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  1. I know there's this whole thing about being passionate about this series but when people make long thesis statements/essays about specific faucets of the franchise it'll never cease to amuse me

    1. Crazy_Diamond


      Well different people have different things that make them happy. So long as they are doing it for fun and not out of some weird twisted sense of duty then I'm all for it.

    2. TCB


      I think it's my apathy towards the series now and how I now see the drama about a upcoming game amusing to me now that when people do makes those kind of posts or whatever I guess I'm impressed they still have energy in this series to care

      Bonus points when they let their anger get to them and looks like it's clouding their judgment and then the passive aggressiveness the really show and then it's like 'all this over a video game about a cartoonish blue hedgehog'? Damn son

  2. New Black Panther trailer and I rarely ever show this much hype for things like this but yeah it's going to be lit my people
  3. Black History Month gonna be lit my people

  4. Infinite wishes he had a sword half as good than my boi here



    1. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      See, if Infinite's sword was even nearly as big as this, people wouldn't be giving him so much shit. Because then we'd be almost certain that Infinite is meant to be a parody.

  5. Hey guys on both sides of this Forces train, just remember



    1. KHCast


      We're all worm food in the end 

    2. Kiah


      If it were only that simple...it definitely could be but we all know it's not.

  6. God, my supervisors and upper management is so toxic.

    After this past week I see how they really feel about me. 

    1. Kiah


      After what you've been through?! That's terrible. Talk about adding insult to injury...

      You definitely deserve better not only from a safety aspect but along the lines of care, concern and respect. I hope you can find another job so you can get out of there like right away. 

    2. Dejimon11


      Damn man. I hope you find another job.

    3. RedFox99


      I'm sorry to hear that. 

    4. Mightyray


      I hope you can find a better job soon. Toxic Upper management is never a good sign.

    5. A Zombie KING heavy engine

      A Zombie KING heavy engine

      That's messed up man. Get out of there before things get rough.

      I know from experience.

    6. TCB


      After this past Monday and this morning if they don't care why should I?

    7. Kiah


      I totally don't blame you for feeling that way. The way they are treating you is trifling and disgusting. 

  7. Sonic Forces: Moment Of Truth Digital Comic

    It may be just me, but the way Shadow is drawn there in the third cover reminds me of Spaz's work...
  8. Guy gave me two Marshadow codes


    1. Ghostrick Dorklord

      Ghostrick Dorklord


      Pimpnite has been giving them out but I've been too lazy to get my 3Ds and I can never get them in time sooooo... :)?

  9. Pokemon Sun/Moon PLUS ULTRA (Alola Region Games)

    I smell yet another Mystery Gift promotion...
  10. So did the place crash

    How much vitrol spilled out of the cup

    How heated it got before the AC had to be turned on

    1. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      No sign of bandicoots, nothing got spilled and it's actually pretty cold around here.

      Only thing that happened was a comic that some people actually liked and some people found to be average, something about an OC who thinks he's a failure and the Chaotix are around.

    2. Kiah


      Save this status because it will be very appropriate very soon. 

      As for the news today so far so good! I didn't have to use or threaten to use my ban-hammer 😉

  11. I don't think I'm good at anything creatively, or don't have any passion to be really creative anymore

    1. Mightyray


      Just give it a go anyway. I just like drawing and stuff for the hell of it. Makes things a bit easier in the long run.

    2. The Candy CornUnity

      The Candy CornUnity

      Never say that. That will be the main thing that stops you. I've seen your characters and how proud you are of them. You have creativity. Everyone does. You just need to make time for it to progress and improve. The just thing I can tell you is to make time to express your thought creatively everyday. Results will never come fast, but it will show!



    3. kirby1up


      odds are what your experiencing is a dry season. the best cure I can think of is to go find something to help re-energize your creativity like a cartoon or a book or a song/ost or a movie or a park or a walk or some art you that you really like.

    4. Kiah


      That's not true at all so please don't say that. I've seen your work and you don't give yourself nearly enough credit you deserve. You just have to fight through the doubt and any other negative thoughts and just do it while making adjustments and improvements along the way.

      Your persistence will surely pay off if you do so and I already know that's a quality that you have down pat so I know you can demonstrate it here so give it a go 🙂

  12. I'm more interested in playing Mario Odyssey than I was for Sonic Mania a month before their respective releases

    1. Dejimon11


      The fact that you've never played a mario platformer still amazes me

    2. TCB


      grew up on crash & spyro, baby

    3. Dejimon11


      That's still a petty excuse. I never grew up with Mega Man and one day I decided to play the games. 

    4. TCB


      ok how about

      1. mario never caught my attention as a child
      2. only had playstation and game boy
      3. parents couldn't afford to get me everything i want, was fortunate to play the games i could get
      4. crash and spyro were only but on of the few games i played as a child growing up as far as platformers are concerned, until sonic in like 2003
      5. still didn't find appeal in mario mainline, spinoffs weren't the case and even then i couldn't afford them all
      6. you decided to play a game series you never grew up cool; i did the same with kirby a few years ago
      7. mainline mario never appealed to me as child

      to add to number 2, even though i had a game boy the only games I ever had was pokemon and i was so hooked on the series i never branched out into other series until the gba era 

    5. Dejimon11


      Better. But you should still try one considering how you've been trying to get people to play Yakuza for a while now. Just saying 

    6. TCB


      I am gonna try one

      Odyssey :^)

      look man, I just haven't been bothered with any past mainline mario games, I just haven't. If that affects you that badly, then maybe you shouldn't worry about it that much I dunno.

  13. When you don't sleep as well as you should it's easier not to care about anything else really

  14. With a respective month ago before their, again, respective releases...and I don't wanna compare to sound like I'm hating or anything and I know this is obvious but...

    Damn Odyssey/Forces pre release promotion is night and day. One clearly has the confidence of being a good product one wants to show to the world and actively want to get more eyes on.


    1. Dejimon11


      "Show to world and actively want to get more eyes on" for a second i thought you were talking about forces 

    2. A Zombie KING heavy engine

      A Zombie KING heavy engine

      The other wants you to ask yourself "Why?"




    3. TCB


      You could think that way @Dejimon11

      But if so, you'd think they'd be more aggressive about it in Forces' case right

      Just feels like lapse of confidence and/or coasting ownards to release with minimal effort to reach the destination