking of Sonic 3, I like to think that Knuckles in the beginning of the game actually had the mini Master Emerald on him to stop Super Sonic, since he shows he can resize the thing to pocket size and was explained to be able to neutralize the Chaos Emeralds with the Master Emerald in the later games. Also, he knew to bring it there at that point in time since Eggman told lies about why Sonic actually had all the emeralds on him in order for Eggman to grab them for himself. For SA2, I always liked to think the Space Colony Ark was pretty much an unfinished man made project of recreating Angel Island in it's entirety, with the people on board trying to get every bit of detail down to it's atoms correct all for the sole purpose of recreating Chaos which was what the Biolizard was supposed to be the "S.H.A.D.O.W." or the follow up to, but for like evil, $$$, power and whatnot. It's also interesting that they both have peculiar parallels between the two regarding their pasts, too, in the sense that according to the history of Angel Island from Sonic 3 to Sonic Adventure, it was a mystery as to why the Echidnas all of a sudden vanished and became abandoned. Kinda like how the Space Colony Ark was. For unknown reasons at the time, the people on board mysteriously "vanished" and their history and everything about the ark was lost due to time and a cover up.
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