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  1. I'm pretty late to the party, but I actually feel that Sonic Team had in fact always cared about their canon and continuity (at least initially until Sonic Heroes came along), and I feel that the driving force for that was to help them differentiate from other platformers of that era when story telling was a mere after thought.... buuuut leh me ehsplayn myself real quick, shall we? Now first and foremost, I believe we U.S. residing individuals simply fell into a case of poor localization early on, with cases such as seemingly minute but actually important details just getting lost in translation with an extreme case of over simplification on top of Sega of Japan / America wanting to do their own thing in portraying the characters. If you go by the Japanese manuals for Sonic 1 - 3, they are CLEARLY way more in depth in just character bios alone, and especially on the story front. I recall in Sonic 2's Japanese manual, there's actually spoken dialogue between Sonic and Tails before they set off for a mysterious island they flew off to where the whole game takes place (known as West Side Island aka "The Illusionary island", the homeland for the 7 chaos emeralds.... you know, the type of shit the American manuals don't tell you about haha.) Going by this, that cut Hidden Palace Zone in Sonic 2 suddenly makes more sense. ...But that's just on the manual front. On the actual in-game front, I just wanted to address some things, like Sonic 1 and 2's continuity. You note that it doesn't make sense how Sonic lost the Chaos Emeralds starting off in Sonic 2, but it's clearly shown in Sonic 1 that if you get all the them by the end of the game, they're shown to power up South Island with life and greenery before they scatter off Dragon Ball style with Sonic not knowing wtf just happened (and they scatter off to West side island, which is mentioned in Sonic 2). For your case on how Sonic 3 was handled, that's just a case of Sonic Team actually having the necessary power to having their ideas more realized. If Sonic 1 came out in 1994, similar story telling tricks would've been done. As far as the Adventure games goes, particularly for your point about Sonic Adventure 2, I strongly disagree. I think it actually strongly connects with Adventure 1 and even the older games just fine, but it's just not so overtly in your face about it (which I personally feel is a really smart call). You've mentioned the Tails / Station Square point so you saved that one for me, but that's just one of the more direct call backs. Also consider the fact that Tails is much more independent in Adv 2, which ties to his character development from Adv 1 where he's always around Sonic to fight his battles in that game, but not only that, Tails still has the blue Tornado 2 that was adjusted even further which was introduced in the later half of Adv 1. A stronger point I'd add for Adv 2 would be the Biolizard itself along with the Space Colony Ark. That lizard is strongly hinted at being the recreation of Perfect Chaos. You even see and fight beta Chaos subjects throughout the Space Colony ark levels. The fact that the Biolizard is a lizard, immortal and even screams exactly like Chaos, the fact it surrounds itself in water like Chaos does with the realization that the later ark levels become more under water based shows this is a call back to Adv 1's Perfect Chaos. Then there's the Emerald shrine that's in the core that the Biolizard protects at all costs (just like how Chaos did when Tikal was alive in Adv 1) that only Gerald Robotnik could've seen if he went to Angel Island himself, which leads to the fact that because the Biolizard is the way it is, Gerald must've seen the giant Perfect Chaos mural from Sonic Adventure 1's Lost World level where he based his inspirations from. These are some of the more "not so in your face" call backs I'm talking about presented in Adv 2. That's also a case of telling a story through gameplay, and we know they're not reaches because you can tell these were clues the developers wanted the players to figure out in solving what is really going on behind the Space Colony Ark scenes. I don't want to beat you over the head with this since this is already too long haha, but yea, that's just how I feel on the matter. What the team does these days... yea they truly just come up with whatever that gets the ball rolling for the project at hand... with it all being forgotten by the next game. But I strongly believe that before all this came to be for the franchise, Sonic team always had a clearer vision on what Sonic was, with the classic games pretty much being led up to what Sonic Adventure 1 eventually told (which was an origin story for the emeralds and a refocusing on what Sonic and the rests' true character portrayals are), because there was always an underlying story about an island, a group of ancients and them mysteriously vanishing by a god prior to Sonic Adventure 1 if you read the japanese manuals.
