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  1. While at work my mind is mulling over my feelings for my drawing skills and the resulting motivation/passion I have for it and how I also feel about Sonic Mania in relation to how I honestly feel about this series with my current state of mind.

    What a trip.

    1. Kiah


      Hmmm...Is everything okay?

    2. TCB


      I believe I'm fine, it's just my train of thought rode into a reflective state of mind.

    3. Kiah


      Okay. Don’t forget that I know you lol. Had to make sure my friend is okay 🙂

  2. So are the Hard Boiled Heavies just a bunch of one shot group of villains left in the containment zone of the classic universe 

    1. Kuzu the Boloedge
    2. Forte-Metallix


      Considering Encore Mode's ending...


      They- or at least, Heavy King- have reformed. But I'd love for them to be recurring enemies going forward.


    3. -dan-


      Surely it depends on what the Mania Team do next?

    4. mayday2592


      Good riddance. They always seemed like knock off Koopalings to me.

    5. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      From the looks of it.

      Sucks too, because they’re far more effective than the D6 in my personal opinion.

  3. My supervisor showed me a list of high value items in the electronics department coming in today. On that list is ten copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 and joking if he should buy a copy when we get the copies on lmao.

  4. Lol.


  5. I got all these legal avenues to watch anime but I'm too lazy to actually watch anything.

  6. I got utterly destroyed in Smash today at work. That completely made me get into a downer mood about this game lol. I am not good.

    1. Maxtiis


      I feel like that every time I get destroyed by the a.i. I usually play against the highest level and the nagging thought that pro players could easily destroy them just disheartens me.

      How do you get to play games at work anyway?

    2. TCB


      Lunch break of course.

    3. Maxtiis


      Lol, I'd get fired just for bringing a S×witch to work period.

    4. Kiah


      Play against me and that pretty much everything you said would pull a 180 real quick 😉

      But seriously I’m sure you could and would get better with some practice. I need to follow my own advice as I suck as a gamer period. I played Pac-Man with my nephews today and even the 6 year old played way better than me lol. 

  7. Blaze was the last main series character I gave a damn about who I thought was really cool and badass and is sorta relatable with her shyness and her powers and design and wow that was 14 years ago

    1. Thigolf


      Well, Boom as a side series has Sticks, who is also really cool and also relatable since her mind is as warped and broken as mine is

    2. TCB


      Yeah I like sticks too but that's side stuff

    3. Wraith


      they put out so many junk characters that are designed to just fulfill a function in the story or the game with no hook or emotional beats its so lame aaaaa

    4. Jack the Shadow

      Jack the Shadow

      Check out my post in Popular and unpopular opinions thread. Basically, I think Shadow was great in the past, sometimes he still is, and Silver is interesting as well, they did stuff with him. And I guess Infinite, they at least tried to make a new villain.

      Oh and there is also a really cool insight on Sticks.

  8. So I decided to catch up on where I left off at in the One Piece manga. Seeing Luffy actually punch a Yonko straight in the face after a whole arc where he called another Yonko out several arcs beforehand but never technically confronted said Yanko face to face is welcoming.

    1. Ferno


      "this manga's gone on for too long. i'm punching somebody important, today."

    2. TCB


      Then he got curbstomped, Oda letting us know exactly what were delaing with here


  9. I'm bored what should I do

    1. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      Play Super Monkey Ball.

    2. Yeow



      you know what to do

    3. Ferno


      if you have time to be bored you have time to go on a world saving quest

    4. Kiah


      Bored? What is that?

      I tend to have the opposite problem and that’s when I tend to go to sleep if that’s an option lol. 

    5. TCB


      @ThePrinceOfSaiyans so videogames ok

      @Yeow oh my

      @Ferno there's a difference between bored and being lazy

      @Kiah I know it's a craaaaazy concept lol

    6. dbzfan7


      I assume you got a left hand and a right hand...and you also got the internet clearly , so use one for the internet and the other for...

    7. Sean


      Watch Dororo

    8. TCB


      @Sean is that an anime

      If so what genre

    9. Sean


      Historical fantasy based on an Osamu Tezuka manga.


  10. Maybe one day well get a One Piece movie on par or even better animated than Broly in theaters here in the states 

    ...one day...

    1. Ferno


      we kinda already did, it was One Piece Film: Z though sadly it wasn't released in US theaters

    2. TCB


      I was thinking of Z when I was making this status *cries*

    3. Ferno


      imagine seeing this trailer in theaters years ago attached to like, the US theater release of Battle of Gods or something:

      God I loved that movie. I'm happy we got Film: Gold in theaters but Z set the bar so high that Gold felt like a lower stakes anime filler story by comparison.

