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  1. StriCNYN3

    Why are you really into Sonic?

    Coming from a person who's played and liked a lot of games in their day, when a Sonic game gets it's shit together, I don't think there's any other platformer touching it. It just has this draw in it's style that just pulls me in. It honest to god helped shaped my artistic and musical tastes growing up. That's a very powerful influence that not many other games can say it did the same for me. I also blame Sonic CD's animated intro. That one scene swept me by the foot so hard that it keeps me hoping we'll get something like that in a video game one day. I always felt like that was the blueprints to the ultimate platformer =P.
  2. Well, with this game trying to sell to the audience making it seem Eggman means big business this time in Forces, I don't think that's what they were trying to convey. It's even worse when the context explaining how Tails escaped is conveniently missing, because the scene after Sonic is down literally fades to black with text giving exposition to how the war went down afterwards, not showing us what exactly happened between Tails being confronted by Eggman and the rest for any of this to snowball in the first place. Regarding "plot reasons", say that in Sonic Forces, let's pretend that the only way for the plot to move on is for Tails to not get captured in the beginning. I feel that if Tails just simply said something along the lines in the following scene while fixing Omega "It's been far too long since I've heard a word from Sonic. He might just be.... but I can't give up!" Sonic wouldn't!" or some shit like that, then that'd alleviate so much. Even though Tails is capable of beating Chaos 0, he doesn't have to win against him or anything like that, especially since the war logically should take some toll on him if it was really going on for that long, but for him to just give up on everything without trying and for 6 months, screaming Sonic's name, especially when you realize all of this would've been fixed in a day if Tails had just used the communicator to track Eggman right when he realized Sonic was captured and he had the opportunity to escape with this information.... ugh it just doesn't sit well with me.
  3. @DabigRG Idk, I feel like since Eggman was already making this huge push for world domination like he hasn't ever done before, with his entire army beside him, that he wouldn't leave any gaps right before the war even begins... He knows what Tails is capable of and is just as much a threat as Sonic is, so why let him go, especially when you're just going to complain about concerns about letting survivors go later on? He specifically made a jail cell for everyone within the Death Egg and he's not going to start off with the two biggest threats he knows? And yea, it's a shame the rest of the gang didn't know, and that falls on Tails. If Tails would've simply told his friends he was captured, then at least one of them should've had the sense to realize he has to be still alive. I don't understand why Tails just stopped using his communicator for 6 months.
  4. True, true. Infinite does likes to play with his enemies and let them "tell the tale", but Eggman is a different story in this game. He literally yells at Infinite for letting Sonic go specifically because he didn't want any potential threats to ruin his plans. So him letting Tails go away when he was inches away from him with his whole entire army beside him is nonsense and the story shouldn't have gone the way it did in the first place. Another point I don't get is, why would Tails think Sonic is dead for any of this psychological warfare to snow baIl if Eggman captured him? There's no way Eggman would have any use for Sonic's dead body for one thing. The fact That he captured him should give reason for Tails to have on going purpose to fight on to save him, because Eggman capturing Sonic implies he's still alive. But for some reason he thinks he's immediately dead and says nothing about what happened to his friends.... That first scene just doesn't add up to me. It's either Tails should've gotten captured with Sonic and the story branches off to something else entirely, or Tails holds on to his words to "save Sonic" since there's always a possibility that he's still alive, being captured and all.
  5. I'm a little late to the party, but yea, I enjoyed and agreed with a lot of points in the video. I still feel however that even with Tails being hinted at having depression, that it completely misses the point of the character progression he was going through and doesn't justify some of his actions. The point of Tails's progression was that he should handle his own problems and be his own person. With Sonic (and not even his Sonic at that) just coming back into the picture and him zapping back into shape just gives a huge slap in the face of what he learned from following Sonic growing up and what he realized on his own. The SA2 scene with Tails reacting to Sonic's apparent death that you showed is how I feel Forces Tails should react within a world without Sonic. The point being, he should always fight on no matter what, and always fight for his friends. For him to just give up on his friends is what really sits me the wrong way. The war having an effect on him is fine, but I don't think they way it went about it fits him. Also, about the scene with Tails cowering from the robots in front of the civilians, although I do agree that it makes sense for Tails to sit back as he can't possibly stand up to all of Eggman's forces like Infinite, Metal Sonic and etc, I don't think that's the point why people really detested that scene. At least that's not my point when I first saw that scene anyway. It's the fact that Tails just can't find any solution of his own without Sonic's say is what drives me crazy. And it's worse when you realize that seems to be his whole shtick within the entire game. It's also the fact that the situation was already at it's worst with Sonic down, and realistically, Eggman should've captured Tails right then and there too, so Tails should've dropped his communicator and fought for what he could since there should've been no way to escape with everyone there literally next to him and him screaming "Sonic!", giving away his position. Eggman not even bothering to capture Tails was plot induced stupidity in of itself since he wanted and even yelled at Infinite for not capturing Sonic later on in the game when Tails was literally in his sights alone within the first scene of the game anyway... so Tails somehow running away on his own and being depressed for 6 months just for it to be turned around in 10 seconds shouldn't have been an option for the story in the first place.
  6. StriCNYN3