  2. Yea haha. It's a shame he has all this stuff like laser canons and energy balls... but it has no legs. It's just has little fins where his legs should be. Unless he somehow lost them, I can kiiiinda see why he wasn't quite the perfect version of the ultimate life form Gerald was looking for.
  3. @DabigRG Oh yea, when you read the project report it says that the Biolizard can successfully Chaos Control warp due the specially made organs it has (and that's the first thing it does as Sonic and Knuckles tries to reach for the emerald shine in the Ark's core before Shadow steps in). It just sucks at walking and is extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity changes which is why I'd suspect the swelling would start happening to him like when he's in space like in his Finalhazard phase (albeit his life support system was busted at that point too).
  4. @StaticManiaI guess that's where they could've started it all from for the project, but what I'm trying to get at is Shadow the Hedgehog (the game) makes it seem like Black Arms started it all, but the timeline where all the events take place don't seem to suggest that being possible. @DabigRG Yup, that's what the Project Shadow reports imply, that the Biolizard got waaaay too big for it's own good. Well, I should say that it is self sustaining in a sense though, since it did manage to live on it's own for 50 years while completely abandoned in space. It just can't crawl well and out of that yellow solution it sits in before immediately swelling up, but it still can chaos warp to places just fine. There's also a perfect guide book for SA2 (Still trying to find this damn thing for myself online though) where Rouge apparently actually goes into more detail about what happened with the Biolizard, the Ark and everything, explaining how the Biolizard got too out of hand at points of testing on top of the other limitations it had which led Gerald to eventually start making Shadow. In Sa2's last Story, Gerald even says "Based on the original data, I have finally perfected Shadow", telling me that Shadow mostly got everything, like his eternal engine that makes him immortal, his specially made organs that allows him to perform Chaos Control, and even his red and black color scheme, from the Biolizard, not whatever that was going on in Shadow the Hedgehog (the game).
  5. Huh, well I'll be damned. Learned something new today. Interesting how they randomly added that back in for Sonic Riders but then chose to get rid of it again afterwards.
  6. I got another one. Now let's look at our good ol fox friend, Tails. Particularly his classic iteration. Now, what if I told you that from these select images I provided, that there's something.... off? That same something, that was very prevalent and integral to the very core of Tail's design that only the most astute visionaries could catch when seen at the right given angle... was missing? A detail that was so important to the series, and yet was taken away from him (and us) and forever lost in translation, dare I say? Have you caught it yet? Well if not, look no further: His little hair tuft on the back of his head's been quietly yanked out since his modern redesign, and ever since has been forgotten for quite some time now, even for his classic appearances of today. This goes for Sonic Generations and even Sonic Mania. Well, mostly for Mania, anyway. Now oddly enough, even Sonic Mania's sprite animators remembered that Classic Tails is supposed to have that little hair tuft going on. Somehow they were able to remember that while the other animation crew for the Mania shorts and intro weren't. My hunch is that the spriters and cartoon animators either looked at two different references for Tails (because for whatever reason, there's a model sheet of Classic Tails floating around that doesn't include that hair tuft detail where even the "special zone" Tails design on the Genesis games decided to follow despite having that detail everywhere else) or they both forgot, but the spriters just ended up having that detail already at hand anyway since the Mania Tails sprite is already basically Sonic 2/ 3 Tails but with more frames of animation. I'm joking btw before some of you think I'm actually crazy, haha.
  7. @DabigRG Hmm is that so? See, although I don't know too much about Ken and what he does, I was under the assumption that he just flat out never bought a Genesis. If not and he actually did get one, I'd say it's weird how he revolves his entire career around a franchise he could care less about yet buys the system and game for his children to play with. Idk though. It just seems off. It's still weird how there's blatantly two different tv sets going by the cover art and the actual comic pages. Why would the suits be concerned about only the front cover and not the whole comic?