    4. Adamabba


      darn americans for not giving a crap about one piece

    5. Ferno


      the character's eyes aren't sparkly enough it was doomed from the start

    6. TCB


      It still kinda stings it's television slot was just taken off Toonami.

    7. Ferno


      Yeah, to this day I still enjoy toonami and it's the highlight of my week TV-wise but it'll always feel like something's missing, that the block is incomplete.

  11. Dragon Ball Super: Broly...

    ...holy sh*t.

  12. I know Sonic Heroes sucks

    But I love that game anyway

    1. Adamabba



    2. Kiah


      This is one of those things that make me question our friendship 🤔😉

    3. Dejimon11


      I'm glad you acknowledged that the game is crap. 

      I'm glad you acknowledged that the game is crap. 

    4. TheOcelot
  13. It doesn't feel like Sonic Forces came out 1 year, 2 months, 11 days and...three seconds ago as of this status update. 

    1. Thigolf


      Forces is really weird to me because it feels like it came out just recently and forever ago at the same time

    2. TCB


      It's like some weird-ass anomaly. 

  14. TodayI I'm going to the movies to watch anime.

  15. Sonic Unleashed is 15 bucks again on PSN 

    Well I'm likely not getting it at that price anytime soon

    1. Sean


      That's the default price so I wouldn't be in a rush to buy it unless you want to play it now.

    2. TCB


      If I'm lucky another flash sale will pop up

    3. Blueknight V2.0

      Blueknight V2.0

      Well the physical 360 version at Walmart is I think still $12. As for the PS3 version I'm not sure.

  16. TCB

    Happy Birhhday my good friend :D

    Hope you'll be enjoying it extra well, you really do deserve it for all the hard work you do not just here but in your life as is.

    1. Kiah


      Thank you so much my friend! 🤗

      Of course you would be the first one in here. Not surprised at all 😉

  17. Triplets born, the throne awaits
    A seer warns of a deadly fate
    Give up your children, separate
    Bide your time, lie in wait
    Thr children grow, learn what's right
    Leaders of the freedom fight
    They seek their mother, they know they do
    If in time, if she only knew
    Will the prophecy come true

    1. SupahBerry


      This theme didn't deserve to be put in front of that show

    2. Kiah


      Dude what are you doing?! Are you trying to ruin my final minutes of being 34 with Sonic Underground trash?! lol

      @SupahBerry this show didn’t deserve to be put in front of fans!

    3. DarkRula


      I just read all that to the chorus of Lifelight, and weirdly it fits. Mostly.

  18. Finally watching Captain Underpants and I just love it. The foreshadowing for later books, the visuals and the fourth wall leaning and ESPECIALLY the Flip-O-Rama part just made me smile like a doofus. Is the actual Netflix series of same quality far as the humor goes?


    1. Failinhearts


      Apparently the Netflix show is not good.

    2. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      Netflix is crap

  19. Who wants ribs

    1. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Don't get me started, I'll make a mess of myself and then get laughed at for having sauce all over my face 😅

    2. KHCast



    3. Kiah


      Are you making them? Absolutely! 😋

  20. My niece and nephew is watching a show called pj masks and this episode has a villain who uses a device or soemthing to pull the moon out of orbit towards her

  21. Man I could sure go for eating a black heart of a zeti right about now

    1. Kiah


      Stick with your own cooking, man. I’m sure it’s a million times better 😉

  22. I want to give detective Pikachu a big ol cuddly hug 

    I like charizard's look a lot more than before now

    Greg what did they do to you 


  23. 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the famed North American launch of the SEGA Dreamcast (9/9/99) AND the corresponding N.A. release of Sonic Adventure.

    So clearly what SEGA should do is re-release the Sonic OVA as a special Bluray/DVD 20th or some special Anniversary Edition to coincide with its September 7th release just days before the DC and SA1 were released (I know it came out some three years before) who's with me.

    1. TCB


      HD upscaled prints of this OVA is non-existent though so these odds are even lower than what they already are for Bluray prints huh.

    2. Dejimon11


      Dreamcast mini when? 

  24. I can't believe I might actually watch big screen anime again tomorrow or Friday 

    It's been like, what, literally nearly two decades since I did 

  25. Hey maybe we could get one of the Hard Boiled Heavies in Team Sonic Racppfffffffttthahahaha

    1. Kiah


      I did not realize I wanted this until you said something. I’m sad now 🙁


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