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    You know how there's that one Pkemon in the games that has a stupid rare encounter

    Chansey in RBY, Feebas in RSE, and so on

    Well Heracross has to be it for GSC, damnit

    1. -Robin-


      Nah. It's still Chansey in GSC.

      Heracross in a Tree Pokemon, but there are "special" trees in GSC where only certain Pokemon spawn in. You might just be Headbutting the wrong trees.

    2. TCB


      Which one is the special tree on route 33 then,; I thought that was just some misinterpreted terms for these trees.

      Btw, by 'special trees' you mean 'Headbutt trees" then that I'm aware of. I've looked online and apparently people were misunderstanding the use of the term.

    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      He means different encounter chance trees. The higher the encounter chance of a tree, the higher the likelihood of it only spawning Heracross.

      It's calculated based on trainer ID.

    4. TCB


      Isn't Heracross on low encounter trees though.

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