  8. Hold up. Something's not adding up. So looking further into the tweets, Ken elaborates on the making of the Sonic Live comic... Apparently the reason why his son wound up holding a tv remote pretending to play Sonic games instead of actually playing it with a genesis controller was because his family had just moved in the new house they took those shots in, and he had to hastily make a new cover photo since the original photo for the comic cover had a tv deemed "too old" for it to be used according to "the suits", so they didn't have time to pull out the Genesis for the comic... ...But I had just read up that giant blog post about Ken and his "legacy" at Archie and it said that he never even owned a Sega Genesis and didn't even like the damn games lol. Also, looking up the actual comic, the cover art showing all those games is clearly different from the actual photos within the comics where it looks like the "old tv" was still being used in the comics... yet there's still no Genesis to be found and his son is still using a tv remote...?
  9. Alright, I finally figured out how Sam got the Solo Sonic flying trick to work, haha. For whatever reason, this prototype has it so that even if you only have one controller connected, it could still read another port's inputs, even if there aren't any other controllers plugged in or around. So just map the buttons on port 2 of whatever emulator you're using, press up and double tap jump and bingo. You'll have Sonic solo fly akin to Sonic Mania
  10. Yeaaaa... you know, I'm testing it out myself and I can't figure out how the hell Sam did it akin to Mania's method either. It doesn't seem like anything goes out of the ordinary prior to him solo flying also so idk what's going on. Maybe it was just a glitch on his end?
  11. It is pretty peculiar though that if the Drop Dash was a mere coincidence, then that'd make at least 2 coincidences, since Sonic solo flying with Tails is also a scrapped Sonic 3 move that just so happened to make its way into Mania. Either way, this discovery is so damn cool, though. I wonder what the Sonic 3 team would've called the drop dash today if they had actually stuck with the move. It's that that kinda stuff that makes you wonder what could've been.
  12. Yea, I'm pretty much gonna echo everyone here and say this looks MILES better than the trash heap we had months on end, and that for the first time ever, I'm actually genuinely happy about something about this movie. This may not be the quintessential Sonic movie people like myself was looking for (This movie still has lots of room for improvement people in this thread pointed out already), but it still looks like a good time to be had here. With that said tho....I think I have to put my tin foil nut case hat on for this one, because this turnaround was too great for me to believe there isn't something going on here. Wasn't there a report on a early screening of this movie where the viewers said something along the lines of "Omg that looks just like the Sonic I remember!" like a year or so ago? I feel like those people were referring to THIS Movie Sonic that we are finally seeing today, because there's no way in hell they were talking about that homonculus reincarnation we were dealing with before.
  13. I guess that's changed just to sell the fact that he's using a tranquilizer gun instead of a typical pistol.
  14. Huh. All this time Tee Lopes had a sis and she's talented like him? And Tee Lopes sings a little on the side, too? Now that's what's up. I really enjoyed this remix.
  15. Hmm, I got one. Remember this little fight in Sonic Generations? Yeaaaa.... Sonic inadvertently ruined this timeline and let this pocket universe's Earth be engulfed in a watery grave, the dark side of Sonic's story Sega didn't want your kids to know. Now why is that, you may ask? Sonic clearly "won" and beat Perfect Chaos by the end of the video, didn't he? ....Well the main thing about Perfect Chaos was that it was an immortal being hell bent on visceral rage and revenge that lasted for centuries upon centuries. Super Sonic's purpose by the end of SA1 was not to just beat him up, but was to use the positive power of the Chaos Emeralds to put Chaos's unrelenting eternal rage at ease. Beating up Chaos would just continue the cycle... ...But as you can see here in Generations, Sonic's only at base level and is just imposing his will through violence. Sonic is not actually winning here. He's actually just making Chaos more angry. So as Sonic gleefully breakdances his way on top of the ravaged Station Square on what he "thinks" is a victory before making his way back to his universe he needs to continue saving.... Station Square in this timeline is still left ravaged with an even more pissed off Perfect Chaos....
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