    Am I a failure if I don't finish the Genesis classics?

    Yea I know you could die from the pistons, but you have to do that purposefully, which is the point. It's a testing ground like I said. In the video above, it's clearly shown in Sonic 2 that it gives you rings prior to even reaching up to the pistons at the beginning of the level. That's completely different from the trap floors in Scrap Brain. You die for even experimenting what they could lead to, and the trap floors that lead to bottomless pits are one hit kills. Pistons are not one hit kills. Pistons actually teach you to jump on them, by avoiding the steam and it being an obstacle to jump over in general, and there're rings directly on top of the pistons to show where they lead to, leading to the platform above with a ring box. That's way more careful game design that doesn't severally punish the player, but rather teaches them how things functions in their zone unlike Scrap Brain zone that just throws in new gimmicks in and you die for being curious even. I disagree on your second point. Of course there are bottomless pits in Sonic 1 prior to Scrap Brain, but how often are they in literally the start of the stage, with rings literally being on top of them to guide you? Seriously. This is the start of the zone! A new player wouldn't have know where they are in a stage. They could've thought they were at the very top and have a safety net to fall from. Hell, not to far off from those trap floors is a downward pathway where you continue one from, but there's a bottomless pit prior to that anyway.... And usually you know a bottomless pit is dangerous because a platform tends to shake and crumble into pieces to warn you you're not supposed to fall here, that's also in conjunction with the camera not panning down any further. Not Scrap brain zone though. You just die because those platforms act like its a doorway to another passage. Heck if anything, Green Hill Zone teaches you to check sketchy areas and seemingly bottomles pits at the beginning of the stage. Remember this spot in Act 2?
  7. Quick: How do you put up gifs on this site again? My bad, It's been a while for me on here :P

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Same way you'd do any image


      I just usually post the image link and let the magic happen

  8. StriCNYN3

    Am I a failure if I don't finish the Genesis classics?

