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  1. Pokémon Black and White came out seven years ago today.

    I liked those games more than I thought now looking back. Not having old Pokémon encountered in the main game actually felt refreshing to me. I don't think it was as bad people made it out to be in hindsight.

    GF's first actual attempt at giving a damn with the story, the absolute height of my competitive interest in the metagame, the hours spent in Entralink...good times.

    OhI and it gave us Dad of the Year.


    1. Bobnik


      Gen 5 is my favourite generation. 

      WhileBlack/White were good games and an interesting twist in terms of plot, Black 2/White 2 I like more purely cuz of an amount of content it had (mostly PWT - you can fight EVERY gym leader AND champion in the series, with them having their own music remixes, it was nuts at the time)

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      No they didn't. At least, not for Europeans. 

      It was 2 days earlier here for some reason. 

    3. Adamabba


      I know Gen 5 was one of my favorites. I can barely remember anything about it tho, I'm not even sure if i enjoyed it more than Gen 7. 

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