    (Edit: How do you put gifs on here? Sorry about that, it's been a while since I've thrown gifs on here) True, true. Don't get me wrong, I do agree with you with how you're supposed to experiment uncharted areas with caution first before going buck wild with Sonic's full speed. That's a rule that's not just for Sonic games, but just for gaming in general if anyone seeks self improvement (Instead of one blaming the entire game all of their mistakes unfairly because they choose not to be careful and didn't practice). I'm not one of those guys saying "Sonic must always be going fast" haha . Trust me, I'm a speed runner and dabble with the classics myself (And one of the apparent crazy ones that actually likes Labyrinth Zone). But with that said, I still don't agree with the player being expected to notice color guidelines in a game like Sonic, I think I should've worded it like this: The difference between Scrap Brain and Metropolis is that with Metropolis, while still sharing some of the unfair design philosophies like bad enemy placement and enemy choice in general, it's not nearly as bad as Scrap Brain where they literally throw everything at you at every given moment. You barely get any breathing space going in, and you can die oh so easily with one mistake a lot of the time. Let's look at the difference here: https://imgur.com/5eR82Tr With Sonic 2, you can see that within the very first instance of Act 1 Metropolis, they put you in a testing ground to experiment with the pistons. This is the devs teaching the new unsuspecting player the gimmicks for the new zone they've just reached. This is one of the last levels of the game as we all should know at this point, so that should tell anyone that it's always good to teach the player of it's new mechanics no matter what stage they're in in any game. Now lets jump into Sonic 1: https://imgur.com/q9hZfKI Look at the huge difference here. In complete contrast to Metropolis's first few seconds demonstrating a testing grounds where you can't possibly die, instantaneously does Scrap Brain throw you into the "real world". The trap floor immediately opens within 2 seconds of the stage even starting. Not only that, they place rings smack dab on top of the trap floor, rings being taught as a safety guide in prior zones, BUT!, and as we all should know, these are bottomless pits these rings are leading to! For all the new player could know, this trap floor could've been the way to go. It's literally 2 seconds in the zone with rings on top of a potential passage way and the theoretical new player knows nothing of this zone yet, so how could they possibly know it's dangerous? Even for just curiosity's sake, what if this led to a secret place like the game has shown the possibility of for the player one point or another prior to Scrap Brain like all other secret passage ways (like say kinda like the secret platform at the start of Spring Yard Zone Act 1); Nope. You just die for even being curious what it could lead to. Of course we would know it's a trap floor, and you can tell the player in the video here was seasoned enough to react to the trap floor. That's easy to say with near 30+ years of experience behind our belts since this first came out, but the point is that it still doesn't change the fact that this part of the level is jank level design at it's finest and condones trepidation because it didn't teach you anything yet get punished severally for it. We just know all of the jank that's coming our way, but just think about how that could've gone wrong for a new player. I wouldn't even blame them if they fell even with them demonstrating the skill of making it all this way, because again, they weren't taught about those trap floors in prior zones! That's also why I don't agree with "noticing the red on the trap floor" point. You're not held to look out for red colors or any color in Sonic 1 or any Sonic game for that matter. You're not taught this early on. That's not a rule in any zone prior to Scrap Brain zone, and it's not even a rule within Scrap Brain itself. Those trap floor are the only things that happen to be red in the zone (other than fire and the bomb badniks, but we use symbolism to know they're dangerous hazards, not their colors). It just so happened to be red stripped as a color choice for color theory and nothing more. It doesn't even matter if the color they chose was red or any other color anyway because the trap floors were already going off in cycles whether you get to see the color or not. Just look at the gif I showed you above of Scrap Brain. Did it matter what color you saw 2 seconds going into the stage? That trap floor was ALREADY activated for you to die to even notice what color it was before the fact. I don't want to spam up this thread though, so I'll spare with the thoughts on the whole ordeal for now, but this is pretty much why I'm curious why Sonic 1 gets a pass while Sonic 2 doesn't despite knowing about going through the levels with caution on your first run. Mind you, the trap floor example I brought up is just the first instance of Scrap Brain Zone. It get's so. much. worse than this haha. They throw you obstacle after obstacle after badnik after badnik literally right on top of each other with no rhyme or reason whatsoever. There're a lot of unnecessary waiting, whether it be for invisible platforms on bad cycles, running on reverse conveyor belts with saw blades going off in front of you, to top pathways leading straight to bottomless pits if you make one mistake and also don't land on the flipping conveyor platforms correctly, to the Labyrinth-esque zone on Act 3 that have bubble rest spots taking unusually long, with more bad enemy and object placements... but for some reason, Sonic 2 is the game where trepidation is enforced despite never getting crazy like that in any of it's levels.... That's why I'm curious.
  9. StriCNYN3

    Am I a failure if I don't finish the Genesis classics?

    But are people typically going to have that in the back of their minds to look out for things like color coordinated signals to guide them? You're not really expected to uphold to that standard in any Sonic game, let alone the first one, especially since you're supposed to be going at a reasonably fast pace to be noticing things like that unless you were already going slow enough to be wary of those traps like that where then it wouldn't have mattered what color things were. Even then, with Scrap Brain's very first instance of its trap floors, they place rings right on top of them, as if to say it's safe to be on them when it's most certainly not the case haha.
  10. StriCNYN3

    Am I a failure if I don't finish the Genesis classics?

    Hmm, I'm curious about what your thoughts on levels like Sonic 1's Scrap Brain are then. I'd say whatever zone Sonic 2 throws at you, it never goes full savage mode like Scrap Brain does, although it does sometimes sprinkle in some of it's design nonsense particularly in Metropolis zone where it get at its worst, but even then I'd say that level lends the player more leg room to speed off unwittingly and speed run way more so than some of the Sonic 1 levels do, and way more than Scrap Brain zone ever does. Like literally in the first few seconds of Scrap Brain Act 1, you could die falling through a trap floor if you don't react fast enough, and they expect the player to know this on their first go without any type of testing ground for people to learn there are trap floors to die from, and that sets the tone for the whole zone. But it seems like you overcame that through practice, so I'm kinda curious why that doesn't apply to Sonic 2 here and it's levels.
  11. StriCNYN3

    [Art] StriCNYN3's Bored Sessions

    Edit: Nvm, scrapped.
  12. StriCNYN3

    Sonic Utopia

    @Detective KaitoAccording to Lange in that same tweet above, he said that there should be a demo coming our way before the full release, too. With 2 zones even (The full game apparently coming with 6 zones to run through). Just the right type of news I wanted to hear to get my day started.
  13. After finally selling some of my old games, I can't believe Knack1 somehow has more value than Gears of War Ultimate Edition.... I don't understand the trade system at all.

    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      (checks it out in my own region) Yeah, you're right. You get more for Knack than Gears of War: UE.

      Ah... I think I might know why and this is a hunch. It's not rare, obscure Japanese made game and its not a Nintendo game but family focused games tend to be worth more. So stuff like Lego games, Crash and Spyro, Sonic, Marvel superhero games and even some racing games are worth more to a store even if there are plenty of copies when compared to your Uncharteds, Assassin Creeds or anything that gets a M rating where there's plenty of copies but not as much demand past its first few years so they drop like a rock. There are exceptions of course such as when a Call of Duty might rise in price if it is on Xbox One backwards compatibility, most Rockstar games usually have some value and even though kids play on them, soccer games apart from the latest ones have very little value.

      At least its not the 360 ones where the Gears of War series are worth as much as a soccer game.

    2. Yeow


      why are you surprised

      knack is a masta' peece

    3. StriCNYN3


      That's interesting to note @Mr Loopone I'd just figured it being, you know, a disaster and all, and it being a launch title would play a huger role in its value compared to the other games I had. It was pretty much the $2 equivalent to my Sunset Overdrive, Watch Dogs and Gears of War combined haha. 

      Guess you always can count on Knack

  14. StriCNYN3

    Edgy Sonic games were better?

    It's the sincerity and the need to actually wanting to tell a story they've thought up for their universe is what got me siding with old SEGA. Even with all the "way out there" ideas like the government actually knocking on Sonic's door and arresting him, as crazy as that is, I won't lie and say I'd rather have that than whatever happened in Sonic Forces, even if a simple story of Eggman taking over the world with a new animal buddy is more grounded and more in line with Sonic's lore..... Based on the context of where both these story telling ideas are coming from and how they were delivered, one side still ends up feeling like an art form being expressed and is trying to push what Sonic and the rest can be, while the other still ends up feeling like a focus group only following guidelines to what Sonic and the rest are allowed to be. I have a lot of problems with how Sonic's being written nowadays, but basically whatever the writers were delivering since Colors, they just play it too safe for me these days, and I feel like them seemingly wanting me to scream and shout "Yeah! Finally! This is what Sonic's supposed to be like!" for many games straight shouldn't be the end goal for a platformer that clearly wanted to be so much more on the writing front.
  15. I think I get what you're saying with Sonic and Shadow not being "bloodline related" (so correct me where I'm wrong), but I'm pretty sure there was more going on with the game than just them trying to sell a character and everything else being a bait and switch. The mystery between the two and how they're similar are their connections with the Robotnik family and their links with the Chaos Emeralds, and that goes even deeper with the prophecy conjured up by the echidnas / emeralds. Their fates both lead up to practically the same situations. There's no denying that. You can't just be "some dude" who just happens to share these very specific circumstances after how their events unfolded. I feel like that in of itself would be silly writing that "some random guy" just happens to be apart of every situation happening yet has no relations to any of it. About your point "Sonic nor Shadow having no baring on each other story wise", I'm not sure about that. I mean, Shadow literally saved Sonic's life by passing knowledge of Chaos Control, a major plot point for SA2. Shadow also comes around and puts into perspective that there're other people like him, I.E. Sonic, and that "he's no ordinary hedgehog" after witnessing what Sonic's capable, fighting for others, when before he was very distant and thought no one in the world matters. He even makes huge sacrifices for everyone like fighting for Sonic and Knuckles against the Biolizard and when performing that giant Chaos Control warp knowing full well he could end up losing his life. If that's not influential, Idk what is, then. Clearly these two characters are crossing grey areas among each other.

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